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Olivia didn’t choose his target casually.

Even with extreme anger, he was still very calm.

With a seemingly inadvertent glance, he counted all the soldiers around him, even paying attention to the epaulets of each soldier. A total of 20 people, most are Privates with 5 Private Second Class and only three Private First Class.

The smallest combat organization in the Imperial Military Academy is a “squad” and each “squad” has 21 standard personnel. Among them, five Private Second Class, three Private First Class, and one Captain can be deployed. In general, the Captain of a squad will be a Corporal, and soldiers promoted to Captain will also be automatically promoted to Corporal.

Olivia immediately determined: These soldiers are the smallest combat organization.

However, compared with a normal team establishment, there’s one less person. The most important Captain was missing. There are two possibilities in this case: One, the Captain wasn’t there, but this was overthrown by Olivia as soon as it appeared—— The actions of these soldiers were too unscrupulous. Even if there’s indeed a tradition in the military to haze the recruits, they’re too unbridled. Yes, “unbridled”. To so confidently grab the personal belongings of a recruit, they’re not at all worried that their leader will punish them when he comes back which is somewhat unreasonable.

So Olivia believed in the second possibility: This squad has no Captain.

The reason for not having a Captain can also be roughly divided into two types: Either the Captain died, so they’d have none; or the Captain has been promoted and the new leader hasn’t arrived yet.

After 6 years of studying at the highest institution of the Empire where each of his grades is the first in school, he’s very familiar with the development of the Empire’s ranks, their brief history, and other elective subjects. He even talked about it with Mr. Sith in their chats so for Olivia, the numerous military forces are easy to analyze.

Olivia didn’t know where the Captain is, but he could guess where the next Captain might be.

To make it easier for everyone to understand Olivia’s thoughts, a little common sense must be popularized here: The lowest rank in the Empire is a Private. Generally, soldiers will automatically become a Private after enlisting. If you make no mistakes, you’ll automatically become a Private Second Class in your second year, and under the same conditions, you’ll automatically become a Private First Class in your third year of enlistment. But to become a Corporal, you must have a certain degree of military achievements or other conditions. For example, when a squad lacks a Captain, Private First Class who are promoted to Captain will be promoted to Corporal at the same time. This situation was the most common way to obtain rank among lower-level soldiers.

And so, the most likely scenario: The Captain of this squad will be selected from the top three soldiers of the current squad.

The two soldiers who were responsible for Olivia’s physical exam were also Private First Class, but for them to be sent together to search people and not the more suspicious spacecraft, those two Private First Class seemed to be defeated.

Therefore, the Private First Class on the spacecraft should be the one among the three most likely to be promoted to Corporal and become the Captain!

He’s the current “leader” of this squad!

Olivia had no intention of cowering from this group of soldiers, nor did he intend to punish them一一defeat, yes, but not fight with them.

So catch the thieves first! He only needs to cut off their “leader”.

This judgment process seemed very long to describe, but when it occurred in Olivia’s mind, it’s only a brief moment.

Must act fast!

When Olivia smiled and walked over, he had already targeted his prey.

And so, the third Private First Class who asked the others to take the food from the spacecraft and most likely to be promoted to Corporal in the future, the pterosaur soldier laid tearfully on the ground at Olivia’s feet.

The style of a squad is the same as the style of the leader. A squad that arbitrarily snatched the personal belongings of recruits meant their leader must also be very greedy and shameless. This is how he treats the soldiers in the squad, so these soldiers have learned how to use the same method to bully people who are inferior to them.

But such a squad is very easy to conquer.

Just knock down their leader.

The most difficult to deal with is a disciplined squad, but that kind of team wouldn’t do these things.

Sitting in a chair that a soldier moved out, Olivia watched these big guys work obediently under Mengmeng’s command.

“…the grass must be leveled, the sunken ones must be lifted up and also watered.”

“…you can’t water with a cup, you must use a watering can. No watering can? Uh…”

“You’re smart! You actually know how to make a watering can by piercing the cup!”

The things thrown from the spacecraft were quickly sorted and moved back, the grass was leveled, the green vegetables replanted, and the half-eaten snacks quickly sealed and put back in the refrigerator. The music disk was also returned to the original owner. If possible, this group of soldiers wanted to vomit what they ate into the bag and stuff them back together. The empty packaging was also cleaned up. The soldiers were afraid that these things would evoke bad associations with this lord, so they forced themselves to eat the packaging bags!

However, it’s impossible to not leave any traces of what they had done. The outer casing of the music disk has a deep scratch. The snack shelf was three-quarters empty, the Mugen grass was tilted, and only one green vegetable is left…

Olivia checked the soldiers’ “fruits of labor” indifferently, then got off the spacecraft indifferently.

