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TINA V5C148: Ladyfingers (Answer Time)

“Oli, the family business is good, especially the powder business. The income from selling powder has surpassed that of steamed buns in recent months…

Ash laid the first egg and gave it to me, however, Big White saw it and then took it to incubate.

Speaking of Big White, Oli, please help me. Big White is too fat. There’s no rooster on Bailu Star that matches its size. At this age, it can’t find a target and can’t lay eggs, so it just steals other people’s eggs to incubate. First Uncle has become anxious recently.”

Sitting at the table in the kitchen, Mu Gen wrote a letter from home about the things Oli didn’t know.

As usual, the letter contained trivial matters. Ash is one of the two oldest one-horned beasts and the color of its horns was a bit mottled, looking grey and white. Five years later, it reached the age of being able to lay eggs and had laid its first egg last week, but had no intention of incubating it. Ash was very happy the day it laid eggs, and its mate——Big Flower (there’s a flower birthmark on its b*tt, hence the name) yelled for a long time and finally called over Mu Gen. The couple shyly pushed over the egg they had just laid: Tsk! Still steaming!

Ash will not incubate the eggs since one-horned beasts never had the habit of hatching eggs when they were in barren star. They will lay eggs as they walked and at most, they’d bury their eggs in the sand. Whether the egg can survive is pure luck.

The young couple can’t incubate the egg, but…Mu Gen can’t either 囧! Holding the freshly baked egg, Mu Gen froze for a long time and finally brought the egg back to the bedroom and covered it with a quilt but this is not a solution. After thinking about it, Mu Gen decided to order an automated incubator online.

His original intention was to buy a machine similar to an egg incubator, but much larger than that. After a search, the door to a new world opened to him:

The incubators that fit the size he wants are all for humans!

The humans in this world are not only viviparous, dinosaur people, bird people….many humans lay eggs. Nowadays, it’s not the farmer who buys incubators, but novice parents!

Dazzled by all kinds of incubators, and after careful comparison with Sigma, they finally ordered the most cost-effective one. The special machine to incubate eggs can be delivered tomorrow morning and if he chose, he could get it on the same day.

Just when Mu Gen breathed a sigh of relief, Big White sneaked in.

Big White is the big white chicken that the World Tree gave them back then. Every day at Mu Gen’s house, it’d grab food with the Crescent Dragons and now, it has grown fatter!

The sneaky Big White ran in and the next moment, it jumped on the bed. When Mu Gen realized what it was doing, it was already firmly in its nest.

There was only one thought left in Mu Gen’s mind: Uh…the incubator was bought for nothing.

However, as a good young man who’s hardworking and thrifty, Mu Gen quickly figured out a use for the incubator, so he continued to write in his letter to Olivia:

“…Big White volunteered to incubate the egg, so the previous incubator was bought for nothing, but I thought about it. Oli, you’re going to lay eggs sooner or later so you don’t have to buy an incubator then! I bought a luxurious egg incubator that can incubate two eggs at a time, so you can lay two eggs at a time!”

Without thinking about how Olivia would react when he saw this passage, Mu Gen continued to write about the family’s trivial matters. Finally, he asked Olivia one thing:

“Boss Booney’s great-grandson Dada will go to the Imperial Military Academy this year and he arrived earlier than the reported date. The accommodation fee for Hengtian Star is too expensive and it’s said there’s no hotel near the Academy. Boss Booney is a bit worried. Isn’t your dormitory very big? Can you arrange a room for Dada to stay in for two days? After school starts, you have to take care of Dada.

PS: Pay attention to your teeth since you’re about to change teeth. The snacks this time are from our last class, and we used a lot of sugar!

Mu Gen”

After writing a long letter about home, Mu Gen turned his head and glanced at Sigma: “Sigma, do you have anything you want to deliver?”

Sigma paused, then took out a small box from his pocket and handed it to Mu Gen.

“Okay, I’ll send it to Oli together.” Without opening the box, Mu Gen put it together with the letter.

Now that it’s more and more convenient to send letters, before he knew it, Mu Gen and Olivia are now in their seventh grade. The Disciplinary Inspection Team of the Imperial Military Academy was placed under Olivia’s jurisdiction as early as a year ago. Now, Mu Gen’s letters can be sent directly to Olivia without any inspection. However, Mu Gen didn’t write too much and kept the frequency within a reasonable range. Every time he sent a letter, he would send some delicious pastries. These things might be the famous specialties of Bailu Star, the products from the old stores in Idoli Commercial Street, or the practice products made by Mu Gen and his classmates…

The last one has the least value and the least taste, but he didn’t expect that: The third type——the practice work of Mu Gen and his classmates are the most popular!

Nonsense! The sweet snacks made by the little cuties in the Cooking Department of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy are an irresistible temptation for the bachelors of the Imperial Military Academy!

Chief Olivia has a fiancee at the Imperial Comprehensive Academy!

His fiancee is the chairman of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy’s Cooking Department!

His fiancee often sends delicious food to Chief Olivia!

The fiancee not only sends some to Chief Olivia but also some other delicious ones!

If Chief Olivia can’t eat it, he will share his fiancee’s work with his underlings——

Oh oh oh oh oh~ Chief Olivia, you are such a good person!

As early as a few years ago, because he still sent food every time he sent a letter, in places that Mu Gen didn’t know, he was already a celebrity in the Imperial Military Academy.

The misunderstanding deepened year by year and by the fifth year, Mu Gen’s identity in the rumors was circulated as “Chief Olivia’s fiancee”.

