TINA V5C159: Devil’s Whispers

TINA V5C158: Olivia
TINA V5C160: Weird Things

Olivia walked toward the spacecraft.

Unknowingly, his steps brought the military’s peculiar rhythm. Every step was the same length, not rushed or slow. After about three minutes, he arrived below Mengmeng.

A box of eaten-up potato chips lied at Olivia’s feet.

“Is it tasty?” Looking up, Olivia asked the soldiers who were sitting inside the spacecraft, eating and drinking at the landing port.

“It’s delicious but why is there no alcohol? Mothereffer——huh?” The people inside the spacecraft thought it was their companion who was asking and complained as they ate but before finishing, the colleague standing on the landing stairs poked him. Everyone realized that the person talking to them was the newcomer who had just arrived.

In the face of many unfriendly eyes, Olivia is still smiling.

“The reason there’s no wine is naturally because…my family won’t let me drink.” When the last word was spat out and with Olivia as the center, the surrounding air suddenly seemed like a vacuum.

Something dark suddenly sprang out from under the feet of the little newcomer…


Extremely dangerous!

That man is very dangerous!

The eyes under the masks were opened as wide as possible. At this moment, everyone’s hair was standing on end!

Can’t move!

Move and you’ll be killed.

Can’t breathe either.

You’ll be killed if he heard the sound of breathing.

At this moment, everyone’s heart was clear.

If someone more knowledgeable stood here, they could probably explain the strange phenomenon in front of these soldiers:

This is the coercion of a higher-level dinosaur among the intelligent species.

According to legend, the power of a higher-level dinosaur species can kill the enemy with only their aura.

This is the inexplicable mysterious energy from their blood and genes! From ancient times, from the age when their ancestors were unable to transform into human form and hunted by instinct, the energy accumulated in their blood and genes through day after day of killing.

For example, young triceratops instinctively knew to avoid tyrannosaurs from the moment they were born, and their instinct told them that they’re terrible hunters. Even if they lost their parents at birth, they would instinctively know who were terrible enemies.

The hunter who often hunts certain prey will emit a smell over time, a smell that made the prey terrified.

A soldier vaguely realize what this fear is, but he was even more confused.

What is this guy?

They are all heavy species dinosaurs, but someone who can make them feel fear this much all at the same time…just what could it be?

He swallowed.

At last——

Some people could no longer control the fear in their hearts. This is a herbivorous dinosaur, that’s why he chose to take a green vegetable from the spacecraft, but it’s precisely because he’s a herbivorous dinosaur that the pressure he felt from the top of the ruling class was particularly unbearable.

Crack——the vegetables that the man was holding fell heavily to the ground.

Like a signal, the soldier originally standing on the landing stairs of the spacecraft woke up. When Olivia moved his gaze to the other person, wings suddenly stretched out behind him——

Leave! Leave this place—— His mind was flooded with this thought, and he flew up! However——

The pain of his wings tearing suddenly attacked him!

With a painful roar, he fell heavily to the ground.

No one could see exactly what happened just now. When everyone heard the scream, he was already heavily stepped on the ground by the recruit.

Yes, stepped on.

Unlike most people here who always have dirty, scratched, smelly shoes, the military boots stepping on this man’s wing was spotless, the mirror-finished leather had no flaws, and it was smooth, almost reflective.

“Is it tasty?” Then, the devil smiled.

Realizing that the other person was asking him this time, he was taken aback. Since his face was lightly pressed on the ground, he saw what was lying on the ground with him: A lot of snacks and fruits were scattered all over the ground, and the shape was very familiar to him because this is exactly what he took from the spacecraft to eat. When he flew away, he forgot that he was still holding it, and when he was pulled down, the snacks in his arms were scattered all over the place.

“Is it tasty?” The other person asked again and as he asked, the weight on his body increased. Hearing the sound of broken bones, the soldier didn’t dare to remain silent:

“Delicious!” As his face was squeezed to the ground, his answer was muffled.

“Eat more if it’s delicious.” Like the most hospitable host, the man gently said.

Under all eyes, the recruit released his feet pressing on the man’s wings. With his chin down slightly, he gestured to the snacks and fruits scattered on the ground with his eyes. Before he could speak, the first thing the soldier with the clearly broken wings did when he got up was to grab a fruit from the ground and desperately stuff it in his mouth.

Not caring that he picked it off the ground, not caring that his wings are broken, the soldier just desperately ate.

He was eating there while Olivia looked at him with a smile.

Seeing that the other party turned the empty snack bag upside down to show him. Olivia smiled and raised his chin. The other party hesitated but then ate the bag too.

At the same time, the audience had a sore throat.

Just when the soldier thought it was finally over, Olivia’s gentle voice sounded again:

“Don’t worry, there are more.”

