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The teenagers who wanted to go on an adventure were caught by Granny Maria and forced to go shopping with the adults.

They’re in a certain wing store on the commercial street attached to the Paradise Hotel.

Almost all the people who came to Ainilala have a dream of flying, so when it comes to flying, the first thing they thought of was wings.

Not everyone is a winged beast, so leaving the aircraft, most of them could only walk on the ground. To fly freely in the sky——it’s something most people want to experience. In Ainilala, flying is no longer just a dream!

There are natural gravity and airflow conditions here. Almost everyone’s dream of flying can be realized here and how beautiful it would be to fly in the sky! It’s only when you have wings to fly~

To put it bluntly, this is basically a mentality of wearing local clothes and taking pictures when traveling on ancient Earth.

“Do you think this pair of wings match me?” Pulling open the curtain of the dressing room, the small figure of Granny Maria quickly flashed out of it.

The biggest difference between her now and before she went in is——those big white wings on the back! Very very gorgeous wings and also very long. With such big wings installed on Granny Maria, who’s smaller than the average person, the old lady was completely dwarfed (囧).

The one who came out with Granny Maria was Miss Maria, who was wearing the same gorgeous wings as her great great great great grandmother behind her. With the same wings, the effect was completely different!

Unlike her small grandmother, Miss Maria has a very tall figure and the huge pair of wings mounted on her back could just barely touch the floor. A beautiful blonde woman with flowing snow-white dress and snow-white wings of the same color…

“It’s a great match!” Idoli’s grandfathers all gave a thumbs up.

“I also think it’s pretty.” Granny Maria nodded in satisfaction. Dragging her huge wings, she immediately ran to the cash register to pay.

Idoli: o(╯□╰)o! Uh…it’s not you!

However, it’s too late. Granny Maria had already paid for it.

“A-awesome!” The female clerk in charge of the cash register barely closed her mouth and from behind her was also a pair of small wings. It’s a pair of pink wings, the length of which only reached the female clerk’s hips.

“Y-yes!” The male clerk who was in charge of picking up the goods in the warehouse was also in awe.

The old lady didn’t buy the most expensive wings in the shop, nor the most precious ones. What she bought was:

The, heaviest, wings, in, the, shop!

Even in this place with abnormal gravity, it’s still very heavy, especially for the more than 100-year-old guests who are attracted to that pair of wings and wore it. And this old lady just put it on and acted like there’s nothing on her back. Not only she, even the beautiful woman behind her, who looked delicate, looked indifferent to the weight.

The clerk was 囧.

Except for Granny Maria and her granddaughter, the other people in the Idoli Commercial Street are also very interested in the wings. After everyone chose their favorite styles, they bought it and delightedly went to see the next attraction——the test platform.

Near the hotel, to help newcomers quickly adapt to the environment, the gravity value near the hotel has actually been artificially increased. So in the hotel where the commercial street was attached to just now, Mu Gen and the others can walk normally. Although they can jump very high with little effort, they’d still fall. However, as they gradually walked out of the hotel’s gravity field and approached the flight test platform, they felt the difference.

“Huh?” Mu Gen was the first to float. To catch him, Olivia jumped up reflexively, but when he did, he actually floated higher than Mu Gen!

“From here, you can use the wings to control the airflow.” Holding a basic flight guide in his hand, Boss Canaan of the funeral shop told everyone while reading.

“Yo!!!” Granny Maria was the most excited. Hearing what Mr. Canaan said, this old lady immediately jumped into the sky. She might have exerted too much force as they saw Granny Maria quickly disappear from everyone’s sight like a shooting star.

There was panic on everyone’s faces.

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen to great great great great grandmother.” Confident in the physical fitness of her great grandmother, Miss Maria comforted everyone with an indifferent expression.

Boss Tony -_-|||: “I’m not worried about your great great great great grandmother, I’m worried about someone hitting your great great great great grandmother…”

Miss Maria:  ̄▽ ̄

“W-what should I do!” Miss Maria suddenly panicked.

“Ai, you guys have fun here while little Maria and I will go find her great great great great grandmother.” Boss Tony sighed and brought over the wallets of Boss Joe and Boss John. He was still a little worried so he also called Mrs. Bayati. After discussing something, he still felt unprepared, so he called Boss Zhang and Boss Canaan one after another.

Money → to apologize;

Mrs. Bayati → Doctor;

Boss Zhang → medicine;

Boss Canaan → funeral supplies…

Olivia: From spending money to eliminate disasters to curing diseases and saving people to killing and burying corpses——Boss Tony, are you preparing for the worst?!

Including Boss Tony, none of them can fly yet so if they rely on flying, it’s estimated that the police had already dealt with the scene of the accident (hey!), so they had to choose another mode of transportation.

There are no taxis here. Instead of taxis, many birds and winged people are flying around in the sky. The hotel staff helped them call a few giant birds and under Olivia’s worried gaze, they rode on the bird’s back and quickly left the test flight place.

“Don’t worry, Tony has a lot of experience so they’ll definitely handle it.” Seeing Olivia’s worry, Boss Joe comforted him gently.

