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TINA V4C128: Cub

After everyone left, the man sat beside the cub’s bed and quietly watched for a while.

The little cub’s mouth was chirping. Don’t know what he’s doing in his dream, but he made a small “chirp” from time to time. The man stood up, adjusted the light in the room to a dim brightness suitable for sleep, then turned to leave.

He went to the game room.

This playroom was the same in all the places his cubs lived. All the popular game facilities outside have been modified to suit Kantas cubs here along with some facilities that are not available outside.

There are a total of 372 such game rooms all over the Empire.

The money used to build this game room didn’t come from the Imperial budget but was completely supported by private financial resources.

To outsiders, this is at best, an extremely luxurious game room, but it’s not: This is the study room for Kantas cubs.

Each game corresponds to a kind of ability and the cubs can learn and exercise at the same time in the game.

No matter how busy work in the government is, he will never forget to check the homework of every cub.

Knowing his habit, the No. 3 assistant who stayed behind in the Imperial Capital had already passed the “achievements” of the other cubs to his smart brain.

Sitting in the seesaw shaped like a brontosaurus, and looking at the “report card” with the name of each cub, the man’s brows wrinkled more and more.




All are unqualified!!!

Seeing the report of the last cub with his mouth stretched thin, he finally turned off his smart brain interface.

Compared with the data of Kantas cubs hundreds of years ago, the situation of these cubs is simply terrible!

For a man who takes his race as the greatest pride in his life, there’s nothing more disappointing than realizing that his race is regressing!

The Chief Executive of the Imperial Department of Political Affairs——Sithili Rho Nashkiel didn’t have any expression on his face, his brows not even wrinkling. Only those familiar with him knew: This is the expression of his anger.

Born in the most prosperous era of Kantas, he had seen the power of Kantas in that era and the toughness of his predecessors took root deeply in Nashkiel’s heart, who was still a cub then.

There were so many Katas cubs at that time!

Although the number is still small compared to other species, compared to now, the Kantas was at its peak!

Power! Wisdom! Rights!

All are at their peak.

However, there’s a kind of invisible power in the world. Any power strong enough to a certain degree will have an opposing power, weakening or even obliterating that outstanding power, forcing the whole world to become balanced again.

It’s like any ruling race that has been obliterated by the times in the long history of the universe!

In that galactic explosion, the Empire not only lost their Emperor, they also lost countless outstanding Kantas fighters, and also almost lost their breeding ability.

After the explosion, the originally low breeding ability of the Kantas was reduced again.

The fertility rate and shelling rate are getting lower and lower. Even if the cubs barely got out of their shells under the support of various technology, the quality of the newborn cubs is getting lower and lower.

The chief researcher of the Kantas Breeding Department handed in a report in fear: There is a problem with the Kantas’ genes.

The strongest species in the past is dwindling, their genes getting weaker in each generation. Combined with other races, their genes would be replaced by the other race, and the Kantas will slowly withdraw from the stage of history and disappear into this world silently, making way for the next interstellar ruling race to come.

All the researchers who participated in this report were obliterated by Nashkiel.

That year, Nashkiel resigned from his promising military position and entered the civil service of the Empire, becoming a politician.

To maintain the racial image and status of Kantas among the people, he promulgated various relevant laws and regulations, and vigorously supported various Kantas gene repair research.

As the most powerful Kantas species, his human appearance is a standard beautiful man and very personable, so Nashkiel has a very good reputation among the people.

In the power system of the Empire, he faintly stood at the top of the pyramid.

In the past 100 years, he’d been seen less and less. Some people said he’s recuperating from an illness, while others say he’s putting all his energy into cultivating the next generation of successors…with all kinds of speculations, who knew that he’s now on such a leisure tourist planet with a small cub.

The performance of the cubs made him extremely disappointed, but Nashkiel is Nashkiel after all. He quickly controlled his emotions and remembered that only his cub had not been checked.

Connecting his brain to the control system of the game room, he quickly got Prunguli’s results.

His eyes widened in an instant——

Strength rating: 20!

Agility rating: 20!

Speed rating: 20!

Intelligence rating: 20!




All items have reached the highest level of the current set range! This, this…

How can this be?

Nashkiel’s eyes showed ecstasy for an instant but he soon woke up:

This is of course impossible.

He knew Prunguli’s level. He can reach level 13 in the power games at most while others can only reach level 11. Prunguli’s body is relatively healthy in this batch of cubs, but his physical fitness is not outstanding.

What happened here?

Squinting his eyes, Nashkiel gently stroked his chin.


“Before, I felt pitiful when I was thrown into the orphanage. Now, it seems that not being thrown into the orphanage might be even more pitiful.” Walking on the beach, Olivia complained.

“En, if Oli wasn’t given up, me, dad, and uncles won’t meet Oli.” Walking beside him, Mu Gen smiled.

Looking at Mu Gen’s smiling face, Olivia coughed softly, then nodded.

Compared with the fat local tyrant who was locked up in the white house, he felt that the kid with a bun shop was happier!

Rather, after talking to Uncle Alpha, the adults didn’t care about them anymore, so Mu Gen and Olivia can go out to play in the sea.

They went to the sea area they went to yesterday and the sea in front of the beach where Olivia was basking in the sun yesterday. They didn’t go to the sea in front of the white house.

Don’t know why, but Olivia always felt that the sea was enclosed (←it’s actually a surveillance system).

Mu Gen felt the same way and didn’t want to disturb the others, so even if they met a new friend yesterday, they didn’t rashly cross the line.

Two well-behaved children were playing their own games in the sea area outside the white house’s sphere of influence.

