TINA V4C126: The Local Tyrant Who Lives In The White House Is A Chick!

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Mu Gen tilted his head.

He…didn’t understand.

“Chirp!” The guy yelled again, but it’s a pity that Mu Gen still didn’t understand.

Olivia appeared at this time since Mu Gen hadn’t come back even when the hair on his whole body was dry, making him uneasy. If he went back, Mu Gen would wake him up and since there’s no such thing, it means that Mu Gen is still playing at the beach. After quickly analyzing the direction where Mu Gen would go, Olivia found Mu Gen without making any detours.


What’s with that fat man standing next to Mu Gen?

Olivia ran over!

“He just drowned. I thought it was Oli and I finally got him ashore, but found out…” Mu Gen explained to Olivia in a low voice and then pulled Oli incredibly close: “Listen to what he’s saying, I don’t understand him.”

After receiving the instruction, Olivia turned his head and stared at the other party again, then looked the fat guy up and down.

It’s actually a Kantas.

This is the first time Olivia has seen a Kantas cub aside from him.

The gray-haired chick screamed again. No one answered even with three screams, so he was a little annoyed: “Chirp!”

Olivia also tilted his head.

“Well, what is he talking about?” Mu Gen asked him hastily.

Olivia: “I don’t know what dialect this guy is using, but I don’t understand it.”

The gray-haired Kantas cub is using the accent of the royal capital, so he didn’t understand Olivia’s words. If he understood, he would probably die of anger.

With no other way, Olivia decided to become a cub and communicate with the other.

The two fluffy Kantas cubs faced each other like this, and the gray cub on the opposite side was startled by the white-haired cub that suddenly appeared. The little cub backed away a few steps and observed for a long time before carefully standing his ground.



The two people of the same race started to communicate in their native dialect.

Olivia was very clever and the opposite side is also a Kantas, it’s just that the accent is a bit more pretentious so he gradually understood what the other person is saying. Although some proper nouns are still incomprehensible, it no longer affects his understanding.

“What did he just say?” When Olivia and the other party temporarily suspended the conversation, Mu Gen asked him with interest.

“He said his name is Xiao Pang.” Olivia laughed. This gray-haired cub just introduced his name, but unfortunately, this name is too long and Olivia didn’t understand, so he compromised and used what he understood as the other party’s name.

Gray-haired chick = Xiao Pang (chubby): 囧!!!!

At this time, he can also understand Olivia and Mu Gen’s accent (there are 78 galaxies in the empire, even if it’s the lingua franca, the accent of each galaxy is different).

His great name was translated indiscriminately into such an obscene one, he felt offended!

Then, without waiting for him to protest, he heard something that made him feel even more offended:

“Xiao Pang, it’s really suitable for him!” Stroking his hair stained with the seaweed grass from the sea, Mu Gen smiled stupidly.

Just when the gray-haired cub was about to jump, Mu Gen continued:

“Furry and chubby, it sounds like a cute name.”

Gray hair: ...I’ll forgive you. ⌒▽⌒

Olivia: ...this guy has a simple mind.

Then, under Olivia’s (completely irresponsible) translation, the three finally reached a preliminary understanding.

Like Mu Gen and Olivia, Xiao Pang (←the name is officially recognized) also came here for vacation. Stretching out his wings and pointing to the back, Xiao Pang motioned that he lived in the white house behind them.

Mu Gen & Olivia: He turns out to be the local tyrant!

After drying his fur on the beach, the local tyrant, chick Xiao Pang, invited Olivia and Mu Gen to play in his luxurious house. Olivia and Mu Gen wanted to refuse but they had no choice after being invited again and again. He also said that there are no adults in the house and that there are many fun toys inside, so the two of them finally accepted his invitation.

After getting acquainted a little, Olivia found that this gray-haired cub is a chatterbox!

“Chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp!” ←Our family came here for vacation every year! This time, because the other cubs have a cold and I didn’t, my father only brought me.

He said what others asked and didn’t ask!

