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These little white balls don’t have the luck of the first little white ball.

The first little white ball was protected by Mu Gen and fell into his arms then this person and bird were well protected by Olivia’s wings, so there’s no injury at all. The other little white balls all fell by themselves.

Not all the small white balls survived. Those who can crawl out of the thick leaves after a while is alive, and those who can’t climb out…

“Cheep cheep!” Standing on Mu Gen’s shoulders, the first little white ball gave a clear cry.

Mu Gen then comforted this little guy.

Not far away, a small white ball smashed into a pile of leaves in the form of an upside-down green onion, and it didn’t climb out after a long time. Seeing that its struggle was getting weaker and weaker, Mu Gen hurriedly walked over to lift it out.

The little head shook and the lucky little white ball turned around a few times in a daze, and was alive and kicking after a long while.

Seeing this, Mu Gen hurriedly went with Olivia to rescue the little white balls with their faces buried on the ground.

They dug out a total of 39 white balls.

Many of these white birds had injuries on their bodies, and when Mu Gen was worrying about how to treat them, a surprising scene happened: Those little white balls started to eat the leaves on the ground.

Mu Gen and Olivia squatted between them curiously.

Probably because the two just helped them, these little birds didn’t warn them and let them look as they continued to chew on the leaves.

Mu Gen soon discovered that they weren’t eating these leaves, but just like the first little white ball: They just mashed the leaves in their mouths and then spit it where they were injured.

Most of the wounds on the birds are just abrasions, so they only need to smear it. It doesn’t matter if the wound is out of reach, they will spit on the ground and then roll on it——what a group of smart little guys!

However, there were a few unfortunate ones that hurt their bones.

One of the little white birds screamed extremely painfully. Only one wing could be fully extended and the other wing was drooping——its wing was broken.

It chewed very hard and threw a lot of spit on the ground, trying to roll in that slush. Probably because the wings hurt too much, it hesitated for a long time. When it finally got the courage to roll, it jumped the moment its body touched the ground, and then screamed even more miserably.

Without holding back, Mu Gen picked it up.

However, this little white ball is very alert and struggled desperately. He even pecked Mu Gen’s hand several times until his small mouth was pinched accurately by Olivia. Only then did it stop attacking but it can be seen from its eyes that once Olivia let go, it will continue to resist.

“Help me hold its wings.” Ignoring the other wounds, Mu Gen just said this to Olivia. After Olivia fixed the little guy’s wings perfectly, he touched the head of the little white ball and then gently treated its wounds.

Mu Gen’s treatment method was first practiced on his own body, and then he received systematic training during military training. Although he’d never studied as a vet, Mu Gen has learned how to treat wing wounds of winged species.

Moving lightly, Mu Gen quickly took care of the little white ball’s injury. He grabbed it from the ground and covered it with the green mush it had prepared before, then tied it with a bandage.

“All done.” After doing all this, Mu Gen put the white ball on the flat ground.

“Cheep cheep! Cheep cheep!” Tilting its head and looking at Mu Gen for a while, the little white ball jumped away but it didn’t go far. Walking around Mu Gen, it looked back at him from time to time.

Mu Gen grinned at it good-naturedly.

If there’s one, there’d be two. When Mu Gen treated the other small white balls with the same serious injuries, the resistance he received was much less.

“Okay, since you’re done, tend to your hands quickly.” Nurse Olivia angrily said.

“It’s okay, I don’t feel any pain…” Dr. Mu Gen smirked and stretched out his paws.

This is a pair of particularly dirty hands. Not only is there half-dry green paste, but there are also blood stains from Mu Gen himself and even a few feathers.

“How could it not hurt?” Although Olivia’s mouth is not polite, his movements are very gentle. He tore up the hem of his shirt and then collected a lot of dew from the surrounding leaves. After moistening the rag, he gently held Mu Gen’s hand.

Olivia gently wiped Mu Gen’s hand with the damp cloth without saying a word. After Mu Gen’s paws were wiped clean, Olivia was stunned.

“How can that be?”

The young man’s hands were clean and smooth, not to mention a wound, there wasn’t even a mark!

Not only him, but even Mu Gen himself could not believe it. The two of them looked at Mu Gen’s hands carefully for a long time. When they confirmed that there really was no injury, both teenagers were dumbfounded.

“Oli! Your left arm…can move!” At this moment, Mu Gen suddenly pointed to Olivia’s left arm and called out. Looking down, Olivie felt even more horrified!

The two looked at each other and finally, Mu Gen untied the bandage he just tied on him.

There was no redness, no breaks, no discomforts at all——Olivia waved his left arm and stupidly told Mu Gen:

“It’s fine.”

“T-that’s too fast…” Looking at the bandage in his hand, Mu Gen stammered.

The eyes of the two people fell on the bandage at the same time: The thick green paste that Mu Gen and the little white ball put on Olivia’s injured arm has now dried and turned into a green shell. When Mu Gen unwrapped the bandage, the green shell also fell off and only part of it still hung on the bandage, but it will fall off with a slight peel.

“These leaves are really medicine!” Olivia called out in surprise.

“Boss Boone has arthritis. I don’t know if this will work.” Mu Gen immediately thought of uses for these leaves.

