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“…Sir, that’s it.” Standing behind the high-backed chair, a man in a suit concentrated on reporting the final situation of the game to the man in the high-backed chair in front of him.

As “Luo”‘s top executive officer in charge of daily management, he can handle general problems directly, but today’s situation…

In the game, a fresh-faced kid who participated in the “One Man Game” for the first time made an upset and overturned all his seniors, getting all the chips;

Outside the game, another boy was even tougher than him. He seemed very inconspicuous, until the final statistics. He found that the really amazing guy is here: For the first time, the rewards outside actually overturned the rewards inside the game!

“Sir, what do you want to do with this person?” Does the boss want to kill the boy with money? There are many ways to seduce him to stay in the casino and make him bankrupt. It just depends on which one the boss chooses…

With gloomy eyes, the man in the suit showed a cold smile.

“The little guy off the game is called Mu Gen, right?” Unexpectedly, the boss suddenly said a person’s name.

The man in the suit was startled: Just now…did I say the other person’s name?

Although a little surprised, he respectfully responded to the boss’ question first:

“Yes, it is.”

“Give him all his winnings.”

“!” The man in the suit raised his eyebrows.

“For those who are favored by the Goddess of Luck, we should not fight against them. Regarding luck, use it less. The better their luck, the more pitiful their opponent with no luck will be…”

“You go deal with this, I have other things to do.” Pushing the chair away, the man stood up in the dark room and slowly walked to the door.

“…understood.” Bowing, the man in the suit respectfully sent him away.

When he walked out of the dark room and walked into the bright hallway, the man squinted his eyes uncomfortably. Stopping his footsteps, he paused in place. When he opened his eyes again, he happened to see the young man not far away.

“Uncle Fan Lun!” When he noticed him coming out, the boy gave him a big smile.

“Yo! Come and share the money.” Fan Lun smiled and walked towards the boy.

Before the start of the game, he told the teenager that he should come to the door of the room to wait for him after the game is over. As his funder, he will give half of the money he won to the funder.

“En!” The boy nodded at him.

“I’m sorry, I lost the last game, so…there aren’t many chips left.” If it wasn’t for the teenager, Fan Lun would definitely bet all his chips.

“It’s okay! Just now, an uncle from the casino told me that I won a lot of money. Uncle Fan Lun, come with me, you get half of the money I won!”

Fan Lun was stunned.

His arm was immediately grabbed and then, the young man dragged him to the cashout register. He asked the staff to divide their winnings into two and deposit them into two cards, one of which was handed over to Fan Lun by the teenager.

Fan Lun’s steady expression finally cracked.

“If uncle hadn’t brought me in, I wouldn’t have the right to come to this kind of place. Therefore, the winnings should be split for each person.” Mu Gen said with a grin.

For the first time, Fan Lun felt the money in his hand getting hot, and he squeezed the thin card. He lowered his head and asked the question he wanted to ask from the beginning: “Can you tell me why you bet that Player 13 will win the last round?”

The boy touched his nose then honestly said: “Because…13th is the birthday of my good friend. I heard that when buying lottery tickets, didn’t many people like to use important dates to make decisions?”

“That’s all?”

“That’s all.”

Fan Lun nodded, and then, he also asked the staff to divide his remaining chips in two, and then gave half of them to Mu Gen.

Then the two said goodbye.

But they didn’t say any goodbyes.

“Turns out that the big winner off the field was sent by the boss? Could it be that the boss lost deliberately? Oh oh oh! Although it’s a pity to give half to the other side, in this way, the reputation of the casino will be even greater! There must be more people who want to come to the casino to try their luck!” Standing on the side and witnessing all this, the man in the suit just now suddenly realized the truth!

The truth of the matter was buried here.

The “One Man Game” is over, but the night in “Luo” had just begun. This is a city that never sleeps and the darker it gets, the hotter it gets. This is the casino, a money playground for those indulging in a life of luxury.

There was a lot of people in the casino and at this time, the real owner of “Luo”——Mr. Fan Lun, sat alone outside in an unattended corner of the door, holding the thin card in his pocket thoughtfully.

