TINA V5C151: Green Vegetables and Uncle Roroya

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Mu Gen, who had a good biological clock, woke up on time and crawled out a green leaf. He scratched his head and looked out the window: It’s still dark.

But the spacecraft had stopped.

He moved Sigma, who was still off and blocking the suitcase in front of him, to a relatively empty position under the window. Mu Gen then cautiously jumped out of the pile of green plants.

Uh——you heard it right, green plants.

And it’s not just any plant, it’s the kind that can be eaten!

Unlike Bailu Star, Hengtian Star where the Imperial Military Academy is located is a military planet through and through. Since it’s a military planet, the course of the spacecraft to Hengtian Star is strictly controlled. Every year when school starts and during holidays, routes will be opened. But in normal times, no civilian spacecraft is allowed to go to Hengtian Star!

After getting the admission agreement, Mu Gen, who was happily packing his luggage, was about to buy a ferry ticket when he found out: What if there are no flights at all?

Mu Gen was dumbfounded.

But he soon thought of a solution: It’s great to live in a commercial street. Aside from a large number of customers, the commercial street also has more delivery people! Although Mu Gen’s family shop was basically self-sufficient in raw materials, it’ll always sell out, right?

Mu Gen, who had been helping with the family’s work, dialed the communicators of several cargo ship owners who often came to Idoli to deliver goods. He soon found out that someone would come to Bailu Star to deliver goods in two days, and that they would deliver goods in Hengtian Star.

Therefore, without spending a penny, Mu Gen solved the transportation problem of himself and Sigma.

“Uncle Roroya, are you unloading? May I help you?” Standing among a pile of green vegetables, he found the spacecraft owner Roroya loading out the green vegetables in the cargo hold. Mu Gen took off his suit jacket, rolled up his sleeves, and jumped off the spacecraft.

The man Mu Gen called Uncle Roroya is an unusually strong man with very tall stature and an extremely broad chest. His developed muscles are fully exposed and there’s a hideous scar running through half his face, which made him unable to look like a good person at all.

He’s more like a star thief than a star delivery man.

But his family grows vegetables and these greens are the specialty of his home planet. This kind of green vegetables are grown all over their planet, and when the surrounding market is saturated and it can no longer be sold, the young Roroya became an interstellar delivery man, trying to sell his own vegetables to more distant planets. Mu Gen met him when he first came out to sell his vegetables and that was also the first year Mu Gen came to Bailu Star.

Roroya, who was unable to sell the spacecraft full of vegetables, was very frustrated. At that moment, he met little Mu Gen, who was out shopping for vegetables. Not only did he buy a large basket, but little Mu Gen, who happened to be out on a weekend, also took Roroya to visit his neighbors one by one. Roroya’s vegetables are cheap and taste good, so they’re favored by Boss Joe and Boss Komi. After signing two big orders, the two bosses introduced him to a few big customers, and Roroya’s green vegetable business has soared since then.

Mu Gen’s steamed buns were first delivered to other planets through Roroya’s spacecraft and then the delivery business with the other stores in Idoli gradually increased. Aside from selling vegetables, Roroya also launched a sideline business of delivering food which he didn’t expect in the beginning.

“You’re awake? Great, come and help!” His relationship with Mu Gen was very good so Uncle Roroya casually waved at him. After beckoning, he also smiled at the person next to the shopkeeper who was watching him unload: “This is a nephew of mine, don’t be fooled by him being thin, he’s very strong!”

The boss with a fox-like awl face glanced at Mu Gen, who was carrying two large baskets of vegetables without changing color. Turning his eyes, his thin eyes narrowed with a smile: “Truly from your family, they’re all powerful. What, will he pick up your business in the future?”

Roroya glanced at him with contempt: “My nephew is a high-achieving student in the Imperial Comprehensive Academy’s Cooking Department! He’ll stay in school in the future! How can he do this kind of business?”

His voice was loud and these words happened to be heard by the young Mu Gen passing by.

“I’m not a high-achieving student..” After hurriedly explaining with a few words, Mu Gen hurried back to the spacecraft to continue unloading the vegetables.

This night, they stopped by a total of three planets. On the way, two spacecrafts also bought two baskets of vegetables. To help unload the goods, Mu Gen hardly slept all night. However, Roroya didn’t force him to go to sleep, but carefully introduced him to his customers when he helped.

