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It’s said that when a person wants to do something in their hearts, they can perform miracles:

For example, the mute can suddenly speak;

For example, the cripple can suddenly run;

For example, Olivia can suddenly fly!

Carrying a backpack in his left hand and Mu Gen in his right hand, Olivia flew up the World Tree. He flew so fast that he reached 200m at once. Landing on a particularly thick vine, he stared at the “public toilet” below. He sniffed carefully and confirmed that he didn’t smell anything strange and was relieved.

Olivia placed Mu Gen and their luggage in the thickest position of the vine.

Just after finishing all this, Olivia suddenly heard a faint “pfft” from his left shoulder.

Like…a f@rt.

Then, a small smell came from Olivia’s shoulder.

Olivia turned his head stiffly and looked at his shoulder. With a glance, he saw the little white ball standing on his shoulder and a small fresh lump below it.

“Cheep cheep~” Seeing Olivia looking, the little white ball gave a happy cry.

Standing on the vine, Olivia was stiff.

After spending time with Olivia for a long time, Mu Gen naturally knew his habits. With a clean hand, Mu Gen quickly reached out and bravely grabbed the fresh p00.

“Oli, I took it away, quickly come back to your senses!” To prove that what he said was true, Mu Gen held the p00 and waved it in front of Olivia.

“Strange, there seems to be something in this p00p, it’s hard.” Little Mu Gen was still adding fuel to the fire, hey! Now is not the time to research the filth, please take a look at Oli next to you!

Olivia: …

If only he has the p00p, he can throw it away. However, it was in Mu Gen’s hands…

Olivia felt himself becoming stone and crumbling into dust in mid-air.

He didn’t know how he got to such a high place, he only knew: I must not fall!

Down there is a place of p00p ahhhhhh!!!

Relying on his determination that “you can’t fall even if you die”, Olivia flapped his wings desperately and stood abruptly on the vine.

“It looks like a seed is inside, huh?!” Just when Mu Gen was concentrating on observing the small p00p in his hand, a strong wind suddenly came over. His body trembled and it transmitted to his hands. When he recovered, the p00p had fallen off.

Being blown by the wind, the small p00p steadily fell.

With a flash of inspiration, Mu Gen felt like he’s about to grasp some key point but at this moment, the changes around him interrupted his thoughts!

The wind was so strong that Olivia was blown down!

“Oli————” Mu Gen desperately reached out to Olivia and Olivia desperately reached out to him, however, only a few centimeters away, Olivia fell.

“Don’t come down!” Already prepared to fall into bird droppings, Olivia waved to Mu Gen then tightly closed his eyes.

He closed his eyes so quickly that he didn’t see the sudden change in Mu Gen’s expression above him.

“Oli…” Clutching the backpack under him, Mu Gen was anxious. Just when he was hesitating to jump down without listening to Oli’s words, he suddenly saw an extremely strange scene.

Mu Gen widened his eyes in surprise:

The little white balls that were still p00ping everywhere on the ground flew up!

The little white balls that fell from the sky before suddenly flew up! Not one or two, but all of them! They all flew up, like a white cloud, floating steadily under Olivia. They flew higher and higher and above them, Oli was falling lower and lower——

And then!

The cloud formed by the little white balls and Oli met!

Mu Gen swallowed.

Then he saw a miracle!

Without falling, the white “clouds” gently caught Oli!!! Carrying Olivia, who was still closing his eyes tightly, the “cloud” slowly rose!

“(*@ο@*) Wow~” Mu Gen exclaimed in disbelief.

The “cloud” carrying Oli rose very quickly and soon paralleled Mu Gen, who was kneeling on the vine. Mu Gen finally saw what was going on:

Oli was not lying on the “clouds” but one by one, the little white balls diligently held him in their mouths and grasped with their paws. Each bird grabbed a bit separately and just like that, they brought Oli up. Their focus was mainly on the clothes, and because Oli only has a pair of pants, Oli’s head gradually rose.

