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At the same time, music sounded in the casino’s halls! Whether they’re gambling or just watching, when the music played, everyone in the casino stopped what they’re doing and did the same action together: Look up!

A giant optical screen appeared on the roofs of all casino halls in “Luo” at the same time. The biographical information of the 13 contestants and their player number plates appeared on the screen in turns!

The players’ real names were not announced, but the code names that appeared on the light screen at the moment were the code names they handed in when they received the invitation letter. From then on, as long as these players participate in any gambling in Baluni, the name that appears on their profile will always be this code name.

From player number 1 to player number 12, each is a familiar code name for experienced gamblers. These numbers are not arranged in a random order but based on the official ranking of the Baluni Casino Association from all their performance since entering Baluni’s casinos. After each “One Man Game”, the order of these players will change slightly, but generally speaking, it’s still the same people. The code names that can appear on the light screen are all masters in the gamblers’ hearts! Listed below the code name are the previous results of each player, and almost every player’s code name is full of introductions, which is daunting.

“This year I’m going to squeeze Daylight Bird. Although it’s number 8, he has been doing very well in the first half of this year!” Holding fine wine, a gentleman in a tuxedo said his plan.

“I want to press down number one! He has become the last person in the One Man Games three times in the past two years!” The companion who came with him obviously had different opinions.

“I’m on 7th! I met this person! There can be no player more handsome than him ~\(≧▽≦)~” Behind the two gentlemen, a lady couldn’t help screaming!

Similar to the football sports on Earth, good-looking players have special advantages.

 ̄▽ ̄

As the players’ profiles slid across the light screen page by page, the audience already has a preliminary plan in their hearts.

The “One Man Game” of each quarter is not only an invitational game representing the highest level in the gambling industry but also a carnival event for gamblers. When their idols are fighting on the poker table, all gamblers off-court can watch the entire game through the light screen. Do you think that just watching is enough? No way! When watching the game, the dealer will open a variety of games to extend the game and by betting on the players, the audience outside can bet a lot! Soon, it’s about time for the first bet!

At this moment, the code name of the 13th player appeared:

“Miss Maria”

At the moment of seeing this code name, the original noise in the field suddenly stagnated. After a few seconds, it became even more lively than before:

“Who is this player?”

“Haven’t heard of it. Any of you heard this name?”

“Never heard of it!”

“It’s a newcomer! Definitely a newcomer! See: her profile is empty!”

Don’t know who said that, but everyone became excited!

This top-level game in the gambling industry has been held for nearly ten years without any newcomers joining! With no profile, it proves that the first invitation round this player was invited to was the very top “One Man Game”! This is incredible——

The world of gambling is vast and profound, just like martial arts. Every gambler must seriously hone their skills and accumulate experience continuously. Starting from the games in a small gambling house, greedily absorbing the belongings of others and eventually growing to a level that can be invited to participate in a “One Man Game” level of competition.

If the first game is the One Man Game, just how talented is this person?

The gamblers present are boiling!

“Contestant No. 13 must be a beautiful young lady!” Someone shouted at the scene: “Are we going to usher in a female god of gambling?”

Although the status of men and women in today’s society is completely equal with no occupational discrimination, there are always gender preferences in some industries. Women innately have a strong desire to protect money as opposed to gambling, and in accumulating wealth, women still prefer safe investment methods. In this way, the world of gamblers still had more men than women.

So, although not well known, Olivia had already accumulated several fans through his feminine codename.


That’s right, the number 13 first-time participating contestant in the “One Man Game”, “Miss Maria”, is Olivia.

Before this, he had thought about a lot of tyrannical and cool names, all of which were rejected by Granny Maria. In the end, under the old lady’s coercion, he was forced to use Granny Maria’s name.

“Don’t look at my old age, but people call me Miss Maria when I participate in a sorority party outside!” Granny Maria said without embarrassment as she decided on the code name.

