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Boss Booney’s trade skills were passed on to his grandson but Boss Booney’s grandson was unwilling to grab business with his grandfather when he grew up, so when looking for shop addresses on other planets, he met Dada’s mother and finally settled on a very remote country planet.

Dada grew up in an honest environment and had a gentle and cheerful personality. Moreover, he likes carrots the most. Such a child doesn’t look like a carnivorous dinosaur but he’s indeed a little tyrannosaurus with sharp teeth and sharp claws.

Dada was obviously more interested in Olivia’s car and stopped talking as soon as he entered. He carefully looked at the various parts, closing his eyes from time to time, as if listening to the sound of the engine. Even when Olivia spoke to him, he did not answer. On the contrary, the little boy named Joel answered a lot of questions for him. When Olivia asked Dada a few questions, the other party would answer. Olivia kept on smiling in the driver’s seat.

“You guys don’t look like you just met on the road! You’re like good friends who had been together for many years.”

“We talked a lot on the way…” Joel smiled shyly.

Dada’s attention was all on the car, so the conversation was mainly between Olivia and Joel. Olivia and Joel talked and laughed. On the contrary, Dada seemed to be the third party.

“We’re almost at the Academy.” Just as Dada was checking the rear door, Olivia reminded him. As the car windows slowly floated up, only then did he converge a bit.

This kid is very similar to his grandfather. He has a natural love for driving tools and when he plunged in, he couldn’t take care of himself at all——Knowing Boss Booney well, Olivia understood Dada’s behavior.

But Joel apologized in a low voice: “Sorry, Dada just came out of the countryside so it feels like a novelty to be in the spacecraft, not to mention a hover car…”

“No need to apologize.” With no ups and downs in the tone, Olivia was still very pleasant.

When entering the gate of the Academy, Olivia handed the admission notice from the two children for the guard to scan. After the other party confirmed it, the black hover car entered the Academy unimpeded all the way. The two freshmen in the back seat were attracted to the scenery inside. The inside of the car was quiet and the quiet gasps from the rear seat from time to time became the only sound.

“We’ve arrived.” The car drove into the parking space behind the dormitory building. Olivia shut off the hover car and signaled the two people in the back seat to get out.

“Wow——” As soon as he got out of the car, Joel was stunned. Looking at the spacious courtyard and the beautiful white dormitory building, he was stunned: “The dormitories in the Imperial Military Academy are so beautiful!”

“The accommodation conditions are okay.” While Joel sighed, Dada had already taken down his luggage. Olivia took a backpack from him and while carrying it, he was ready to take them to their rooms.

“Moo——” Early in the morning, it heard the sound of its Dad’s car, so Big Horn happily ran over. Seeing the two strangers, it glanced at Dada, then sniffed at Dada.

“Big Horn! A gift for you!” He had seen Big Horn before at Mu Gen’s house. Although Big Horn is now three times fatter than when he last saw him, Dada still recognized it at a glance and took out a carrot from his luggage, which was the gift he especially brought for Big Horn.

“(¬_¬)” This is the person who always sends unpalatable things to him…Big Horn, who hates carrots, immediately recognized Dada. It glanced at Dada disgustingly, then at its Dad. Big Horn reluctantly bit the carrot in Dada’s hand.

Then Big Horn saw Joel.

“Big Horn is raised by Big Brother Oli.” Seeing that Joel was a little overwhelmed, Dada explained.

“Haha…as expected of Big Brother Oli’s pet, it looks so…so beautiful!” Joel stammered: “Why didn’t you tell me in advance, I didn’t prepare a gift for it…hehe…”

“It’s time for us to enter.” Touching Big Horn’s nose, Olivia picked up Dada’s luggage and walked inside. Dada and Joel hurried to keep up with their large bags of luggage.

“There’s unexpectedly one more person so I’ll just let Mengmeng prepare another one.” Standing at the door of the guest room on the first floor, Olivia was embarrassed.

“It’s okay, it’s already great to have a place to live!” Dada said happily: “This room is more spacious than my bedroom back home!”

