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Mr. Sith is born with prestige. Even if he looked handsome and he kept smiling, Mu Gen and Olivia were still a little cautious towards him. After they exchanged their experience of raising cubs and shared a piece of tyrannosaurus meat, that sense of alienation between the two parties had been greatly reduced.

That tyrannosaurus was too big and it’s not that long since they had lunch, so they only ate the essence. Tyrannosaurus meat was not delicious, so most of the meat was discarded.

“It doesn’t matter, there will be other carnivorous dinosaurs coming over.” Seeing the regretful look in Mu Gen’s eyes, Mr. Sith whispered.

Sure enough, not long after they left, a group of small carnivorous dinosaurs immediately rushed in sneakily and ate quickly. Regardless of whether it’s delicious or not, they must eat as much meat as possible in the shortest time possible. Not long after, a bigger carnivorous dinosaur arrived, violently squeezing away the small dinosaurs guarding the corpse of the tyrannosaurus. They unceremoniously took the remains of the tyrannosaurus as their own and a little dinosaur that ran a little slower had its neck completely broken.

More and more carnivorous dinosaurs came and because they’re all large dinosaurs, they didn’t continue to fight but each ate a piece of the tyrannosaurus meat. It didn’t take long for the remains of the tyrannosaurus to be only bones.

Mu Gen and the others did not leave. Standing on the cliff from before, they witnessed what happened after they left.

“The residual meat on the bones will not be wasted. It won’t be long before other small dinosaurs come and the meat on the bones will also be cleaned.” Mr. Sith said.

“This is my private collection room. All the creatures here are clones of the original species and many have died out in history.” He calmly watched the bloody eating scene of the beasts before him: “The strongest hunter eats the best meat and the weak can only have leftovers. The weakest…can only be eliminated naturally.”

“Have you ever thought about death? When you die, where do you want to die?”

The sudden question surprised Mu Gen and Olivia, but when they looked up at Mr. Sith, they found that his sight had not left the place where the tyrannosaurus body was placed. What he said just now was more self-talk than soliciting their opinions.

“I thought about it. If I die, I hope to die on the hunting ground, defeated by a force that’s stronger than me and my flesh and blood gnawed away, becoming the energy for their evolution, my blood penetrating the soil to nourish their territory.”

“Chirp?” Olivia poked Mu Gen: What does he mean?

Mu Gen thought for a long time but finally could only whisper: “Come out and mingle, you’ll pay it back sooner or later——Mr. Sith probably meant this, right?”

Then they heard Mr. Sith chuckle.

“Well said, that’s what it means. We have been here for too long, shall we go to other areas? To the southwest, I remember there’s a colony of pterosaurs…”

Then they visited the daily life of pterosaurs under the leadership of Mr. Sith. Finally, Mu Gen remembered the time and tactfully declined Mr. Sith’s invitation to dinner. Waving their hands in farewell, Mu Gen and Olivia swiftly ran towards home.

Yes, no matter where they were, as long as their family is there, it’s “home” to them.

Watching the two teenagers disappear between the trees, the smile on the corners of his mouth did not change at all. Sithili told a servant behind him: “Look up the boy named Olivia.”

“Yes.” Bending respectfully, the servant quickly left.


Doli Star is the planet where they stayed the longest during this trip.

They have five days before leaving for the next planet. In these five days, Mu Gen and Olivia went crazy and played all the water sports offered here, not even missing the underwater sports!

And it was Mr. Sith who led them to play.

Don’t think Mr. Sith just looks gentle and old (←this is what Oli said o(╯□╰)o), he was able to devote himself to every game. Afterward, Mu Gen waved his hand to indicate that he could not go. Sitting in the auditorium with Xiao Pang, they watched Oli and Mr. Sith “go crazy” there.

The two of them are now in two huge transparent bubbles made of unknown materials. This is the newly launched underwater amphibious entertainment project——”Crazy Bubble”. You’ll be sent to the air by a special launcher and all the bubbles will collide continuously midair. Those who can’t play would only be trapped in the bubbles and float on the water while the ones who could play can control the bubbles through their body to go to the sky or into the sea.

This is hard work.

Oli and Mr. Sith had a good time.

“Oli had a lot of fun these days.” Hugging his knees, Mu Gen smiled and talked to Xiao Pang next to him. With Mu Gen’s physical strength, it’s not that he can’t play these items. He wasn’t afraid and Mu Gen actually wanted to play in his heart, but when he saw Xiao Pang during a certain game, and after playing a few games with them, Xiao Pang couldn’t keep up a bit.

He’s a little chubby and not strong enough while many of the later projects require both skill and physical strength to play which is a bit difficult for him. Aware of this, Mu Gen took the initiative to wave his hand in advance to indicate that he would not play anymore. Then Xiao Pang immediately waved his little wings and said, “I want to accompany Mu Gen”.

“Chirp…chirp chirp chirp…” Sith…Dad is also very happy.

He never knew that Dad played games so well! Thinking of the “Dad” in his usual cognition, Xiao Pang was a little sad to find: Before, Dad played with them in cub games in the playroom just to play with them. Only they are happy, but Dad didn’t like those simple games at all.

