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Doli Planet, Angel Island, District 1

This is the holy place in the hearts of all interstellar beach lovers.

The white sandy beach is the only thing distinguishing the blue sky from the blue sea. When you stand on the beach and stepped into the sea with your feet, you’ll be confused by the scene in front of you.

Where is the sky? Where is the sea?

They can’t tell…

This feeling was especially deep when you dive.

The sea and the sky are the same color when talking about the coast of Angel Island.

“I always feel like I’ve been here before.” The boss of the vegetable shop, Joe, has said this sentence over and over again.

“But how is that possible? It’s said that only big people can come here. How come I, a vegetable seller, can come here…” But every time, the first person to deny it was himself.

“But it still felt familiar? Have I really been here before?” Don’t know if it’s the scenery of the sea and the sky meeting that will make people mentally confused for a long time. In short, after coming here, Boss Joe’s old age amnesia seemed to aggravate.

 ̄▽ ̄

“Remember to take your medicine!” Sitting next to him, Mrs. Bayati indifferently gave him a medicine bottle. As the doctor accompanying the tour group (self-appointed), Mrs. Bayati is very dedicated. She knew what’s wrong with all her neighbors and brought medicine for the symptoms and enough for everyone to eat all the way.

“Oh…did I not take my medicine today?” Boss Joe then dully swallowed another medicine into his stomach and then continued to sit on the beach to bask in the sun.

“Grandpa Joe, shall I apply sunscreen to you?” But Mu Gen ran over: “First Uncle bought me sunscreen just now and it’s a big bottle, shall we apply it together?”

Boss Joe said yesterday that he ran out of sunscreen and planned to buy it today, but unfortunately, he forgot it the next day. Mu Gen ran out of sunscreen too, but with First Uncle in the family, he didn’t worry about it. First Uncle dutifully bought a large bottle of sunscreen this morning and it’s said that it’s made from local specialty plant extracts, and the sunscreen and whitening effect is particularly good——Olivia was naturally not tanned, and Mu Gen had already tanned so First Uncle felt it necessary to whiten him.

“Oh, thank you, little Mu Gen. I just thought that I seem to have forgotten something.” The old man turned over and laid down comfortably, then asked Mu Gen to apply sunscreen on him. When Mu Gen finished applying it on him, he also applied the sunscreen on Mu Gen.

After applying this side, Mu Gen hurriedly grabbed the bottle and went to Olivia. They ran out of sunscreen so Oli didn’t apply any today!

When Mu Gen arrived, he happened to bump into the scene where Olivia was kicked by Granny Maria.

 ̄▽ ̄

“Oli, you lost again?” Squatting next to Olivia’s head, Mu Gen looked at him sympathetically.

Olivia immediately jumped from the sand!

“Let’s continue!” If Olivia is in his original form, he would be a high-spirited little chick!

“I’m going to show off my swimsuit! Such a beautiful swimsuit only made one of you cubs say that it looks good!” Standing tall, granny Maria showed Mu Gen and the others her new swimsuit——Miss Maria brought n sets of swimsuits, each of which is matching parent and child style with her great great great great grandmother!

“We’ll continue tomorrow.” Leaving those words, Grandpa Maria ran away happily.

So only Mu Gen and Olivia were left on the scene.

“Oli, you progressed really fast.” Finding that Olivia was a little frustrated, Mu Gen began to comfort him.

“In the beginning, you can’t even resist a single move of Granny Maria, but now, you should be able to resist three moves, right?” Mu Gen carefully stated an estimated number of moves.

Then he found Olivia even more depressed.

Silently stretching out two fingers, Olivia collapsed listlessly on the beach.

“Uh…is it only two moves? Two moves are also good.”

Mu Gen then took up Olivia’s posture and took his arm to apply sunscreen on him.

Fighting has never been considered Olivia’s strength: Since he was young, he’s always been thin and more willing to use his brain than his arms and legs. In addition, his mechanical operation ability is also good, so whether it’s weapons or mecha operation, he’s very strong.

Even though Olivia hadn’t fought with Argos, he knew that Argos is a very strong powerhouse.

He learned Argos’ dominance: Become a leader and dominate others to fight according to your own will. The fighting power of a group of people can be much stronger than a single person!

And now he met Granny Maria.

Although Granny Maria is just an old lady who sells cold drinks and looks very very old like she’s about to die, Olivia still knew that she’s strong!

She could drop ten people with one move! He saw the importance of personal force from Granny Maria!

Just like the day before yesterday when Olivia wanted to eat more cold drinks, but Mrs. Bayati said that he couldn’t eat cold drinks after taking the medicine. Mu Gen and Mengmeng couldn’t endure Olivia’s sweet words and in the end, they smuggled a large glass of ice cream to him. The others were also persuaded by Olivia and decided to let him go, but when he received the ice cream and was about to dig a scoop, he was spotted by Granny Maria.

Then, it’s useless even when Mu Gen and Mengmeng stopped her. Olivia was mercilessly pressed on her thigh and spanked, even photographed under Granny Maria’s coercion, so the others dared not say anything!

The cup of ice cream was finally eaten by Granny Maria at Mu Gen’s urging.

So personal force is very important!

Mu Gen and Mengmeng are his staunch supporters! But they can’t beat Granny Maria! Although Boss Tony decided to cover up for him at first, once they encounter an enemy that’s too powerful to be suppressed, this bunch of grass (hey!) immediately fell to the enemy’s side!

Intelligence and physical strength must be fully developed!