The soldiers tremblingly stood in a row in front of Olivia. The winged soldier with tears streaming down his face secretly vomited once. He’s still miserable but able to move, so he also stood up.

He stood in front of the row, which was the highest position among the soldiers except for the Captain.

“Does my admission letter pass the inspection? Maybe you can contact Lt. Colonel Joseph.” Because it’s the internship unit he chose, Sith and him and analyzed this internship unit in detail. He focused on analyzing the important generals of each internship location, so Olivia is very familiar with the personality of his future internship unit. In fact, Sith introduced Lt. General Michel Otter of Eustaza. As a five-star base, the highest officer here is a Lt. General, and Olivia’s admission notice was issued through this Lt. General. As a loyal subordinate of Marshal Rothsay, Mr. Sith commented very well on this Lt. General.

However, Olivia didn’t mention the name of the Lt. General but chose a Lt. Colonel with a lower rank. Compared to a Lt. General they had never seen, the Lt. Colonel has an even greater deterrence against these soldiers at the bottom!

Moreover, Lt. Colonel Joseph is the brother-in-law of Lt General Michel Otter. Of course, they wouldn’t reveal this to outsiders.

However, he always felt that something was wrong here.

Olivia slightly raised his brows.

Strip inspection has been abolished for a long time. Under the protest of the Imperial Soldiers’ Rights Protection Organization, although it’s not yet written, it has been banned in most legions. With more advanced scanning equipment, this traditional method is out of date.

However, the strip inspection method can be regarded as a kind of hazing.

But what’s with the Dark Light cannon?

The Dark Light cannon is very outdated, and the first gift he gave to Sigma many years ago——it’s from the previous era. There aren’t many squads equipped with this weapon, but Marshal Rothsay’s team is all elite. Lt. General Michel Otter’s team is even more elite, otherwise, Olivia would not choose this place as an internship unit.

After all, this is related to his future.

Olivia’s fingers lightly tapped the handle of the chair.

And then…

His hand dropped.

Under everyone’s eyes, the broken handle crumbled to the ground.

“Sorry! This chair has been used for 25 years! It’s also in disrepair! I’ll give you a new chair right away!” A tall soldier jumped out tremblingly and bowed his head. He said a lot of things and finding that Olivia didn’t object, he saluted and immediately ran back to the next room. Before long, he moved another chair out.

Olivia poked the so-called new chair. It trembled but didn’t fall apart.

The soldier who moved the chair wanted to cry without tears:

“Otherwise, you sit on me?”

After speaking, he changed to his original form. It was a giganotosaurus with a big skeleton, big eyes blinking at Olivia in horror. He flattened his tail obediently and gestured a little flatteringly so that Olivia could sit on him.

Olivia: …

“If you’re not satisfied, you can sit on me! I have more meat than him!” Seeing that Olivia didn’t mean to sit down, another soldier also jumped out. He had also turned to his original form, but now a heavy raptor.

Olivia: …

Fearing Olivia’s dissatisfaction, the soldiers scrambled to turn into their original forms. The originally empty surveillance area was instantly occupied by various dinosaurs.

Olivia was still silent, his gaze passing over every dinosaur. The dinosaurs thought he was looking for a suitable chair and looked at him with fear and expectation. As everyone knew, Olivia is actually observing their physical condition.

These guys have good physique——this is Olivia’s first impression;

These guys are not traditional soldiers——this is Olivia’s second impression.

He picked up a Dark Light cannon from the ground. Because these soldiers became dinosaurs one after another, their weapons fell to the ground. People are used to calling this weapon Dark Light gun, but the full name should be the Dark Light gun launcher. The thing filling the inside is similar to the Dark Light cannon. This kind of weapon was invented by Louis I and shocked the world for generations as soon as it came out. Later, they were successively equipped to the army and became a representative of advanced weaponry. It’s related to derivative weapons, like the low light gun, which was also welcomed.

However, after the galactic explosion, this weapon was considered unsafe, even regarded as the hidden cause of the explosion. Although the Empire didn’t affirm this theory, the number of Dark Light weapons in the military has indeed been decreasing year by year.

For Olivia, who has carefully studied the military armament list over the years, he’s very clear about this.

That’s why he thought it’s very strange. There are a total of 20 Dark Light cannon launchers here. And Olivia found a total of 360 Dark Light guns, which seriously exceeded the number of Dark Light guns that any squad could have in recent years.

Very, very strange.

Picking up a Dark Light cannon, he squinted when he saw the production date marked on it.


The author has something to say:

Olivia is bullying the soldiers, what is Mu Gen doing at this time?

Answer: Learning (harming) from the Imperial Military Academy’s Canteen 3 orz

Cooking in Canteen No. 3

Dark cuisine is not delicious? It doesn’t matter, little Mu Gen has a superpowerful spokesperson! Look, the advertisements are all ready!

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