But Olivia can tire Dad to the ground. For the past two days, when they went home every night, his Dad was very tired. So Xiao Pang would help Dad by stepping on his waist every day. Although Dad is tired, he’s very happy.

The housekeeper was also very happy. He said that Dad eats three times every day!

Xiao Pang will eat more only when he’s happy → so Dad must have been very happy recently.

Seeing Xiao Pang’s frustrated look, Mu Gen hesitated for a while, and then slowly touched the fur on his head.

He was aware of Xiao Pang’s mood.

But even if he noticed it, he still didn’t stop it, not even reminding Olivia.

The reason is simple: “Oli is very happy recently!”

Nothing can replace the love of an elder. For a Kantas cub, getting in touch with the elders of the same race is a very pleasant experience in itself, right?

For example, the “licking hairs” that day.

That was a “Kantas-like care” that Mu Gen and his Dad and Uncles can never give Oli.

The night they met Mr. Sith, Mu Gen talked to his First Uncle and his uncle told him:

“You can get them to get along more.”

Adult Kantas is the most suitable for bringing up Kantas cubs.

Oli hadn’t met his dad and it’s his first time getting along with an (old) Kantas. To gain pampering and growing experience from the elders is extremely precious to Oli.

Sorry, please lend your dad to Oli for a few days——Touching Xiao Pang’s wings lightly, Mu Gen felt a deep regret in his eyes.

Mu Gen felt sorry and he decided to use the most straightforward way to make up for his apologies:

He decided to use his lifelong learning to appease Xiao Pang!

As we all know: Little Mu Gen’s childhood dream is cooking! What he learned all his life——is naturally cooking!

 ̄▽ ̄

So, every day when Mr. Sith was playing with Oli, Mu Gen took on the task of compensating Xiao pang (makes a fist)!

This is a holiday resort. Of course, you can’t buy cooking ingredients (even if they have it, he can’t afford it), so Mu Gen decided to find the ingredients himself!

The sea is so big, he can go in and catch fish!

So Mu Gen took Xiao Pang to catch fish. With Mu Gen wearing a pair of swimming trunks and Xiao Pang wearing a diving suit for cubs, they jumped out to the sea. Xiao Pang was very scared at first, but the bubble trick that once conquered Olivia once again made the turtle Xiao Pang look dumbfounded. Overcoming his fear of the sea, Xiao Pang dared to swim behind Mu Gen in a diving suit.

Mu Gen also introduced his friend Da Ya to Xiao Pang.

A human and a fish, together with a Kantas cub (wearing a diving suit), fished a lot of good stuff in the sea!

Xiao Pang also caught his first fish in his “chick” life!

The big fish they caught were sliced into thin sashimi by Mu Gen and dipped in the secret sauce provided by the seafood shop owner Nini, and it tasted delicious!

The first time he ate food other than milk paste, Xiao Pang had a bit of diarrhea that night.

But this didn’t stop his love for sashimi! Not telling anyone, he followed Mu Gen the next day to continue “hunting”.

The fact that Mu Gen made new friends was known to everyone in the Idoli Commercial Street. Regarding the fact that he decided to entertain this new friend with his cooking, all the neighbors expressed their deep sympathy for his new friend.

To not be straddled with food poisoning when leaving the planet, the neighbors brainstormed and offered a helping hand, providing various props to try and save the life of this unknown (possible) victim.

For example, Boss Nini told Mu Gen to first serve Xiao Pang sashimi. If in the mountains, rely on the mountains to eat and if on the sea, rely on the sea to eat, so they should eat seafood by the sea! Seafood~ It’s best if naturally eaten raw, and it will surely express its deliciousness when paired with secret ingredients!

Boss Nini’s small shop is well-known throughout the Empire. The most exciting part of this small shop lies in: As long as any seafood is paired with this small ingredient, it will become incredibly delicious! Raw seafood, cooked seafood, grilled seafood, expired and spoiled seafood…cough cough! We must not divulge the business secrets of Boss Nini.

In short, Boss Nini gave Mu Gen a big pot of secret sauce.

And Mrs. Bayati…

She directly gave Mu Gen a large packet of medicine…cough, herbal tea.

“After eating, you must drink some tea made with this to help digestion.”

With the sauce from Boss Nini and the herbal tea from Mrs. Bayati, Xiao Pang very happily ate this time!

He hadn’t died yet.

 ̄▽ ̄

Mr. Sith was even surprised that after a few days of diarrhea (Xiao Pang didn’t know that when he had a few times of diarrhea a day, it was recorded by a special person, so the attempt to conceal his diarrhea failed from the beginning), Prunguli’s body was actually much stronger!

This child could really breed——he completely believed Mu Gen’s words.

Five days later, after bidding farewell to Mr. Sith and Xiao Pang, Mu Gen and Olivia boarded the spacecraft to the next planet.

The author has something to say:

I want Oli to enjoy the fun of “flying” and “licking” before he grows up

Nothing else.

︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

Translator’s Notes:

Catch-up game progress…

Goal: Chapter 148

Progress: 8/26

TINA V4C129: Gossip: How To Keep A Smooth Hair
TINA V4C131: Mushy Love Song

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