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Doli is a star of the sun, sand, and the ocean while Ainilala is a gravity-free planet of wind. The originality and naturalness of each planet was preserved in the development process. This is a rare natural scenery planet in the universe today.

If people go to Doli and Ainilala to see natural landscapes, then those who went to Baluni would see the crystallization of human wisdom.

In the Murdore Galaxy, it’s the only purely artificial landscape planet!

Baluni一一in its local language, it meant the source of green life. With a suitable climate and environment for life to multiply, Baluni was the first planet that gave birth to intelligent life forms. At the same time, it’s also the first planet to be exhausted by mankind.

As early as more than a thousand years ago, humans already over-exploited and exhausted Baluni’s resources.

The planet’s inhabitants who used to be proud of Baluni left their home planet and migrated to other more habitable planets. With its extreme climates, Baluni was completely barren for more than 500 years. During this long period, although the local climate had recovered, the people have long been accustomed to the comfortable environment of other planets so they’re not willing to come back. Until an official from Baluni became the head of the Murdore Travel Bureau. Under his initiative, Murdore Travel Bureau decided to make an artificial attraction planet.

After that director, Murdore Travel Bureau had been replaced with six directors, but every one of them didn’t abandon this project. They worked hard on it from generation to generation and finally, 153 years ago, Baluni reopened to the outside world!

“It was just a big amusement park at the beginning.” While walking, Miss Maria introduced it. They arrived in Baluni in the afternoon and the city was extremely hot during the day so following the guide’s advice, they first went to the hotel to rest for two hours and only came out when the sun star began to fall.

“This amusement park was not big at the beginning, so to generate income as soon as possible to support the subsequent construction, Baluni started its business and continued building while operating. Now, it’s the largest entertainment planet in the entire Empire! All the amusement park projects invented and created by mankind in history are here! If you want to go to the amusement park, just come here!” It’s obvious that Miss Maria had been here a few times, but she’s still so excited. They could already imagine how it must be really interesting here!

“Children’s stuff——” Granny Maria snorted coldly: “What’s so fun about the amusement park, here is the largest casino in the entire Empire!”

“There are all kinds of gambling! The threshold is also extremely low! 2 Farads can get you started into gambling and some masters would even become billionaires with only 2 Farads left on them!”

“(*@ο@*) Wow~” Olivia’s eyes lit up, staring eagerly at Granny Maria, the old and the young exchanging a tacit look.

“Baluni’s Stardust Spa is super famous! We wanted to try it a long time ago~” Mrs. Komi held Mr. Komi’s arms, smiling while saying that.

“The Sylvia Club in the east is said to be the gathering place for all the beauties in the universe! We must find a way to get in for a drink!” Holding the navigation map of Baluni’s famous attractions, Boss John and Boss Booney didn’t want to lift their heads!

“The shopping mall here is also good. Many medicinal materials that can’t be bought through official channels are said to be available here if you have the money. I can just drop by and inquire about the leaves of the World Tree.” In the face of various temptations, the only reliable one is Mrs. Bayati’s plan. She still didn’t forget to buy medicine when she came to this place. Be honest, being a doctor is your personal hobby, right?

Play! Good food! Good wine! Gambling! Shopping! Beauties…Baluni has everything that humans can think of for luxury consumption!

This is a city for indulging a life of luxury!

Elders of Idoli Commercial Street, is it really fine to bring two underage children to this place?


Uncle Alpha’s dark screen instinctively flashed a red alert.

Yes! Must go to the casino ←Olivia is desperate. However, at this moment——

“Don’t be so serious! There are too many temptations in this society now, and children should learn more at an early age. Under the leadership of the elders, they should learn more so that when the elders are away, they won’t learn badly.” Boss Tony waved his hand and told the robots this. Fearing that it’s not enough, he added: “The simpler the child is, the more likely they’d go astray!”

