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The uncle beggar, who only wore a pair of underwear, walked into the magnificent casino lobby with little Mu Gen, who was wearing a shirt and shorts.

This is “Luo”, the top casino in Baluni with a very high entry barrier. The “high” here doesn’t mean that you need to pay a high entry fee to enter, but that the level of tourists here is very high.

Basically, it doesn’t accept amateur gamblers. “Luo” only accepts gamblers who have achieved a certain degree of fame in other casinos in Baluni. This is a financial limitation and also a technical limitation. As soon as this regulation was promulgated, “Luo”‘s level immediately changed. Among tourists, “Luo” is a symbol of a top casino. For gamblers, “Luo” is their holy land!

As the most famous gambling den in the Empire, “Luo” is not only extravagant and extremely rich in decoration, but the guests inside, both men and women, are also in formal attire, all well-dressed and sprinkled with an ounce of tens of thousands of farads of precious perfume. The accessories on their bodies would twinkle like stars, the people and buildings complementing each other. This is a place where money is spent wantonly.

The uncle beggar in just underwear walked in calmly and was stopped by the strong security guard at the door. After passing the invitation letter in his hand to the other party for inspection, the security guard immediately released them.

He was very calm as if this is natural. What surprised him was that the boy next to him also looked calm.

Rather, he looked curious ← this is not surprising. This boy should be here for the first time, but apart from curiosity, there’s no obvious cramp on the boy’s face.

It’s rare for a little guy to be curious and observe the surroundings with a degree of courtesy. Fan Lun couldn’t help but ask when he was changing chips: “What are you looking at? You can ask me if you have any questions.”

Then the boy approached him cautiously:

“I’m looking for where the safety exit is.”

Fan Lun: …

“Second Uncle said that the first thing to do in a strange place is to find an emergency exit and be prepared.” The teenager added another sentence.

Fan Lun was completely speechless. In fact, he just wanted to ask: Boy, what does your second uncle do for a living?

They only have two coins and the exchange area for small chips is a bit long. While waiting, Mu Gen learned the location of the emergency exit, the location of the free drinks area as well as the toilet with Fan Lun’s help.

It’s rare to come to such a place, so Mu Gen couldn’t help but look around. Soon, he noticed the carvings above the entrance of the hall behind him. The whole thing was made of gold and it’s a sculpture in the shape of a beast. Although it’s standing quietly, it looked fierce and daunting!

The beast’s eyes are also golden but they’re made of completely different material from the body. It looked so dark and hydrated that no matter what angle Mu Gen looked at, he could meet the beast’s gaze, which is very weird.

“Uncle, what is that?” Mu Gen poked Fan Lun lightly.

“That’s the monitor, and the shape is a reduced version of the Kantas in their beast forms. According to legends, Kantas is a powerful race with the wealth of the universe, so Kantas is carved here for a good omen.”

“Oh! Thank you.” Nodding, Mu Gen turned around and took a closer look at the Kantas-shaped carving. He quickly found the camera’s position and made a victory pose for the camera. Did, he want the surveillance personnel to take pictures of him as a souvenir?!

As soon as he got the bargaining chips, he turned around and saw little Mu Gen’s unreliable behavior. Uncle Fan Lun hurriedly carried him away.

Not long after they entered, Olivia and Granny Maria also came. For this evening, Miss Maria specially prepared beautiful clothes for the two of them. For Olivia, a black vintage suit was prepared, while the dress for Granny Maria was from the same series.

Even a couples series~

 ̄▽ ̄

“Little Oli, here’s a camera. Take a photo of me and the Kantas carvings on the door!” With a hundred years’ hobby of gambling…for Granny Maria, who had never entered a casino of this level with her strength, today’s experience must be recorded. For this reason, she specially prepared a large-capacity camera.

The camera she’s holding was an old version, which was quite large. Besides that, her voice was loud. When the security guards heard that someone wanted to take pictures, they all came all of a sudden.

Even after explaining for a long time that they can’t take pictures here, the old lady just didn’t want to listen, so more and more people watched. With no other way, the security manager had to give her a tip:

“Madam, we really don’t allow private cameras to take pictures here. Well, the carving on the door is actually a camera. If you pose for the camera, I will ask them to print out your picture and give it to you, okay?”

Granny Maria reluctantly agreed.

Adhering to the idea of sharing good and bad things, Granny Maria stopped the embarrassed Olivia with black lines, and together, they took a group photo with the Kantas camera.

Security guards: It’s really hard to be a security guard these days, you even have to work as a photographer!

The one-man game is held every quarter and the participating players don’t face each other head-on. The casino has its own way of hiding their identities and all gamblers who appear in “Luo” that day can participate in betting. Being able to see the battle between top gamblers, and even participate in it, makes “Luo” crowded on the day of the “One Man Game” every quarter!

Maybe the legendary gambling king and gambling god is right next to you——with this idea in mind, everyone became a suspected gambling king in everyone’s eyes. The “Luo” of this night is destined to float!

There’s still an hour and a half before the official start of the one-man game. Fan Lun didn’t enter the VIP waiting room prepared by the casino for the “One Man Game” players to rest but stayed in the lobby on the first floor with Mu Gen.

