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The conversation between professional breeders proceeded happily.

From the conversation, Mu Gen and the others gradually learned about Mr. World Tree’s sad history of raising chickens:

In the beginning, Mr. World Tree was not very tall but just ordinary tall. At that time, they were on a normal planet with normal land and gravity, so all kinds of animals and plants live together, thriving on a piece of land.

Uh…Mr. World Tree’s white chickens and their natural enemies also live on the same land.

“In the beginning, I built the chicken farm under the tree, but at night, there are always grass wolves coming to steal the chickens. With no other way, I eventually raised the chickens on the tree.” Speaking of that time, Mr. World Tree sighed: “Although there are always chickens that fell half-dead at the start, they were pretty smart so they got used to it in the end.”

“Then the tree grew taller and taller, and the white chickens became used to living on the tree. To go home normally every day, their flying ability became stronger and stronger.”

Olivia =_=: To turn a chicken into a flying chicken, this, this is not the sad history of the World Tree breeding chickens! This is the sad history of the guinea fowls’ struggles!

“Then that day.” Mr. World Tree’s voice suddenly fell a bit low.

“Suddenly a terrible disaster broke out on the planet, and the sky suddenly became black. The sun star never rose again and then, one day, the ground trembled violently and the sky and the earth split at the same time.”

“The planet was destroyed.”

What the destruction of a planet looks like, Mu Gen and Olivia didn’t know. However, from the World Tree’s tone, they guessed that it must be a very scary scene.

“At the last moment, I changed into my original form and wrapped their home into the roots of my tree, and then…

After many years, this place became known as Ainilala.”

The World Tree’s narrative is very simple but combined with the background that Mu Gen and the others knew, it’s not difficult to infer what happened in the middle:

Mr. World Tree’s original planet was destroyed and he survived with his home. Because the tree is large enough, he had become a planet by himself!

“That’s amazing!” Olivia couldn’t help but exclaim.

“Fortunately, according to my inheritance memory, a World Tree that has grown to a certain level can become the core of the planet.” Mr. World Tree said very modestly.

“After so many years, you’re still the first to reach the top of the tree! Can you tell me what the outside world has developed into?” Mr. World Tree finally asked the question he always wanted to ask.

“It’s Year 387 in the Interstellar Calendar…” Nodding, Mu Gen began to answer his questions. Through one question after another, Mu Gen gradually introduced robots such as Alpha and Beta into the conversation. After all, there’s no human brain that can match the capacity of a robot’s hard drive, isn’t it?

In the end, the ones talking turned into a few robots and a World Tree.

Mu Gen sat next to them and listened quietly.

“So…was the disaster caused by that galactic explosion?” Mr. World Tree was startled.

That disaster not only killed the greatest Emperor but also took away the best genes of mankind. Countless civilizations that developed after several generations were destroyed in that disaster, and many smaller planets have since been buried in human history.

For example, the planet where Mr. World Tree was in before.

All the civilizations on his planet were destroyed. Books, painting skills, music…everything! The planet he was on was very primitive. It was so primitive that it was destroyed before being discovered by other humans, and other humans didn’t even know that it ever existed.

After learning about this, Mr. World Tree went silent for a long time. When he spoke again, he asked Mu Gen and the others to take out all the books in his house.

“I like reading books. Here are the books written by the most famous authors on our planet, the paintings painted by the most talented painters, as well as the music scores by musicians of various genres…please help me take these out so that people don’t forget the existence of Fania.”

Fania——it’s the name of Mr. World Tree’s hometown.

Silently agreeing to his request, the Mu Gen family took action. Following the guidance of the World Tree, they found all kinds of things as he said, and as more and more things were properly put into Epsilon’s space, Mr. World Tree’s full home became empty.

It looks very lonely.

“The night here is very cold, you should leave.” Mr. World Tree suddenly said, and only then did Mu Gen discover that the sun star outside had already begun to descend at some point.

Mr. World Tree is a very good talker. With him, Mu Gen was happy to talk all day, so they’re very reluctant to part with each other.

Tomorrow morning, they will leave Ainilala, so today was their last day.

When saying goodbye, Mr. World Tree gave the fat chicken as a parting gift (the one that was swaggering on the rocking chair in the beginning).

“It’s the fattest one and it lays many eggs. It’s wasted by staying with me.” This is how Mr. World Tree recommended his own chicken.

“Besides, it has great strength and can take you all down.” This is an irresistible reason.

As the head of the family, Uncle Alpha carefully grasped Mr. World Tree’s gift, then, he also took out his own gift in return.

“This is a voice-controlled smart brain, which contains most of the books published by the Empire in the past four hundred years.”

The smart brain that Alpha took out looked very clumsy since he just made it. Although it didn’t look beautiful, the material used is the best in his collection——Mu Gen knew a little about Uncle Alpha’s small vault so he recognized it at a glance.

“The recharging method is very convenient, just expose it to the sun for three hours a day.”

“Ho! Ho! Ho! This is truly a surprising gift!” Mr. World Tree smiled happily.

“Mr. Alpha, you are such a gentle person.”

Hearing this compliment, Alpha froze for a moment and a blue light flashed in his dark screen, then he said cautiously:

“You can’t see me, so there’s a misunderstanding.”

