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Just by his looks, Olivia——to be precise, a Kantas’ gorgeous human appearance is very deceiving. Beautiful people must have a beautiful life, they live in a castle made of crystal, eat the most delicate food, and wore the most delicate fabric ← Ordinary people will have similar thoughts when they see beauty, but in fact——

Having had enough howling, Olivia lowered his head: Finding out his fur was stained with blood, he made an uncomfortable “chirp” (Oli still loves to be a clean little chick), saw a puddle next to it (←where the brontosaurus drank water) and didn’t care that the puddle was muddy because of the dinosaurs’ escaping. Upon seeing water, he jumped down.

When he came out of the water again, there was a lively fish in his mouth.

 ̄▽ ̄

Taking a bath and catching a fish…for Olivia, it’s as normal as going out to buy cold drinks and buying a bottle of soy sauce along the way.

Under the guidance of Uncle Alpha, this child has become more and more lively.

Throwing the fish to the ground, he shook the water from his body. It’s a pity that Kantas’ cub’s fur is too thick. It was annoying to have few furs before, but it’s also annoying when the fur is too dense.

The newly-purchased floral pants was ripped in the process of transforming→Olivia looked at the rags in the distance, feeling sad for a while: How should I explain this to Uncle Alpha when I go back? It costs money to buy pants again and it’d be bad if First Uncle misunderstood and thought he likes to run naked…

The wet white little cub thought about it for a while.

It would be fine if Sith and Xiao Pang were not there, and there’s only Mu Gen, then he can transform into a human form at will, alas…Olivia looked at Mr. Sith, but seeing Mr. Sith’s face now, Olivia was stunned!

Even when he transformed or attacked the tyrannosaurus, Mr. Sith’s posture was still as elegant as a human figure. However, Mr. Sith’s appearance now has nothing to do with elegance!


He, he, he, he, he is actually drooling at him!!!!!

Olivia exploded on the spot.

So when Mu Gen ran down the cliff, what he saw was the scene of Olivia being licked by Mr. Sith all over the ground.

Mu Gen:  ̄▽ ̄

The scene that Mu Gen could see was naturally seen by Xiao Pang who ran faster than him. Seeing this scene, the little wings of the gray cub didn’t flap. He stood blankly beside Mu Gen and watched the happy game of Mr. Sith and Olivia.

A trace of frustration flashed in his big eyes.

At this moment, Mr. Sith noticed them coming. With a low roar that Mu Gen couldn’t understand, Xiao Pang next to him immediately became energetic. With a batabata, he ran towards the giant black dinosaur, and Xiao Pang, who was licked by Mr. Sith, looked very happy, completely different from the embarrassed Olivia next to him.

When Xiao Pang rushed over, Olivia fought and escaped. Sitting on the grass next to Mu Gen, the little white hairs all over his body was licked and tilted in one direction, looking very funny.

Mu Gen laughed unkindly and Olivia sadly glanced at him. Only then did Mu Gen turn around and gently combed his hair with his hands.

Without his swimming trunks, Olivia can only maintain his cub form, but Mr. Sith didn’t need it. Taking out a set of clothes from his portable space and slowly changing into them, he’s again the gentleman from before.

With Xiao Pang, he sat on the grass in front of Olivia. Although it was grass, he was comfortable as if sitting on the luxurious dining chair that represented his status as the owner of the white house.

Olivia felt uncomfortable thinking that he was “licked” all over by such a person. Moving his butt imperceptibly, he shifted a little behind Mu Gen. Unfortunately, Mu Gen’s figure is not much bigger than his cub form so he’s not hidden at all, but even so, Olivia still felt a lot more comfortable.

“For Kantas cubs, the best way to groom their hair is to have it licked by an adult Kantas.” Deliberately pretending not to see Olivia dodging, Mr. Sith said this to Mu Gen.

These two little guys have a very good relationship and the little white cub listens to him very much——Mr. Sith noticed it long ago.

Soon after coming to a place where humans live, Mu Gen’s knowledge of Kantas was limited to what he had obtained from Olivia. When it comes to some Kantas’ habits, Olivia himself has little knowledge while Mu Gen didn’t deliberately research the Kantas race. If he had studied it carefully, he would find that compared with the other races in this era: There is less information about Kantas and the only parts known are very vague.

“Mr. Sith, are you Kantas?” Looking at Mr. Sith in front of him with gentle dark eyes, Mu Gen asked.

