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TINA V4C138: Going Up
TINA V4C140: The True God

At this moment, whether it’s humans such as Mu Gen and Olivia, or robots such as Mengmeng and Beta, everyone was amazed!

Even Uncle Alpha, who’s always serious, is flashing green wavy lights on his screen at this moment. Although the frequency was slower than the other robots, for Alpha, this is already a very emotional expression.

To put it bluntly, Alpha is just a very young robot.

When they were about to reach the top of the tree, it was when the three sun stars rose to the highest point at the same time. The sun was hot and dazzling so Mu Gen and Olivia had to close their eyes, then they felt their feet sunk and they actually landed on the ground!

Mu Gen opened his eyes.

Seeing a round and fluffy thing, Mu Gen hurriedly propped up his body and after realizing what he just saw, his expression became weird:

This is a big white ball’s…a$$.

The same round body, the same little wings that are completely disproportionate to its body, with the same little red mouth and red tail tip. This is a big white ball that’s ten times larger!

At this moment, countless big white balls and small white balls gathered together, running around on the grass in between Mu Gen’s family, yelling “cheep cheep cheep cheep”. It was very lively.



Mu Gen stood up.

As he got up, the others also got up.

The arrival of humans and robots didn’t affect the happy time of the white balls. After most of the little white balls returned to two big white balls, they happily flapped their wings and left. Mu Gen found that there were many bird nests on the surrounding branches. These were the homes of the white balls.

There are also big white balls who waited for a long time for their own white balls, but after waiting for a while and discovering that no one else is coming, only then did they flew away, lonely.

Staring at the lush branches, Mu Gen became thoughtful.

Standing next to Mu Gen, Olivia was desperately combing his hair with his fingers——all the way, he was picked up by the little white balls so he could guess how ridiculous he looked right now even without a mirror.

At this moment, something suddenly fell from the tree and onto his head.

Thinking of the bird nests on the branches, and the bird droppings everywhere, Olivia froze on the spot, but fortunately, Alpha was by his side. With sharp eyesight, Alpha quickly picked up the thing that had just fallen on Olivia’s hair.

Opening his hand, what lies in Alpha’s palm is a round…seed?

Looking at what was in Alpha’s palm, Mu Gen suddenly realized something!

“I know this!” Mu Gen nodded with a light clap.

“Before, we fell because of these seeds!”

With that, Mu Gen picked up the seed in Alpha’s palm then gently threw it forward but it traveled so fast that the seed crossed the branch, raised into a parabola, and then fell straight down the tree.

“These seeds are bound by normal gravity. The birds who ate these seeds would fall naturally. I was holding the bird in my arms and that’s why Oli and I fell. The birds who fell under the tree ate the leaves and pulled the seeds out, only then can they fly again.”

Pointing to Olivia’s shoulder, Mu Gen smiled:

“That little bird dropped such a seed on Oli’s shoulder at the time! Oli, those little birds are not p00ping, they’re planting trees and fertilizing them!”

Inexplicably solving the problem of falling, what they had to face next was how to get down from the top.

Without the chirping of birds, the surroundings suddenly became quiet and the sound that was originally hidden behind the noise became particularly clear.

Unable to tell the distance, Mu Gen heard…the sound of music.

What kind of music is that…

As a person without any musical cells, Mu Gen’s poor knowledge of music made him completely ignorant of what it was. With no way to distinguish the instrument, this piece of music made him dumbfounded.

After only listening for a short period, he felt that he was completely absorbed in the illusion created by the music.

He felt like he had become a nameless grass. Listening to the music, he could feel the hardships of the delicate leaf buds digging out of the earth and the pain of excessive sun exposure, the joy of rain and nectar…

Summer goes to winter, spring goes to autumn, the wonderful cycle of the four seasons!

The heavenly music fluttered, this is the absolute sound that only the kingdom of the gods can radiate——

Mu Gen was stunned.

Olivia was as stunned as him.

The music ended after a long time and only when there was no lingering rhyme anymore did the two of them recover. Only then did they think of what the hotel staff told them when they came to Ainilala on the first day:

The floor above 2700 is a legendary place where only the Gods can live!

Looking at each other, the two teenagers saw the same decision in each other’s eyes.

Gently calling out to Alpha and the other robots who were still standing aside, they proceeded cautiously towards the place where the sound came from.

Pulling aside the long blades of grass, they finally stood in front of a rough wooden house.

That’s right, it’s the kind of wooden house in fairy tales.

The walls are covered with climbing vines and the roof is covered with thick soil. Because of the soil, beautiful purple flowers bloomed on the roof.

This is a beautiful wooden house, but rather than a place where gods live, it looks more like a residence for solitary wizards.

The door of the wooden house was open.

Just when Olivia hesitated to go in, Mu Gen’s voice came from beside him:

“Hello!” Just like visiting an ordinary neighbor, the boy Mu Gen greeted heartily.

Olivia was dumbfounded.

Just when he was in a daze, he heard an extremely pleasant voice coming from the house:

“Hello, please come in.”

The author has something to say:

I’m in a bad state today and I’m not satisfied with what I wrote.

So I decided to only send a part of it to those book friends who waited until now.

I’ll rewrite the rest for the day.

I’m dissatisfied, really dissatisfied.

Translator’s Notes:

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Goal: Chapter 150

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TINA V4C138: Going Up
TINA V4C140: The True God

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