“Granny Maria is also a bit rheumatic.” Olivia immediately thought: “Whether it works or not, let’s take it first and go back and let Mrs. Bayati study it!”


As soon as they said so, the two teenagers immediately collected a whole backpack of leaves. To hold more leaves, Olivia took off his shirt and used it to fit a large pile of leaves, then hung it on Mu Gen’s backpack.

“This is a leaf from the World Tree!” Looking at the two bulging small backpacks, Olivia seemed to see the money. But after a while, his brows furrowed again: “It’s strange, why did no one mention the leaves of the World Tree when we were up there?”

Not long after thinking about this question, Olivia’s attention was quickly diverted:

These leaves are indeed special medicine for treating wounds!

After the green slush on the injured little white balls dried off, they rolled on the ground one after another——this is to rub off the dried green shell on their bodies. With the more difficult the positions, a few small white balls would come together and rub against each other. The even less polite would rub against Mu Gen and Olivia.

Feeling the soft and light friction on their legs, Mu Gen looked at Olivia on the side, then promptly laughed: Probably because Olivia’s hair color was very close to the little white balls, a little white ball even rubbed on Olivia’s head!

“Don’t laugh…” Blushing, Olivia annoyedly said but didn’t wave the little guy on his head.

But Mu Gen didn’t have time to laugh at him. Several little birds that Mu Gen had bandaged before ran over: Unlike the green squishy stuff that would fall over with a rub, the bandages can’t be solved.

Mu Gen and Olivia once again worked together to help them untie the bandages.

The healing effect of these leaves is amazing. The most injured bird before——the one with the broken wing, immediately jumped up after the bandage was unwrapped. The wings stretched and retracted, there was no problem at all!

Mu Gen carefully collected the bandages used by the birds and the bandages used by Oli, putting them in the full backpack that had been filled with leaves——there’s no human traces here and he doesn’t want to pollute this land.

Since the wonderful effects of the World Tree leaves were discovered, Olivia and Mu Gen paid great attention to the behavior of these little white balls. Under their gaze, these little white balls made a new move:

They started eating the leaves.

No longer chewing the leaves into a green paste and spitting it out, this time, it’s a real meal.

“What are they doing?” Olivia looked at Mu Gen.

Mu Gen tilted his head and thought for a moment.

As a kid who grew up in a barren star, he’s used to imitating the behavior of the natives. When the white birds chewed the leaves and painted them on their wounds, he also chewed the leaves and applied them to Oli’s wounds. This is an imitation. Now, seeing these little birds start to eat the leaves, he instinctively wanted to imitate it: These little birds and Oli just had their trauma cured so who knew if they had internal injuries? Perhaps eating the leaves can treat internal injuries?

“Or…Oli, can you eat some too?” Without thinking, Mu Gen handed Olivia a leaf. In the mood to try, he also grabbed one for himself and gnawed on it.

Seeing that Mu Gen put a leaf in his mouth, Olivia also ate the leaf in his hand.

Very bitter——this was Olivia’s first thought.

He frowned immediately.

Such unpalatable leaves, these little birds wouldn’t eat them because of hunger. Thinking of this, he finally resisted the nauseating feeling and stubbornly swallowed the leaf.

Next to him, Mu Gen already started eating the second leaf.

Sighing, Olivia also continued to reach out, but this time, he didn’t just take one, but directly took three!

He thought that he should eat more than Mu Gen.

Don’t know what this kind of leaves is used for, but if he ate more, the results would come more quickly. If the result is good, then forget it, but if the result is not good, he can stop Mu Gen in time.

Kantas is always stronger than apes——Olivia thought.

With this thought, when Mu Gen ate the fifth leaf, Olivia has eaten more than 20, and then the result came out.

Olivia held his stomach with an ugly expression and told Mu Gen, then he hurried to the back to relieve himself.

After going to the back several times, unlike previous diarrhea where he’d have a sore back and legs, Olivia is in good spirits this time.

After a while, Mu Gen also ran to the back. He only went there once and his stomach didn’t hurt that much. Through the two’s reactions, Olivia confirmed that eating the leaves of the World Tree would cause diarrhea.

So they stopped eating the leaves. Mu Gen and Olivia continued to sit under the world tree, looking at the little white birds who was still trying to eat the leaves not far away, both of them looked embarrassed.

“The sores in my mouth are gone.” Mu Gen suddenly said.

“What?” Olivia turned his head aside.

Seeing him puzzled, Mu Gen opened his mouth wide and pointed it at him.

“During this period of time, I ate too much so there are two sores in my mouth. Just now, it was cured.”

The oral effect of this leaf should be detoxification——Olivia silently summed up the effect of this leaf.

His eyes fell on the surrounding white balls again: So, did these little birds eat the leaves for detoxification?

Under Olivia’s gaze, the first bird with diarrhea appeared.

Then the second…

The third…

Soon, the foot of the World Tree they were in was full of bird droppings.


Smelling the stinky poop, they carried the backpack as they stood up from the ground. Olivia was not feeling well.

The author has something to say:

The plot isn’t finished yet, I made everyone wait so I’ll post this one first.

To be continued to the next chapter.

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