“En, I am.” His original form had been seen by the other party and Sith had no intention of hiding it. He continued the topic just now: “Through licking, the adult Kantas can fully understand the physical condition of the cub. For example, is the body surface smooth? Is there any skin disease? Is the hair healthy…for Kantas cubs, whether the hair is healthy is very important. Our cub’s hair is very dense which is the best protective layer. It can absorb shocks, prevent damage from the outside world, and is also an important physical indicator.”

“Once the cub’s hair has been licked off, that means the cub is sick and his health is very bad.”

Hearing Mr. Sith’s words, Mu Gen immediately looked at Olivia, both of them were surprised.

“What? Is there something wrong?” Seeing that the two little guys had something to say, Mr. Sith’s mouth bent slightly.

“Oli… Oli had severe hair loss a year ago with bald spots on his tail and buttocks!” Too late to stop him, Mu Gen suddenly said the thing that Olivia didn’t want people to know!

Seeing Xiao Pang’s sympathetic eyes, Olivia let out messy tweets.

Lowering his head, he pretended not to hear as he pecked his own hair.

“…but now the hair has grown. Mr. Sith, didn’t you just lick Oli? Does he still have problems?” This is what Mu Gen is worried about.

“Don’t worry, he’s a very strong cub now. After licking for a long time, I haven’t licked a single hair off!” Mr. Sith still smiled: “If you don’t believe me, you can try to pluck his fur. A Kantas’ cub’s fur will not be plucked so easily.”

“Is that so?” Still a little uneasy, Mu Gen touched Olivia’s big head: “Oli, can I try plucking your fur?”

Knowing that Mu Gen is worried about him, although he still felt embarrassed, Olivia still raised his left wing very obediently and signaled Mu Gen that he can pluck there. This height was the most suitable so Mu Gen doesn’t even need to stand up.

“I will only try one.” While talking, Mu Gen pulled hard. And then——


Looking at the fine hair in his hand, Mu Gen was dumbfounded:

“What to do? It can still be pulled out!” He hurriedly raised his head to look at Mr. Sith.

This child must be very strong ← Mr. Sith was also stunned.

“It’s okay, maybe you just have too much strength. Trust me, Olivia…Oli is very healthy now. If you didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t know that he had a period of hair loss before. You know, for Kantas cubs, hair loss is a very serious problem. Such cubs are very weak and their strength is not as strong as the cubs of the same age. Even if we rely on modern technology and let them grow up successfully, their body won’t be very good.” Mr. Sith continued, and his eyes passed over Olivia, who was unconsciously listening. His sight finally fell on Mu Gen’s face again: “Excuse me, can you tell me how you cured Olivia? There are many cubs in my family and they’re not in good health.”

“Ah!” When asked, Mu Gen recalled what their family did at that time:

At that time, because of Oli’s hair loss, the family checked the method to stimulate hair growth and didn’t find a special method to make the cubs grow hair, so Uncle Alpha found a cure for baldness in Earth’s ancient books.

“…eat more sesame seeds and more meat, eat three meals a day as much as possible, right! Uncle also got out walnut oil at that time!” Walnut is also a peculiar plant of Ancient Earth. Although there’s no walnut in the base of that barren star, the specimens of walnut trees were preserved and First Uncle successfully planted walnut trees here. From time to time, he’d send a large bottle of walnut oil to Oli and when Oli came back, his hair was bright and shiny!

“Right, Oli, did you brush the walnut oil on your fur on time?” Thinking of this, Mu Gen felt it necessary to confirm with Olivia.

“Chirp? Chirp chirp!” Brush on fur? I drank all those walnut oil!

Mu Gen:  ̄▽ ̄

Sith:  ̄▽ ̄

“It seems that the correct way to use walnut oil is to drink it~” Embarrassingly poking his cheek with his index finger, Mu Gen’s face was a little red. Looking at the gray fur on Xiao Pang, he secretly compared it. Sure enough, Oli’s hair quality is better.

“It’s okay, continue to drink it in the future and change to walnut oil when cooking at home in the future.” He reacted immediately.

“Walnut oil? It seems I need to get a little too.” Mr. Sith nodded.

“It’s okay! Give me your address and I will send you a bucket!” Touching Oli’s soft white hair, Mu Gen patted his chest.

“Thank you very much. I never knew that eating walnut oil can cure the little cub’s hair loss. According to the traditional way, adult Kantas need to lick the area of hair loss every day and rely on saliva to stimulate hair growth. In addition, we also need to provide more Prahimi for the cubs. Only in this way can their hair grow smoothly.”