“Caught a big fish!” After spitting out seawater, Mu Gen’s head popped out of the sea. He didn’t come empty-handed, but was holding a big fish half a meter long!

“It must be delicious, let’s go back and eat it!” Mu Gen looked at Olivia expectantly.

Hearing what he said, Olivia’s expression became tangled:

Although the fish in Mu Gen’s arms was quite fat and colorful, even having thorns on its body and carrying a little lantern-like thing on its head…

With such a weird appearance, he didn’t want to eat it after seeing it!!!

How did Mu Gen think it’s delicious? Kneels to you——

It felt like thousands of brontosaurus ran past, but Olivia looked very happily towards Mu Gen.

“Let’s grill it and see!” If it doesn’t taste good, eat it by themselves! Big deal, they can just go back to Mrs. Bayati for stomach medicine!

Olivia determined to cut off his retreat.

At this moment, they accidentally saw the gray-haired cub waving his small wings on the beach.

“Chirp! Chirp chirp!” Gray hair called out very happily.

Mu Gen couldn’t move the fish in his arms, so Olivia raised his hand and waved at Xiao Pang.

Xiao Pang’s wings fanned even more cheerfully ~\(≧▽≦)~.

He had been calling out for a long time, but it’s a pity that Mu Gen and Olivia, who are playing crazily, didn’t hear. He wanted to go down and find them, but, but he can’t swim orz.

After walking on the beach for a long time, he made enough mental preparations to go to the sea several times, but after a wave wetted his fur, the little gray-haired cub immediately jumped ashore in fright.

“Hello, Xiao Pang!” Jumping out of the sea, Olivia greeted him.

“Xiao Pang, hello, eh? Hello Uncle!” Mu Gen came up next but he immediately noticed that other than Xiao Pang, there’s also a man on the shore.

So he greeted instinctively.

The man stood under the tree before and just walked over. Olivia saw him too but he didn’t greet him.

“Hey! This guy is obviously an old man! Shouldn’t calling him Grandpa more appropriate?” Turning sideways slightly, he whispered to Mu Gen.

“Huh? Really?” Mu Gen was stunned.

“I am the guardian of Prunguli, so you can call me Sith. As for Grandpa or something… there’s no need.” Looking at Olivia and Mu Gen with a smile, the blond man obviously heard the two’s whispers.

“Hi Sith!” Without the embarrassment of being caught, Olivia greeted him heartily.

The man named Sith laughed.

He’s a very good-looking man with extremely detailed features, but it didn’t give people a sense of femininity at all. Mu Gen and Olivia had a very good impression of him.

“Yo! Isn’t this Prakan? They usually live in relatively deep seas. Did you go to the deep sea?” Sith saw the fish in Mu Gen’s arms at a glance.

“No, I was playing in the sea with Oli just now and this fish was chasing a sea snake. It just caught the sea snake and didn’t notice me at all, so I caught it easily!” Mu Gen answered him honestly.

This fish was not like any of the fish he knew at all so he was curious and caught it.

“…it looks fat, big and delicious. Oli and I are going to grill it, want to eat together?” Mu Gen sent out the invitation very enthusiastically.

Then he saw a very weird expression on Sith.

“Can we eat Prakan?” Thinking of a possibility, Mu Gen froze for a moment, and hearing this sentence, Olivia immediately slapped the fish away from his arms.

Seeing the two’s actions, Sith coughed: “It’s not that you can’t eat it, but, I mean, Prakan’s meat can be eaten, but it really shouldn’t be eaten.”

Mu Gen and Olivia tilted their heads at the same time.

Seeing the same behavior from the two teenagers, Sith smiled: “Prakan is an Imperial second-level protected fish, an endangered species, which is not allowed to be eaten by law.”

“Ah! So that’s it!” Mu Gen suddenly realized.

Looking down at the fish on the sand, he carefully picked it up again, then threw it into the sea——

So violent——the three Kantas present thought at the same time.

Drawing a perfect arc in the air, the Prakan finally entered the water.

I think it will never come to this part of the sea again in this life.  ̄▽ ̄

“Then because of me, your snacks are gone. To apologize, can you accept my invitation to eat at my house?” The expressions of the two teenagers, one reluctant, the other feeling lucky, two small faces of about the same age complement each other. He smiled and issued an invitation.

“Aren’t we intruding?” Mu Gen was stunned.

“Please accept it. This is also to express gratitude for saving Prunguli yesterday.”

Glancing at each other, Mu Gen and Olivia finally nodded.

“Chirp!” Xiao Pang—— that is, Prunguli, chirped happily.

After walking through the long sandy beach, they once again stood in front of the luxurious white house. This time, they weren’t hiding in the kitchen, but sat righteously in the owner’s luxurious dining room!

A waiter in uniform stood beside everyone to serve, and other waiters filed out from behind with various trays. Mu Gen and Olivia were stunned by the hospitality they received.

The trays were then seriously uncovered. Olivia was really worried that they’d cheat them and have nutrient solutions in the tray today. However, as the strong fragrance overflowed, he finally let go of his heart.

Inside was genuine food! Very delicious and steaming food!

As all kinds of food filled the table, Mu Gen and Olivia both showed surprised eyes! Not only them, but Prunguli, this little fatty, also looked very happy.

“Please enjoy it.” Under the owner’s smile, Mu Gen and Olivia happily extended their forks to the food in front of them.

The author has something to say:

The blonde Kantas is Nashkiel, has everyone guessed it?

︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

Translator’s Note:

Catch-up game progress…

Goal: Chapter 148

Progress 5/26

TINA V4C126: The Local Tyrant Who Lives In The White House Is A Chick!
TINA V4C128: Cub

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