Alpha slightly tilted his head but didn’t stop moving. However, on the internal communication platform, several robots communicated silently.

One of the two human cubs in his family only knows to study every day (Mu Gen) while the other is too far away from home, being locked in school all day and unable to move (Olivia), so the two cubs couldn’t be more innocent.

“The Earthlings said: If you don’t listen to the old man, you will suffer.” Familiar with the three thousand proverbs of Earth’s history, Beta quoted Earth’s proverb to summarize.

Patriarch Alpha made the final decision: Make sure to let the two children experience all kinds of projects in Baluni!

Holding their robot parents and kissing them, Olivia and Mu Gen excitedly ran out!

They’re now on Baluni’s viewing platform!

There are several skyscrapers in Baluni, which are distributed on the planet according to a certain rule. Aside from providing various entertainment projects, these skyscrapers are the best viewing platforms. Standing on the top floor, the surrounding scenery was unobstructed, which is one of the best ways for tourists to get to know Baluni! Basically, the first stop for all tourists going to Baluni is the observation deck.

Running from the noisy streets to the viewing platform, when they saw the night view outside, Mu Gen and Olivia exclaimed!

It’s night right now, but it’s still so bright outside!

Various carefully designed lights are blooming in the buildings and the sky, the magical scene of the city in front of them was incredible!

There are no stars in the sky, but huge fireworks are blooming instead. When the overwhelming fireworks shrouded the sky, it seemed like the entire planet was embraced by the fireworks. It was dazzling and for a moment, Olivia almost had the illusion of being burned by the flames;

There are no oceans and waterfalls in Baluni. Instead, there are majestic artificial waterfall fountains underneath the huge skyscrapers. What’s pouring down is a waterfall and what’s erupting up is a huge fountain! The huge water column sprayed for thousands of meters and standing on the viewing platform that’s almost within reach of the water sprays made Mu Gen and Olivia dumbfounded;

The fireworks in the sky and the fountain on the ground complemented each other. After changing shape several times, the fireworks suddenly shaped into a human male and the fountain on the ground also changed with it, becoming a human female! Therefore, when the fireworks in the sky and the fountain on the ground intersected in the air the next second, the scene that the tourists saw was very beautiful. Imitating the movements of human beings, heaven and earth intimately welcomed each other. Don’t know who came up with this idea, but it’s incredible!

“Ooooohhh!!” Many tourists whistled and there were also nearby couples imitating the movements of the fireworks and fountain as they started hugging and kissing. There are not only heterosexual couples among these hugging and kissing couples, but also many same-sex couples. In this day and age, people have fully achieved gender equality. Humans can choose their partner according to their own preferences, regardless of the gender of the other person.

Feeling the hotness in the surroundings, the two minors on the viewing platform——Mu Gen and Olivia were dumbfounded.

With blushing faces, they looked at each other embarrassedly and then continued to look at the fireworks.

Although she said she wasn’t interested in the amusement park, when they entered, Granny Maria was the happiest one!

Miss Maria wore a short skirt today so she can’t play with some items and Granny Maria simply left her behind. With one on each hand, the small old lady rushed in with Mu Gen and Olivia like a gust of wind.

On their first day at Baluni, they played a total of nine games. Among them, Olivia’s favorite was the giant snake! The giant snake-shaped equipment carried tourists down at a very fast speed from a place five kilometers above sea level. It’s really——exciting!

Spring Heart is Mu Gen’s favorite: Sitting in a transparent spherical ship, they first floated quietly on the surface of the water. However, a fountain would sprout from under their boat and the entire spherical ship would shoot into the sky using the huge jet force, which is a full kilometer in height! After a kilometer, they will stay at that height for a while, floating on the fountain to watch the surrounding scenery, and at the same time, be watched by the other tourists on the viewing platform. It’s a wonderful experience. And then, without waiting for them, the fountain would turn into a waterfall and they’d fly down 3000 feet! They were then pressed deep into the artificial seabed——

This is the most exciting and fun game. Each game has its own characteristics, so it’s hard for Olivia to say which one he preferred, but, the most annoying project is the classic ancient playground that’s said to have originated from Earth——Haunted House.