“Prahimi?” Hearing a noun that he hadn’t heard before, Mu Gen quickly connected to the starnet with the portable smart brain on his wrist. Oli’s big head squeezed over and two looked at the search results:

Prahimi——a deep-sea fish that’s produced in extremely pure waters from 2000 to 2500 meters below sea level. It’s about 1m long and black, extremely rare, and a second-class endangered fish. The medicinal value is quite high and only a small amount of artificially fed Prahimi enters the market every year. The market price is about 30,000 farads per mg.

Mu Gen & Olivia: =◇=!!! So expensive!

Mu Gen: “Should we use walnut oil instead?”

Olivia agreed.

In the following period, Mu Gen and Mr. Sith happily exchanged views regarding feeding Kantas cubs. As a real Kantas, Mr. Sith has extensive experience in how to raise cubs. He’s a loyal supporter of the ancient feeding method, so according to him, the cubs need to eat 1kg of Prahimi every day to maintain good hair quality, and 500g of Bronchi for better bone growth; at the same time, various other foods need to be supplemented. If the cubs want to replenish all at once, they can’t eat them, so they have to make various nutrients. There are many kinds of these foods, but they have one thing in common, that is, they’re extremely expensive! They’re all endangered creatures.

Mu Gen and Olivia seriously suspect that it’s precisely because Mr. Sith feeds these things to the cubs every day that these creatures became endangered orz.

On the other hand, Olivia from Mu Gen’s family eats in the cafeteria at school. The food there is complete with a reasonable combination of meat and vegetables. It has sufficient nutrition, but most of them are ordinary ingredients; It’s easier to eat when he came home. The diligent and thrifty Dad A is a faithful believer in special dishes so the food he bought every day was cheap but will pay attention to the children’s preferences. He’d even secretly buy some expensive ingredients but no matter how expensive these ingredients are, they’re all common. Besides that, you have to eat all your food. If you don’t finish it, you’ll have leftovers the next day…

“…my family also sells steamed buns and the staple foods are all grown at home. First Uncle wouldn’t let us drink, but tea is fine…I planted a small tea tree in my backyard. I think that I can even supply tea for myself next year.”

Speaking of his recipes, Mu Gen thought of his backyard, and then those one-horned beasts——don’t know if they’re doing their work?

When Mu Gen said that, Olivia didn’t know what he’s thinking of, his small mouth just opened slightly and saliva was faintly visible inside.

The foods he mentioned were all very ordinary things so Xiao Pang didn’t know them at all. Leaning on Sith, he looked curiously at Olivia who was about to drool.

Sith was silent.

None of the cubs carefully raised by him can reach the normal level of Kantas cubs hundreds of years ago, and the mortality rate is very high. Only one-tenth of the cubs can live to teenagers, and even if they became adults, the transformation is a test of life and death for them;

But this white little chick in front of him grew up in a very bad environment (relatively speaking), ate the cheapest wild grass (special dish), and the least nutritious meat (the meat on the market is luncheon meat in the eyes of Mr. Sith). Forget this, his breeder would even let him eat on roadside stalls!!!!! Those dirty junk foods that they don’t know the source material at all!

However, this small chick was actually very strong.

Although he’s not as big as Prunguli, he’s very strong and heavy. This is the difference in body density and the energy accumulated in this little body will one day be used during transformation. In addition, he’s very fierce.

Haha…this little chick can almost be described as “vigorous”!

He’s energetic, lively, and domineering, not even afraid of a beast much bigger than himself because, in his heart, he knew that he would be the overlord who’d crush everything in the future! However, he’s not blindly arrogant and was cautious to a degree. Although still very young, he has mastered all the methods of attacking and dodging!

Sith tried his best to bring together Imperial scientists to tailor a game room for the cubs since it’s what he hopes the cubs can learn, but this wild little chick mastered it on his own?!

Facing his coercion, he didn’t fear in the slightest. Sith had no doubt: This cub would become a Kantas who can stand shoulder to shoulder with him in the future.

He saw hope for the first time.

“…I think you should eat more nutrient solutions or milk pastes.” Sith’s expression was well controlled so no one noticed his brief distraction, and Mu Gen continued to talk to him.

“Our Uncle Tony’s business also sells nutrient solutions but he never eats them himself. The tea trees in my backyard are also watered every day. If it wants to absorb nutrients, it has to work hard to get the roots to dig deeper. In this case, if I fertilize it only occassionally, it will grow very fast and all nutrients will be absorbed. The next day, you’ll find that it grew a little bit higher!”

Hearing what Mu Gen told him, the smile on the corner of Sith’s mouth faded, and his expression became more and more serious.


Such a simple truth, why didn’t he think of it at all?

“Thank you very much for today.” Sithili Rho Nashkiel sincerely thanked the boy in front of him.

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