Since he can’t beat Granny Maria, Olivia could only humiliatingly compromise orz.

But the codename is for others to see. While all the players can’t see each other, the sounds and images also went through special treatments, so the impact of this codename is very limited.

So when Olivia approached the dim one-person room, he instantly calmed down.

In the end, only one of the thirteen players would be left, so there are 12 rounds in total.

As Baluni’s top gambling game, the “One Man Game” is a contest for professional gamblers. So the very difficult “83 cards” is played in the beginning.

In Baluni, there are only three casinos that hold such gambling games. This style of play is a test of the participants’ calculation ability. Most people don’t even try, even watching the game is very difficult to understand.

At this time, most of the spectators who are preparing to place bets off the field are in this situation.

Mothereffer! Not good at math! Lao Tzu just likes to bet on impulse——immediately, someone randomly selected players to bet on.

But these people regretted it immediately.

“Contestant No. 3 is a graduate of the Department of Literature, and, Contestant No. 13 is a student at school. If someone loses in this round, it feels like it’ll be between these two people…” At this time, each person’s temperament could be seen. After many tourists rushed to bet, some people began to study the players’ profiles carefully.

Their math is not good, but it doesn’t matter if they can’t understand the game, they just had to look at which players are not good at math, right?

The players’ profiles that were previously shown are not simply put there, they are “data”. Just like players in the field can calculate the cards of other players by counting the cards, what’s provided to the spectators outside the field for their research is the players’ profiles.

And so, everyone bet.

Today, all spectators who came to watch the “One Man Game” will get a bargaining chip of the lowest value. The money is borne by the casino. This is to make the game more interesting. It turns out that this is a very good decision! Once they bet, it’s difficult to change, so how can one chip be enough? Most of the spectators paid out of their pockets after this chip and betted with hundreds or thousands worth of chips!

Mu Gen also placed a bet, but he didn’t mean to pay out of pocket at all. The waiter gave him a bargaining chip and he casually followed others to place a bet, nothing more.

The people around happened to bet on Number 3, so Mu Gen followed suit.

He actually won.

With an odds of one to a hundred, Mu Gen got one hundred times more chips after this game. Because the amount he bet was too small, this little money didn’t concern the casino.

So, before the start of the second round of gambling, the waiter exchanged one hundred two-coin chips into two chips worth a hundred coins and sent them to Mu Gen. When handing him the chips, the waiter looked at the child a little pitifully: You bet too small, so you only won a little.

The second round of gambling soon began. This game is “Black House”, which is still a card gambling event, but in the game, several players can randomly obtain various props. They have to count the cards and use the props in their hands to prevent other players from reaching the “Black House” as much as possible, and the last player to reach the black house is eliminated.

This game is a complicated one and the audience present knew that, so everyone hesitated for a longer time.

But Mu Gen had nothing to hesitate: He didn’t understand it at all.

When the waiter came to collect the chips, he quickly chose the eighth player and then bet one chip.

Only one was handed in, while the other one was left in his pocket.

The waiter gave him a strange look, pursed his lips, and continued to collect the other chips.

But this time, Mu Gen won again!

The odds for Player No. 8 is very high. He had always been a master of this event so most of the audience thought he would definitely win. But unluckily, he was robbed by the new Player No. 13 this time. Even though No. 13 didn’t get any good props, No. 13 smashed the other players to death!

The odds this time are a bit staggering!

At the end of the game, Mu Gen got 33 chips from the same waiter. This time, the chip was no longer that chip worth 100, but 10,000!

But this amount is nothing in the eyes of a casino waiter who’s accustomed to this cash flow. He just pitied this kid: If he had just bet the other chip in his pocket, he would have doubled the chips right now.

At first, he noticed this tourist because of his youth, and then he felt he was pitiful…but as the gambling progressed, the waiter’s mood changed again and again. The game quickly entered the ninth round. When Mu Gen sent his chips, he won all eight rounds and although the waiter didn’t show it in his face, he already had a stormy sea in his heart!

