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They hesitantly entered the wooden house, and then, when they saw the person sitting upright on the rocking chair, Mu Gen and Olivia were =口=:

Sitting on the rocking chair is a very fat little…no! A great white ball!

Are the white balls really gods?!

Mu Gen and Olivia looked at each other, then the two looked behind them to ask for help.

Alpha and the other robots followed them closely. Seeing the expression on the two teenagers, Alpha stepped forward and went past Olivia and Mu Gen. He walked straight to a position two meters in front of the big white ball then bowed respectfully.

“Hello, thank you for saving our children.”

Not only Alpha, but all the robots also bowed neatly. Epsilon was too tall to enter the door but he also respectfully bowed outside.

“Thank you!” Mu Gen and Olivia hurriedly followed suit.

Then, they heard that voice again:

“Ho…ho…ho…you’re welcome, your children also helped me.”

When he heard the laughter, Mu Gen almost thought it was the sound of leaves rustling in the wind. He didn’t realize it was laughter until he heard the words afterward.

Olivia’s attention was focused on the second half of the sentence: “Your children also helped me”——The only one they helped today was the group of white little balls, so the Gods here is really the white balls?

Olivia: =◇=!!!

“No need to be polite, please find a seat and take a break.” The voice continued.

A breeze blew past them, and Olivia and the others who were bowing immediately felt an upward force. Then they straightened up involuntarily.

Aside from the rocking chair, there are many places to sit in the cabin so they each found a place to sit down.

Olivia and Mu Gen sat closest to the “God” and carefully raised their eyes. Olivia carefully observed the “God” imperceptibly:

“God” is so fat! It’s fifteen times the size of the little white balls and two rounds fatter than the big white balls!

As if sensing Olivia’s sight, the voice rang again. However, this time, the content frightened Olivia:

“Do I look very fat?”

Olivia: =◇=!!!

He instinctively wanted to explain, but the voice laughed again.

“To thank you for feeding the chickens under the tree, I decided to give you the fattest one. Please feel welcome.”

As soon as this remark came out, not only Olivia but also Mu Gen, Alpha, Beta…all the robots were dumbfounded.

The giant white ball that was swaggeringly lying on the chair jumped up and desperately fluttered its small wings with a scared stiff expression.

The Mu Gen family, who had treated this white ball as a god for a while now, found something wrong.

Huh? This whole time…this white ball is not a god but…a chicken?

At this moment, the purchasing specialist at home——Robot A, weakly spoke:

“I…I have always felt that these birds look very similar to the guinea fowl that’s often eaten at home…”

To allow Mu Gen boy to take sufficient and diverse food, Alpha waved his hand and granted Robot A sufficient budget to buy food. Although Robot A is loyal and could pump out special dishes, for the sake of little Mu Gen’s health, he will not save the money but will buy excellent ingredients from various planets.

However, Robot A will entrust the seller to handle these foods after purchasing, so the only person in the family who had seen their original look before hair removal was Robot A.

Just like this guinea fowl, Mu Gen had actually eaten it many times, but he had never seen it with hair →the merchants here are very conscientious and responsible~

Everyone looked at Robot A with embarrassment.

But Robot A is very calm and after he finished speaking, he, he sat back again and once again became a wallflower, not realizing what hot topic he just said.

“Are these chickens called guinea fowls now? I always thought they were white chickens.” The voice said again.

Except for their family, there’s no one else in this room but that voice came out again!

Olivia hurriedly squeezed to sit beside Mu Gen.

Allowing Olivia to squeeze, Mu Gen carefully observed the details in the room: This is a very ordinary room with various living utensils. If you look closely, you’ll find: There were a lot of bird droppings and bird feathers on these living utensils and he knew they hadn’t been used for a long, long time.

At first, they made the mistake of taking the initiative first, thinking that the sound must be from the only creature in the house, but now it sounds like, it’s coming under the floor…

Thinking of this, Mu Gen suddenly spoke:

“Are you Mr. World Tree?”

Hearing him say this, Olivia was stunned, and then also looked at the floor.

“Hohoho…it’s me!”

“Haha! Turns out that the God here is Mr. World Tree! Are you raising those little white birds outside? The chickens you raise are really fat!” Mu Gen laughed too and complimented the other party.

Looking at Mu Gen, who was casually talking to the World Tree, Olivia felt dumbfounded again.

However, the World Tree was obviously very happy.

“In the beginning, there were only three chickens. Now there are 1,432 chickens!”

Olivia then had black lines: Mr. World Tree is a professional chicken farmer, why do I feel like there’s something wrong with this setting?

Olivia muttered silently on the side, but the conversation between Mu Gen and the World Tree went on strangely.

“My family doesn’t raise chickens but I raise a lot of one-horned beasts! There were only two at the beginning, but now there are 26! They are very fat!” Thinking that he’s also a professional farmer, Mu Gen couldn’t help showing off.

“That’s because you don’t have enough time to raise them. If you raise them for a thousand years like me, you will definitely have thousands of one-horned beasts.” Obviously, Mr. World Tree is also very proud of his level of rearing.

“My one-horned beasts are very easy to raise. I can leave them and they’d eat the grass in the yard so we actually don’t have to do anything~” The yard is full of Mugen grass, which is the staple food of one-horned beasts.

The precious delicacies that once needed to be stolen and robbed to eat are now eaten casually everywhere, so the one-horned beasts are extremely happy!

︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

“My white chickens are also not squeamish and will grab their own food. In addition, they will help me with work: My leaves are prone to bugs and they help me catch bugs every day. The bugs on my body are fat, so they love to eat those.” When it comes to the chickens he raised, Mr. World Tree is full of emotions.

“My one-horned beasts will also work! They grind the flour in our workshop every day. They also grind the flour in my bun shop!” Mu Gen didn’t show any weakness: “They even took the initiative to work since they were very young, and besides pulling and grinding, they also use their waste to help us water and fertilize the flowers!”

“So does my little chickens! Eat a seed and jump down, use the poop at the bottom of the tree to fertilize me, and help me plant a seed. What sweet little guys!”

Hearing this, Olivia was speechless:

The ones with the hardest job in the world…aside from the one-horned beasts in Mu Gen’s family…must be the chickens raised by the World Tree, right?

The author has something to say:

One more chapter to make up for yesterday.

Regarding how the little white balls picked up Uncle and the other robots: their body surfaces are seamlessly connected, so how do they pick them up?

It’s like this: Sigma has a small vest that he wore; if you send a steel wire, you can grab onto it;

First Uncle is very attentive and carries a small backpack with him (the backpack is for Oli’s replacement clothes, this child often rips his clothes), so you can grab his backpack; then the others also brought some things. As for the ones who didn’t bring anything——for example, Eta, his “good friends” lent him a helping hand.

So please rest assured.


orz Yesterday, my tonsils were too severely inflamed and I felt fire all over my body, so I listened to my dad’s suggestion

Then I listened to other people’s suggestions. I first massaged it, then gua sha (scrape), then pulled out a few jars/cans and pricked it until blood came out…

When I got home, I felt like I was beaten by someone. Forgive me for being out of state last night


PS: It’s not good to stay up late.

Translator’s Notes:

Catch-up game progress…

Goal: Chapter 150

Progress: 4/14

TINA V4C139: Reason
TINA V4C141: Great Dream

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