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“Then Oli, you have to take care of your injuries!” Tying a bow outside of Olivia’s injured arm, Mu Gen told him very solemnly.

“Cheep!” The little white ball next to him also tweeted very seriously.

Carefully glancing at Mu Gen’s face, Olivia nodded very obediently.

Fearing that Olivia concealed other wounds, this time, Mu Gen simply stopped asking him and checked Olivia up and down. Fortunately, except for Olivia’s more serious left arm injury, the others were just bruises. Mu Gen and the little white ball chewed some more leaves and put them on him, not even bothering to bandage them.

Olivia, who was covered in green goo, couldn’t move anymore——there’s no other way, these slurries will drop orz.

“Oli, there’s a birthmark on your a$$!” But Mu Gen made a discovery. When he took a bath with Olivia before, Oli is in his cub form and with so much hair, Mu Gen didn’t find this at all.

Olivia’s face flushed suddenly.

With his head down, he slowly lifted his pants.

There’s a birthmark on his left hip near his waist which looks a bit like a hat. The birthmark is not big and it’s only one cm square when found, but the location was a bit awkward so Olivia didn’t take the initiative to see it for a long time, almost forgetting about it.

However, long ago, after transforming to a human form, he had carefully studied the birthmarks on his body.

He often went to the library to read newspapers, looking through the missing person notices and trying to find if there’s someone similar to his own characteristics. He thought to himself, if one day, someone could find him with this birthmark, it’d be fine if they could bring him home.

Mu Gen’s words evoked something Olivia had forgotten for a long time. With his head down, he thought about the darkness from a long time ago. A room that’s always full of unpleasant smells…

His appearance made Mu Gen misunderstood.

Oli, should be shy at his a$$ being seen, right?

“Actually…I also have a birthmark on my a$$!” After thinking about it, Mu Gen turned around and pulled down his pants: A round light blue birthmark is perfectly printed on Mu Gen’s right hip.

Olivia saw this scene when he looked up.

With a “whoosh”, he hurriedly lifted Mu Gen’s pants!

Mu Gen’s a$$…is much whiter than the other places on his body——although the pants were held up in time, the scenery just now was imprinted in Olivia’s mind. Seeing his hand still on Mu Gen’s waist, he hurriedly moved away.

He raised his head just in time to see Mu Gen looking at him with wide-open eyes. Although he looks okay, his cheeks were slightly flushed.

Olivia curled his lips slightly.

Then Mu Gen laughed.

The little awkward atmosphere just now was naturally broken.


Mu Gen also curiously checked the little wings that Olivia had just grown. This pair of wings is not very big and the tips just reached Olivia’s hips. The overall color is white, however, it’s not like bird wings but more like the fur of Olivia’s cub form.

“This pair of wings…what’s going on?” As an Earthling who will not transform, Mu Gen had difficulty understanding this phenomenon.

“I’m not so sure either.” There are no elders of the same species around right now and it’s not that easy to meet a fellow clan (→Mr. Sith), but Mr. Sith had never mentioned wings to him.

For this, Mr. Sith is not to blame at all.

The day after sending someone to investigate Olivia’s life experience, all the information about Olivia was sent to Sith. It records all the information after Olivia was thrown into the orphanage. This cub is less than 18 years old——Sith, upon knowing this, was stunned for a full minute. In his long life, there has never been a cub that can successfully transform at this age!

However, this also explains why the cub is so thin and weak in both cub form and human form (although it’s a bit fat, in Mr. Sith’s eyes, little Oli is still a thin chick). Normal cubs transformed between 28 and 31 years old, and it’s only after that can their human forms grow wings. Olivia is now being taken care of very well, and he determined that there won’t be any advanced development for the time being——so Sithili didn’t tell him too much about the future, thinking that Olivia can ask him for help when there’s a problem. For this reason, he also especially left his contact information for Olivia and Mu Gen when they parted, and very considerately, he also left them a contact method for a Kantas doctor.

In short, for various reasons, Mu Gen and Olivia are now a little confused.

“Oli, didn’t you keep saying that the underside of your shoulders was sore and itchy two days ago? At that time, we thought it was because you practiced too much during the day. Now that I think about it, is it a sign of your wings appearing?” Mu Gen remembered applying medicated oil on Oli every night.

“It must be so! When I was climbing the tree today, I felt a lot of pain in my shoulder. It should be because my wings are growing!” Nodding, Olivia was just about to continue when he saw Mu Gen look at him with disapproval, so he retreated with a guilty conscience.

“Does it still hurt?” Mu Gen lightly touched the roots of the wings.

Feeling Mu Gen’s touch, Olivia shuddered——the newborn wings are still very sensitive. Immediately afterward, he tried to flap his wings. For this pair of newly added organs, his control was still very weak, but flapping it made him very happy.

“I heard that Kantas’ human figures all have wings. I was worried that I had a genetic defect so I didn’t have wings and couldn’t fly, but now I can rest assured.” Olivia sighed softly, then quickly became confident: “When I can master this pair of wings proficiently, I will be able to fly in the future!”

“Definitely!” Mu Gen cheered for him and clapped, then he took out a bottle of herbal oil from his backpack: “The wings growing might be because of this herbal oil~ This is the ancient safflower oil extracted from the plants of my hometown by First Uncle!”

