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After explaining to Mengmeng that there will be guests coming to stay for a few days, Mengmeng was handed the task of cleaning up the rooms. Olivia then arranged his appearance in the mirror, and after confirming that he looked fine, he went out.

He was going to drive. After getting his driver’s license two years ago, the family bought a hover car and gave it to him. It was from a popular brand and was loved by young people. Considering that Olivia is from a military academy, Alpha set the color to a low-key black and made large-scale modifications inside. Boss Booney personally manipulated the original parts of this car, so there’s more than meets the eye in this ordinary car!

Alpha just thought that since the kids have a driver’s license, they should have a car and the hover car was not expensive. They didn’t know that the Imperial Military Academy didn’t allow students to have private cars in the Academy. Olivia, who received the gift, wrote to tell Mu Gen that he liked the car very much but said nothing else. Don’t know what method he used but a month later, he successfully obtained a license for his car and a few days ago, he also put a military academy license on the car. In this way, the seemingly ordinary car was actually very unusual: The two accessories, the car license and the military academy license plates are more laborious than buying a car. What’s more, these two are things that most people don’t necessarily get no matter how much money they spent.

This car is usually parked in Olivia’s yard and although there’s usually no chance to drive it, as long as he’s resting, he will scrub the car clean and the energy tank will always be full, so this car is always clean and ready to be driven out at any time.

“Goodbye, Big Horn.” Smiling and saying goodbye to Big Horn who was still holding the last piece of strawberry dessert in the yard, Olivia drove out.

The black civilian hover car galloped along the Imperial Military Academy’s road. Although the color was low-key, anyone could see the difference at a glance, but every student who saw this car looked up.

The only one in school一一the owner of a non-military hover car is the Chief of the seventh grade一一this is something that everyone knew. Good looking, outstanding intellect, a force value that defies common sense. After the first-grade students moved up, they’d always elect this Chief. In the next five years, the students of the other years were stupefied. Every year, the Chief election is passed with unanimous votes, and there’s no change regardless of their year. This Chief has excellent evaluations both among students and among professors. This year is his last year in the Imperial Military Academy. After graduation, he will officially become an Imperial Soldier. It’s not difficult to imagine that it wouldn’t be long before the Chief can soar to the sky一一

Under the envious and awed gazes of the students, the black hover car drove out of the Imperial Military Academy’s gates.

Mu Gen’s letter arrived a bit late and it arrived this afternoon, so Olivia didn’t delay his departure from the Academy for a moment, arriving at the port just 40 minutes before Dada’s spacecraft.

Olivia parked the car in the military parking lot and a sleek small car was parked in a row of serious and rigid military vehicles. It looked conspicuous, but Olivia didn’t care. He parked the car and walked straight to the port.

This year’s freshmen had already arrived one after another. Before the reporting time, the Academy wouldn’t arrange a place for them. Knowing this, most freshmen still chose to arrive early and step on the spot where the Academy is located in advance, so that they’re less likely to make mistakes when reporting.

But in this way, the Hengtian Star’s hotels are in short supply.

It’s a military star itself, so Hengtian Star only has two hotels and it’s located very far from the Academy. Even so, the hotel rooms are still in short supply and it usually takes two months to book a room. Dada wanted to save money, so he didn’t order it, but he didn’t know: No room can be booked at this time no matter how much money you spend!

Most of the children in the Imperial Military Academy came from families with senior military officers and their ancestors had graduated here for generations, so they naturally knew this rule. They’d either book a room in advance with their privileges or arrive on the same day as the reporting day…in short, a child like Dada who came two days in advance and did not book a room was obviously a child with no background.

Olivia arrived early and before the next spacecraft arrived so only the staff are coming and going in the port. Seeing Olivia wearing the Imperial Military Academy’s uniform, they couldn’t help but glance a few more times. When they noticed his dark gold tie, their eyes became even more awed.

The dark gold tie can only be worn by the Chiefs of the Imperial Military Academy. An influential person in the future一一in most people’s minds, this is almost an identity.

So, while Olivia was waiting, there was even a staff member who brought him a cup of tea.

“Thank you.” Smiling and accepting the other’s kindness, Olivia took the teacup.

“Are you here to pick up someone?” The Chief was approachable, so the staff felt flattered. Unable to hold back, he said a few more words to the other party.

“En, picking up children from relatives.” Every year when he went home, he’d travel with his neighbors in the commercial street. A few years have passed and everyone in Idoli Commercial Street is now very familiar with Olivia. Dada also met him. One year when they were traveling, he was taken by Boss Booney.

A small country bumpkin tyrannosaurus with a runny nose and very fond of Sigma一一this is Olivia’s impression of him.

Olivia’s impression of Dada was quite good, mostly because he entangled Sigma. That’s why he and Mu Gen can go to many places together, so on a certain level, Olivia likes that little tyrannosaurus.