“I’m also grateful.” Joel also expressed his sincere thanks to Olivia.

“You guys rest, I’ll let Mengmeng call you for dinner.” Smiling, Olivia was about to leave when he suddenly turned his head: “If you’re not tired, Dada, look for me at night. I haven’t seen you for many years so I want to talk to you.”

“Okay.” With an exuberant promise, Dada watched Olivia leave and began to put away his luggage.

“…” Joel didn’t immediately unpack his luggage and opened the window instead. He looked outside and there was a strange shimmer in his eyes.

So when Dada went to play with Olivia in the evening, he brought an extra, Joel.

But when Dada pushed the door in, he found out: Aside from Olivia, there are many people he hadn’t seen before.

After a moment of being dumbfounded and before Dada could react, Joel behind him spoke first: “Big Brother Oli, I can’t sleep at night, so I came over with Dada to play with you.”

This sentence was very skillful. At first glance, it seems that Olivia invited Joel and Dada was the incidental one.

Olivia didn’t care as he asked Mengmeng to prepare another snack and tea to put in front of Joel.

“This is a special snack from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, right? My father and I had the honor to taste it once when we went to see the Marshal. It’s said to be the work of the Marshal’s wife.” A red-haired young man picked up a snack with a smile while mentioning the Marshal. Joel was taken aback and barely suppressed his accelerating heartbeat. Joel noticed that his tie was also dark gold, but it’s not as neat as Olivia’s. His tie hung loosely around his neck, looking very casual.

Not only him but all the ties of everyone present were dark gold.

“Yes, Mrs. Marshal is the head of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy’s Cooking Department. These snacks are all taught by him.” Olivia smiled: “He’s been studying the recipes of all kinds of biscuits recently. I don’t like sweets much, so I invited you all to come and share some.”

As soon as these words came out, the smiles on the faces of all those wearing dark gold ties grew stronger: The head of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy’s Cooking Department is the Marshal’s wife, and the seventh-grade chairman is Olivia’s fiancee. The “he” here must be Chief Olivia’s fiancee.

Almost everyone in the Imperial Military Academy knew: Olivia is very blessed, his fiancee got tutored by the Marshal’s wife and the desserts were very delicious.

“He also sent me good tea, a special one from Bailu Star. It’s been a long time since I saw Comoran’s tea ceremony. Today, I can feast my eyes and also drink it.” Smiling while sitting on the bamboo mat, Olivia pushed a small bottle of tea leaves from the side to the third seat on the table.

Comoran——the fifth-grade chief of the Imperial Military Academy. Compared to his enviable mecha operation, he’s prouder of his ancient tea ceremony skills.

Comoran bent the corner of his mouth with restraint, leaned forward for a while then moved the teapot over. He opened it and sniffed it lightly, then the Chief, who had been holding the pot, slightly widened his eyes. In the following time, he treated the pot of tea more carefully.

The tea room where Olivia entertains guests looked antiquated with the flowers and trees outside the window and Comoran performing the elegant tea ceremony. It made people feel like they’ve traveled back to the exotic tea country in ancient times!

The Imperial Military Academy has a Chief for each grade. Although these chiefs are only in charge of the affairs in their own grade, they also meet regularly, starting from the day of enrollment. Their fate is inseparable and it didn’t matter even if they graduate. They will meet again sooner or later after entering the military, so friendship should be cultivated in the Academy.

Today’s world is peaceful and on days when there aren’t too many battles, soldiers pay more attention to communication, especially communication between colleagues. These teenagers from military families were ordered by their elders from a very young age and the Military Academy was their first class to learn this subject.

Today is their usual meeting and they saw Olivia bring two little guys over. The chiefs immediately understood what he meant: He’s about to graduate and he has a younger generation that needs to be taken care of.

The second-grade chief right now has also been led by the seventh-grade chief senior to attend the Chief’s gathering. He was originally the beneficiary of this rule.

Every Chief has support from seniors from the shadows, which isn’t that strange. Olivia, the head of the seventh grade, did not have a background, but when it comes to controlling the students in his grade, no one can match him. It’s not obvious on the surface, but in fact, the chiefs of the other grades are secretly learning his style.

