TINA V5C150: Got a job!

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Everyone in the classroom instantly focused on Mu Gen.

Mu Gen opened his mouth and was about to say something——

“The shops opened by relatives, friends, and classmates are not good and places you visited for social practice classes in the past few years are also not allowed.” Staring at him, Professor Kurno continued.

Then Mu Gen closed his mouth.

The mouths of the students around him also closed.

Just like how the students of the Imperial Military Academy will be sent to military camps for formal military training after reaching the fourth grade, the students of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy’s Cooking Department also have the social practice course assessment from the fourth grade. The so-called social practice class is a simple internship. In the beginning, the Academy will arrange practice units for them, and by the fifth grade, the students need to find the receiving unit by themselves.

The ultimate goal of schools is to teach students certain life skills. In the future, these students can use this skill to find jobs and become self-reliant people from then on, so finding a job on their own is the best way to test their homework!

In the past few years, Mu Gen’s social practice course went well thanks to the neighbors of Idoli Commercial Street. At the risk of their brands being smashed, they bravely accepted Mu Gen. Fortunately, the previous practice class lasted only two weeks at the longest…

However, the practice class in seventh grade is different. The most important course in the seventh grade is the social integration course. Write a perfect resume yourself, learn how to interview, find an internship receiving unit, learn from their seniors in the internship unit, and try to integrate into that company’s small society…

These are things that can’t be learned in class, nor can they be experienced in just two weeks of practical lessons.

The ultimate goal of the social practice classes is to allow the students to stay in the unit through internships and finally find a job that can support them when they graduate!

Like his classmates, Mu Gen wrote a very detailed resume with the help of his uncles. Boss Tony helped him take pictures and photoshopped them. Miss Maria also designed a very beautiful way to open and read his resume (← electronic resume). Mu Gen’s resume is perfect and the young man looks energetic. The resume photos are particularly brilliant and he’s also the chairman of a department in a famous school! It’s a pity that people are very careful and modern resumes must be accompanied by detailed exam results over the years. These results cut Mu Gen’s prospects in half orz.

The scores of his major courses must be listed on the resume and the minor credits are hidden. Employers choose according to their needs, and Mu Gen’s appalling professional course results are exposed to all examiners!

However, the Academy has very strict requirements on social practice units. The number of chefs, their level, the number of diners received each day…etc, all the units that meet these criteria, Mu Gen submitted his resume, but it’s a pity that little Mu Gen never received an interview invitation!

Dobby looked at Mu Gen a little worriedly. A week ago, a well-known restaurant chain in the Empire——”Sky Restaurant” admitted him. He returned to the Academy today to stamp the internship agreement. After that, he will report to one of the restaurant branches in a while.

Mu Gen envied him very much.

“It’s okay, there’s one month left so I’ll submit my resume again.” The always cheerful youth rarely showed a frustrated look. From childhood to adulthood, Mu Gen least wanted to disappoint his family, but in his studies, he repeatedly disappointed his family…

“Chairman…” In the past five years, the once simple and honest boy Dobby has grown into a youthful Dobby of 2.5 meters! Strong and tall, anyone who saw Dobby will never think that he’s a chef! But Dobby is indeed a qualified first-class vegetarian cook in the sixth grade. He’s an outstanding student in the Cooking Department of the Comprehensive Academy.

“I’ll give you my resume posting form, with all the format and posting address on it. Chairman, please replace my resume with yours and send it again!” A petite and lovely female student also came over.

“I’ll also give my release form to Chairman!”

“Chairman, just copy my resume!”

“…I’ll go to the interview for you?”



Everyone was scrambling to help Mu Gen think of a way, and then——

“If it doesn’t work, Chairman, you can repeat one year. I will work hard after graduation and bribe the personnel of the work unit. I will definitely let you in through the back door next year!”

Everyone stared dumbfoundedly at the last person who slapped their chest. Surrounded by a group of classmates, Mu Gen finally laughed.

“Thank you all!”

Mu Gen quickly changed his mood from “only one month” to “one month left”.

As always, after helping the Department Chief clean the office, when Mu Gen was about to leave, he was suddenly stopped.

The humble-looking smiling man…

“…Department Chief?” Mu Gen bowed immediately.

“Regarding your internship unit, I want to hear about your next plan.” Mr. Department Chief smiled.

“I…” Mu Gen scratched his head: “My classmates gave me their placement form and I plan to revise my resume and try again…”

“I’ve seen your delivery form. Most of them are restaurants of well-known catering groups in the Empire!”

“…uh…” Wanting to go to a well-known restaurant to learn more is the dream of most students in the Bridal Academy’s Cooking Department.