Mu Gen looked at everything in front of him curiously, until Oli’s height gradually surpassed him, flying higher and higher without looking away.


Mu Gen found himself flying too.

“You…” Bit it was the little white ball that had been left on the vine with him trying to grab Mu Gen’s shirt and flying up.

The body was small but its strength was amazing!

The poor wings that were small compared to its body flapped and gradually, Mu Gen was pulled up. Little by little, it flew in the direction of its companions.

The wind is so strong——this was Mu Gen’s only thought.

Several times, he worried that he and the little white ball would be swept away by the wind, but this little white ball seemed to be born with the skill to control the wind. The wind didn’t become their resistance, on the contrary, the wind helped them fly higher.

Below his feet was the dense forest he was in before, and the top of the trees that covered their sight before was now beside him.

It was a very peculiar experience. Mu Gen opened his eyes and looked at the soles of his feet curiously.

He’s now very high from the ground. Once the white ball released him and without Oli’s protection, he would be half dead if he fell.

However, strangely enough, there was no fear in Mu Gen’s heart.

The wind…the direction of the wind changed again…

He keenly discovered another change in the wind direction.

The little white ball that was pulling him also realized this and it gripped Mu Gen’s back collar then applied force to the wind again.

Countless green leaves passed by Mu Gen’s side and he finally passed through the top of the trees. As soon as Mu Gen’s body crossed the top, he felt his body lighten and the little white ball’s hold on him changed again. He quickly pulled Mu Gen from the leaves and they finally soared into the sky!


The World Tree in Ainilala is the most important local attraction. For the locals, the World Tree is also a symbol of their faith.

Although famous, there are very few people who climbed the World Tree.

After all, the wind around the World Tree is too big! The force field is so special that even birds don’t easily come here, let alone humans.

It’s not that no one wants to climb the World Tree, but that no one can do it. Over time, people no longer did so.

However, the benefits of living on the World Tree are very great. It has the cleanest air in the universe. You can see the most beautiful scenery on the planet from the World Tree, not to mention that the tree itself is the best attraction.

Therefore, as the most luxurious hotel in Ainilala, Paradise Hotel is very generous in setting up special VIP rooms at a certain height of the World Tree. The reason for why this section is so particular: 2448 to 2700th floors are where the wind and gravity field in the World Tree is the most stable. Even so, building a house in this place with the most favorable environment still cost countless manpower and material resources of the Paradise Hotel.

Taking beautiful photos of the World Tree from a distance if you have little budget and staying in the luxurious VIP rooms of the Paradise Hotel on the World Tree if you have sufficient budget. This is a common choice for tourists who come to Ainilala for sightseeing.

On the trunk of the World Tree in Ainilala where no climber could be seen——

The above is the information that a certain tourist enthusiast who has traveled to Ainilala for the nth time is spreading with his friends. The friend wants to climb the World Tree and he’s persuading the other party to dispel the thought.

“Come on, stop in the air with your wings, just take a picture with the World Tree here, come! 1——2——3…” With a camera, the experienced tourist was preparing to take pictures of his friend when he suddenly found his friend not paying attention to him at all, but with his glasses (with remote observation function), he looked behind him!

“What are you looking at? This is the closest photo spot to the World Tree and even here, we can’t stay for long! Hurry up! I was almost blown away just now!” The senior tourist loudly spoke to his friend, but they didn’t seem to hear it. Still looking at the previous position, he stretched out an arm and pointed at it for a long while.

“Didn’t you say that no one has climbed the World Tree? There are several people there?”

The senior tourist took his friend’s glasses to take a look without believing it, and this time, he was stunned.

However, the two of them didn’t stay here for long. After a short while, a gust of wind passed and the pair of distressed brothers didn’t know where they were blown.


“Report to Alpha, Beta was blown away.” A gust of wind blew and Beta, who was still trying to climb down below him, was suddenly blown to the top again. The screen flickered and Epsilon gave Alpha a short report.