“So you came here every year? Then you must know where the smoothies are the best, right?” Regarding the “boastful” aura that the local tyrant intentionally or unintentionally put out, most people would express their envy at this time. Unfortunately, the thoughts in Mu Gen’s mind have nothing to do with these: Comes every year → regular customers → familiar → buys things so it’s fine to ask.

“…chirp?” Xiao Pang stammered.

Although they came here every year, their scope of activities is very limited. Even when they go out, it must be completely cleared and no outsider should see them. He was only allowed to eat well-matched foods every day and he didn’t even know what smoothies are.

Olivia & Mu Gen looked at him sympathetically.

“Chirp chirp~” The nutrient solution is also delicious! I like the cherry fruity milk paste best!

To not appear like he didn’t know anything, Xiao Pang tried his best to refute it.

The sympathy in Olivia & Mu Gen’s eyes became even worse: To feel that nutrient solutions are delicious, your life is so scarce!

Olivia began to show off the various delicacies he had eaten. After meeting Mu Gen and the robot uncles, he was eating more and more good things.

“Chirp~ chirp~ chirp~!” The incredibly delicious Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon bun~ Fragrant, sweet, and melted Malda cake~ the sour and delicious volcano ice cream decorated with at least 30 purple berries… (Crescent Moon Emperor dragon steamed buns are from his own home, the Malda cake is from Boss Tony, and the volcanic ice cream is from Granny Maria’s shop).

As Xiao Pang heard those, his saliva dripped down.

It’s a pity that Mu Gen and Olivia came here with only a pair of swimming trunks so there’s nothing to eat with them. They ended up in the villa’s kitchen, but there was nothing to cook, so they just have to eat the “cherry fruit milk paste” recommended by Xiao Pang.

“There’s no trademark and no production date…why do I feel it’s missing the three requirements for production?” Before eating, Olivia studied it carefully and then frowned.

“Chirp! Chirp chirp!” I’ve been snacking on it since I’m small! Don’t worry, no problem!

Xiao Pang patted his head in assurance. (←he’s too fat, so his wings can’t reach the chest and can only touch his head  ̄▽ ̄)

Sitting in the kitchen, the three guys ate a lot of cherry fruity milk paste together.

Note: Imperial Special Formula Research Institute special cherry fruity milk paste, selected the second batch of fruits produced in the summer of the 550th year of the Empire’s top rare plant, the Nandokara cherry fruit tree. Refined with heavy checks and only after inspection by 12 first-level quality inspectors of the institute can it leave the warehouse.

Limited production of 1,200 copies per year, special for the nobles.

Pricing: Priceless.

This is how the “three nothing” product came to be.

Without knowing it, Olivia and Mu Gen ate a lot of precious top-notch nutrient solutions.

“A bit tired.” Throwing away the tube he had just eaten, Olivia didn’t want to continue eating.

“Chirp~” Right, right~ I said the same a while ago, I’m tired of eating the same thing.

Even though he said that, this little cub ate a lot today. Except for Olivia who ate more, he’s the second while Mu Gen only ate a third of what Xiao Pang ate.

When full, he wants to play.

As if offering treasures, Xiao Pang brought Olivia and Mu Gen to his playroom.

When entering the game room, Olivia & Mu Gen were stunned——

This villa looks luxurious from the outside and though the decorations inside are very low-key, it’s just low-key luxury. Olivia and Mu Gen didn’t take a close look, but it’s different in the game room!

Using space compression technology, there are all kinds of entertainment facilities here! It’s like an amusement park!

“Chirp~” These are my toys~ Xiao Pang tweeted proudly.

“…with so many toys, you…don’t go to school?” Seeing such a luxurious game room, Mu Gen tilted his head.

“…” Xiao Pang was stunned again.

“Chirp…” No, don’t go to school, just play with toys every day.

“Chirp?” Do you both go to school? He asked in a low voice.

“En, we went to school last year, and then we’ll be second-year seniors!” Mu Gen replied proudly.

“Maybe you’re still young. When I was young, my dad didn’t let me go to school and I just studied with the uncles at home.” Seeing Xiao Pang’s loneliness, Mu Gen comforted him.

“…chirp!” So the little gray cub was happy again.

He began to introduce how to play with various toys for Mu Gen and Olivia.

