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The next day, Mu Gen was awakened by Olivia.

He just wanted to ask what’s going on, but Olivia stopped him the next moment. After Mu Gen nodded and signaled that he wouldn’t say anything, Olivia took off his hand.

Mu Gen can now see Olivia clearly.

Two red amber eyes…

“Oli, are you crying?” Mu Gen whispered.

“Hush——” Olivia immediately covered his mouth again.

Cautiously leaving the adults, the two teenagers sneaked into the washroom. Olivia sat on the toilet, closing his eyes and letting Mu Gen look at him.

“I had a bad dream.” After looking for a long time and confirming that everything looks normal, Olivia stroked his nose.

“I also had a dream.” After sighing, Mu Gen finally put a circle of eye cream on Olivia and the two of them left the washing room.

They didn’t return to their seat and asked the waiter for two glasses of juice. Mu Gen and Olivia decided to go to the observation deck to have a look——in a while, they will arrive at the next sightseeing spot, “Ainilala”

However, they were not the first to have this idea. When the two of them ran to the viewing platform, someone had already occupied the best view and stood there in advance.

Boss Joe…recognizing who that person was, Olivia was stunned.

“Come, Grandpa helped you stand in a good position, so come and look with me!” Completely different from Boss Joe yesterday, today’s Boss Joe is now the usual cheerful old man again.

He beckoned to Mu Gen and Olivia lovingly.

Glancing at each other, the two immediately ran over.

It was a little embarrassing at first but the moment they look outside the window, they couldn’t care about anything——

The scenery outside is so…

More and more intense gold light hit their faces and bodies through the glass and Olivia’s platinum blonde hair now looks almost blond.

There are 7 stars in total, 4 on top and 3 on the bottom; 4 are rising and 3 are falling.

The seven stars constitute a very dazzling visual effect and as the sun shone on the huge planet below, the turbulence on the surface of that planet is already very clear.

“Wow!” Mu Gen was deeply shocked by the scene before him.

Then, Boss Joe’s dry palm lightly fell on his head.

Mu Gen looked up, wanting to see Boss Joe’s expression. It’s a pity that the sunlight was so strong that he can’t see it at all.

“You…did you sleep well yesterday?”

“En, I slept very well. I had a sweet dream!” Although Boss Joe’s expression was not visible, Mu Gen could hear his relaxed and cheerful tone.

“Then…what kind of dream is it?” Olivia asked cautiously.

“Can’t remember!” Boss Joe habitually scratched his head: “But I should have dreamed of eating a big meal, right? I woke up and found that the clothes on my chest were all wet, so I must have drooled!”

“…” Olivia went silent for a moment and when he spoke again, his voice became cheerful: “When we get to Ainilala, let’s go find the best local specialty restaurant for a big meal!”

“Okay!” Boss Joe happily agreed.


If Doli is a planet of water with the theme of sunshine and having various swimsuits on the beach; then Ainilala is a planet of wind.

The gravity of the whole planet was very special. In here, it’s very difficult to walk on the ground. However, due to the wonderful gravitational pull, the whole planet presents a very distinctive style!

Although he saw the shocking scene of the sunrise in space before landing, when Mu Gen and the others actually landed, it was raining.

Uh…it has indeed “set”.

“Umbrellas here don’t work so we use umbrella balls.” The commentator on the spacecraft introduced it like this, so when they got off, everyone was assigned an “umbrella ball”.

The “umbrella ball” looks like an ordinary small ball, which can be hung around the neck as an ornament, on a keychain, or a bag. Just press and hold the center dot when needed and it only takes 3 seconds for the small ball to rapidly expand and wrap the whole person. There are no dead ends in all directions and even rain boots are not needed.

But there’s no wonder why the umbrellas here look like this.

When they got off the spacecraft, they were asked to use the “umbrella ball” and they struggled with it for a long time. Mu Gen finally found his center of gravity and got up but was surprised when he saw the scenery outside the umbrella ball.

“Oli, Sigma, the rain here is flying to the sky!” He hurriedly pulled Olivia and Sigma on the side ←the three of them used an umbrella ball together.

Not just flying in the sky, in fact, these raindrops flew in every direction.

“It should be related to the wind direction.” Thanks to a certain ball game that he played with Mr. Sith some time ago, he mastered his balance much faster than Mu Gen.

“Now then, everyone should go to their respective hotels. Please rest assured, the coordinates of your accommodation location have been entered in the umbrella ball in advance so everyone will be automatically navigated to your respective accommodation location. Please relax and enjoy the scenery along the way!” The last paragraph finished, Mu Gen and their trip to Ainilala officially began.

Sitting in the umbrella ball like the other tourists, Olivia and Mu Gen enjoyed the various sceneries along the way.

Overturning the existing impression in Mu Gen’s heart, everything here is so different!

This is a planet in the sky!

Due to a lot of rain, there are also many clouds here and unlike other planets where the clouds are in the sky, in here, they’re within reach (if there’s no umbrella ball), and there’s no land, at least to Mu Gen and the others. After floating for a long time, until now, he never saw where the so-called “ground” of this planet is.

However, no land didn’t mean there’re no plants here. On the contrary, due to the abundant sunlight and abundant rain, the vegetation here is very lush.

