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Every race has its troubles.

Just as Mr. Sith worried about the growing weakness of the Kantas cubs every day, the avian beasts worried about problems they’d never thought of a hundred years ago:

What should I do if my cub can’t fly?

What if my cub can’t fly because he’s afraid of heights?

Gods! Fear of heights!? Is this something a bird should worry about?

It’s a pity that more and more bird beastmen are worried about this disease.

The dominant race in the universe is still the dinosaur beastmen. They’re born strong and had a natural advantage in physical fitness, but the other beastmen are not bad either. They even had an advantage over the dinosaurs in terms of transformation. Their cubs can often transform into human form when they’re very young and this was once their pride. However, as time progressed, the advantages gradually became disadvantages.

The ability to switch between the two states is the greatest advantage of human beings today. Relying on the convenience of each form, they are getting stronger and stronger, but if they’re too focused on a certain form, they’d naturally gradually lose the ability of another form (→for example, the earthlings of a long time ago -_-|||), and now, the bird beastmen are also beginning to face this problem:

The cubs grew up in human form and have become accustomed to it. They rely on modern technology to go out, whether it’s by car or by ship, so there are fewer and fewer opportunities to use their wings and their cubs will gradually lose their consciousness of being a bird. When the parents took their children for an outing and wanted to take them to fly, the problem came out——

Mothereffer! How come these little birds dared not fly!

With no other way, the parents of these birds had to change their educational thinking. The cubs were originally encouraged to maintain their human form as much as possible, but now, they’re forced to be in their cub forms every day. They used this method to try to awaken the flight instinct in their cub’s genes. They didn’t even hesitate to use the method of throwing their cubs from a height…

Some cubs spread their wings and soar in this way, while other cubs…fell and had a blue nose and swollen faces, becoming more afraid of flying.


Ainilala was developed at this time.

Realizing that this is a natural flight test site, it became the most popular resort for avian races! Not only bird beastmen, but as long as they have wings, they would also bring their cubs here to play with them during the holidays.

Uncle Alpha selected the class next door to this class, it’s the flying class dedicated to pterosaur cubs (First Uncle, you reported to the wrong class o(╯□╰)o).

“Us birds are born with the ability to fly so even newborn birds have this ability.” The teacher in charge of Olivia was a young man with short curly blond hair and big watery blue eyes. He looked very gentle.

“Does everyone know? When you came out of your shell, if you were thrown out of the house at that time, everyone has a 25% chance of flying safely!” He smiled.

Cubs: (⊙o⊙) So the remaining 75% will die?

“The biggest cub, as the strongest cub, would you like to do the teacher a favor?” The golden curly-haired teacher tenderly looked at Olivia.

Olivia suddenly had an ominous premonition in his heart…

With a smile, the teacher gently picked up Olivia’s little wings and pushed him out of the flight test platform the next second.

“Flap your little wings!”


With the gentle prayer of the smiling teacher and Olivia’s scream, Olivia fell!

The cubs looked expectantly at where Olivia was dropped, then waited and waited…for a long time, they didn’t see Olivia flapping his wings and flying up.

In the end, the teacher at the bottom of the classroom in charge of the safety of the cubs sent Olivia up.

With a dark face, Olivia looked at Teacher Curly with annoyance.

“…let’s start with flapping the wings first, shall we?” Being stared at by this little cub, Mr. Curly decided to start practicing from the basics.

“Let’s open the little wings and start practicing by waving your wings up and down!”

On this day, the teacher in this small class taught a total of five ways to flap your wings. In the process of waving his wings, the one next to Olivia suddenly flew! Although he only flew for a while and slowly fell, Olivia still saw the hope of flying—— That cub looks fatter than me~ And his wings are not that big but he can still fly, so he had hope of course!

With this thought in mind, Olivia’s little wings flapped more vigorously. Unfortunately, until he was about to cramp, he still showed no signs of flying.

Holding the frustrated Olivia in his arms, Alpha took the family back to the hotel.

When they arrived, they just ran into Boss Tony who had just arrived.

Boss Tony and the others came back in a police hovercar.

Did they really…kill someone?

Olivia shuddered.


“…Granny Maria killed a robber who snatched a tourist’s wallet and fleeing! He’s an interplanetary wanted criminal and us police have been hunting him for months…thank you so much!” The old lady was invited out respectfully and the policeman’s face was full of smiles.

Seeing Granny Maria’s butt, Olivia was completely speechless.

After eating and seeing the medals that Granny Maria received, Mu Gen and Olivia returned to their bedroom with Sigma.

Seeing Olivia, who couldn’t lift his wings, Mu Gen and Sigma tenderly massaged his wings.


You can all fly, but I still can’t fly. I…maybe it’s a genetic defect. It’s very likely…that I really can’t fly…

With his big head lying on the pillow, Olivia depressingly chirped.

“No, it must be because of the wings. Oli, you’re a dinosaur! You’re heavier so the wings bought outside will definitely not move your body. But your cub form has wings so you can still fly with your own wings!”

When Olivia was trying to learn how to fly, Mu Gen was not idle either. After carefully analyzing the reasons why Oli couldn’t fly with the wings, he finally believed that the reason was the wings. This is also the reason why Uncle Alpha took Oli to report for a flight class: If you can’t fly with fake wings, then use your own wings to fly!

“We just glide. Even if we can fly, we can only fly like kites, but Olivia, you are learning how to fly! Dad said I learned to walk after five months! Learning to fly is definitely not that easy!” Mu Gen comforted Olivia.

