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TINA V4C141: Great Dream
TINA V4C143: Baluni

Boss Tony went to check them out the next morning, and they boarded the spacecraft at 8 a.m. They were headed to their next destination——Baluni.

They chatted about yesterday’s fantasy experience on the spacecraft. Olivia was the key speaker and he spoke vividly about the encounter between himself and Mu Gen at the bottom of the tree. White birds of unknown races, magical green leaves, cool flight process…then it came to the adventure on top of the tree.

The neighbors of Idoli Commercial Street listened with relish.

After Olivia finished speaking, Mrs. Bayati touched his left arm. After checking carefully, she said authoritatively: “This arm shows no signs of injury.”

“Little Oli, are you dreaming? You skipped class and went out to play and you overslept or something…” Boss John teased him with a smile.

Olivia curled his lips: “Yesterday, I had my entire left arm broken. It was red and swollen and painful and Mu Gen connected it for me!”

Mu Gen nodded.

“Right! We also picked up a lot of World Tree leaves back then! Just look at it!” Thinking of something, Olivia lifted his spirits: “Boss Booney’s arthritis, Grandma Maria’s rheumatism…Mrs. Bayati, quickly see if we can use it for them!”

With that reminder, Mu Gen also remembered. They returned too late to the hotel yesterday so he didn’t check the backpack. He got up a bit late this morning, so he just picked it up and came to catch the spacecraft.

“It’s these two.” Mu Gen took out the two bags from the suitcase under the chair. One was a normal backpack and the other is Olivia’s long-sleeved shirt.

Taking his shirt, Olivia opened it triumphantly: “Look! Ah?”

The moment the backpack was untied, he was dumbfounded: The inside of the shirt was empty, there was nothing!

At the same time, Mu Gen also opened his backpack. The situation was the same as Olivia’s. The leaves in the backpack was completely gone! Only the old bandages that Mu Gen had put in to not pollute the environment were left.

Looking at each other, the two teenagers were stunned.

Mu Gen picked up the bandage from his backpack and just want to roll it habitually. Unexpectedly, when he picked up the bandage, he saw the other side and let out a cry.

“Look.” Turning over the other side of the bandage, Mu Gen showed it to everyone:

There’s a thick layer of a green hard shell and it’s from the green paste made from the leaves under the tree.

“Sure enough, it’s not a dream~” Olivia was happy again.

If it were other adults, they would have laughed in the face of this situation, but the grandparents of Idoli were different.

Mrs. Bayati took the bandage from Mu Gen and carefully removed a small piece. She took out the toolkit she carried and put the small hard shell in a professional utensil for testing.

“It’s indeed made of plants, water, mucin, mucopolysaccharides…all combined, it generated a strange structure. Did you chew up the leaves? Well…not only saliva but there’s also a strange substance in it. There’s no relevant data of this substance stored in my detector, so it’s impossible to determine…”

Comparing the ingredient list displayed on the instrument, Mrs. Bayati analyzed it.

Olivia had a guilty conscience: That undetermined substance shouldn’t be the p00 of those little chickens, right? For the sake of face, Olivia only briefly described the scene of the chicken eating the leaves and p00ping everywhere.

“It’s chicken saliva, right? At that time, to treat Oli’s wound, I chewed up the leaves with a chicken.” Mu Gen thought of another detail at the time.

“It’s possible. Didn’t you get one…chicken? Go back and get me some of its saliva for me to analyze, okay?” Mrs. Bayati said.

“No problem.” The chicken sent by Mr. World Tree was sent to the pet cabin by Uncle Alpha early in the morning so it’s not with them.

“Mrs. Bayati, did you find something?” Everyone is old acquaintances. Others might not see it but Boss Tony immediately noticed the solemnity of Mrs. Bayati’s tone.

Mrs. Bayati nodded: “I have never seen the leaves of the World Tree before, nor have I seen that kind of chicken. However, through testing, the combination of the two produces a peculiar substance with very high activity! The analysis results show that it can greatly promote metabolism and help old cells die out. Aside from stimulating the generation of new cells, it also has a very high gene repair ability.”

As an expert in gene repair, although Mrs. Bayati looks calm, her heart is already raging.