The plants here are also floating and planted in mid-air~

The first time they saw a tree drifting in the sky, Mu Gen and Olivia’s mouths opened wide!

It was a tree that the two of them couldn’t name. When Mu Gen and the others passed by it, the tree advanced rapidly following the rain and its roots were covered with a layer of mist. From a distance, it’s like seeing a tree demon flying through the clouds!

Watching the tree’s root system pierce the place with the densest raindrops, and fix it there with satisfaction for a while, Olivia blankly turned around:

“It…is hunting, right?” It sounds weird, but the tree just now gave people the feeling that it was hunting, and its prey was the raindrops floating in the sky.

They saw more and more plants along the way and almost every plant was the same as the tree they saw the first time. They waved their roots and chased the rain while surrounded by mist, collecting as much water as possible. After eating and drinking enough, they’ll find a sunny place and stretch out their branches and leaves to bask in the sun.

“The plants here are very easy to feed.” Mu Gen exclaimed.

Regarding his words, Olivia deeply agreed.

There are so many clouds in Ainilala, not only will each plant use water mist (cloud) to wrap around their roots, there are also buildings here.

All the buildings are built on clouds. Uh…of course, Mu Gen and the others wouldn’t believe that the foundation of the houses here is clouds, but it’s undeniable. Don’t know whether it’s to cover up the foundation or for other purposes. In this way, looking from afar, it looks like a city on a cloud.

It looks so cool!

What surprised Mu Gen and Olivia the most was the people they met on the road!

Except for those sitting in umbrella balls like them, they saw many people not use an umbrella ball but still fly in the air as much as they wanted!

Upon noticing this scene, Olivia and Mu Gen glanced at each other in surprise.

“Go to the hotel!” Olivia immediately said.

“Certainly!” Mu Gen shook his fist immediately.

The journey was getting farther and the tourists, who originally got on the same spacecraft, gradually scattered and were sent to various hotels. Idoli and their group also arrived at their accommodation on this planet.

To make up for the previous debacle, they stayed in the highest standard hotel in the area——Paradise Hotel.

This is a veritable “paradise” located at the highest point of the entire planet’s buildings. It overlooked the floating clouds underneath and is equipped with a whole body of snow-white buildings. Doesn’t it look like heaven from a distance?!

The reception staff was also angels with wings.

Mu Gen’s eyes went wide when he first saw the angel.

Immediately looking for Sigma to find the precious picture book he had preserved, Mu Gen was very excited as he turned it to one of the pages: “There are so many legends about angels in my hometown! In our place, it’s said that only good people can see angels after they die! Oli, look at that person, he’s as beautiful as the angel in the picture book!”

“…” Seeing Mu Gen so excited, he looked at the “birdman” that looked very ordinary in front of him. Olivia hmphed softly and tilted his head for a while. Looking at his shoulder, he sighed softly.

However, the owner of the bookstore, Ake, couldn’t help but talk to him after hearing what Mu Gen said.

“Little Mu Gen, I wonder, there must be many aliens in your hometown, right?”

Mu Gen froze for a moment.

“Look, there aren’t many legends of trees and beasts turning into people in the historical materials you have, but there are people, fish, angels, and so on. Your place must have been a gathering place for aliens a long time ago!”

Mu Gen: 囧!This…I’ve never thought of this before!!!

My hometown might have been a settlement of many aliens from a long time ago——Mu Gen silently added this inference to the impression notes of his hometown.

Boss Tony, who’s familiar with the road, helped everyone through the check-in procedures. The petite waiter with transparent wings smiled and grabbed their luggage, leading them to the place where they will stay in the next few days.

When they saw their own room, Mu Gen and Olivia went chaotic again.

So big, so wild, so…what an indescribable tree!

“This is the world tree. The entire world of this planet is said to be built on this tree. It’s said that the essence of Ainilala is the root of this World Tree!” The petite waiter, who’s only as tall as Mu Gen’s waist, looks very cute and just like the elf in the picture book: “The 2448 to 2700 floors of the World Tree are floors that only guests of the Paradise Hotel can enjoy while the lower ones are for tourists to visit. But please rest assured, it will not affect everyone.”

This is the 2688th floor. Looking at the room card in his hand, Mu Gen had an understanding of which floor they’ll live in. But…

“What about the 2700th floor and above?” He asked a question.

The elf waiter gave a sweet smile.

“Further up, some people say that it’s the place where the gods live. Sorry, I’ve never been there!”

“I wish you a pleasant journey in Ainilala!” After a graceful bow, the waiter said goodbye.

Mu Gen and Olivia quickly put their luggage on the luggage rack and looked at each other. The two immediately dragged Sigma, who wanted to watch cartoons, and rushed out the door!


Mengmeng at this time: orz, why does Mengmeng have to share a room with Alpha this time?

So lonely, chirp~

The author has something to say:

I really like to write about places that only exist in my imagination.

If I can really go there to play, it would be great ←If I can’t, let the characters I wrote have a good time there


Translator’s Notes:

Catch-up game progress…

Goal: Chapter 148

Progress: 10/26

TINA V4C131: Mushy Love Song
TINA V4C133: Oli's New Course

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