Olivia should be aware of this rumor, but he didn’t deny it and never revealed a single word to Mu Gen. From the time when he could write a reply in the third year, he started to place orders. Probably because he thought he’s not that good, although Mu Gen wants Olivia to taste the food he cooks, he’s not very confident. So he dared mix it with the works of everyone in the class and sent them together. However, no matter how he hides it, Olivia can immediately recognize what he made and every time, he’d only eat the snacks from the neighbor’s stores in Idoli Commercial Street and the food made by Mu Gen. Olivia never touched the other things and he didn’t waste these gifts either. To his people, Olivia is a generous person, so he distributed the rest. These foods that Olivia doesn’t like are extremely popular in the Imperial Military Academy! At every chief meeting, there will be chiefs of other grades who’d take the initiative to ask Olivia for these handmade snacks and it would be even better if they could know the people who made the snacks.

 ̄▽ ̄

Mu Gen didn’t know all of this.

His starting point is very simple: I just want to share it with Oli. Just as when First Uncle prepares food for me, he’d prepare more each time for me and my friends to share with. Mu Gen learned a lot so every time he sent a parcel to Oli, he will prepare an extra one which he took for granted. He wanted to eat delicious food with Oli and make him share it with others so that they will take care of Oli, more consciously or unconsciously——that’s what Mu Gen thought.

When sending gifts to Olivia, he would not forget Dean Argos. Although there’s no need to send letters through him now, Mu Gen still communicates with him on time to send gifts. Even the powder produced at home has been sent to the other party several times. Dean Argos soon sent a large order to their family and there were other orders one after another. This was an unexpected gain.

“Okay, sent the letter.” After packing the items to be sent, Mu Gen handed it to the courier and stopped by Boss Booney’s car repair shop. After revealing that Oli would take care of his grandson, Boss Booney was pleased and thanked Mu Gen.

The way Boss Booney expressed gratitude——

“Call your dad over and I’ll overhaul all the body parts for him! I’ll even give him a layer of new engine oil!”

Repairing cars and repairing robots come to the same end in different ways. Uncle Booney’s car repair technology is first-class and everyone knew this; However, his skills in repairing robots are more powerful, and only Mu Gen and the robots at home knew this.

“You take this bottle of engine oil. I newly developed this one. Little Oli’s Mengmeng also needs this so you can send it to him next time.” Finally, Boss Booney handed him a large bottle of engine oil.

“Thank you!” Mu Gen smiled and agreed.


With a green light all the way, Mu Gen sent the package this morning and Olivia received it at noon the next day.

It’s customary to pick out Boss Tony’s cake and Mu Gen’s snacks, then Olivia gave the rest to Todd.

“Big Horn.” Standing in the yard, Olivia smiled and gave a soft cry.

With a heavy roar, Big Horn ran out from the back of the yard.

Today’s Big Horn is almost twice his original size! The lower jaw is short and wide, the limbs are strong, and with the thick armor on the neck, it looks fierce!

Unfortunately, the horn still didn’t grow——looking at where a big horn should have grown long ago, Olivia’s sight immediately moved away.

Reaching out, Olivia placed a strawberry dessert in his palm.

Seeing this, Big Horn was so happy that it immediately stretched out its mouth. With a quick lick of its thick tongue, Olivia’s palm was empty.

“Moo!” Big Horn yelled happily.

“En, it’s the strawberry snack from Grandpa Tony, Big Horn’s favorite.”

“Moo!” Big Horn yelled again.

“…en, Mama sent it.” Holding back a smile, Olivia touched Big Horn, then turned and left. Before leaving, he left all the strawberry desserts for Big Horn.

Big Horn laid down disappointingly and took a deep breath of the strawberry dessert’s sweet aroma in front of him, then began to sparingly eat them one by one.

Over the past five years, Mu Gen’s changes weren’t that significant. As a human being on Earth, his height was fixed after 18 years old. The fixed frame is about 1.9 meters and he’d never grow again. Although his muscles are slightly thicker, still, the figure of an Ancient Asian is not strong enough.

But the changes in Olivia were earth-shaking!

He’s now tall! In the dinosaur’s eyes, his height is not particularly high, but since he’s at a young age, he will continue to grow; The dull, silvery-white hair when he was a teenager now looks closer to blond, silky and shiny, and kept tidy every day; Due to his skeleton frame, his figure didn’t look strong, however, it’s powerful enough. Only when he took off his uniform will people see those strong and beautiful muscles and anyone who saw that scene will never doubt the explosive power contained in those muscles!

However, Olivia rarely took off his uniform. His uniform is always neat, his shirt tied to the top button, the cuffs never rolled up, the tie is tied meticulously, and the shoes polished brightly. This made Olivia look elegant and gentle at all times. No one could have imagined that the four-time close combat champion of the Imperial Military Academy was such an elegant guy!

Closing the door and sitting in a chair in the study, Olivia carefully read Mu Gen’s letter. When Mu Gen mentioned the incubator, the young Chief who smiled gracefully at all times had an extremely strange expression on his face.

“Kantas can only lay one egg at a time. Most dinosaurs also lay just one egg. Mu Gen, you were deceived…” Mu Gen bought the two-egg incubator most likely because it’s more cost-effective, but he didn’t know that most dinosaurs now only lay one egg. Most likely, the two-egg incubator was a design error, expensive, and has no market.

The smile on the corner of his mouth grew bigger and bigger, and finally, Olivia laughed.

He also got a new toothbrush and toothpaste. Touching the new toothbrush, Olivia’s bad mood suddenly softened, and thinking of Mu Gen’s request, he looked at his watch then decided to go on his own.

The author has something to say:

Olivia is night, dark enough to swallow all light;

And Mu Gen is the moon at night, because of his existence, the night is not so dark;

Because of that, other stars are shining amidst the dark.

Not like the sun shining to cover all other stars, Mu Gen is Olivia’s moon.


This is the meaning of the name in the previous volume.

TINA V4C146: Vacation Is Over
TINA V5C148: Ladyfingers (Answer Time)

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