“If you encounter trouble in the future, you can ask them for help,” Roroya said so.

Accepting his kindness, Mu Gen smiled and nodded.

Fortunately, there were only a few of them this evening, and after sending them all, Mu Gen slept for two hours before arriving at Hengtian Star.

Holding the vegetable with the fullest moisture and the greenest leaves (← Uncle Roroya sent it), Mu Gen stood on Hengtian Star. The same as him, Sigma is also holding a large vegetable in his arms (← Uncle Roroya knew this is Mu Gen’s brother ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿). Wearing matching brother-style suits, the two looked silly.

“Oli is still in class, so it’s not good to disturb him.” Mu Gen looked at the time.

Sigma nodded.

Being able to get this internship was all thanks to Dean Argos, and Mu Gen is embarrassed to continue troubling the other party, so the brothers had to rely on themselves.

The boarding time passed and the port was very empty. Since this is a military star, they naturally can’t get a taxi when they walked out of the port. Besides, there is no public transportation on this planet…

Fortunately, Mu Gen and Sigma both run to school every day and never take public transportation!

Positioning the front entrance of the Imperial Military Academy, Sigma quickly worked out the nearest route, then, the brothers ran all the way——each holding a vegetable.

As we all know, ports are built generally far from the city center, and the same is true for the port in Hengtian Star. Even though they found the shortest way to reach their destination, the distance from the port to the Imperial Military Academy was still much longer than the longest distance during military training!

Not to mention that due to some reasons, many lands of Hengtian Star have not been developed at all, and the original landforms are completely preserved, there are even primitive beasts in these areas. One of the many military training programs in the lower grades of the Imperial Military Academy is to span the land outside the Academy!

Therefore, at this moment, the students of the Imperial Military Academy, who are training hard on these lands, had a very strange experience:

A second-year student who is undergoing long-distance swimming training in area A and out of breath: Ah! Where did this man and robot come from? They swam so fast!

A third-year student who is fighting against a violent tortoise dinosaur in area B and injured: Ah! No way! I’m going to lose! Goodbye! Mom——huh? Huh!! Instructor! What should I do if the tortoise dinosaur I’m battling is knocked out and taken away!!!!

A fourth-year student who was climbing hard on the desert cliff in area C was in a trance and heard: Let me borrow your rope and use it, huh? Are you not feeling well? Do you want me to take you to the infirmary?


When a fifth-year student who was doing a weight-bearing long-distance race in area S was about to reach the endpoint for the first time, he found two figures running past him like a gust of wind. More than that, their load was obviously heavier than his: One of them carried a violent tortoise dinosaur on his head, while the other was carrying a man on his back!

All the students: Mothereffer! Who the hell is this?

 ̄▽ ̄

Actually, this is just the two brothers, Sigma and Mu Gen, who took a shortcut~ Don’t underestimate the distance from Idoli Commercial Street to the Imperial Comprehensive Academy. You might not be able to tell from the time, but this distance is comparable to the long-distance running of ordinary military academies in their morning exercise. Little Mu Gen, who often carries Sigma to and from school, has great obstacle race ability~

The Mu Gen brothers in the port with their neat suits looked like country bumpkins at best, however, after a three-hour obstacle course, the two brothers looked like refugees.

After tidying up their suits at the door, Mu Gen and Sigma finally stood at the gates of the Imperial Military Academy.

It’s completely different from the spacious and open gate of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy. The gate of the Imperial Military Academy is dark, and not even a gate in the ordinary sense, but a complete optical defense shield! The defensive shield towers reached the zenith and at the bottom…though he can’t see it, Mu Gen could bet that the defensive device below must be equally tight.

The admission letter with the official seals of the Imperial Military Academy and the Imperial Comprehensive Academy was handed to the guard at the door. The other party took it after a long time and confirmed it for a long time before opening the “door” to let Mu Gen in. The student rescued on the road and a gift box of buns was then handed to the officer. Mu Gen asked the other party about the location of Canteen 3 then politely waved goodbye to the other party.

By the time Mu Gen reported, it was the busiest time of Canteen 3——the mealtime of the students was about to arrive and the seven canteens of the Imperial Military Academy are now operational!

