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TINA V5C161: Brown Cloud Calendar 1223
TINA V5C163: Eustaza's Distress Signal

Olivia’s letter that was sent to the Academy’s Student Practice Management Center (referred to as the “Internship Office”) was simply checked for his arrival time to prove that he did not violate the rules. The mail sent to the Dean’s public mailbox was only used as a backup and the content was the same as the previous mail. He didn’t care when he sent the letter. Although he did encounter some things, he thought he could handle them.

On the contrary, the letter sent to Mu Gen was full of pictures and text.

This email was received through Sigma’s system. After receiving Olivia’s email, Sigma immediately opened it and the brothers carefully read the email. After reading and looking at the photos, they were relieved after confirming that Oli’s colleagues were smiling heartily.

So Mu Gen didn’t take this email seriously.

As everyone knew, at this moment, a certain department of the military has blown up: Five-star base Eustaza has not sent back any information for more than 36 hours!

They checked all the letters sent near the coordinates during this period and only one email seemed valuable. It was a report confirmation letter from a military academy intern, which briefly described the fact that he had reported on time. He also gave evidence, but at the same time, he also raised another question. That is, although he arrived at the designated location, the receiving unit is not the planned Eustaza.

After retrieving this line of text, the officers in the Information Department excitedly jumped up. Thinking that they could finally obtain information, they got together and pulled it on the light screen, then scrolled down…




Olivia Augustus”

Information Department Officers: -_-|||

The writing etiquette followed the standards of military documents where the mail should be concise while taking into account the aesthetic effect. An email with too short text obviously doesn’t look pretty, so someone invented a way to fill in the blanks with respectful greetings after the text was over.

Obviously, this student is well versed in letter-writing etiquette.

Mothereffer! If it’s not Eustaza, then what is it?!!! In any case, you have to finish explaining your experience! B@st@rd——

Taking it away after giving people hope is the worst!

The only clue was cut off in this way.

No one found out that the real clue was in the letter Olivia sent to Mu Gen.

Mu Gen’s recent internship life can be described as a fish in the water. He’s already smart, diligent and his personality blends with everyone. Now he even has two hours of free time every afternoon. Fearing that he will be bored, before Todd set off for his internship, he got him a card for the Academy’s Library, though it’s not very high-level. However, Mu Gen can go read books from now on (no download, copy, or loan function). To thank him for this gift, he also prepared something. Todd’s internship is on Taylor Star, which is not too far away and a mineral planet. After learning that the food over there is all meat and lacks vegetarian food, Mu Gen specially prepared a lot of Mugen grass seeds and other plants for Todd.

“You can grow it in your room.” This is what Mu Gen said.

Todd accepted it gratefully.

Taylor Star is only a four-star base, and the confidentiality level is not that high, so Todd can freely say his internship unit. Olivia’s internship unit is a special base with a high level of confidentiality, so not knowing where Oli would go for an internship at all, Mu Gen had to prepare everything.

On this day, Mu Gen just took a break and read Olivia’s letter again. While reading, he glanced at the library card Todd had given him.


Although Oli cannot disclose his internship location in the email, he can research it by himself~

With his top student mode triggered, Mu Gen immediately took Sigma to the library!

For several days, Mu Gen would read books in the library for two hours a day.

Don’t know how other people read their letter, but little Mu Gen read his letter very carefully. He first looked at the photo of each person. Uncle Alpha said that when you arrive at a new unit, you must first have a good relationship with your new colleagues, but sincerity is not enough, so they must find other ways to understand each other. Looking at the group photo sent by Olivia, Mu Gen decided to study the race of Oli’s new colleagues first.

He started the analysis from their dinosaur forms. However, this work encountered obstacles from the beginning:

Uh…this dinosaur…looks a lot like a brontosaurus…but it’s not the same as a brontosaurus…

Today’s brontosaurus head has a rib scale, but the brontosaurus in the photo didn’t. More than that, neither did the two adult brontosaurus, nor the two cubs.

If it’s an ordinary person, they might think that this matter is irrelevant and ignore it, but Mu Gen didn’t.

He found a detailed explanation of the brontosaurus species.