Everyone’s faces instantly turned pale——

Under all their eyes, Olivia suddenly started walking. Among the many objects thrown from the spacecraft, he suddenly picked up a yellow robot.

The chubby little chicken-shaped robot was just thrown down under the mocking of the soldiers in charge of inspecting the spacecraft. Don’t know what they did, but the little chicken robot was incomplete when it was thrown down. One wing fell off, its left paw was gone, and the originally full b*tt was crushed intentionally or unintentionally after it fell off.

After fiddling with the robot in his hands, the scarred robot chicken restarted!

“Chirp!” There was a strange noise in its mouth, and the robot chicken spoke: “Olivia, you can’t just upgrade the spacecraft, this body shell also needs an upgrade.”

“Got it.” Olivia agreed with him: “Mengmeng, go to the spacecraft to get 20 packets of snacks and fruits.”

“Yes.” The robot chicken——Mengmeng, left with his single leg. He first found his left paw among the pile of objects on the ground and “pierced it” then happily took the torn-off wing and pressed it into himself. Mengmeng then happily flapped his small wings, before falling on his flat b*ttocks.

Uh——for this, he can only go back and let Olivia knock it out.

“These people are so rude! So rude!” While muttering, Mengmeng jumped onto the spacecraft.

He had two forms, a spacecraft, and a robot. As a robot, Mengmeng will put the spacecraft in his dimensional space; As the Kan Mengmeng spacecraft, he’ll put his robot body in the corner of the spacecraft. Just now, when the soldiers boarded the ship, they found the adorable chicken on the floor. They mocked him and then threw his body under the spacecraft. With the spacecraft Kan Mengmeng and the robot Mengmeng separated, the intelligent brain system cannot be connected, so Mengmeng had no choice but to watch his “corpse” outside. Knowing that Olivia used the portable brain to restart the brain transfer, the robot Mengmeng restarted.

Mengmeng didn’t know what Olivia was going to do, but as long as Olivia ordered it, he would work hard to complete it.

And so, Mengmeng quickly took down the snacks designated by Olivia. Aside from the snacks, he also grabbed the scared soldiers from the spacecraft and placed the snacks and soldiers in front of Olivia. Mengmeng then complained very angrily:

“These bad boys! They made footprints on Mengmeng’s very beautiful grass! So dirty and messy! Bad boy! All bad boys!

Mengmeng with a flat b*tt looks so weird——Olivia looked at him quietly for a while, then moved his gaze back to the winged soldier who was on the ground looking at the pile of snacks in horror.

“Don’t you like it very much? Keep eating, if it’s not enough, I have other snacks.” With the right hand supporting the left elbow and the left hand fingers gently supporting the chin, Olivia’s smile remained the same.

Though he’s smiling, there’s no temperature in his eyes. It was cold. Looking at Olivia like this, the soldier was dumbfounded and trembling. He grabbed a snack bag again and tore it open. Gritting his teeth, he continued to eat.

The sense of humiliation being watched by everyone——at first, he thought it was a punishment from the other party, but it wasn’t.

Having eaten breakfast, he just wanted to bully the newcomer, so he went to eat on the other side’s spacecraft.

He’s not hungry at all.

After eating a pack of high-calorie snacks, he’s already very full but could still support more. But then, under the other party’s line of sight, he ate the snack bag which is undoubtedly inedible but with his strong digestion, he thought he should be able to digest the bag.

However, the other party immediately placed another twenty bags of snacks in front of him.

He wiped out another bag of snacks and fruits, and he was already very full.

The soldier’s eating movements became slower and slower, feeling that his stomach pouches have fully expanded. There was already a strong sense of tightness, even a little pain——

However, he must continue to eat. The other party’s sight was firmly locked on him and there are still 16 snack bags of the same capacity in front of him!

His chewing movements became slower! He can no longer taste it and just chewed mechanically! The food seemed to have reached his throat and there’s no more place to hold the food in his mouth!

However, there are ten bags left in front of him.

An extremely painful feeling of fullness! The soldier’s tears flowed out, and snot run down his nose. However, he was still eating and even ate his own tears and snot.

Then he threw up.

“Eat your vomit also.” Then, the demon whispered in his ear again.

His complexion was so bad that all the soldiers present lost the idea of fleeing.

Then, Olivia smiled with satisfaction.

The author has something to say:

Mu Gen’s world is probably only black and white, while Oli’s world is black with shades of gray and a little bit of pure white.

He had never been fond of violent activities.

TINA V5C158: Olivia
TINA V5C160: Weird Things

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  1. I was thinking Oli was “virtuous” last chapter for mastering the zither, laughing that he’s still paying attention to Mengmeng’s butt in this situation, and then… yeah, these guys reap what they sow…

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