However, that kid actually applied for the Imperial Military Academy. This is something Olivia didn’t expect. Generally, only children with military backgrounds in the family are eligible to apply.

Thinking of the inscrutable neighbors in Idoli, Olivia stopped thinking about this question.

“…that kid is so lucky to have a good brother like you!” While Olivia was reminiscing, the port staff was still talking. After asking about the spacecraft Olivia was waiting for, he connected to the system: “The spacecraft will arrive in 20 minutes. This flight will arrive five minutes earlier so don’t go away.”

“Thank you for the reminder, I will wait here.” Nodding slightly to express his gratitude, Olivia stopped talking.

When he stopped speaking, the aura around him instantly became cold. Glancing at Olivia’s cuff, the staff said goodbye then left.

Without drinking the tea, Olivia put the teacup on the chair next to him. After sitting quietly for a while, he suddenly frowned.

He took out a small stick-like object from his pocket and Olivia gently put it in his mouth.

This is a ladyfinger made by Mu Gen himself.

It’s called a ladyfinger, but in fact, it’s only as thick as an antique match. It’s very thin and can’t be seen even if it’s hidden in a stiff uniform pocket. Knowing that Olivia has been training hard and was often hungry during training but couldn’t eat, Mu Gen sent him a lot of ladyfingers, which were thinner and shorter than ordinary ladyfingers. It’s more suitable to be hidden in the uniform and he can eat one when hungry, the instructor wouldn’t see it at all!

When he sent a letter home last time, Olivia specifically asked Mu Gen to send some ladyfingers over. Sure enough, he received a lot of ladyfingers this time. Mu Gen thought that he requested this because of doubling the training, but he didn’t know that Olivia’s purpose was not for training at all, but teeth grinding.

That’s right, teeth, grinding.

 ̄▽ ̄

Olivia often had toothaches this past year. That’s fine but what’s more unbearable was the itching. The feeling of his sore gums made him unable to sleep well for days. Later, Mengmeng reminded him that he should be changing teeth.

Changing teeth…

What a cruel sign of puberty!

In short, due to changing teeth, Olivia can’t eat, until one day, he ate a ladyfinger sent by Mu Gen during training.

The moment the cookie entered his mouth, his eyes widened!

The teeth…no longer itched?!

He bites again in disbelief and with a clicking sound, the teeth itching problem that had plagued Olivia for a long time disappeared!

The extremely hard Mu Gen’s special ladyfingers are actually a weapon against the changing teeth period——after discovering this, Olivia would gnaw on a ladyfinger as long as his teeth were uncomfortable, and immediately, there’d be no discomfort! It’s more useful than the dentist’s office in the Academy!

Since then, Mu Gen’s ladyfingers have become small snacks that Olivia has to have every time~

After eating five small biscuits, the spacecraft finally docked at the port. Standing up, Olivia searched for his memory of Dada among the passers-by but Dada found him first.

“Big Brother Oli!” Hearing someone call his name, Olivia turned around. When he saw the person calling for him, he frowned.

There were two teenagers.

The same big bag and a small bag and the same height, who called him?

But without waiting for him to think further, the two teenagers ran over while dragging their luggage. One of the teenagers is red-haired with some freckles on his nose. This look immediately conformed with the little tyrannosaurus in his memory so Olivia smiled at him.

“Have a cup of tea?” He handed the red-haired boy the teacup that the staff gave him.

“En! I’m sitting at the back and it’s not convenient to go to the toilet, so I dared not drink water all the way. I almost died of thirst!” Taking the teacup, the red-haired boy drank the water.

While he was drinking, Olivia smiled and took one of his luggage. Holding it in his hand, his gaze turned to the other stranger beside Dada.

“Dada, this is…” Olivia asked.

“Don’t call me Dada! My name is Darren Well. Dani is fine, but not Dada…” Muttering in a low voice, Dada quickly answered Olivia’s question when he saw the teenager next to him:

“He is Joel, a freshman who came to the Imperial Military Academy to report from a country planet like me. We happened to be sitting together.”

“Oh.” With a smile, Olivia glanced at Dada. “You’re tired, right? Say goodbye to your little friend since we’re leaving.”

Hearing what he said, Dada showed a look of embarrassment, and Joel next to him also blushed. His mouth opened and closed but he didn’t say a word for a long time. Finally, Dada plucked up the courage to tell Olivia:

“Big Brother Oli, Joel didn’t book a hotel and I found out that the hotels are booked off on the way. Can you take him in for two days? Like when you took me in.”

After speaking, Dada’s face was also a little red. He knew that this request was a bit selfish. After all, Big Brother Oli didn’t know Joel at all.

Olivia glanced at Dada, then at Joel, who was blushing and a little uncomfortable, the corners of his mouth were slightly raised for a while:

“Okay, you two come with me.”

