TINA V5C152: Canteen No. 3

TINA V5C151: Green Vegetables and Uncle Roroya
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The chef with the tall hat froze while pinching his beard.

Just now, he expressed dissatisfaction with the intern in front of everyone, but not only did he arrive early, but he also helped do so many things and finally brought the most important green vegetables.

“Sigma’s flower, from Uncle Roroya to Sigma.” Just when he didn’t know what to do next, Sigma spoke mechanically (←the green vegetable was like a blooming flower so Sigma always treats it as a flower). At this moment, a middle-aged man in the uniform of a military school chef ran from outside while sweating profusely.

“Mr. Ronan, I borrowed two green vegetables from Canteen 7!” Finding that there’s not enough vegetables long ago, and it was too late to buy some, this person went to the other canteens to borrow vegetables!

“Ahem——” With a cough, the chef with the tall hat graciously snatched the green vegetables from the man’s hand and stuffed it into Sigma’s hand.

“Not as big as the two before.” At a glance, Sigma scanned it and showed the difference in quality.

“Uh ahem——” The tall hat chef coughed again: “Go back and put it in some water in a basin!”

Screen flickering, Sigma held the two vegetables in his arms (←the tortoise dinosaur rested on his head) and accepted it.

However, Sigma interrupted so much that it’s hard for the tall hat chef to continue talking to Mu Gen, so he beckoned Mu Gen to the corner. As soon as the youth moved, the robot who was holding the vegetables and a violent tortoise dinosaur also walked over. Chef Ronan was stunned: Huh? The robot was too fluent in answering just now that he didn’t even realize that he bargained with a robot.

Hmph! Dean Argos said that the child most likely belonged to a rich family so it’s not surprising that there’s a highly intelligent robot!

Ordering the others to continue cooking, Chef Ronan took the paper from Mu Gen and confirmed the two seals on it: After confirming that the seal of Canteen No. 3 of the Imperial Military Academy and the seal from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy’s Cooking Department were real, he returned the form to Mu Gen.

Then, without a word, Chef Ronan circled Mu Gen. Realizing that he was being reviewed by the leader, Mu Gen stood up nervously. Although he wasn’t from the military school, he still remembered the military posture trained in the military training many years ago. Standing in the same posture back then, the young man looked as tall and straight as the Lorcas tree in Baita Star. He’s thin but in good shape, with broad shoulders and narrow hips. The two legs are particularly long, and the suit fit him well, looking very good.

“Too skinny, can you even hold a kitchen knife?” Squeezing Mu Gen’s arm and poking his back, Chef Ronan became fussy. “Our kitchen knife is different from the general kitchen knife. There is no high-tech material to reduce the weight and to cut into tons of meat and vegetables every day, the kitchen knives we use are very heavy!”

No wonder he’s skeptical of Mu Gen’s physique. The human races that have survived to the present are very “sturdy”. The students of the Imperial Military Academy are mostly dinosaurs, so their bodies are particularly tall and strong. Used to seeing muscular people of the same kind, Mu Gen’s figure might be strong among Earthlings, but it can only be described as thin here.

“I will work hard.” Seeing the kitchen knife used by the chefs here for a while now, Mu Gen gulped.

“Start as an apprentice. Go, today, you’re responsible for Window 2 to sell meals to the students.” He glanced at Mu Gen’s small body disgustingly, then glanced at Sigma behind him: “The robot is not allowed to help. Let him go to Laura for the key to your room and put your luggage in.”

Sigma’s screen flickered and Mu Gen knew it was a sympathetic look. Carefully waving to Sigma, Mu Gen followed Chef Ronan to the closest closet and took the smallest apprentice outfit then this old man waved him away.

The smallest apprentice outfit here is still several sizes larger than Mu Gen so he had to roll up the sleeves and trousers. Fortunately, there’s an apron outside so tying the apron, his waist was defined and it didn’t look like he stole these clothes anymore. Looking at his appearance in the mirror one last time, Mu Gen ran to the other chefs. Saying the task that Chef Ronan assigned him, someone immediately pointed to the cauldron on the table.

