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With the master and servants neatly dressed, Mu Gen and Olivia, who were only in swimming trunks, along with Xiao Pang, who didn’t wear anything, had lunch together very happily.

The guardian of the local tyrant must be another local tyrant!

All kinds of delicacies and drinks filled the table. The man named Sith was eating slowly, but he smiled as he watched the three children eat.

The Academy where Mu Gen and Olivia attended naturally has etiquette classes so their dining etiquette was very good, but their appetites were even better!

A waiter came over with a huge tray and when he uncovered the lid, it unexpectedly revealed an empty white plate. Mu Gen and Olivia were stunned.

“This is a special dish that is only available on the coast of Doli Star’s District 1.” Mr. Sith is a gentleman and he very patiently introduced some special dishes to the two young guests. After speaking, he made a sign and another waiter came out holding a silver bowl in his hand. He poured the contents of the entire bowl on this “empty plate”.

Then, a surprising scene happened:

A large octopus appeared on the plate out of thin air. The body was covered in flowing green sauce (similar to Earth’s scallion-like condiments) and “triangle fruits” (←star anise), it looks…

“It looks unpalatable!” “It looks so delicious!” Olivia’s heartfelt voice and Mu Gen’s admiration came at the same time.

Olivia stiffly looked at Mu Gen.

“This is Aluye, one of the seven natural stealth creatures that have been discovered so far. Encountering this kind of creature in the sea is very dangerous. When it comes to its discovery, there was a story: I have a colleague who was one of the first explorers who came to this planet. Since his body is strong enough, he went straight into the water. Unexpectedly, when he got on the ship again, he suddenly felt full, and at night, he felt a stomachache. However, the results of x-rays showed that there’s no problem with his stomach, but the doctor could indeed feel a huge creeping creature inside. In the end, a newcomer in the Cooking Department of the spacecraft found a way to reveal the creatures in his belly.”

Mr. Sith pointed to the green sauce: “Only the mashed slurry of this vegetable can make it visible.”

“Later, that colleague married the newcomer in the Cooking Department and they served a large amount of this dish at their wedding. Then, this dish became a must-have dish in local wedding ceremonies. Before getting married, the bride and groom must go into the sea to capture a lot of Aluye. Eating Aluye is very good for the body, but the Aluye in the sea is very harmful to fishermen and tourists, so this is a way to kill two birds with one stone.”

Olivia & Mugen: Uh…I don’t know where to comment on this story!

Mr. Sith took the lead in picking up an “Aluye” leg, and after demonstrating the correct way of eating, Olivia and Mu Gen also took an “Aluye” leg and tasted them tentatively. After eating, the two immediately looked at each other. With happy expressions, they quickly ate up their assigned part.

Under Mr. Sith’s warm hospitality, aside from “Aluye”, they also ate a lot of weird things:

“This dish is a flame spider. This spider has 16 legs but the essence of the whole spider was on the last two legs. It’s very delicious and it’s reputed to be a delicacy comparable to Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon meat. ” The next thing Mr. Sith offered them were spider legs that looked even more terrifying. “The shell is very hard…”

The plate with the flame spider was placed next to Olivia.

After carefully listening to the explanation, Olivia took a spider leg and first tried to use the clamp that the waiter presented but the crab leg showed no signs of breaking. He raised his head dully and seeing that everyone on the table was staring at him, he turned his head to see Mu Gen’s expectant look and decided to go all out.

Putting the clamp on the table, Olivia opened his mouth “gracefully”, then bit the crab leg in half, the plump white meat instantly came out of the hard shell. After “elegantly” wiping the corners of his mouth with a napkin, Olivia finally “elegantly” put the white meat on Mu Gen’s plate, then clamped another spider leg for himself.