“Uh…is this useful for Boss Booney’s arthritis?” Mu Gen blinked.

“Can Granny Maria’s rheumatism be cured?” Olivia’s eyes turned.

Mrs. Bayati was startled and then slowly showed a stiff smile.

“Of course it can.”

“Ohh!” Boss Booney and Granny Maria were also happy, each raised a hand and high-fived the two teenagers.

“Don’t kill that chicken for now.” Perceiving the other functions that the chicken might have, Alpha gave the order to Robot A.

“Yes.” Robot A immediately obeyed.

In this way, the big white chicken in the pet cabin escaped the fate of being eaten three by one, such as roast chicken, white cut chicken, and stewed chicken.

As a fat chicken that was too big, when Alpha carried it over to go through the cabin formalities, the cabin manager suggested that he had better take this chicken with him. Nowadays, it’s popular to keep ferocious pets so this chicken might become an irresistible temptation in the eyes of the other pets in the cabin. Faced with the deterrence of other pets, this chicken might be scared.

Alpha refused.

According to Olivia, this chicken’s p00p smell. To not pollute the environment of the tourist cabin, Alpha decided to put it in the pet cabin.

Sure enough, when the big white chicken was sent to the pet cabin, it was immediately surrounded by all the other pets.

As a star travel spacecraft, the pet cabin is also very luxurious. To take care of the pets’ emotions, the entire pet cabin floor was covered with neat grass. The walls also use virtual technology to virtualize the blue sky and white clouds, and the cage is transparent. Although the pets are confined in their own cages, they’re visually open and comfortable.

Because there’s only one poultry pet, the big white chicken can be tied to the branch alone. The moment it was locked up, the big white chicken screamed harshly: “Cheep cheep! Cheep cheep——cheep!!!”

The pet manager was taken aback by its voice. However, this did not cause him too much attention. After putting enough feed in front of each pet’s cage, he went out.

Then, when the spacecraft took off, he heard the “cheep cheep cheep” sound again.

Looking at the cloud-filled World Tree top in disbelief, he saw white birds fluttering.

“Is this a goodbye for their companion? They’re really hard to separate.” Taking a sip of tea, the administrator squinted.

Then the spacecraft took off.

The administrator could not understand the language of the white chickens and had a wonderful misunderstanding.

The white chicks are not here to say goodbye at all.

“The white fat man who grabbed food is finally gone!”


“He’s gone, he’s gone!”

The white chicks are actually cheering.

 ̄▽ ̄

The big fat chicken in the pet cabin was sad for a while. In his sadness, he smelled the food and sadly ate a few feeds hanging on the branches: Huh? This tastes great?!

Turning grief and anger into appetite, it ate and drank. Even after eating its own feed, its small eyes glanced at the rice bowls of the neighbors around it.

Then, it broke the chain on its feet with its mouth (⊙o⊙).

It hit the ground with a chirp and ran straight to the neighbor’s food downstairs. The huge beast in the cage roared and looked terrifying but how could this little indigenous fat chicken recognize it? Not afraid at all, the big white chicken is very used to stealing other people’s food.

So he pulled and ate. When the caretaker came in again, the entire pet cabin was full of strange smells.

The administrator noticed the chicken sh*t on the grass at a glance.

“Poor little guy, he was so scared.” Sighing, the administrator took the big white chicken out first.

In this way, the pet bullying incident that happened in a certain pet cabin was over.

In this incident, the big white chicken felt that it would have a good meal with Mu Gen and the others. Since then, it settled down with them.

When they disembarked on Baluni, Oliva, holding the big white chicken, met an unexpected person.

“Oli?” Finding that Olivia didn’t move, Mu Gen also stopped. Following his sight, Mu Gen saw a man: The man was middle-aged, dressed very ordinarily, and looked a bit fierce. There’s a suitcase of some years at his feet and it looks like he’s waiting for the spacecraft.

“Is it someone you know?” Mu Gen asked.

Olivia didn’t reply immediately.

At this moment, the man also noticed Olivia.

Staring at Olivia, as if recognizing him, he suddenly stood up and walked over.