Olivia o(╯□╰)o: Mothereffer! How can I not be worried!

But when he came back to his senses, he found that among the remaining people, except for him, everyone else didn’t look worried at all.

Even Mu Gen looked normal.

“I don’t think anything bad will happen.” Regarding Olivia’s question, Mu Gen answered like this.

Seeing everyone’s calmness, Olivia suddenly calmed down. Floating beside Mu Gen, he continued to practice the correct posture for walking in the air.

Boss Komi and Lady Boss Komi were the fastest to succeed. They quickly mastered the method of flying in the air with their wings and the couple went to explore the outside world together;

Boss Ake was the second to learn, and he waited for a while. After Boss Maya also successfully mastered the flying technique, the two flew to a higher sky together;

Boss Joe and Boss John spread their wings and asked everyone to take a few photos of them…after that, they completely gave up. The two happily went to eat sweets  ̄▽ ̄;

In short, after Olivia awkwardly turned around in the air, he finally balanced himself by grabbing Mu Gen’s hand and found that everyone had run away, so the only people around were his family.

At this time, not to mention Mu Gen, even Sigma can fly around him with his wings…

Olivia, who had always been a top student and the first to graduate in everything, suffered an unprecedented blow!

I, I am Kantas, a pteranodon, ah!!!!

As a pteranodon, if he can’t fly well here, is his genetic defect in his wings?!

Olivia was a little scared.

At this moment, Alpha suddenly approached from the side. He grabbed Olivia and motioned for the others to follow, then dexterously flew a distance in the air, passing through layers of mist before finally stopping in a strange place.

Seeing a group of chirping little furballs in front, Olivia didn’t feel good!

“Cub Flying Class”——He felt even worse when he saw the cute bird-shaped sign hanging nearby.

“This is a place where cubs of winged creatures are professionally taught to fly.” Alpha explained: “The special gravity field of Ainilala helps young winged creatures to learn how to fly. Therefore, every year, many winged creatures will bring their cubs here to learn how to fly.”

“I have inspected the surroundings and this class has the most cubs.” The most students = the best. Alpha thought popularity is very important.

Although there are many cubs here! But! These cubs are all birds ahhhhhh!

Olivia felt messed up by the wind!

The surrounding wind was indeed very strong and his platinum hair was messed up.

At this moment, Alpha’s robotic arms gently touched his head and his icy mechanical fingers combed his messy hair.

Stiffly allowing Alpha to comb his hair, Olivia looked away. Looking at the chirping bird cubs ahead, a few are in groups and each group has a coach who specializes in coaching. Behind them, many parents are looking over with concern…

Olivia blinked.

So what Alpha held in his arms was no longer a teenager but a fat little furry chick.

“My cub needs to learn to fly.” Holding the little white chick, Alpha landed at the registration office without expression.

“Small class, middle class, big class, corresponding to different learning levels, which level do you want to register for?” It’s a little strange that this cub was carried by a robot, but the reception staff still greeted them with a smile because of their professionalism.

A group of robots carefully studied the registration rules handed over by the other party and finally made a choice.

“Small class, my cub can’t fly at all.”

Uncle Alpha’s ruthless words stabbed Olivia again.

Paying with one hand and delivering with one hand.

After Alpha paid the tuition, Olivia dejectedly followed the assigned teacher and left.

The intelligent avian races that can evolve into intelligent creatures and then into human forms are generally very large, so their cubs are not small. There’s no difficulty in Olivia mixing in.

After all, to outsiders, Olivia also looks like a hairy ball.

But this hairy ball is just a bit bigger ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿.

The teacher in charge of instructing him didn’t know what a Kantas cub looks like, so the young teacher was stunned when he saw Olivia: Damn! What did his parents feed this cub! He’s not too fat to fly, right?

As soon as Olivia entered the “classroom”, he was immediately surrounded by three small fur balls.

“Cheep~” I am a giant wing bird, what kind of bird are you?

Olivia’s new classmates took the initiative to greet him.

He obviously already entered an institution of higher learning such as the Imperial Military Academy, but he has to re-enter the kindergarten class; Even if it’s just a small class, it’s still a kindergarten class with a flock of birds; Forget that, this flock of birds actually regarded him as the same kind!!!!

“…” Olivia said nothing.

“Cheep cheep!” He must be too young to learn how to speak.

Another giant wing cub spoke, thoughtfully finding a reason for Olivia’s silence.

Olivia: Mothereffer!

He decided to practice early and leave this ghost place as soon as possible!

“You can do it!” Mu Gen and Sigma cheered him up.

As everyone knew——

“Little idiot, Kantas cubs can’t fly until they shed their fur and their wings grow…however, you can fan your wings for exercise.” On the beach of Doli Planet, Mr. Sith smiled gently, looking at Prunguli who was waving his little wings and trying to fly.

The author has something to say:

Good night

Translator’s Notes:

Catch-up game progress…

Goal: Chapter 148

Progress: 11/26

Please note that in this world, Oli is a dinosaur, not a bird, even if he can fly, he’s more of a reptile than a bird.

TINA V4C132: Hello! Ainilala
TINA V4C134: A Kantas With A Legendary School Experience

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