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The spacecraft flew steadily into the sky the same color as the sea. Mu Gen and Olivia’s faces were tightly pressed against the spacecraft’s windows.

“Doli, goodbye!” Mu Gen’s heart was filled with reluctance.

“We will come again later.” Also leaving a wonderful memory on this planet, Olivia vowed.

As the white sandy beach got farther and farther away from them, the two people’s faces pressed closer on the window glass.

Like them, the owner of the vegetable shop, Joe, also put his face on the glass.

“Huh? I always think I’ve been here…” This is the same sentence again, starting from when they landed on Doli, Boss Joe had said this over and over that they didn’t know how many times he repeated it!

Mu Gen & Olivia:  ̄▽ ̄

The spacecraft continued to fly high and more and more people withdrew their reluctant gazes, focusing on their next destination. With a good grasp of the psychological changes of the tourists, soft music sounded inside the spacecraft and the tourists started doing their own things.

The only person who still looked down against the glass window was Boss Joe.

Feeling the change, Mu Gen looked around and pulled on Oli’s neck, so the two of them were in their original positions again, looking from a distance. Most of the other people would think that it was just two young people who were reluctant to part with Doli and their elders had a good temper.

Mu Gen can always find his own pleasure in boring things so looking at the blue water below, he desperately matched the land with the places he’d been:

“…we piled up huge sandcastles on the beach over there!”

“Oli threw a pair of swimming trunks in the water over there!”

“Unfortunately, no matter how big the sandcastle is, we can’t see it at all…” Olivia was a little frustrated.

Whether it’s sandcastles or lost swimming trunks, it’s all proof that they have been to this wonderful place, proof that they have stayed here. But after they left and as time passed, the proof of their existence will gradually disappear, right?

At this moment, the sound of music inside the spacecraft suddenly dropped slowly and got replaced by a very sweet female voice:

“Guests, please get ready and try to lean towards the left window after another ten minutes. Everyone will see Doli Star’s last attraction.”

Everyone was taken aback: The last attraction? They had left Doli Star, so how can they still see it?

With doubts in their mind, everyone moved closer to the window. The passengers who originally had their seats next to the left window took advantage of it, so they could just look out their window. The seat next to the aisle ran directly to the viewing platform, so a minute later, all the windows on the spacecraft were crowded with human heads.

Mu Gen and the others were very lucky. Their seats were originally near the left window, and they’d been looking through one of the three large windows in the spacecraft. All the neighbors on the Idoli Commercial Street, except for Granny Maria (←Granny took her granddaughter to the observation deck to grab a spot  ̄▽ ̄), all got close to the window where Mu Gen and the others were lying on their stomachs before.

Eight minutes later, the spacecraft rose to a certain height and as it rose, an incredible landscape appeared in front of everyone:

A row of strange symbols was neatly arranged on the blue planet, superbly crafted as if it’s naturally formed. The line of symbols wasn’t long but it’s very neat, like a line of text written on blue paper.

But it’s not just some blue paper! That’s a whole planet! Even made of water!

They were so close before so they couldn’t see it, but when the spacecraft reached a certain height, they saw this magical scene!

“(*@ο@*) Wow!” There was a neat exclamation from the spacecraft.

“Why didn’t we see this when we came?” Immediately, there were tourists asking questions.

“That’s a good question. The Murdore Galaxy has just completed developing the eastern hemisphere of Doli, so all the places where everyone stayed on Doli belong to the eastern hemisphere. When we took the spacecraft to Doli Star before, what everyone saw during landing was only the scenery in Doli Star’s eastern hemisphere.” Then came a gentle explanation from a female voice on the radio: “And here is the undeveloped western hemisphere of Doli Star!”

“This line of symbols is the reason why the western hemisphere cannot be developed.”

Upon hearing this, the tourists were in an uproar.

“The things that made this line of symbols are precious plants that have been extinct in the empire for 500 years——Dragon Bone Tree. In the historical records: The Dragon Bone Tree is the tallest tree known in the universe, with an average height of up to 2,500 meters. This line of symbols is formed by the growth of the Dragon Bone Tree.”

“These Dragon…Bone Trees are artificially planted?” Some tourists asked again.

“Not really. Doli Star is a planet that was merged into the Murdore Galaxy a hundred years ago. Before it joined the Murdore Galaxy, Doli is just a very primitive planet and the waters of the western hemisphere was very dangerous. With the technological level of the locals, it’s impossible to enter and even now with the Empire’s highly developed scientific and technological support, it’s still quite difficult to develop the waters of the western hemisphere.”

Not artificially planted? Does that mean that this line of symbols is formed naturally? This is too unbelievable!

“According to the identification of ancient characters researchers, this line of symbols is not a meaningless pattern. They think it’s some kind of ancient character. Unfortunately, no one can decipher this line of text until now, so Doli Star’s western hemisphere was then banned from development to protect this line of text from damage.” Miss Explainer continued to tell the story about this line of symbols and finally, she even playfully said: “Everyone on the spacecraft, if anyone can decipher the content of this line, don’t forget to go to the Ancient Writing Research Association to receive a huge bonus!”

The explanation was over and music once again sounded inside the spacecraft.

The murmurs among the tourists became obscured by the sound of music.

At this moment, Boss Joe next to Mu Gen suddenly spoke:

“…I do.”

He suddenly said those words without a thought.

Boss Tony was right above him and he naturally heard these words. Reminiscing about the reward that Miss Explainer just talked about, he couldn’t help but joke:

“Joni (←Boss Joe’s nickname among the elderly), do you really understand this line of words?”