“I am a robot.”

No one has ever praised him with being “gentle” before, and——

Robots are not humans.

“For me, you are already human.”

Considering that a tree cannot see objects, he created a voice-controlled brain. Considering that a tree cannot move, he used the energy harvesting method of daylight recharging——For the World Tree, this must be a very careful and gentle person. And——

“You must be a gentle and attentive person to raise two such outstanding teenagers.”

After receiving unexpected compliments, the Mu Gen family’s robots froze.

On the surface, nothing happened, but they secretly recorded what Mr. World Tree had just said.

“Finally, can you help me post a notice in the Empire’s largest circulated newspaper?” When they were about to leave, Mr. World Tree suddenly said such words.

“Of course, please speak.” Alpha and the others had already left the house, but after hearing these words, they immediately turned around.

“Dola, please don’t be angry.” Mr. World Tree spoke word by word. After saying this, he paused: “As well as…”

“Sorry, I can’t find you anymore.”

“It’s these two sentences, please help me post it.” Mr. World Tree finished.

“What about the signature? What’s the signature?” Making a record and checking it carefully, Alpha finally confirmed with the World Tree.

“Signature…please write Veni.” After saying this, Mr. World Tree went silent again. After a while, he said goodbye to Mu Gen and the others very gently.


Don’t know if all tree people’s voices are like this, sounding far and near as if every leaf was shaking as they said goodbye to Mu Gen and his party.

“Goodbye! We will publish this in the newspaper when we go back!” Solemnly assuring him, Mu Gen and the others jumped from the top of the tree.

They landed quickly, and then suddenly couldn’t go down from a certain point. The fat chicken presented by Mr. World Tree played a key role here. When everyone can’t get down, it continued to land. Relying on this chicken, they finally returned to their residence on the 2668th floor.

It was late when they returned to the hotel, but none of the neighbors in Idoli were asleep. They had been waiting on the rooftop outside the room, and when Mu Gen and his party with a white bird flew down, everyone was surprised!

“Hurry up and call Granny Maria and the others, tell them not to crawl anymore, Mu Gen and the others are back!” To help Mu Gen and them land smoothly, Boss Tony called out to the others behind him.

“Huh?” Olivia was stunned.

“Knowing that you fell, we split into two groups. One group is here waiting for you and the other group jumped down to find you!” Seeing his puzzlement, Boss Tony explained.

“Granny Maria climbed the lowest, let her come back quickly!” Mu Gen and the others came back, so Granny Maria and the others who hadn’t returned became another worry for Boss Tony.

This year, the team leader is truly responsible~

“The neighbors from Idoli are good people.” Standing beside Olivia, Mu Gen whispered.

Glancing at him slightly, Olivia nodded.

Once, Olivia didn’t believe in the existence of good people.

Since he had never encountered them.

However, from now on, this concept has quietly changed.

“Okay okay! Waiting for people is an adult’s business. Children should be asleep by now.” After asking Mrs. Bayati to check their bodies and confirming that there’s nothing wrong, Boss Tony drove them to sleep.

So, Olivia and Mu Gen, together with Sigma and a plump big white chicken, were pushed into the bedroom together.

Olivia carefully took a bath and washed his hair for an hour. When he came out, Mu Gen was already asleep facing the ceiling. Sigma, who was turned off, was lying on a pillow on the side.

The light in the bedroom was on.

This is for me——Seeing this, Olivia smiled slightly and then dimmed the lights.

Drying his hair haphazardly, Olivia lifted the quilt and laid down. When he was about to sleep after turning off the lights, Mu Gen on the side suddenly spoke.

“Oli, I suddenly remembered something.” Mu Gen quietly spoke.

“En? What did you think of?” Olivia’s answer was also quiet.

“Veni…and Dola. Oli, when climbing the tree today, we saw these two names on the tree.” Although the spelling was different, the pronunciation should be the same.

Olivia suddenly thought:

“Veni…Dola…The words in the middle can’t be read clearly.”

“It should be the word like or love…”

“That should be Mr. World Tree’s tattoo, right?” Mu Gen continued to whisper.


“He wants to publish the contents on the newspaper…”

“Here is already a planet centered on him, so many people live on his body and he can’t leave here anymore.” Olivia suddenly figured it out.

Even if there are people who wanted to see him very much, even if he wanted to leave very much, but——

Abandoning his wish, he chose to stay where he was for others.

The mood of the two teenagers suddenly became a little heavy.

“When I become a powerful man in the future, I must find a way to make all the people on this planet emigrate.” In the end, Olivia swore: The only solution he can think of is this.

“Oli, you must become a powerful man!” Mu Gen encouraged him in a low voice.

“En! I will.”

So, one day in the future, when the reporter asked how Olivia determined his volunteer time, Olivia told his conversation with Mu Gen this evening.

“His Excellency Olivia is truly a very compassionate person. He has had such a great dream since his youth!” And this appeared in the headlines of the newspaper that day.

Then, Sumei Ge was completely dumbfounded when he saw this report.

The author has something to say:

One Day In Barren Star by Daydreamer

A certain day of little Mu Gen on the barren star~

Thank you, Daydreamer!

Weibo has the big picture yo!

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