Olivia was dragged in by Granny Maria and was dragged out by her.

When they went in, she’s dragging him by the hand, and when they came out, she’s dragging him by the feet.

“This kid is so timid that he passed out ten minutes after going in.” Granny Maria raised her brows.

“This is a weakness and it must be cured.” As soon as Granny Maria said those words, Oli’s life in Baluni had since added a daily sign-in task.

 ̄▽ ̄

Although he was embarrassed in the Haunted House, Olivia’s performance in the casino was amazing!

He seemed to be a natural gambler and he can teach all kinds of gambling methods. Granny Maria took him and ripped out a whole audience! One person took two coins and starting from the small gambling shops on the roadside, they earned more and more capital and gradually entered more and more advanced casinos.

On the fourth day after entering Baluni, Olivia even got the invitation letter for the “One Man Game”.

When she saw the invitation letter, Granny Maria burst into flames!

This is the largest and most advanced casino in Baluni——”Luo”‘s invitation letter!

“Oh! This is an invitation letter that only the most talented gamblers judged jointly by experts from the Baluni Casino Association can get!” Not knowing much about gambling, Boss Tony checked it out. Only after this investigation did he knew the power of this simple invitation letter.

“Little Oli is so powerful!” Boss Joe smiled dumbfoundedly.

“Of course! Don’t you know whose apprentice he is?!” Granny Maria cockily said.

“…” You only teach people how to fight, not to gamble——Everyone looked at Granny Maria suspiciously.

“But such top-level gambling mostly deals with huge amounts of money, are you really going?” Not interested in gambling at all, Mrs. Bayati reminded them.

“Going.” Looking at the invitation in his hand and then at Alpha’s screen, Olivia finally affirmed.

If I won the game, I’ll leave and the winning money will be deposited in my bankbook. This way, the gift Mu Get got is not just a big fat zero!

Olivia thought happily.

So that night, Olivia and Granny Maria (as a companion), under the blessings of the Idoli neighborhood, carried all the fortunes they won during this time to the top casino in Baluni!

At the same time, Mu Gen also encountered a ragged beggar on the street outside the casino.

The uncle beggar was very miserable with all his clothes stripped. Dirty and sitting at the entrance of the casino, he kept begging for 2 coins from the pedestrians around him.

Even with so many people around the casino, the passing tourists just avoided him disgustedly. Eventually, he and Mu Gen hit each other. He was very strong so Mu Gen fell.

“Sorry.” He apologized so Mu Gen didn’t say much. Patting his butt and getting up, he was about to leave when he was suddenly stopped.

It was the beggar who had just bumped into him. On the beggar’s palm was 2 coins.

“Boy, your money fell.”

“Thank you.” After receiving the money handed over by the other party, Mu Gen smiled and thanked him.

The man said nothing and soon left. Mu Gen didn’t leave and curiously stood still. He watched the man keep begging for two coins from the passersby around him.

But his begging targets are all grown-ups, well-dressed, and seemingly rich.

Mu Gen, a kid who only has two coins on his body, is not in his begging range.

Mu Gen took a look at the metal in the palm of his hand——this was given by Uncle Alpha. When he took them to the casino on the first day, Olivia used these two coins to win who knew how much money, but the money in Mu Gen’s pocket had not moved.

After thinking about it, Mu Gen ran behind the man and patted him on the shoulder:

“Give you.”

Mu Gen gave him the money he had just returned to him.

Then Mu Gen planned to leave.

This time, the man patted Mu Gen.

“I begged people for two coins to gamble. As my funder, do you want to go in and take a look?”

From his underwear (囧!), the man took out a white invitation card while talking to Mu Gen.

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