Oli has an epiphany (Hey! All this just for ice cream, as for being serious orz).

“Oli, you have abs!” While Olivia secretly vowed to himself, someone touched his belly twice.

“W-why are you t-touching someone’s belly!” Grasping Mu Gen’s paw, Olivia shrank his belly. In this way, the chocolate line on his abdomen became more obvious.

“To touch your abs.” The person taking advantage was very upright, so Olivia was embarrassed to stop it.

“The last time I put sunscreen on you, it wasn’t so obvious.” Mu Gen applied sunscreen to Olivia, then looked at his own belly: Although there are abdominal muscles, the shape is not as obvious as Oli.

“Fighting with Granny Maria is heavy physical training! She’s not big, but she’s actually very heavy!” The last sentence involved a lady’s most intimate weight problem so Olivia said it in a low voice.

“Abdominal muscles on men are very important, as is waist strength.” Granny Maria said this a few days ago, and he didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence at all, but Olivia used it to solemnly educate Mu Gen.

After educating, he poked Mu Gen’s belly: Not as hard as him.

︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

He suddenly felt a little happy?


The days on Angel Island are truly very relaxed. Currently, the only tourists here are the ones in their tour group. In the past few days, this beach has become the exclusive beach of Idoli Commercial Street and everyone is very happy.

The old people have activities for old people, and the young people have games for young people. During this time, aside from fighting Granny Maria, Olivia, Mugen, and Sigma have already walked a third of this beach.

Sigma didn’t like water, so when Olivia and Mu Gen swam, he would obediently follow Boss Joe to bask in the sun.

There is plenty of sunlight here and Sigma has been using solar energy during this time so no additional charging is required.

They’d explored the beaches in District 2 and District 3, and they more and more felt that District 1’s beach is the best, so Mu Gen and Olivia finally decided to play in District 1.

District 1 is also very large and the holiday cabins where they live are only a very small part of it. There are many forms of residence in District 1. Aside from the original cabins that Mu Gen and the others chose to live in, there are also space capsules, luxury villas…there’s even the most primitive version of a stone shack. In a word, all the things you can think of are here.

There is a very, very, very luxurious white building near Mu Gen’s cabin (←though he said it’s nearby, it’s actually very far away). Mu Gen is a country bumpkin so he can no longer describe the beauty of this building in words. Olivia, who’s a little more advanced than him, is another country bumpkin. They have been looking at the building for a long time but have no intention to approach it.

Hidden among the tall trees, the white round platform at the highest point of the building was very eye-catching. In the end, it became a beacon for Mu Gen and the others to see which direction is their hotel.

On this day, Olivia and Mu Gen went diving again.

Secretly admiring Mu Gen’s bronze skin, Olivia said he was tired and wanted to sleep, so he climbed ashore to bask in the sun.

He didn’t want to sleep and seeing the sunlight bright even with sunglasses, he squinted, thinking that he’d surely get tanned this way. During this time, he has become accustomed to sleeping in his cub form, and there are only the neighbors in Idoli here and they’ve all seen his original form, so without precautions, Olivia fell asleep as a furry.

The sun kissed the little hairy belly and baked his fur, as for the skin under the fur…sorry, the hair is too thick to get tanned at all.

Bronze skin seems to be out of touch with Oli today~

Mu Gen is a swimmer. After saying goodbye to Olivia, he happily swam to the sea alone and many of the fish in this part of the sea was familiar to him. With these fishes, little Mu Gen is not lonely at all!

At this moment, Mu Gen suddenly noticed something wrong.

The good “fish” friend beside him suddenly became excited!

What’s wrong with Da Ya——Mu Gen looked at the biggest fish strangely.

This kid actually gave a name to the new fish, really kneeling to him orz.

Following the excited Da Ya who swam over, Mu Gen saw a little furry struggling desperately on the water!


Thank you, Da Ya!

Touching his “fish” friend’s mouth, Mu Gen swam towards Olivia who fell into the water like an arrow.

The “Da Ya” who’s mouth was held down: ...I, actually wanted to eat it.


Not knowing anything about Da Ya’s thoughts, Mu Gen only thought that Olivia was in the water again, though he didn’t know why he’s drowning, it’s not important. The only thing he needs to do now is rescuing Oli!

But “Oli” struggled too hard, so he can’t do anything to Oli. Mu Gen never knew that Oli’s strength was so great.

There’s no way to get closer…

With no other way, Mu Gen decided to use the only method that can smoothly suppress the other party and take him away:

He knocked “Oli” unconscious.

Oli, who fainted, finally no longer refused his approach, so he grabbed a small wing and with the help of the sea’s buoyancy, Mu Gen smoothly took Oli to the shore.

However, after getting ashore and seeing the little hairy chick that he had rescued, Mu Gen was dumbfounded:

This “Oli” is not Oli!

Although the one he rescued was obviously the same species as Oli, it’s not silvery white like Oli, but some gray hairs were interspersed among the white hairs.

At first, he thought it was dirt, so Mu Gen wiped it off for him, but after he couldn’t wipe it off, he was sure that it was some gray hair.

It looks dirty, not as pretty as Oli——Mu Gen’s preferences are unknowingly becoming eccentric.

After being knocked out by Mu Gen, the drowning gray-haired chick finally woke up.

“Chirp?” Getting up from the ground, he called out to Mu Gen.

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TINA V4C124: The Ferocious Granny Maria
TINA V4C126: The Local Tyrant Who Lives In The White House Is A Chick!

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