A long time ago, he was a teenager about the same age as Mu Gen, young yet impoverished. When he fell outside the casino, a stranger threw him two coins. However, it was these two coins that allowed him to become what he was now. He walked into the casino and bought the smallest chips, crowded in with the crowd, and began to understand what gambling is. His talent was probably here since in just ten years of work, his wealth increased, and he became the boss of “Luo”.

The rule that the smallest chip is 2 farads is what he insisted on keeping to commemorate the coins that brought him his first pot of gold.

He no longer remembers the person who gave him the money at the beginning, but today, he suddenly became more playful. Walking down the street in disguise, he decided to beg for two coins. No matter how much he won or lost, half will be given to the other party. But don’t know if it’s been too long, his face is not as likable as it was decades ago. Just when he thought that no one would care about him, he got two coins.

Since you gave me two coins, I will give you more money and let you fully enjoy the wonderful taste of being blessed by the god of luck! Yes, when a gambler reaches Fan Lun’s level, he can already be called a God.

Fan Lun doesn’t mind leaving some legends. He planned and did so, who knew——

“I always feel like I’ve been favored by a God of Fortune.” Looking at the card in his hand, Fan Lun murmured.


“I always feel like I’m favored by the God of Fortune! ~\(≧▽≦)~” Unlike Mu Gen, Olivia went home with Granny Maria as soon as he got the money! He happily told his experience tonight, and Olivia was so happy!

“In the future, I have to gamble to make money!”

“Little Oli, what do you want to do after making so much money?” Boss Tony teased him.

“I’ll give it all to Mu Gen!” Olivia replied very proudly.

“Huh?” In the blink of an eye, the neighbors of Idoli Commercial Street were stunned: Not to Alpha, not to Mengmeng, not even to buy something for himself, but to…Mu Gen?

“Have you ever heard of someone giving all their income to their brothers or friends?” Boss Tony quietly asked Boss Komi next to him.

“No, I only ever heard of people handing it to their wives. My wife is taking care of my extra money~” Boss Komi honestly answered.

“Oh…I think so too…”

And so, when the neighbors looked at Olivia again, their eyes were a little ambiguous.

After living together for a long time, they knew more or less about Mu Gen’s family: The Alphabet Series Robots and little Mu Gen were originally a family, while Mengmeng and Little Oli were a family. The two families met and merged into one family.

They’re not human parents, so they won’t divorce and remarry with their children, but changing the two families into one showed one problem:

Little Oli is little Mu Gen’s adopted husband!

“Little Oli did a good job! You have to do this and hand it over to Mu Gen if you make money in the future!” Mrs. Komi gently touched Olivia’s head.

“Huh?” Olivia tilted his head in confusion: “It was meant to be handed over to him, I even gave my electronic bankbook to Mu Gen.”

As a result, the neighbors of Idoli laughed even more ambiguously.

Then Mu Gen opened the door and came in. As soon as he entered the door, he reported the good news: “My luck is very good today! I won a lot of money!”

“Huh? Won money? Mu Gen, did you go to the casino to try your luck too?” Boss Tony was stunned: Unlike Olivia, Mu Gen was not interested in gambling at first glance.

“How much did you win? Can it be more than Oli? Little Oli won a lot of money by gambling today.” Boss Tony smiled and reported an amount.

Mu Gen also reported a number.

“囧!!!!” Hearing this number, the eyes of all the humans present almost fell out: He really won more than Olivia!

“Today I met an uncle beggar on the side of the road. I gave him two coins and he took me to the casino…” Putting the two heavy suitcases and a thin card on the table, Mu Gen recounted his adventure this afternoon.

After listening to him, everyone was silent.

“Little Oli, I think, you’re not favored by the God of Fortune, but by little Mu Gen.” Boss John looked at the stunned Olivia.

“Little Mu Gen must have bet on your number so you won.” Boss Joe nodded.

“From now on, you can play mahjong with us at home and forget about gambling.” Boss Canaan glanced at him.

“Huh?” The response from the crowd left Mu Gen at a total loss, scratching his head and smiling stupidly.


The pleasant trip was over, and a day later, they boarded the spacecraft for the return journey.

“I asked about the leaves of the World Tree at a high-end pharmacy in Baluni.” Sitting with the two children, Mrs. Bayati revealed what she had gained in the past few days: “It’s said that the leaves of the World Tree cannot be preserved and will quickly decompose in the air soon after falling off. In the end, nothing is left, which is why we haven’t seen a fallen leaf of the World Tree in Ainilala.”