Others might not know, but every time he comes to send chips, his heart is clear: After the previous eight rounds of competition, the chips in this teenager’s hand have reached an amazing number!

Maybe…maybe he’s the one who won the most money among all the spectators.

“This is the bargaining chip you won in the last round.” According to the rules, the waiter must use honorific language to all visitors. However, since the service industry has been in business for a long time, no one can tell whether these honorifics are true or false. When he first respectfully called Mu Gen, he didn’t care much inside. When he was in a good mood, he’d also call a wild cat on the roadside respectfully. However, as the game progressed, he became more and more cautious in how to call the teenager.

This boy is definitely a master! Maybe even the next supernova to be invited to participate in the “One Man Game”!

Feeling like he’d gotten some secret, the young waiter’s heartbeat went faster and faster. During the game, his gaze was always inadvertently drifting in Mu Gen’s direction——

Then, it was the moment when the ninth round was decided.

Looking at the final result displayed on the light screen: “4”, the waiter suddenly screamed in his heart.

That young man put half of his chips on Player No. 2 this time, but he actually…lost?!

Oh, God! That’s an amount that even hurts him when thinking about it!

He immediately looked nervously at Mu Gen——

Who knew that there’s no paleness, no panic. The boy didn’t seem to react and even had the mood to ask the waiter next to him for a drink——the free one.

His property shrank by half in an instant, but the young man was still fine. When the waiter walked over again and asked if he wanted to bet, he took out the bargaining chips in his pocket, divided them into two equal parts, and then bet half of them as usual.

“Still bet on Number 2.”

With mouth agape, the waiter finally accepted the bargaining chips.

The bargaining chips are heavy. Right now, these chips are not in units of a thousand or ten thousand, but a huge amount of real wealth.

Born in Baluni, his parents are both casino practitioners. After graduation, he naturally became a casino waiter. Since childhood, he has seen too many gamblers! Greedy, self-sustaining, calm, crazy——

There are very few spectators who are still gambling on the game. Some have completely run out of chips, and some are using communicators to get family members to send money over. Some accepted the result, but the expressions of those people are completely different from the teenager in front of him.

In short, it’s his first time seeing a gambler like this teenager.

Then, the results of the tenth round were announced: No. 2!

The waiter abruptly turned his head to look at the boy: There was still a smile on his face and he couldn’t see any ecstasy of winning big money at all!

Not surprised——these words suddenly appeared in the waiter’s mind.

Not pleased, not sorry, always stay awake under any circumstances. Allow yourself to be a little excited, but don’t get too excited. This is the psychological quality that gamblers at the God level have.

For a moment, he suddenly remembered the topic he had talked about when chatting with his colleagues. He knew a waiter in a small hall, which is different from the waiters who serve in these halls. That waiter served high-level gamblers and had seen many big people. He knew the Gambling Gods better than ordinary people.

The young waiter was taken aback, sorted out the expressions on his face, then took the chips from the previous game and walked towards Mu Gen.

“Thank you, I will bet on No. 1 this time.” With a smile, the boy said his decision for the next round.

Outside the field, the miracle belonging to Mu Gen continued;

And inside the field, the miracle created by Olivia shocked the audience!

Although the advantage of the female name won the favor of some viewers, the number of viewers who bet Olivia out in each round is making wave after wave!

Powerful calculation ability, precise observation ability…Olivia gave full play to his talent in the field of gambling. Not only did the powerful opponents fail to kill his fighting spirit, but on the contrary, it also stimulated his abilities even more, and he survived one round after another. Although he rarely gets first place, he was never the last one! The first five games were okay but in the later games, his name became more prominent.