Crab legs are truly rare and delicious! But this dish is obviously more to Olivia and Mr. Sith’s tastes (Mu Gen prefers the Aluye just now, and Xiao Pang…Xiao Pang couldn’t even bite open a crab leg orz). So in the following period, cracking sounds kept coming on the dining table, but it was the sound of Olivia and Mr. Sith silently cracking crab legs. One small and one big, the two very elegant looking men cracked the big hairy legs of a spider…

It looks unexpectedly harmonious  ̄▽ ̄.

“Chirp~” Oli is amazing! He can crack a spider leg!

Seeing Mr. Sith and Olivia eating spider legs, Xiao Pang whispered to Mu Gen.

“Oli is really amazing.” ←Mu Gen deeply agrees with Xiao Pang’s praise.

“Chirp!” It’s been a long time since I saw Sith so happy.

Not calling him Dad like usual, Xiao Pang called him vaguely this time but Mu Gen didn’t notice.

“Is it?” Mu Gen wiped his mouth, he was a bit full.

“En, Sith…is very happy right now.” Xiao Pang spoke very quietly.

After eating desserts and drinks, Mr. Sith suggested exercising, so he took the three teenagers to the back of the white house.

Countless tropical plants are growing on the beach behind the white house, which is very abrupt. There was even occassionally an unknown animal roar inside, which sounded frightening.

“This is my private collection room.” Mr. Sith smiled: “Do you want to go in with me and see?”

Olivia and Mu Gen looked at each other then nodded.

A translucent code recognition machine suddenly appeared in mid-air, and Mu Gen realized that there was an electronic anti-theft wall but this wall looks much more advanced than the one in the commercial street.

Seeing Mr. Sith stretch out his hand and press the virtual keys on the recognition machine, a translucent channel was immediately opened in front of them.

“Please follow me.” Without any servants, Mr. Sith led the three teenagers directly through the passage. As soon as they entered “inside the wall” the smell in the air became completely different.

Olivia squinted his eyes.

Almost immediately, they heard a huge roar from the front.

When they were outside before, the electronic wall filtered most of the sound waves. Now that they’re inside, they realized what a shocking roar it was!

“Let’s get closer.” Taking a look at the three cubs staying in place, Mr. Sith pointed toward the sound source then motioned everyone to follow him.

Parting the thick bushes, three little ones followed Mr. Sith. When Mr. Sith pulled away the last branch to reveal the scenery in front, Mugen, Olivia plus Xiao Pang…the three of them were stunned!


What appeared before their eyes was three huge brontosauruses!

Two of the smaller brontosaurus are biting each other and their hill-like bodies violently collided with each other. Every impact brought tremors to the ground and between collisions, they’d use their tails to whip each other vigorously.

“They are playing, and the bigger brontosaurus next to them is their mother.” Mr. Sith explained softly.

Sure enough, after the two little brontosaurs were done playing, they soon got hungry and followed their mother, stretching their long necks and eating the leaves on the trees.

Shortly after they left, a group of small dinosaurs with wings as front paws jumped by. Following behind the brontosaurus, they ran fast.

“Those are Kelenken. They’re used to migrating with the brontosaurus. Although they’re carnivorous dinosaurs, they also like to eat leaves on trees and though they have feathers on their front paws, they cannot fly. By following the brontosaurus, they can pick up the fallen leaves that the brontosaurus dropped while eating.

With three teenagers, Mr. Sith led them to follow the brontosaurus and as they progressed, a picture of dinosaurs’ daily life slowly unfolded before them!

Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus, thick Ankylosaurus, Titanosaurus, Megalosaurus…the variety of dinosaurs is dazzling.

There’s no doubt that this is an era dominated by dinosaurs.

While the vegetarian dinosaurs were leisurely eating grass, a thunderous roar suddenly came from a distance.

Tyrannosaurus! That’s a tyrannosaurus!

They’re now standing on a cliff that’s not too high. The location here is can see below so it’s convenient for them to observe.

No way! Mu Gen easily found the hunter who ran over from not far away!