“However, thankfully you have put on this used bandage. The saliva of those mutant guinea fowls is the best way to preserve the composition of the World Tree leaves. You have made a great discovery!” Since getting this bandage, Mrs. Bayati had devoted herself to studying the leaves of the World Tree. After inquiring from several underground pharmacies, she was ecstatic when she finally found useful information! For her, this is the biggest gain of this trip.

“It’s a pity that we didn’t get the seeds of the World Tree!” Thinking of the seeds under the World Tree, Olivia felt it’s a pity.

“Our yard doesn’t have such a big place for Mr. World Tree to live in.” MU Gen shook his head.

“The money we won this time can buy a bigger place, right? Big Horn’s working environment is too bad, can we improve it?” Olivia made a new suggestion.

“Okay.” This time, Mu Gen didn’t reject him.


With bronzed skin, the owners of the Idoli Commercial Street returned to their own territory.

Although a safety device was used, they actually didn’t have much hope for it. Virtue is one foot tall, the devil ten foot. Every year, when traveling, there are always some small thieves patronizing their place. Fortunately, the valuable things are put in the bank in advance and it’s okay even if the little things at home are stolen.

“…last year, the underwear I forgot to collect was stolen. If you have fewer family members, the underwear shouldn’t be stolen a lot.” Granny Maria carried a huge box and walked in front (←the trophies purchased during travel, Granny Maria insisted on not letting the young people help), and she used her experience to comfort the new Mu Gen family.

While she was talking, Boss Tony turned off the defensive device and the familiar street immediately appeared in front of them.


Where is this place? It’s not familiar at all, ahhhh!!!!

The street is still that street, but it looks completely different from before they left: The neat streets are overgrown with weeds and the small bonsais in the courtyard have grown into big trees. Have they really been away for only 20 days? Why does this scene look like they’ve been away for 20 years!

The Bosses were dumbfounded.

They walked into their store cautiously and before long, screams appeared in the street one after another.

“Thief! There’s a thief in my store!”

“Someone fainted from hunger in my store!”

“I found the underwear I lost last year!!!!!!”

Granny Maria’s voice was the loudest.

After seeing her, the panty thief, who was still lingering, blinked and then fainted.

This year’s trip was very successful, not to mention a pleasant trip, everyone’s home also achieved zero stolen rate for the first time. The thieves were knocked down, their noses and faces were swollen and they were lying in various shops. Without eating or drinking, for the first time, they prayed that they’d be discovered earlier. The thief in Mu Gen’s house had it the worst. After stealing many things, he got hungry, so he took a bun from the refrigerator, and…

Then there is no more.


The heroes who caught the thief was finally discovered.

Hearing the voice of their owner, the one-horned beasts timidly poked their big heads out of the backyard. Compared to the other timid beasts, Big Horn’s performance was much more straightforward. He hit the door directly and ran to Dad’s side!

There was even another person in its mouth.

Putting that person at Dad’s feet, Big Horn took credit.

“Moo~~” Daddy~ this man secretly looked at our water meter, so I caught him!

And so, the most unlucky water meter checker in history, after missing for nearly a week, was finally found dying.

When the masters left, the one-horned beasts united and worked hard, carefully guarding the commercial street every day and taking care of the flowers and plants along the way. All the vegetation in the commercial street has been carefully “cared for” by them.

“Moo!” The flowers are very big!

In the world of the one-horned beasts, big is good, so they felt very proud of the overly luxuriant flowers and plants outside!

 ̄▽ ̄

The lawn had grown into a primeval forest, almost too big…

Idoli had to spend a week to mow the lawn and flowers again, but they didn’t waste the cut flowers and grass. All were sent to the backyard of Mu Gen’s house for these little heroes as snacks.

After mowing the lawn, Olivia drank the last packet of medicine. With the various small gifts that Mu Gen prepared for him to distribute to his classmates, Olivia returned to school with Mengmeng and Big Horn.

The author has something to say:

The kids are about to grow up

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TINA V4C145: Seven and Thirteen
TINA V5C147: Time Passed By

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