“Is it…Oli…Olivia?” His voice was cramped and uncertain. After all, the current Olivia was completely different from what he remembered and he’s afraid that he will offend others by misunderstanding.

“…” With his chin raised proudly, Olivia didn’t speak. The atmosphere around him suddenly changed from leisure to tension and the big white chicken in his arms was the first to notice this change in atmosphere: the arms that held it loosely suddenly tightened.

“Cheep cheep!” It screamed in protest.

“Oli?” Mu Gen held him worriedly.

Feeling the temperature of Mu Gen’s fingers, Olivia slowly relaxed.

“Oli? It really is Olivia! You’ve grown so much, I didn’t recognize you anymore.” The man heard how Mu Gen called him and then smiled: “You look like the young master of a rich family. You must have been adopted by a good family, right?”

While the man was speaking, Olivia was very confused.

Countless memories from a long time ago flooded his mind.

Those dark, full of hunger and pain memories belong to Olivia’s memory in the orphanage.

The man in front of him was also part of that memory.

The only sweet taste in that bitter memory was the candy in the shop of the owner in front of him.

The man in front of him was the only one near the orphanage一一the owner of a candy store.

Without pocket money, Olivia often went to the door of the store with the other children in the orphanage, and the man would come out and drive them away with a broom. Olivia still remembered the way he wielded the broom.

When I grow up, I must destroy that orphanage! Kill the dean! Kill the owner of that candy store along the way!

This is another cruel wish that has been lurking in Olivia’s heart.

Although this man was bad, the sweets he made were very delicious. On a certain holiday in the year that he left the orphanage, the dean of the orphanage bought candy for the children for some reason.

Seeing the candy, Olivia recognized that those colorful incredible sweets were from that man’s shop at a glance.

“Is the candy delicious? I see you often go to see it, so that year, I brought a box of candy to your dean.” The man continued to speak, “You are so small that you can’t snatch from an older child, but so much candy should be enough for many people. Did you get some?”

“I got a piece of red and a piece of green,” Olivia whispered.

“So you only grabbed two, ah…” The man sighed and after a while, he trotted back near his suitcase. After searching for a long time, he took out a bag of colorful candies, “Here you are, all flavors are here.”

The things he once dreamed of the most are now within reach, but——

“I don’t like sweets now.” Olivia shook his head.

As a result, the man was stunned in embarrassment.

In the end, Mu Gen took the candy from him: “Thank you, Uncle!”

“You are…” The man asked hesitantly.

“Oli is a child from my family.” Mu Gen said with a smile.

“Ah! So that’s it!” The man was in a mess and took a long time to organize his hands and feet. He’s obviously a very strong and big man, even looking quite fierce, but at this time, in front of the young boy Mu Gen, he was slightly restrained.

“Olivia…he’s a very clever cub and the smartest in the orphanage, you guys…you guys…”

“En, Oli is very smart. He’s number one in both the entrance exam and the final exam!” Mu Gen revealed a little about Olivia’s recent situation, and the man became happier.

The announcement of the spacecraft’s boarding message began, and it was time for the man to board the ship.

Picking up his suitcase and with one last glance at Olivia, he hurriedly left.

He didn’t say goodbye to Olivia.

It’s the happiest thing for this cub to grow up with good people and never return to that orphanage.

Mu Gen put the candy bag in his backpack.

Without asking Olivia, Mu Gen walked forward.

Frozen for a while, Olivia strode over. Extending his right hand to hold Mu Gen’s left hand, Olivia felt peaceful the moment his hand was clenched.

Remembering those things back then and comparing them to now, those negative emotions suddenly disappeared and the deepest dark thorn in Olivia’s heart just melted away.

Some things are just unnecessary.

“The candy he made is delicious,” Olivia suddenly said.

“Then we’ll eat it at night.” Mu Gen said with a smile.

“Shh——don’t let First Uncle hear it.” Olivia hurriedly lowered his voice.

“Okay!” Smiling with bent eyes, Mu Gen nodded gently.

The author has something to say:

The ending to this volume is coming.

The teenagers are about to grow up.

The Cabin at The Top of the World Tree by Soy Sauce

Thank you for watching this scenery with me.

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