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Olivia only grabbed Mu Gen’s left foot at the beginning and moved along that before holding Mu Gen in his arms little by little.

Feeling the familiar breath, Mu Gen slowly opened his eyes.

“Oli…” He wanted to talk, but it was too windy and very difficult to open his eyes. He had a mouthful of air and closed his mouth tightly, just gently stretching out the left arm that wasn’t confined by Olivia.

Reaching out, he touched the wings on Olivia’s back.

This is a very beautiful pair of wings which is different from the fixed angle wings bought in the wing shop. This pair of wings is alive! And flapping really hard!

“Oli! You have wings!!!” Mu Gen’s eyes widened in surprise!

It’s a pity that the wind was so strong that Olivia couldn’t hear what Mu Gen said. However, the feeling of his wings being touched was clear so he looked back in surprise. Seeing the pair of wings behind him, Olivia was taken aback at first, then became happy!

He flapped his wings harder!

The flying class in the past few days has not been in vain as the frequency of his flapping wings stabilized and the posture is very correct. Olivia felt like he could fly several times, but he didn’t know why the gravity of this planet seemed to only work on them and they’re still falling!

The eyes of the two people began to panic!

The scene around the World Tree kept flying upwards from around them and the two of them were landing vertically! Along the way, Olivia desperately tried to grab things that could be grabbed and tried to stop their fall. However, their speed was too fast. When he forcibly grabbed a vine and failed, Olivia’s arm was injured. Gritting his teeth, Olivia immediately gave up this plan.

Opening his eyes and looking up desperately, Olivia saw Sigma’s figure: Sigma jumped down too!

But unlike the two of them, Sigma flew. The evidence is that to prevent the air current from blowing him up, Sigma crawled down the tree trunk!

What’s going on here?

Before Olivia could realize the strangeness, he could only watch Sigma being blown up by the air current from below.

Before falling into darkness, Olivia only had time to do one thing: Spread out his wings as much as possible and wrapping himself and Mu Gen in them as much as possible.


Humid and cold.

This is Olivia’s first feeling.

Then there’s pain.

Left arm hurts…

Then Olivia heard someone calling him.

“…Oli! Oli, wake up!”

It’s Mu Gen’s voice!

Frowning, Olivia finally opened his eyes!

Mu Gen’s surprised face was reflected in his pupils.

“Oli, you finally woke up!”

Accompanied by Mu Gen’s surprised and happy voice, Olivia finally felt that his body was his own again.

The ground was very damp and the clothes that touched the ground were wet. It’s very uncomfortable to be wet and cold, but it’s very warm in his arms. Mu Gen’s body was dry and warm, like a small stove.

Confirming that Mu Gen is safe, Olivia finally let Mu Gen go.

“How long have you been awake?” Olivia asked Mu Gen.

“For about ten minutes. Oli, your hug is too tight, I can’t get away.” Mu Gen quickly crawled out of his arms, not forgetting to pull Olivia after he stood up.

“Oli, are you hurt? Are there any injuries?”

“Nothing…” Supporting the ground with his right hand, Olivia was about to stand up, when his gaze inadvertently looked down.

At this sight, he finally realized what was wrong!



Olivia glanced at his right hand in surprise: It’s indeed on the ground!

But here’s the problem! In this place with ultra-low gravity, everything on this planet is suspended in the air, so where did this ground come from!!!

But it’s really the ground——

Thinking so, Olivia immediately touched the ground under his body and came up with a handful of leaves, there’s even dew on them! These leaves and dew followed his hands before falling to the ground, but they didn’t drift with the wind like the leaves and rain that he saw before!

“There are very thick leaves over here. Fortunately, we fell on these leaves, so we’re not injured.” Mu Gen also noticed what was wrong.

“Cheep!” A little thing suddenly jumped out of Mu Gen’s arms and flapped its wings a few times. It didn’t fly after a long time, so Mu Gen picked it up and put it on his left shoulder.

“It’s the bird I picked up before.” Seeing Olivia look at him, Mu Gen explained.

Olivia took a moment to notice the little bird that had fallen unluckily with them:

It’s a very petite little guy, only as big as Mu Gen’s palm, white, only a little red at the ends of the wings and tail, the small mouth is also red, round head, looking very cute.

A species that hasn’t been seen in the flying class so it should be an indigenous creature——Olivia concluded.

Without paying attention to the bird on Mu Gen’s shoulder, Olivia looked around carefully and the more he looked, the more shocked he became:

It looks like a virgin forest here!

The cyan vines are densely packed and each one is at least three meters in diameter! The thicker ones are even more than ten meters! How many years did it take for the vines to grow this big?

The ground is full of fallen leaves, but it’s no ordinary fallen leaf. Picking up a leaf and studying it for a long time, Olivia finally determined that these leaves are the leaves from the World Tree!

Thinking of this, Olivia immediately raised his head, but even when he looked up, he couldn’t see anything. There are plants all around, the densely packed leaves covering the view tightly. The only light source was from the gaps between the leaves. The plants here are too lush so it’s very dim.

While observing and pondering, Olivia slowly backed away and the leaves of the World Tree made a strange rustle under his feet.

At this moment, Olivia felt like he hit something. Quickly turning back, he couldn’t help but open his mouth wide at the scene in front of him.

“This…” A green-brown…mountain wall?

“Is it the World Tree?” Mu Gen’s voice came from the side: “Is this at the foot of the World Tree?”

“It should be.” He patted the mountain-like trunk of the World Tree in awe, as Olivia affirmed Mu Gen’s thoughts.