There are fewer and fewer players remaining in the field, and no matter where Olivia is ranked, as long as it’s not the last one, it’s destined that his name and position would still be very famous! It was from the fifth and sixth round that people noticed that this newcomer was really good. For the first time, instead of being brushed off in the beginning, on the contrary, he kept pace with his powerful predecessors. After defeating the number one player in the hearts of most audiences, he and Player No. 7 entered the 12th round together.

This is also the last round of the competition.

The question of choosing one of the two, at this moment, even the audience who had stopped could no longer help betting one after another. For a while, the off-court situation became hot again.

At this time, the casino announced the final round of the competition:

Guess the numbers.

“All the previous games were technical rounds. In fact, all previous One Man Games are more focused on gambling, but there are many games of this type, and sometimes, I feel that something has been forgotten.

The courage to give everything to the judgment of destiny——this is the greatest charm of gambling at the beginning of its birth!

So in the final round today, we will return to ancient times and surrender to destiny itself.

The true God of Gamblers must be born with good luck! Who will be the last person in the game today? Let us wait and see——”

With the impassioned explanation from the organizer, the final round of the competition began.

The audience outside heard it, so Olivia and Fan Lun also heard it.

That’s right, Olivia is 13th and Mr. Fan Lun, who came with Mu Gen, is 7th.

Facing the last round, both of them were stunned.

“True gamblers must be born with good luck, this sentence is true.” The corners of his mouth slanted upward, and Mr. Fan Lun remembered what happened with the teenager this afternoon.

To this day, he considers himself a good gambler and it’s no surprise to reach a higher position through hard work in the future. However, this afternoon, he felt like he had seen a “natural gambler”.

The boy named Mu Gen is a natural gambler.

“I can’t match his luck, but I should be more than enough to suppress you.” Squinting his eyes, Fan Lun chose the number that appeared in his mind for the first time——6.

Olivia was dumbfounded at this time: Always relying on calculations, Olivia believes that there is no such thing as luck! Especially after meeting Mu Gen, he felt like he’s the person with the worst luck in the world!

And, he, actually, wants, to, compare, luck, with, others!

Olivia has everything a good gambler has: Perseverance, intelligence, observation…but one thing is missing: Luck.

This is forcing him to lose!

For the first time, Olivia showed a frantic expression in the game.

Then he remembered Mu Gen.

Mu Gen is the luckiest person he had ever seen.

In that case…

“I choose 7.” July 7 is Mu Gen’s birthday. At the same time, 7 is also his favorite number, and such a number is often said to be lucky, so it’s a particularly auspicious number, right?

At the same time, Mu Gen also stated his options:

“13th, I want to bet on 13th.” Although Uncle Fan Lun is on the 7th, he has to hold the fort by himself, so when 7 and 13 were together, he wanted to bet on 13~

Under everyone’s nervous gaze, the wheel quickly turned! First, it got faster and faster, then slower and slower. Eventually, the wheel stopped and the number at which the pointer finally stopped was:

“7!!!!!!! Congratulations to Miss Maria! Blessed by the God of Gamblers, you have become the last person in this one-man game!”

The author has something to say:

Thank you all!

I have received a lot of blessings!

In the blink of an eye, I have stayed in JJ for nearly a year. I found old friends and met new friends.

Although I’m very busy every day due to more update tasks, I’m happy every day, thank you!

Communicating with you through comments, I feel very fulfilled and very happy every day!

Communicating with Mu Gen, Oli, and the other protagonists in the story through coding, I’m also very happy!

PS: I will show you the three cakes I received yesterday and wish happy birthday to 长白山,cháng bái shān who had the same birthday yesterday:

Real Cake 1

Real Cake 2

White Ball Cake

Heihei! Please take a look! (←chirp!)

Translator’s Notes:

Catch-up game progress…

Goal: Chapter 152

Progress: 3/10

In case you didn’t notice, from the first round to the eleventh round, the spectators are betting on who would be eliminated. But in the last round, the spectators are betting on who would win.

TINA V4C144: One Man Game
TINA V4C146: Vacation Is Over

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