From the simplest one to the largest gambling projects that test the calculation ability of gamblers, everything was here! Fan Lun went into the crowd and observed for a while before he started betting. Two coins worth of chips were soundlessly thrown into the table and he won.

One bargaining chip became twenty, and then, he went to the next game with 20 chips and continued to bet. After a round of gambling, the chips in his hand became a hundred.

“Change this into money and buy me a set of clothes.” Picking up a few chips and throwing them to Mu Gen, Fan Lun continued to bet.

“Okay.” Have to say that Mu Gen boy is really a person who had no spirit of gambling. Obviously, he followed Fan Lun and watched for a long time. Fan Lun was worried at first that he wouldn’t want to leave, but unexpectedly, the boy left neatly and when he came back, he not only brought a set of clothes, but also two glasses of free juice.

At this time, Fan Lun nearly had 500 chips in his hand.

These 500 chips are not the same as the ones worth 2 Farad coins from before, but the one with the highest single value provided by the casino!

“It’s rare to come here and have fun.” Fan Lun unconsciously used a commanding tone. Leaving enough chips to participate in the One Man Game in a while, he pushed all the remaining chips to Mu Gen.

“Huh?” Mu Gen, who was still watching the gambling game of the people around him at this time, was taken aback when he saw that Fan Lun pushed so many chips toward him.

He wanted to refuse but soon thought of what Boss Tony and First Uncle said: If you want to develop in an all-round way, you don’t need to like it, but you have to learn it a little.

After thinking about it, he nodded. But he didn’t use the chips Fan Lun handed over and since some money was left from buying the clothes just now, Mu Gen changed it all into chips and he took a two-coin chip from it.

“I’ll go play over there!” Mu Gen pointed to the general machine played by many people in the corner.

The general machine is similar to the slot machines on Ancient Earth, but the gameplay was more complicated. The machine was more exquisite and as a classic small chip gambling machine, the general machine was very popular in any casino. Most beginners or tourists who just want to try gambling will choose it.

These people don’t include gamblers with real skill.

“A general machine?” Fan Lun raised a brow then put on new clothes in the bathroom. After washing his face, he looked very gentle right now!

Fan Lun never considered the general machine. This way of gambling with small numbers was extremely cunning, eating away people’s chips bit by bit but was extremely stingy in paying in return.

“Go and play if you like.” But he did not interfere with Mu Gen.

So Mu Gen happily lined up to play the general machine ~\(≧▽≦)~. Following him leisurely, Fan Lun was very calm from beginning to end.

Then, two minutes later, it was finally Mu Gen’s turn to shake the machine.

Then, for the first time, there was a crack in the mask of the very calm Mr. Fan Lun!

“Wow!!!!!!!!” Seven identical patterns appeared on the machine’s display, and countless coins rolled out of the prize tray, submerging half of Mu Gen’s calf and the gamblers behind Mu Gen were the first to witness this scene! They yelled at once!

“How unexpected! The guest who won the grand prize for the first time in three months finally appeared!!! All the chips accumulated in the prize pool in the past three months belong to him!” For fear that the momentum was not enough, the casino staff on the side announced the news loudly! Several security guards also worked together and it took a full 15 minutes to collect all the chips that fell on the ground. The staff smiled and handed the two boxes of chips to Mu Gen.

Making a decisive decision, Fan Lun immediately led Mu Gen and left behind the security personnel.

When he played his first game, he turned a chip into 20. Although it was deliberately low-key, the little guy turned a chip into more than a thousand!

Although these chips are low value, in terms of the rate of return, they’re much higher than his!

“Still playing?” With many thoughts in his mind, Fan Lun finally asked him.

“Not playing, one time is enough.” Mu Gen grinned.

Fan Lun didn’t speak.

“Uncle, do you still want to play? Then you take all of them.” Misunderstanding Fan Lun’s silence, Mu Gen immediately handed him the two boxes in his hand.

Fan Lun couldn’t understand him at all.

But he didn’t reject Mu Gen’s boxes.

Although very young, this is his own investor——from the moment he received the two coins handed over by Mu Gen, Fan Lun had determined his identity.

Whether it’s 2 coins or 20 million, it’s all investment.

With all the chips in his body, Fan Lun took Mu Gen to the “One Man Game” venue.

The room was very dark and the only light source in the entire room was a small part of the tabletop illuminated by the light from the ceiling.

The table is long and guided by the casino staff, Fan Lun sat in the high-backed chair prepared for him. He can’t see anything, but the other players are also being led in place one after another.

The room is real and the players are real, even the gambling props are real, but the space was superimposed. To not reveal the identity of the players, each player will enter a separate room and sit in their designated position. Using space technology to superimpose the space of each player, the only place where they intersect is the tabletop illuminated by the lights so the players can’t see each other. It’s like being in a lonely game, hence the name “One Man Game”.

However, there are actually 13 players competing against each other. In recent years, the number of spectators and sponsors has increased. There are actually two people in most of the rooms right now, but there can only be one final winner in each year’s competition, so it’s worthy of being called the “One Man Game.”

After the 13 players were in place, the game began.

The author has something to say:

The author has only been to the Monte Carlo Casino…as one of the passers-by…

Seeing the people who lost, I won’t consider gambling in this life. orz

PR: Chirp~ Today’s my birthday, please give me your blessings! ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

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