“He’s okay, please continue to explore down.” Alpha’s cold voice came from the communication channel and Epsilon continued to climb down.

On the World Tree at this time, if someone carefully observed with a high-powered telescope, they will find that there are eight “people” on the trunk trying to climb.

If you observe for a while, you’ll find that they’re not humans but robots. If you look more closely, you’ll find that they’re not climbing at all, but going against the norm and working hard to go down!

On this extremely small planet with extremely small gravity, any downward behavior was very difficult! Not to mention that this is the World Tree, which has a natural gravity. Once someone falls from this area, they will definitely be blown to other places a hundred thousand miles away.

These eight self-sufficient “people” are naturally the robot guardians of Mu Gen and Olivia. The first time they knew from Sigma that the two children had “fallen”, they immediately jumped off.

They jumped…but then got blown up.

 ̄▽ ̄

After analyzing the gravity field here and with no other way, Alpha ordered everyone to stick to the trunk and climb down!

So there’s the scene that the two tourists saw accidentally.

The lightest Beta is the one with the least smooth climbing process. He had been blown up eight times but was not discouraged. Every time he got blown up, he’d always try his best to get close to the trunk again and then continue to climb down.

Eta’s crawling process wasn’t very smooth either, and Mengmeng, after climbing to a certain height, can’t go down anymore.

Today, the person closest to the bottom is Pi. As a scout-type robot, his body design was originally very suitable for climbing, and currently, he’s also the closest robot to Sigma.

Carefully adjusting the wing-shaped alloy plate on his body according to the wind direction, Pi saw Sigma with half his body stretched out underneath. He was very clever and fixed his body firmly to the vine on the World Tree, remaining motionless.

Distance: 104.3 meters.

After determining the distance between the two, Pi was about to poke a wire towards Sigma when unexpectedly, another strong wind came from the bottom of the tree. This time, the wind was too strong and it came when Pi had just leaned forward to send out the steel wire. Unstable, Pi was blown up by the wind.

Damage possibility: 75%——Pi predicted his fate in an instant.

This time, the wind was too big and the wind direction was very strange. Pi was blown away from the World Tree, and not only that, there was a defensive building in the direction he was blown. If he couldn’t adjust before he got there, he will definitely crash.

The wind here is so strong that it would be difficult for everyone to find my pieces——Pi thought a little sadly.

Even so, the moment he was blown away, he issued an alarm to all the robots at the same time.

Then, the sad Robot Pi was blown away by the gale.

However, at this moment, he suddenly heard Mu Gen’s voice.

“Uncle Pi!”

Immediately afterward, Pi saw a picture beyond his logic:

Held by a group of white birds, Mu Gen and Olivia quickly flew towards him.

Mu Gen tightly gripped Pi’s wrist just as he was about to be blown away by the wind, pulling him out in time. Mu Gen was then pulled by the little white bird, and Pi, pulled by Mu Gen, was safe.

His screen flickering, Pi stretched out his hand and pointed forward: “Sigma is 65 meters ahead.”

And so, a group of little white birds fluttered and flew towards Sigma.

First Sigma, then Alpha, and then Epsilon…Eta…Mengmeng…finally, they grabbed Beta who was still floating in the sky.

The Mu Gen family strangely reunited in the sky like this.

Whether it’s gravity or wind, it’s torture for Mu Gen and his robot family, but for the aboriginal people in the sky——for the little white balls, it’s an extremely pleasant force.

They flew more dexterously.

“Cheep cheep!”

Shouting happily, a group of small white balls sandwiched the human beings they held and flew quickly to the top of the World Tree higher and higher.

The author has something to say:

Falling Little White Balls by Daydreamer

Lift Up Your Pants! by Daydreamer 

Falling Little White Balls by Soy Sauce 

I will accompany you to see the rain chirp chirp~

︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

Thank you, from top to bottom, Daydreamer and Soy Sauce for turning the imaginary scene into a picture for everyone to see, I’m so happy.

Thank you

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