Olivia noticed that there was still some data on the screen next to each “toy”. When he asked Xiao Pang what it was, Xiao Pang told him that it’s the previous game record.

“Chirp!” Try to exceed the previous records.

Mu Gen & Olivia: A child who can only compare with himself is really pitiful.

At this point, Olivia’s previous defense against this gray-haired cub disappeared. Although this guy is rich and has parents, he lives his life almost as a prisoner, far worse than him.

The toys here are all designed for Kantas cubs, so Mu Gen glanced at Olivia. Olivia immediately became a cub and played with the other cub.

In the beginning, it was just playing, but these projects were really interesting and Olivia had a great time playing in the end.

He broke all the game records very immorally, leaving Xiao Pang a completely insurmountable goal. Before the evening came, they said goodbye to the reluctant Xiao Pang.


“When he wants you to go, you just went…is this not listening to my orders?” Sitting on the hovercar, the blond man slowly said. His facial expression looked very leisurely, but what he said was extremely domineering!

The evidence is: In front of him were several men in black uniforms’ trembling became more and more obvious.

“Take them down, I don’t want to see them again.” After lightly saying this sentence and before the men in black below could defend themselves, someone immediately took them away.

After a long time since they left, the blond man opened his slender eyes.

One eye is golden and the other is silver, the color of his eyes are actually different!

Pressing the automatic door on the roof and not waiting for the car to stop, he rolled over and jumped out through the roof. The moment he jumped out, a pair of huge wings pierced through his clothes and stretched out. He completed the change from human form to beast form in the air and a huge pteranodon instantly appeared on the roof of the suspended car!

This hovercar was large enough, however, the pteranodon that the blond man turned into was actually bigger!

This is an adult Kantas——

He uttered a low roar and ignoring his subordinates who were on the road, he flew to the place he cared most!


“His Royal Highness Prunguli is in very good health. This is good news, according to the results of the inspection, His Royal Highness’ meal today is four times the usual amount!”

In the white luxury villa, a doctor in a white robe respectfully reported to the man in front.

The man who listened to his report was naturally the owner of this place, as well as the adult Kantas who rushed over as soon as possible after handling his subordinates.

“Oh? This is indeed good news.” Prunguli is usually extremely picky, and it’s the nutritionist’s credit that he had his current figure. The reason why he brought his cub out here alone was that he didn’t want this picky eater cub to affect the other cubs.

Their group arrived here early this morning, taking the time from his busy schedule to bring his cub over. But there was an important meeting after that, so after settling in the cub, he immediately left, leaving eight subordinates to supervise the cub before leaving.

However, not long after he left, these eight idiots actually left his cub! The reason is that his cub scolded them and told them to get out!

Prunguli is spoiled and it’s true that he has a bad temper and that he can also beat people, but these are not reasons for those idiots to leave their jobs without permission!

He didn’t get the news until he came back. After dealing with the eight people, he immediately flew back to the villa in District 1, and when he saw his tired cub drooling in his sleep in the playroom, he was still worried and quickly asked the doctor to do a full-body examination of Prunguli. When he saw the results of the exam, he let go of his heart.

“But…” The doctor’s suddenly hesitant expression caused the blond man to raise his brows.

“Speak straight.”

“…all the items here are counted including the nutrient solutions I put here. Because His Royal Highness Prunguli loves cherry fruit milk paste, I specially put out 500 tubes here, but I recounted it just now and only found 398 tubes.”

The blond man’s attention immediately went to him.

“What about the surveillance video?”

“…the monitoring equipment is broken. It should be His Royal Highness Prunguli, he has always hated being monitored…” The doctor felt the sweat on his forehead increase.

“Don’t be so nervous. I’ll just ask Prunguli tomorrow.” Without looking at him, the blond man just touched the cub on the bed lightly, the corner of his mouth bending slightly. He waved his hand and signaled that everyone else in the room could go out.

The author has something to say:

Good night!

Translator’s Notes:

Catch-up Game Progress…

Goal: Chapter 148

Progress: 4/26

Oh wow, doing the math, that means those three ate about 102 tubes…

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