“It must be related! Apply some more, more.” Flicking his wings, Olivia no longer disliked the smell of this medicated oil. He spread his wings and motioned Mu Gen to put some oil on his wings.

Mu Gen naturally indulged him.

As a result, the two little guys who had little knowledge of Kantas’ evolutionary history finished the discussion and since then embarked on a unique Kantas growth path.

But it can’t be said that they’re completely wrong. As a Kantas cub grew up, the caress of an adult Kantas is very much needed and the adult Kantas can check the cub’s body through this kind of caress. At the same time, it can also help cubs evolve their bodies. Licking off feathers that need to be metabolized to promote the growth of new feathers and even scales. Especially during the critical period when the cubs are developing wing bones, the adult Kantas’ care for the cubs would be doubled. At this time, caressing has other functions——the gentle pressure generated can help the cubs grow better wing bones and at the same time, help them grow their wings faster when they’re in human form.

In the past few days, Olivia always complained that his wings hurt when they went home. Distressed that he practiced so hard every day (and still couldn’t fly), Mu Gen and Sigma naturally took great pains to massage him. Both of them have serious power so together, it’s no worse than the tongue of an adult Kantas, but it became a signal for Olivia to evolve human-shaped wings in advance.

It was a coincidence  ̄▽ ̄.

Mu Gen massaged Olivia for a long time and he felt almost done. He was about to stop, but the little white ball next to him saw that Mu Gen had just massaged Olivia’s wings, so he jumped onto Mu Gen’s leg, calling out “cheep cheep” for a long time so that Mu Gen would massage him too.

With a smile, Mu Gen rubbed all the remaining medicated oil on his hand to the root of the little white bird’s wings. After screwing the bottle of medicinal oil, Mu Gen stood up.

As the sun stars gradually rose, the surrounding environment was a bit brighter than before.

Mu Gen decided to try climbing the World Tree.

This is already the root of the World Tree and this big tree has grown for so many years to be extremely thick and strong. Standing at the foot, Mu Gen felt that he was as small as an ant.

There are leaves under his feet and no soil could be seen at all. However, the vegetation here is very vigorous. Although they’re not the same height, judging from the leaves, there should be a variety.

Although he was very curious about the surrounding environment, Mu Gen was more worried about the injured Olivia, and thinking about how worried his dad and uncles would be, he decided to try climbing the tree first.

Grasping the green moss on the tree, he began to try to climb.

Mu Gen actually doesn’t have many climbing skills. Even though he slapped his chest and boasted to Oli that he’s an ape so he’s very good at climbing trees, he hadn’t actually climbed that many trees. There’s no living tree on the barren star for him to climb and when he reached Bailu Star, the trees can’t be climbed by people. There’s a tree in the backyard but only with the thickness of a wrist and Mu Gen usually waters it very carefully.

What he relied on is nothing more than good physical strength and a naturally flexible body.

It’s okay when climbing before and since the gravity is very small, going up is basically effortless, but it’s completely different now: The gravity of this place is similar to other planets! The green moss on the tree is very slippery and lacked a foothold, so after a hundred meters, Mu Gen slipped and fell from the tree.

Waving to Olivia who wanted to catch him under the tree, he adjusted his posture in the air, and with a few kicks, he fell on the thick leaves without risk.

“No way, too slippery.” Climbing out of the pile of leaves, Mu Gen said depressingly.

“It’s okay, there’s still me. I’ll practice again and maybe I can fly up.” Seeing his downcast look, Olivia immediately comforted him.

Just when the two people cheered each other up, there was suddenly a noise in the sky.

This was the first time they heard something other than their voices when they fell.

Mu Gen and Olivia immediately looked up:

The green leaves above their heads looked the same as before, but the sound was indeed coming from above.

They held their necks back and waited for a while.

A small black spot suddenly appeared in their sight through the leaves and as the two people opened their eyes wider and wider, the little black dot gradually became bigger and became a big black dot, and then——


It hit the leaves in front of them.

A minute later, Mu Gen and Olivia watched dumbfoundedly as a small white ball crawled out of the leaf pile.

“Cheep——” The little white ball yelled at them.

“Huh?!” Both of them were dumbfounded. Thinking of a possibility, they panicked and looked back: There, on their backpacks, was a white ball that was the same and yelled at them inexplicably.

“(⊙o⊙) Ah!” Stunned, Mu Gen and Olivia raised their heads again. In the next hour, there were constant voices from the sky and dozens of small white balls fell one after another. It didn’t take long for them to be surrounded by small white balls.

“What’s going on?” Holding the first little white ball that fell with them, Mu Gen had a question mark on his face.

The author has something to say:

Oli by Good Frame

This is Oli (left side profile) ~\(≧▽≦)/~

Oli by Summer

This is Oli (right side profile) ~\(≧▽≦)/~

Chick Oli by Soy Sauce

This is chick Oli ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

From top to bottom, the painters are Good Frame (hǎo kuāngkuāng, 好框框), Summer (sū měi ěr, 苏美尔), as well as Soy Sauce (jiàngyóu, 酱油)

Today, Oli is still loved by everyone~

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TINA V4C135: Finally
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