This is an adult tyrannosaurus, nearly fifteen meters tall. The forelegs are thin and small, but the hind limbs are thick. When it started running, the ground trembled, as if a chariot was advancing rapidly.

The scene of peace was suddenly destroyed, and the dinosaurs who were drinking and grazing began to frantically flee.


Finally, a triceratops became the prey of this young tyrannosaurus.

Stepping on the heavy left paw of the triceratops, the roar of domination came from the tyrannosaurus’ mouth again.

“How does it feel?” Mr. Sith suddenly asked.

Mu Gen looked at him puzzledly and then at Olivia.

Then he froze.

Olivia’s expression is very strange. He looks a little excited and also a little anxious?

A question mark suddenly appeared in Mu Gen’s mind.

At this moment, Mr. Sith suddenly jumped up. The clothes all over his body ripped and he turned into a huge pteranodon in the air!

Bigger than the tyrannosaurus! Stronger than a brontosaurus! With huge black wings and sharp teeth…that is…


Olivia’s pupils shrank.

As if bewitched, he also jumped off the cliff.

Immediately after the huge adult Kantas, the fluffy Kantas cub also jumped down.

No one will be in a good mood when they’re interrupted from their meal. Besides, it’s a hungry tyrannosaurus! However, it immediately saw who the uninvited guest was.

When he saw the giant black beast, the originally awe-inspiring tyrannosaurus suddenly let out a howl that changed its tone. Throwing down the prey it had just caught, it actually wanted to escape the next moment?!


Whenever it was about to escape, the Kantas, who was Mr. Sith, quickly threw it down.

The tyrannosaurus struggled violently and even for a Kantas, facing the death struggle of a tyrannosaurus, he must also be careful.

The black Kantas was trying to suppress it, and the next moment, he saw a smaller figure falling from the cliff.

The little wings struggled to maintain balance and the fluffy Kantas cub landed accurately on the ground in front of the tyrannosaurus.

The adult Kantas’ eyes opened wide.

Even though he was certain of his guess about Olivia’s identity, Sith’s heart trembled when he saw the cub’s real body.

This is a pure white cub without any trace of miscellaneous hairs. The color of its eyes was a cute amber and its mouth was very short, looking very delicate.

He’s not big, but very solid. When he landed, Sith heard a very steady landing sound.

Glancing at Xiao Pang on the edge of the cliff, who was probing his head next to Mu Gen, Sith’s gaze fell on the cub in front of him again.

Maybe thinking that he could not deal with this tyrannosaurus alone, the white cub actually helped. With no fear of the death struggle of the tyrannosaurus, like a small cannonball, the white cub kept jumping on the tyrannosaurus and being thrown away. This process lasted for a long time until he finally bit a piece of tyrannosaurus meat. He bit tightly and didn’t move until the tyrannosaurus can no longer shake him off.

It’s time!

The cub glanced at him and receiving his signal, Sith fiercely bit the tyrannosaurus on the neck. The teeth and head worked together and the next moment, the head of the tyrannosaurus, who had always dominated the entire dinosaur world with invincibility, was torn off by Sith!

Red blood splashed on the grass.

It also splashed on the cub’s white fur.

The long-lost sense of comfort swept across his body. Raising his head, Sith let out a deep roar.

Soon, he heard another cry from below.

“Chirp! Chirp chirp chirp!” Looking down, it was the white cub.

Raising his head, he also cried out.

Then, Sith laughed.

This is a Kantas cub.

This is what a Kantas cub should be like.

Accepting the asylum of his father, but never timid. Kantas cubs, even in their infancy, will want to dominate the world!

Only such a cub can become a real Kantas when he grows up!

There was an even deeper roar in his mouth and his eyes were a little hot as he watched the blood-stained but happy little cub tweeting.

He thought about the little ones he’d seen for hundreds of years. There’s finally one over here.

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In here, there’s also one.

Author: Chirp!

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