Holding his internship agreement, Mu Gen first entered through the main entrance but was quickly coaxed out.

“The meal time hasn’t started yet! Come back in an hour!”

Blinking and holding the two vegetables (Sigma insists on carrying the tortoise dinosaur, therefore, Sigma’s vegetable was given to Mu Gen to hold), Mu Gen decided to try the back door. Then he saw a battle scene in the kitchen that he’d never seen before!

In Mu Gen’s short life, the cooks he met were like this: A well-divided quiet steamed bun processor; he had also seen the professors in the academy like that. Their every move was art, accompanied by the afternoon sunlight and sweet aroma, making elegant dishes with their soft explanation; there’s also the kind in Idoli neighborhood…

But now, he felt as if he was seeing a battlefield!

The chef wearing a tall chef hat is like a strategizing general, waving a cooking spoon. The cooks ordered by him rushed to where the cooking spoon pointed. This is the largest kitchen Mu Gen had ever seen! There are dozens of chopping boards and there’s a chef in front of almost every chopping board, cutting vegetables quickly! Dozens of stoves are turned on at the same time, and there are dozens of spatulas turning! The room was steaming hot, full of smells from various foods. Everyone was so busy that the ground was full of food waste. Several times, someone almost fell to the ground. Other than that, there’s also a lot of waste on the cooking table. Mu Gen looked at the food waste that wasn’t cleaned up and was cut, then put into other dishes by the chefs, or fried into the next pot…

Giving the crumpled suit jacket to Sigma and rolling up his sleeves, Mu Gen found the cleaning tools and began to clean the cooking tables.

Mu Gen is very smart and a very organized person. He’s very good at summarizing and organizing. This advantage is not only manifested in learning, it’s also reflected in real life. Without affecting other people’s work, he quickly cleaned up various counters, then the floor in order. In the process of cleaning up, he quickly figured out the workflow of the people around him. Although he lacks cooking talent, he has worked hard to study in the Imperial Comprehensive Academy’s Cooking Department for six years after all. He’s very clear about the production process of most dishes, so, soy sauce first, then the bay leaves, then pepper, salt, etc…he carefully put the things that they would use beside each user. The scene was chaotic so everyone didn’t notice there was an extra stranger, but many people had an idea in their hearts at the same time: So fast? Did they seem to be cooking faster today?

Once the work went well, everyone’s mood improved and many young cooks even hummed a song.

Then…then it was discovered by the “General”.

“Do things well! What song are you humming!” The white-bearded chef with the tall hat was furious while waiting: “Palari (don’t learn this kids, it’s a swear word!)! They just gave me a little boy! And still reporting so late! I must kick him out!”

Is this old man dissatisfied with the newcomer who came in through the back door?

Everyone was immediately silent.

The next second, the chef became more irritable: “What about the vegetables! Why are the vegetables gone?!”

“It’s, It’s all cooked…” Resisting the boss’ saliva, the assistant chef weakly said.

“What!!!!!” Hearing his explanation, Master Chef’s eyebrows raised: “Today, the Dean wanted to get food from our canteen, and Sir specifically wanted boiled vegetables! Didn’t you hear that I asked you to leave me two vegetables?”

The chefs wanted to cry without tears: Seems like there’s such a thing…

For a while, there was only the sound of flames burning in the kitchen. No one dared to speak out, and no one dared to move. At this moment, a thin figure suddenly emerged from behind everyone.

The master chef was about to continue breathing fire when suddenly, he saw what the man was holding in his arms…

Two green vegetables?!

The chef’s eyes widened: Full of moisture and plump leaves! This…these are two excellent green vegetables! It looks so delicious.

The fire-breathing dragon suddenly turned off and took the two green vegetables. The master chef skillfully turned the two vegetables into crisp and delicious boiled green vegetables. After making ten more dishes, he asked the people below to send these dishes to the Dean’s office and took the opportunity to rest for a while and drink a glass of water.

Phew——the little man who gave him the vegetables passed him the water. He was the one who had been cleaning up the trash just now, really considerate.

Lifting his eyelids, he glanced at the little man: “I just wanted to ask, who are you?”

With his mouth curved, the man showed a big smile along with a piece of paper.

“I am the intern Mu Gen reporting today!”

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TINA V5C150: Got a job!
TINA V5C152: Canteen No. 3

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