It was a large pot with a diameter of one meter and a depth of about 1.5 meters, full of green rice, and is now widely used by human beings to eat!

The pot was hot and heavy and no one wanted to help.

Taking a look at the cauldron, Mu Gen first confirmed the location of Window 2. Finding the place to put the pot, he found two large towels that no one used, then pulled a small trolley that he suspected was used to transport vegetables from the side. After making all these preparations. Mu Gen then wrapped the towels he found on his hands and bent down. He picked up the cauldron vigorously and placed it on the trolley.

Using the trolley, he pulled the cauldron to Window 2 then placed it in the special place it was supposed to go. After Mu Gen put the towel and trolley back in place, a student was already standing in front of Window 2.

Before he could wipe his sweat, Mu Gen took the lunch tray that the other party handed over. Raising a bright smile, he said loudly: “How much do you want?”


Each cafeteria of the Academy has its legends:

Legend has it that Canteen 1 of the Imperial Military Academy was the very first canteen. The canteen building also maintained the basic structure of the first generation, so eating here, you can feel the long history and campus culture of the Imperial Military Academy;

Legend has it that in Canteen 2, there’s a hard-shelled fruit mixed with earth dragon meat. Emperor Louis the Great once ate here and praised this snack. From then on, students from the Imperial Military Academy will come to Canteen 2 to order a piece of hard-shelled fruit mixed with earth dragon meat;

Canteen 4 of the Imperial Military Academy is remote and hidden. The yard is full of beautiful sunset flowers and the students with a little taste are happy to come here to enjoy the flowers and have a meal;




Eight of the nine canteens have distinctive characteristics. According to their preferences, students went to the various canteens to eat.

And here we introduce Canteen 3 of the Imperial Military Academy: As one of the nine canteens, Canteen 3 is the least popular. The building has been here for a long time but it’s not an ancient building. Time has brought no value except for being worn-out; no celebrity ate here, and no celebrities ever praised a certain food here; the location is also not very good, just beside the playground of the Imperial Military Academy. Occassionally, a ball would break the glass and come in, not to mention breaking a window, a student would even have a ball on their food…

It’s said that Canteen 3 was first established to accept wounded veterans who couldn’t continue to join the army, and the people who were not needed in the other canteens were thrown here. Then there are all kinds of people who came in through the back door so that when this group of people got together, the characteristic of the meals in Canteen No. 3 becomes:

Es,pe,cial,ly un,pa,la,ta,ble.

Every day, only the students who can’t get a seat in other canteens for various reasons come to eat here. It has been rated as the least popular canteen every year and this is the current situation of Mu Gen’s internship unit.

But Mu Gen didn’t know this and Olivia didn’t mention Canteen 3 to him either——he had never been there! On the contrary, he had mentioned Canteen 1 and Canteen 2 several times.

Since he was a child selling buns for his family, Mu Gen naturally knew that he had to smile and greet people in business. As a result, when the small face appeared above the steaming green rice pot, Mu Gen showed a super bright smile at the student.

The student in front of Window 2 was stunned.

He, can he say that he came to the wrong window?

He’s not interested in these green rice at all. The dishes in Canteen 3 is unpalatable enough but these green rice are especially unpalatable!

However, Mu Gan has already taken his tray and looked at him intently with big black eyes. The fourth-year student found: Today, it’s not the uncle who is standing at the window but a very young youth.

He is so small! My tray was so big, is it hard for him to hold? He also had such a big rice spoon in the other hand and it looks very heavy…

His smile looks so cute~

“This green rice has just come out of the pot, so it’s still steaming and delicious. People who usually love meat must eat more green rice, which can help improve the nutritional structure and balance your sugar intake, making you feel more vigorous and energetic!” Being proficient in the effects of various ingredients, Mu Gen immediately said the benefits of eating green rice to the customer.

“I, I, I want a big serving!” Stuttering, the student immediately changed his mind and ordered a big pot of green rice which he usually didn’t like eating. His friends behind him were stunned: This guy is a serious carnivorous dinosaur who usually doesn’t eat a grain of rice!