The two teenagers walked around for a while but it’s the same scenery everywhere. They almost couldn’t go back to the place where they had fallen, so realizing this, Olivia stopped their exploration.

Olivia laughed at the sound of Mu Gen’s grumbling stomach.

“I’m hungry, so let’s eat something first. After eating, we can figure out a way to climb the tree and have a look.” When Mu Gen lowered his head and flipped through the backpack, Olivia frowned and gazed at his left arm.

It hurts so much——it’s most likely broken.

Fortunately, I’m wearing long sleeves today——this was Olivia’s second thought.

Pretending to be nonchalant, Olivia sat next to Mu Gen. Reaching out his right hand, he took the leftover rice ball that Mu Gen handed over.


“Oli, what happened to your left arm?” Putting the rice ball in his hand back in the lunch box, Mu Gen frowned.

“It’s nothing, what’s the matter?” With his body slightly stiff, Olivia answered him nonchalantly. To be more natural, he also took a bite of the rice ball.

Olivia’s acting skills are very good so when he wants to hide something, no one can see through it.

This time, what he wanted to hide was his injury.

Inexplicably falling into this place, Olivia had no idea where they were. However, his physical strength was greater than Mu Gen, so Olivia intends to take the task of climbing the tree after a while. To achieve this goal, the injury must not be mentioned. If he did, Mu Gen will certainly do it himself.

“Stretch out your left arm.” Without a trace of hesitation, Mu Gen indifferently said.

Biting the rice ball, Olivia and Mu Gen stood in a stalemate for a while. In the end, he didn’t fight Mu Gen anymore and sighed. Olivia stretched out his left arm.

Mu Gen walked over and sat in front of Olivia. He gently lifted his sleeves upward and when he saw the obviously broken arm, he became serious and scary.

Olivia stopped speaking.

To cope with his guilty conscience, he silently took another bite of the rice ball.

“Keep eating.” Throwing his rice ball into Olivia’s hands, Mu Gen told him very seriously.

Not knowing if Mu Gen was angry, Olivia froze with the rice ball. Then, under Mu Gen’s domineering gaze, he was forced to take another big bite. Just at this time——

“Ah!” There was a sharp pain in his left arm. Olivia screamed and the rice ball in his mouth fell!

“…” Looking at Olivia choking and having teary eyes, the one who sighed this time was Mu Gen. Gently helping Olivia blow on the wound, Mu Gen asked softly: “Does it hurt?”

“It hurts so much!” The originally small tears suddenly turned into big tears and a big tear rolled from Olivia’s eyes.

“Uh? Oli, be strong, you have to endure. I, I’ll go to my backpack and see if there are any painkillers…” Frightened by Olivia’s reaction, he gently dropped Olivia’s injured arm to his side and Mu Gen hurriedly turned over his backpack.

Following Mu Gen with his eyes, Olivia blew a few breaths on his wound. Although he was blowing hard, it didn’t feel as good as before.

Raising his head and looking at Mu Gen’s busy back, Olivia made a few more tears. After a while, the corners of his mouth slightly bent upwards.

Although the wound still hurts, it didn’t seem to hurt that much anymore.

So while Mu Gen was looking for painkillers, Olivia gobbled up all the rice balls that Mu Gen gave him. Even though they’re leftovers from last night, they’re still delicious. Rarely in a good mood and seeing the chirping little bird, seemingly hungry, Olivia gave it some leftovers. Although this little cub is small, it can eat and half of the rice ball was gone!

Probably to repay Olivia from the leftovers, the little guy now seemed to want to repay Olivia. It put the leaves on the ground into its small mouth, chewed, then spit it out again. Then it enthusiastically sent its vomit to Olivia.

So when Mu Gen came back, what he saw was a person and a bird getting along very happily.

Mu Gen came back dejected.

He had prepared painkillers and though the bandages were still in his backpack, he didn’t know where the medicine box fell.

“Sorry, Oli.” Mu Gen looked at Olivia worriedly.

“I’m a Kantas so my healing ability is very good!” Olivia smiled and comforted Mu Gen. When he wasn’t paying attention, the little bird finally succeeded and successfully spat out its vomit on Olivia’s left arm!

“Ah——” Olivia let out a scream.

Being comforted, the original haze in Mu Gen’s heart slightly dissipated. He was about to help Olivia remove the green mush when suddenly…

Putting his hands on Olivia’s arm, Mu Gen suddenly stopped moving.

The little white bird is still working hard, lowering his head constantly and trying to eat more leaves, then spat out the green mush on Olivia’s arm. The location was very clever and happened to be the part where Olivia is injured.

Thinking of a possibility, Mu Gen stopped moving. Instead, he picked up a leaf from the ground and observed it for a while, then put the leaf in his mouth.

After a while, Mu Gen stretched out his hand to catch the green paste he spit out and then “slapped” it on Olivia’s wound.

Olivia:  ̄▽ ̄

“Believe in a local, this should be medicine.” While continuing to chew the leaves, Mu Gen solemnly told Olivia.

One person and one bird chewed very hard for a long time and finally chewed enough green paste to cover Olivia’s wounded arm. Mu Gen then tightly wrapped Olivia’s wound with branches and bandages.

The author has something to say:

Chick Oli: The way to deal with little Mu Gen, get!

Angel Mu Gen and Oli by Daydreamer

Thank you Daydreamer for painting angels Mu Gen and Oli!

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TINA V4C134: A Kantas With A Legendary School Experience
TINA V4C136: Little White Balls Fell From The Sky

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