“How about in the future? Where do you want to work in the future?” Gently looking at Mu Gen, the Department Chief encouraged him.

Lifting his eyes and taking a look at the Department Chief, Mu Gen then lowered his head:

“I, I want to stay in school.”

Hearing that, the other professors who overheard the conversation almost collapsed: It’s not enough to poison us for seven years, he still wants to poison us forever!!! Also——

With the Imperial Comprehensive Academy’s level, staying in school has the highest entry standard ah!

Only the best students can fight for minimal opportunities to stay in school. In other words, all those who can be professors in the Comprehensive Academy are true.super.scholars!

Mu Gen lowered his head. He also knew that his ideal was infinitely close to a dream. Raising his head, he was ready to see the surprised look on the Department Chief, who knew it was completely different from what he thought: The Department Chief still looked at him kindly, full of encouragement.

“It’s great to stay in school! The salary is high, the working hours are relatively ideal, and there are holidays. This job is very helpful when forming a family in the future, and the pension issues are also guaranteed.”

Department Chief analyzed the profession of staying in school from a professional perspective!

“You’re also very suitable to be a teacher. You’re good at discovering the advantages of others, patient, and full of love. You are the most suitable student for the profession of teacher that I have ever seen, so I support your plan.”

Raising his head in surprise, Mu Gen didn’t speak for a long while at that smiling gaze.

“But, but I can’t even find an internship unit…” Mu Gen whispered.

“Thinking about the problem from another angle will make it much better.” The Department Chief continued: “If you can’t find a job——there are times when you really can’t find a job among the units posted in the Academy’s bulletin boards. However, other places also need people, but no poster came because everyone had never thought that they needed people. Therefore, relatively few resumes are sent out, so you need to find these jobs.”

Mu Gen was stunned.

“There is such a place, you know. A place where the chefs are very good and their levels are high. The location is huge, and there’s an endless stream of diners every day…this kind of place will not recruit from the public, but it still needs people. Think about it, what is this place?”

The army canteen——the Department Chief is gently guiding Mu Gen to notice this undiscovered resume placement location.

He really likes Mu Gen. Since Mu Gen can’t find a job, he tried to help him get into the logistics department of the army. The diners there talk loudly and they’re easy to feed so their stomachs could hold out. A weak cook can’t survive there but Mu Gen is a strong and cheerful boy. With his great strength, the Department Chief has long felt that he’s very suitable for military canteens.

“I understand!” Thinking of the answer, Mu Gen’s eyes shone brightly!

“Thank you!” Gratefully bowing to the gathered professors, Mu Gen then happily ran out~

Then, a week later, the Department Chief received little Mu Gen’s application for an internship agreement stamp on his desk.

“Huh? Why there?” Looking at the name of the internship unit, the Department Chief was stunned.

But it’s also a good choice~

This kid is so smart.

Not troubling over the problem for long, the Department Chief smiled and stamped on it. After sealing, he put the agreement on the side of processed documents. At the internship unit agreement, an official seal that was very close to the official seal of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy was stamped, and the signature stated:

“Imperial Military Academy——Canteen 3.”

Yes, after listening to the advice of the Department Chief, Mu Gen immediately acted!

High-level chef, many diners, big place——he immediately thought of a school cafeteria!

 ̄▽ ̄

Imperial Comprehensive Academy students are not allowed to practice in Bailu Star, so the Academy’s cafeteria can’t be considered. Aside from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, the Academy that Mu Gen is most familiar with is the Imperial Military Academy!

Oli is there! And also the kind Mr. Argos!

Mu Gen immediately wrote a letter to said gentleman and after getting an affirmative answer, Mu Gen immediately sent his resume to the Imperial Military Academy’s…cafeteria department and was inexplicably admitted.

There wasn’t even an interview, so Mu Gen was a bit regretful. But now, he can’t be picky so he quickly got it stamped and Mu Gen began to pack his luggage: This internship will last for nine months! It’s the first time he’d be away from home for such a long time, so he had to arrange everything at home before he was relieved.

After learning that Mu Gen finally found an internship unit, the family held a small celebration. Dad and uncles also jointly gave him a suit and handed Sigma the same suit style since Sigma will go with him.

“Strive to stay in school!” After saying that, Uncle Alpha retreated.

“I will work hard!!!!” Wearing the brand-new suit and carrying a precious agreement with two official seals, Mu Gen lead Sigma to bid farewell to their family.

Bye now! Bailu Star! I will come back!

As well as…

“Oli, I’m coming!”

With a big smile on his face, Mu Gen happily looked out of the spacecraft.

TINA V5C149: Irrelevant Person
TINA V5C151: Green Vegetables and Uncle Roroya

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