“Today is my first day of internship so you are my first customer, I will give you more!” With a smile, Mu Gen deliberately gave him a little more, almost filling the lunch box. Appropriately give something more to the guests, this is what the neighbors of Idoli taught him a long time ago.

“T-thank you!” The fourth-grade carnivorous dinosaur student blushed and took the full lunch box. He took a deep breath of the rice: Really, fragrant, ah!

Anyway, there were no other guests in line, so Mu Gen said a few more words to his customer: “Eating green rice is too light. Do you exercise a lot every day? You should also eat more meat. The saucy pigeon neck meat served at Window 5 is very good today. The sauce on green rice is simply a must! When you buy it, you can ask the chef in Window 5 to pour an extra spoonful of the sauce on the rice.” Those foods are delicious and healthy when matched together. This is also the knowledge that Mu Gen must learn every day. As early as when he’s helping out, he noticed all the dishes today so he strongly recommended this dish to the student who bought green rice.

“Ah…o-okay, I’ll buy it now…” Confused, he bought a large serving of green rice and was planning to go to other canteens to try his luck and buy some meat dishes. But now, the fourth-grader had no choice but to accept Mu Gen’s suggestion again.

“Enjoy your meal.” Mu Gen smiled and said goodbye to his first customer.

Since this fourth-year student had his heart to eat here, several of his companions had no choice and stayed here with him. At his strong request, several companions also went to Mu Gen to buy green rice. Just like him, several companions also received a large lunch box of green rice and Mu Gen’s brilliant smile. Upon Mu Gen’s suggestion, they also bought dishes from other windows.

Carrying a full tray, everyone’s expressions was very subtle.

It’s like…being caught by a devil.

However, the little master’s smile is so beautiful~ The green rice that he sells is also delicious. They never thought it’s delicious before and don’t want to match it with the dishes he suggested. It’s already good by itself!

Don’t know if he has male or female friends——several students blushed and their hearts beat faster.

The chef at Window 4 found that business was exceptionally good today: The dishes that were usually unsalable and could only be processed into nutrient solutions in the end were sold out! He yelled in surprise and then realized that he was not the first one to sell out. Window 5 was sold out a long time ago. In the past, it could not be sold out every time and could only be made into green rice porridge. The next morning, the green rice was actually sold out!

With no reason to be found, it can only be attributed to the fact that more students came to eat today than usual.

However, everyone was very happy today: As a chef, it’s always pleasant for something you made to be eaten.

Then, their business was still good the next morning. More people came at noon and even more in the evening.

What’s going on——all the chefs found something was wrong.

Then, they finally noticed the source of this phenomenon: Intern at Window 2.

Mu Gen was too busy these two days to find Olivia, so he could only wait for Olivia to come and find him after seeing his letter.

Before leaving, Mu Gen sent Olivia a letter telling him that he had found an internship at the Imperial Military Academy. According to the process, this letter should reach Olivia within 2~4 days after being mailed. Thinking that Oli had almost received his letter, Mu Gen put all his mind on the internship.

He was right, the letter happened to be lying in Olivia’s hands right now.

“Chief, where would you like to eat today?” Todd softly asked.

Chief Olivia likes to eat in the canteen so to ensure that the Chief can eat whatever he wants, Todd arranged the whole grade to go to the canteens early to occupy seats.

Whichever cafeteria Chief Olivia wants to eat in, the seventh graders will go to that cafeteria collectively. They had done this since second grade and this is the most powerful seat-occupying group in the Imperial Military Academy!

Fortunately, Chief Olivia had high tastes so they could always eat delicious food with the Chief~

“Canteen 3, I’ll go there first!” Folding the letter into his pocket, Olivia immediately set off for Canteen 3, which he’d never been to.

Once he learned that Mu Gen is so close to him, Olivia could no longer hold back!

The author has something to say:

See you soon

Translator’s Notes:

So nutrient solutions are made from leftover food. I didn’t know that.

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