This is the Imperial Military Academy, an Academy that only admits dinosaurs, so there are all kinds of books about dinosaur research here, even more than at the Imperial Comprehensive Academy!

Mu Gen flipped through several large e-books and finally, he found a picture the same as in the photo.

It’s a kind of brontosaurus named “Aretta Brontosaurus”, which belongs to the heavy species of brontosaurus. Both stamina and strength are the best among brontosauruses, but for some reason, the last Aretta brontosaurus died about 300 years ago. After that, this kind of brontosaurus could only be included in historical data.

“Oli’s colleague: All four are Aretta brontosaurus.” Mu Gen wrote this in his notes. Since he could not borrow or copy the materials, he also drew the Aretta brontosaurus in the ebook. Although he lacked artistic cells, Mu Gen’s basic skills are still very accurate.

Then, Mu Gen discovered that three of Olivia’s colleagues are called “Bone tyrannosaurus”. Although this tyrannosaurus still exists, it’s very rare. He heard that their body is quite poor so instead of eating meat, they’re vegetarian.

But the three Bone tyrannosaurus beside Oli looked fierce? I hope they have a better temper and don’t bully Oli.

While thinking so, Mu Gen once again recorded the relevant information about the “Bone tyrannosaurus” in his notebook.

After investigating Olivia’s colleagues one by one, Mu Gen felt that Oli’s situation became more and more worrying: That squad is full of legendary and very powerful dinosaurs! The brontosaurus had the best temper among the dinosaur species but the Aretta brontosaurus is the most grumpy among their kind. Can Oli get along with his colleagues?

Mu Gen was a little worried.

After studying the identity of Oli’s colleagues, Mu Gen began to study their weapons.

Oli also took a photo of the dark light cannon. This weapon is only available in museums, so Mu Gen took a closer look and went to check the number.

This kind of research course on arms procurement is not available in the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, so he had to make up for this knowledge. He also went to observe a course on weapon numbering in the fourth grade of the Imperial Military Academy (following the students who often asks him for a meal), and Mu Gen bravely raised his paw to ask questions, finally confirming that the dark light cannon was indeed made in the Brown Cloud Calendar period, and he also received additional information: This dark light cannon is assigned to a base called “Tortland Haida”.

This is a great help for Mu Gen!

He finally knew which base Oli went for an internship!

Then, he planned to further study the matter about the Tortland Haida base.

The relevant persons in charge of the Empire’s Military Department and the Imperial Military Academy came to him at this time.

“Are you student Mu Gen?” The other party was waiting for him at the back door of the kitchen, and his first words when he saw Mu Gen was to confirm his name.

“Yes, I am.” Mu Gen nodded.

With a general understanding of military ranks, he could tell from the other party’s epaulets that he’s an officer in an important department.

“Are you the family of student Olivia Augustus?” The other party’s expression didn’t change from beginning to end as he asked another question.

“…yes.” Mu Gen seemed to be aware of something, and he nodded.

“Sorry, we need to notify you of very unfortunate news…” Sure enough, the other party’s expression became more solemn. Mu Gen’s heart thumped and he did not speak, quietly waiting for the next words of the other party.

“…Augustus’ internship unit: Eustaza was confirmed missing.” They could only say so much when it comes to confidentiality. They have notified many military family members and they have been overwhelmed by their grief along the way.

Mu Gen was stunned.

They knew that the young man in front of them was the fiancee of the missing person, and they also knew that the missing person was the Chief of the Imperial Military Academy who was about to graduate. A promising young man disappeared just like this, the three staff members felt it was a pity.

“Our condolences.” They could only comfort him like this.

“Impossible.” At this moment, they heard the young man suddenly speak.

Many family members were unable to accept the facts at the beginning and they were not surprised. They were about to continue to comfort the other, when suddenly——

“The internship unit that Oli reported to was not Eustaza, but Tortland Haida!”

Under everyone’s sympathetic gaze, Mu Gen seriously said so. To further corroborate, he also took out the letter written by Oli and his own research results based on Oli’s email.

Because of the things Mu Gen brought out, the investigation team responsible for the loss of Eustaza, boiled over again!

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TINA V5C161: Brown Cloud Calendar 1223
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