He was just joking and everyone knew it. As his amnesia became more and more serious, Boss Joe has forgotten all the common writing methods of the Empire in recent years. He had even forgotten the most basic writing so how can he remember ancient characters?

However, Boss Joe was startled: “En, I can understand…”

“This line of words is two sentences. The right one means I’m willing. The left part means Roswell, will you marry me?”

Boss Joe spoke out his interpretation of the line of symbols in a serious manner.

Then he was stunned.

“Roswell…Roswell…Ro…” He frowned suddenly and slowly leaned against the window with his skinny palm, then hugged his head.

Then Boss Joe suddenly laughed.

With a blow from both hands, he turned his head and said: “Sure enough, I’ve been here. I planted these bone trees!”

Everyone in Idoli: -_-||| What?

“I planted a lot of bone tree seeds on this primitive planet. I was thinking of bringing Roswell over to show him another day, and propose to him along the way!”

Everyone in Idoli: -_-||| Is that even possible?

Seeing the distrust of his neighbors, he glanced at the symbols outside and offered a strong proof: “I’m used to writing dots as circles. You see, all the dots in this line are circles!”

Everyone in Idoli: -_-||| That’s true…

It sounds incredible, however, from Tony to Olivia, all the members of the Idoli Commercial Street Tour Group have seriously been shaken.

“Roswell is handsome and capable. He’s a senior colonel at a young age and before he went out to perform his mission, I secretly ran to this primitive planet that we found together to plant a tree. The bone tree grew quickly and it only took three years to make up these letters. Roswell should be back by then and I plan to bring him over, isn’t it romantic!” Boss Joe was a little shy as he told everyone his romance story.

“But, why is there all water here? When I planted the trees, it was obviously on the best black land.” Noting what was wrong, Boss Joe grabbed his gray hair.

“Wrong…Roswell didn’t come back? But…these three words on the right are clearly Roswell’s words…” More and more fragments rolled in his head, and Boss Joe hugged his head again.


A drop of hot water hit the back of Mu Gen’s right hand that was on the edge of the window.

Looking up where the drops of water fell, Mu Gen and Olivia were surprised to find: At some point, Boss Joe’s eyes suddenly filled with tears.

His expression was more dazed than painful, and he didn’t even seem to know that he’s crying.

“I remembered again: Roswell didn’t return.”

“Roswell, he’s dead.”

For a moment, Boss Joe, who was still smiling, burst into tears!

Nestled by the window, he cried for a long time. After crying, he laughed again, and too tired in the end, he fell asleep curled up in his seat.

The adults were very quiet.

Sigma didn’t understand anything. As a robot, Boss Joe’s emotional changes just now were too complicated, and his description too fragmented, so Sigma turned his head.

Sitting between Mu Gen and Olivia, he opened his left robotic arm:

Inside was a drop of water.

“Boss Joe gave it to Sigma,” Sigma told Mu Gen.

Mu Gen and Olivia suddenly realized: This——is Boss Joe’s tears.

“Sigma doesn’t understand.” If you don’t understand, ask brother——it’s a habit that Sigma had developed for a long time.

What can he say? Mu Gen scratched his head embarrassingly.

In the end, Olivia answered Sigma’s question.

A long time ago, Boss Joe has someone he likes very much. That person’s name is Roswell and Boss Joe planted many trees on this planet which spelled out his proposal, planning to propose after that person returned from his mission. But…

The man never came back.

What a sad love story.

“Love?” Sigma tilted his head again: “Sigma doesn’t understand.”

He just ignorantly understood the meaning of family affection, so “love” is a more difficult advanced course for Sigma.

“I don’t understand either,” Olivia whispered.

“However, to make Boss Joe, who has severe amnesia that he almost forgot his name….still remember the bits and pieces of that year after a few hundred years, that feeling called love must be unforgettable, right?” He summarized.

Sigma nodded, seemingly understanding, and continued to daze.

It takes one night to go to the next planet, so this night, they slept on the spacecraft.

Mu Gen had a dream:

He dreamed of Boss Joe when he was young, driving a spacecraft and holding many bone tree seeds. He secretly planted many trees on Doli Star.

After planting, he left~

Mu Gen continued to stay in Doli Star, watching the tree sprout slowly. A week later, another person came to this planet.

It was a very good-looking young man with a large colonel badge on his shoulder.

He also had many bone tree seeds, and he, he actually came to plant trees!

However, before planting the tree, he suddenly saw the trees planted by Boss Joe…the saplings had grown. He walked roughly along the route of the saplings and after reading the meaning of the saplings, he laughed.

And so, beside the saplings planted by Boss Joe, he planted a row of trees.

Then he happily left.

Three years later, Boss Joe came again and he didn’t come alone. Boss Joe came with the young man.

In the air, you saw what I wrote and I saw what you wrote.

Later, they got married happily.

The author has something to say:

Love Story by Soy Sauce

Thank you, Soy Sauce (酱油, Jiàngyóu).

In the background of this chapter, I found an old song: 肉麻情歌, Ròumá qínggē

Please don’t ask me what I will do when I get old one day.

I will accompany you to count wrinkles and listen to you being long-winded.

Isn’t love just like this?


This chapter is Boss Joe’s past and it’s also the first time Mu Gen, Olivia, and Sigma realized the feeling of “love”

Translator’s Notes:

Catch-up game progress…

Goal: Chapter 148

Progress: 9/26

TINA V4C130: Go To The Next Destination
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