“So what if the stupid birds can fly first, Oli, you just have to do your best!”

So, under the gentle encouragement of Mu Gen, Olivia went to class early in the morning.

However, he practiced for a long time in the morning and in the afternoon. On the third day, the other three cubs all graduated successfully, but Olivia is still stuck in the small class.

“Chirp…” The tuition fee paid by Uncle Alpha…is probably going to be wasted…

Watching as one cub after another graduated and seeing them happily leave with their parents, Olivia drooped his head.

This doesn’t work——Looking at Oli in a depressed mood, Mu Gen finally made a decision:

He’ll take Olivia to skip class!

He left a note on the bed and frankly said that he was going to take Olivia to skip class. Mu Gen then took Sigma and Olivia and left before dawn.

They busily visited various sightseeing spots in the morning and practiced flying with Olivia in the afternoon, then in the evening, they ate delicious food with the elderly on the commercial street. It’s already the fourth day since they came here and Mu Gen hasn’t had the time to explore the world tree where they live!

Mu Gen had been prepared to skip class since last night so he prepared a portable water cup, packed the leftovers from last night, divided these things into three small bags, and the three of them carried one each.

They got up early in the morning and climbed the tree!

“You climb so fast!” Shocked by Mu Gen’s skillful tree climbing movements, Olivia exclaimed.

“My ancestors are apes!” Mu Gen said triumphantly.

“I won’t lose to you.” While swearing, Olivia also increased his climbing speed.

The huge world tree is covered with very slippery green moss and vines. Fortunately, those vines that have been here for who knew how long are very strong so they didn’t fall.

During this period, Olivia spent most of his time in his cub form so probably because of the excessive use of wings in the past few days, even when he became humanoid, he still felt the pain in his shoulder blades unbearable. Every time he climbed, he used his muscles there and Olivia almost let go in pain several times.

But he endured.

What Olivia does best is patience.

Although he verbally said that he didn’t want to lose to Mu Gen, Olivia still lagged behind Mu Gen. It’s not that he can’t surpass him, but that he doesn’t want to.

It’s so slippery here that if he climbed and accidentally fall off, Mu Gen can’t catch him! But it’s different if he’s below. Even if Mu Gen and Sigma fell together, he could still catch them.

Olivia attributed this psychology to self-confidence in his own strength.

However, both Mu Gen and Sigma have good tree climbing skills. They climbed more than 500 meters and none of them fell. In the middle of the journey, a chick suddenly hits Mu Gen in the face.

He freed a hand and took the bird from his face. After staring at the bird with big eyes for a while, Mu Gen put it in his arms.

It’s a very thrilling action since before Mu Gen could collect the bird, he had to support himself with only the strength from his left arm and legs.

Olivia watched Mu Gen’s every move in fear, ready to catch Mu Gen if he fell. Unexpectedly, Mu Gen continued to climb up.

“We must be in a higher place, maybe even above 2700th floor!” Lowering his head, Mu Gen took the time to smile at Olivia.

“Then continue climbing!” Olivia replied with a big smile. However, after Mu Gen turned his head, he frowned slightly: Shoulder…hurts more and more…

If he’s alone, or with anyone in the academy, Olivia will definitely give up at this time.

He didn’t have the slightest interest in falling, nor did he like climbing trees.

Olivia is a very cautious person.

But he wanted to be with Mu Gen.

He didn’t want to spoil Mu Gen’s fun, so even though his shoulder hurts again, he gritted his teeth and kept going.

As long as he’s with Mu Gen, all boring things will become very interesting.

“Veni…Dola…the words in the middle are not clear.” Mu Gen’s voice came from above and after speaking, he continued to climb up. Following him closely, Olivia climbed up for a while and soon found the line where Mu Gen just stopped.

“It should be the word like or love.” Carefully identifying it, Olivia said.

Many people like to write xxx in the scenic spots when they visit this place and it seems that this place is no exception.

How boring——Olivia thought.

Unexpectedly, just as he thought so, Mu Gen’s voice floated from above:

“Oli, when we climb to the highest place, maybe we can write our names too?”

“Okay!” Olivia froze for a moment, then replied.

“Hundreds or even thousands of years later, when someone climbs to the place we arrived at that time, they can see our names! This is a testimony of our friendship.” Mu Gen was very happy.

No wonder many people like to write xxx in scenic spots and visit here…

What a commemorative value——Imagining that scene, Olivia’s heart was suddenly full of yearning.

(Hey! Boy! Your mood changed too quickly!)

The little bird shrank in Mu Gen’s arms for a while. Probably feeling safe again, it curiously showed its small head from Mu Gen’s neckline. Looking up at Mu Gen’s chin, it “chipped”.

After crawling 700 meters, the sun star rose. Standing above the sea of clouds, two people, a robot, and a little bird enjoyed the spectacular sunrise scene.

Then, it rained.

The branches and leaves of the world tree are lush so the raindrops on them are not too big, but the scary thing is not the rain, but the wetter moss.

Finally, Mu Gen’s foot slipped, his hand didn’t grip well and he fell instantly!

Olivia, who had been paying attention to Mu Gen, reached out and grabbed him. However, due to the air resistance, he couldn’t catch him and without hesitation, he let go of his grip on the vines and Olivia rushed to the falling Mu Gen——

The author has something to say:

题目 by 梵尒

Although the content is different, it feels very accurate

PS: Has been out of power for a while so it’s late

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