What’s more, this Chief also has a good relationship with the Imperial Comprehensive Academy! This, this, this——

Must have a good relationship with him!

Olivia’s tea party is the most popular, but he easily refuses to host the tea party. Now, just for a freshman in the first grade, the Chiefs of all grades are specially invited over, which shows that he really values this freshman.

However, two freshmen arrived, so which one is it?

“…when did Big Brother Mu Gen make biscuits this delicious?” Biting the biscuit in his hand, Dada tilted his head: “It tastes so soft.”

“If it tastes delicious, eat more. This time, he sent me a little more because of you.” Olivia said, handing him a cup of tea.

Seeing his actions, the other chiefs were surprised: Seems like it’s this person.

Without realizing the identity of the guests present, Dada was very happy to chat with the older brothers. Without concealing his identity as someone from a countryside planet, he asked a few funny questions to keep the conversation going. In the end, the chiefs really liked this new kid.

Joel also tried to talk to the other people but fearing that he would show too much “countryside planet” behavior, he had been cowering. He tried to interrupt several times but he couldn’t get in. Fortunately, Dada did not forget him and said a few words to him from time to time, but he was a little perfunctory.

The tea party ended successfully.

He said goodbye to the guests with Olivia, ignoring Joel, who was still staring at the door. Olivia turned and walked into the house and with a weird smile, Dada stuck to him.

“Big Brother Oli, you lied! Big Brother Mu Gen didn’t make those snacks at all, you made it!”

With the corners of his mouth slightly bent and not caring that he’s exposed, Olivia continued to move: “Then do you want to have a snack made by Big Brother Mu Gen?”

“…” Dada thought for a while, then shook his head honestly: “I don’t want to.”

“That’s not enough.”

“While the school hadn’t started, hurry up and write a letter saying that you’ve settled down. I’ll send it for you later.” Olivia exhorted him.

“Okay.” As they went back and forth, the barriers of not seeing each other for a few years disappeared a lot. Dada nodded, and immediately went back to write a letter.

Two days ago, Olivia gave the two freshmen a brief introduction on what to note during his free time. Two days later, after being admitted, Dada and Joel moved out of Olivia’s bedroom.

But the two teenagers were not separated.

With Olivia’s care, Dada’s roommates are very good. Dada’s personality is also good, and he soon became acquainted with his roommates and rarely bothered Olivia: However, Joel was very grateful for Olivia’s previous help. Even after moving to the freshman dormitory, he still went to contact Olivia from time to time. He’s often absent from group activities, so much so that when it came time for the military training, he still didn’t know much about his classmates.

Then, when they came back from military training, Olivia didn’t see Joel anymore.

However, he didn’t pay attention to this matter. He’s in seventh grade and he has more important things to do.

He’s going for an internship. Too many legions ran out to give him olive branches so he needed to think carefully.

At the same time, in Bailu Star.

“You’re all going for an internship.” Standing on the podium with a smile, Professor Kurno told everyone: “I am very glad that most of the students have been accepted to the internship unit they want to go to, except for one classmate.”

He paused and all three heads looked in one direction at the same time:

“Chairman Mu Gen, please be sure to find an internship unit within one month. You are not allowed to practice in your bun shop, otherwise, you will not be able to graduate!”

Mu Gen: 囧!!!!

The author has something to say:

The delicious snacks are made by Oli himself!

To protect his fiancee’s reputation, chick Oli worked hard ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

PS: Announced the results of the simulation questions (thanks to 一半几)

The 9th question is a sub-question. Because the question has been changed, no matter whether it’s right or wrong, it’s considered right! The top three results after simplified short answer questions are:

First Place: 夜色(13:52:30)

Second Place: 巳一(05:19:39)???

Third Place: 宁~(13:47:42)

The above three + 一半几 + niunaikaka, please PM me in the author’s mailing address on Weibo! Please take a screenshot to prove your JJ identity!

The others on the list also worked very hard, and I’ll send a participation price!

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TINA V5C148: Ladyfingers (Answer Time)
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