Carrying Dada’s luggage, Olivia walked to the parking lot with the two children. After putting the two’s luggage in the storage compartment, he returned to the Academy with the two children.

The author has something to say:

一半几,yībàn jǐ and niunaikaka made simulation questions for everyone

The question is too difficult so the author is joining in the fun. So the top three who answered all the questions correctly might have a mystery prize!

You can follow the topic under 一半几.


Part 1, multiple-choice questions:

1. The male mermaid who likes to become a floating corpse in the sea has a big appetite and suffers from Canilla disease. His hair color is:

A. Golden Yellow

B. Water Blue

C. Pink

2. The various nutrient solutions and milk paste that the local tyrant gray-haired fat Prunguli eats every day, excluded:

A. Prahimi

B. Bromo Turtle

C. JiaoJiao Fruit Smoothie

3. Sithili Rho Nashkiel, who is very old and gentle, has gold and silver eyes and loves to raise cubs in captivity. There are a total of game rooms in various places that rely on private financial support:

A. 362

B. 372

C. 382

4. The shop owned by Boss Joe, who has amnesia and planted bone trees in the eastern hemisphere in his early years to propose to Colonel Rosswell:

A. Vegetable Shop

B. Dessert Shop

C. Pharmacy

5. 2448~2700 are the exclusive floors of the World Tree Paradise Hotel in Ainalala. Who lived with Mengmeng:

A. Alpha

B. Sigma

C. Epsilon

6. The location and shape of the birthmark found by little Mu Gen, who injured his left arm when he fell off the World Tree and was found by little Mu Gen:

A. Left hip, round

B. Left hip, hat shape

C. Right hip, hat shape.

7. The ancient recipe from Mu Gen’s hometown planet that helped chick Oli grow his hair smoothly is:

A. Walnut oil

B. Sunflower oil

C. Safflower Oil

8. Breeder of the 1432 guinea fowls in Ainilala’s World Tree after the planet exploded, Mr. □□, another name on his tattoo is:

A. Dola

B. Dolai

C. Dora

9. Little Mu Gen, who invested in the beggar Uncle Fan Lun to participate in the One Man Game, took a few free drinks in the casino:

A. one cup

B. two cups

C. three cups


Part 2, Fill in the blanks.

1. The average age of grandparents of the Idoli tour group is _____ years old.

2. There are a total of _____ planets in the Murdore Galaxy, which are divided into four categories according to different sightseeing purposes—— _____, _____, _____, _____.

3. After the consultation with the Mu Gen family, if the robot attendant was hired in the future, it’ll be given _____ times its current salary.

4. In the pseudo-Dori (the land of the mermaid), the legend that the golden mermaid represented _____; the pink mermaid represented _____.

5. Miss Maria wants _____’s signature.

6. Granny Maria is Miss Maria’s _____.

7. Miss Maria bought _____ sets of swimsuits over. In their days in Doli, she decided to show _____ sets of swimsuits every day.

8. In Ainilala, when the Alphabet Series Robots searched and rescued the missing little Mu Gen and Oli, Beta was blown away by the wind _____ times.

9. The size of the giant white chicken that was mistakenly regarded as a “God” by Mu Gen and the others, was later given to Mu Gen by the World Tree was _____ times the size of the small white balls.

Supplementary question: If it were not for Alpha’s ban on Robot A, what foods would the big white chicken turn into under Robot A’s plan?


Part 3, True or False.

1. Is Argos the first to accept Mu Gen’s bribe?

2. Is Professor Kurno of the three-headed clan of the Cooking Department have two males and one female head?

3. Was the horn on Big Horn broken by Paulo?

4. Is Domra, who was picked up by little Mu Gen as reserve food during the long-distance race, a brontosaurus?

5. Is the rank of the chief instructor of the military training, Fraffetal, the same as Yolan?

6. Is the green tie of the Imperial Military Academy the color worn by ordinary students?

7. Is the Imperial National Defense Academy the second place in the physical competition in the first round of the league?

8. Did Avery learn perfect block in the 806th round out of 1029 matches?

9. Did little Mu gen reject Lord Marshal’s plan to be his disciple?


Part 4, short answer questions.

1. Write the genealogy of little Mu Gen’s family.

2. What games did the parents tell little Mu Gen to finish.

3. Name little Mu Gen’s gains in the ghost ship adventure.

4. The full text of the poem titled “Armor of Love” by Oli.

5. Which item did little Mu Gen score 100 points during the entrance exam.

6. Little Mu Gen gave Sigma how many thighs and buttocks were made from the bones of the Crescent Dragon.

7. In the military training commendation party, what was little Mu Gen and chick Oli awarded separately aside from the gold medal of “Guardian of the Empire”.

8. Oli’s foot sizes.

9. What are the gifts that Oli brought home to his family during the holiday.

Food supplementary question: Name the 5 most impressive foods.

TINA V5C147: Time Passed By
TINA V5C149: Irrelevant Person

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