TINA V5C163: Eustaza’s Distress Signal

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The notebooks that Mu Gen handed in was about one meter high. These are all the results of his research in the past few days.

The handwriting is quite regular, looking like it’s printed; like some large research papers, the notes in these notebooks are divided into chapters. The structure is clear, the contents well-proportioned, notes are also marked between the lines that needed notes, and these notes are written in a font that’s two points smaller than the main text; there are even quoted articles at the end of each note. Those books in various languages are dizzying just by looking at the titles!

Moreover, Mu Gen also numbered these notebooks. Notebook 0 is the index and you can quickly find relevant introductions in this index according to the alphabetical order on the first few pages of the notebooks!

“This…is this really the report submitted by the guys from the Military Intelligence Service?” When the investigation team received the stack of notebooks, they were stunned!

Obviously, they weren’t the only ones shocked. When the important evidence was brought back, the investigation department, which was temporarily formed by professionals from various fields, was also shocked.

If they need evidence, they have evidence → Olivia’s email;

To analyze, there’s already an inference → little Mu Gen put forward many ideas;

To form a theory → quoting the classics and referring to many works;

Finally, there are complete and highly reliable conclusions → the last full page of little Mu Gen’s investigation report is titled “Conclusion” orz.

This report was so perfect that they only need to read the conclusion part to conclude.

They had never felt work go so smoothly!

“Is this false? It’s written by a student!” Xiao Lin, a member of the Investigation Department responsible for escorting the evidence back, said very affirmatively: “Look, this book is sold in our school supermarket! Two copies for 2 coins! I used it back then!”

“Huh? It really is…I also used it…” Several staff members of the Investigation Department also graduated from the Imperial Military Academy so they naturally recognized that their Academy supermarket has sold super slow-moving notebooks that have not been sold out for decades.

These notebooks are the most common environmentally friendly notebooks, very cheap, one copy is 2 coins, and sold in the supermarket of the Imperial Military Academy. Because the packaging was simple and the paper quality is poor, no one cared about it, but——

Such a spectacular, rigorous, and important research report is actually written in these notebooks.

Any paper is just a carrier, books are great because of human wisdom——this sentence appeared in their minds at the same time.

“It’s said that the missing person’s fiancee made it.” Investigator Xiao Lin didn’t meet Mu Gen directly, but since he was interested in such detailed notes, he got to know the one behind it a bit.

“Really…so only the fiancee can do it.” A meaningful voice rang out in the office of the Investigation Department.

Leaving jokes aside, Mu Gen’s investigation report is well-founded and very heavy. It exceeded the level of a military academy student and if he further develops some experience, he could become an excellent intelligence analyst!

“Is this report made by a student of the Information Research and Analysis Department of the Imperial Military Academy? I remember someone mention that he’s also a seventh-grader, so is he preparing for an internship?” The interim minister of this Investigation Department listened for a while and also read the report made by Mu Gen. After reading it, he also had an idea: “This student is not only a family member of the participant but has also participated in the incident. He also has the talent to work so hard, don’t know which internship unit he’s in. Our department is somewhat lacking new people, so he can be transferred to my department.”

The army never lacks newcomers, but they lack talented newcomers!

The most talented newcomer Chief of the Imperial Military Academy disappeared, but with his disappearance, they found another extremely talented young man which could provide some comfort. What’s more, this talented young man is a family member of a missing soldier. With talent and eagerness, he can definitely perform this task well!


“This student is not from the Information Research and Analysis Department, nor is he from the Imperial Military Academy.” Looking at the minister watching him with a smile, Xiao Lin gulped: “He came from the Cooking Department of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy and became an apprentice chef on Canteen 3 of the Imperial Military Academy!”

All Investigation Department officers: …

“What a pity. Inform the people below to do a good job in the placement of each other.” Shaking his head, the interim minister finally dismissed the idea.

The biggest difference between the Imperial Comprehensive Academy and military academies is the identity of the students.

The students of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy are “civilians”, they pay taxes and receive the protection of the army. The students of the military academies automatically join the military from the first day they enter the school, which meant that they’re already military reserves. There’s no need to pay any fees from the day they enter school, and the state will also pay them allowances.

Therefore, in this situation, they can recruit students from any military academy, but they have no right to recruit students from ordinary academies.


The email evidence and research report provided by Mu Gen added a touch of mystery to the entire disappearance.

Mechanical base Tortland Haida, this name does exist, however, it doesn’t exist in the list of active bases, but in the list of missing bases!

This state-of-the-art mechanical base was officially put into use for the first time on Day 10, Month 10, Year 847 of the Brown Cloud Calendar. Their first mission happened to be during that terrible galactic explosion. The starfield where Tortland Haida was stationed happened to be within range and after that, they never found any clues about this base again!

The Supreme Commander Herorensa and all 381 soldiers are missing!

These soldiers were all elites of that era, all composed of dinosaurs, and Lt General Herorensa is even a Kantas!!!

However, under the overwhelming news reports of the explosion, the tragedy of Tortland Haida is only a small one among countless tragedies. The Empire lost countless important figures and elites who are more important than them, so the missing Tortland Haida completely disappeared without a trace from people’s hearts.

The missing intern actually landed on the Tortland Haida base, which had been missing for a thousand years. This incident itself was unthinkable, but——

“Aretta brontosaurus…bone tyrannosaurus…and the red wings giganotosaurus…right…at that time, the racial configuration of the soldiers on this mechanical base was indeed dominated by these three dinosaurs. There’s nothing wrong with it!!!” Finding the backup archived in the military’s main brain from a long time ago, they found the detailed information of Tortland Haida that year. After carefully checking the detailed information of each soldier, the investigation team discovered an amazing fact!

“Tortland Haida still exists! The descendants of those soldiers live on the Tortland Haida base, and they’re the ones who took photos with the missing intern!”


At the same time, Olivia, who took office as the new Commander, is also “chatting cordially” with his soldiers.

“Okay, you said that you two are brothers?” He pointed to the two adult brontosaurus soldiers.

The two soldiers nodded.

“And these two…cubs are your uncle and sister-in-law?” Olivia pointed to the two small brontosauruses again.

The brontosaurus soldiers nodded again and one of them explained: “My father and his brother are a little bit older…” (T/N: Sorry, I gave up making sense of their family tree so just take it as it is and don’t overanalyze it. Just know that they’re one big family.)

“Then, you are his cousin at the same time?” Olivia stretched his finger to a tyrannosaurus over there. Although his skeleton is larger than the average tyrannosaurus, it’s still a tyrannosaurus.

“Uh-huh.” The brains of the brontosaurus soldiers are almost empty.

Olivia: …

The group of soldiers in front of him is actually a family, and each one is inextricably related to the other. This is a family of soldiers!

With the brontosaurus having the most complicated social relationship in the center, Olivia finally sorted out the relationship between them.

These soldiers have lived here since they were born and their ancestors have reproduced here for generations. After the last old man among them (also the Captain of this squad) passed away some time ago, only this group of young people are left on this base.

The eldest of them is no more than 35 years old while the youngest…

Mothereffer! Not out of the shell yet!

“In fact…this is our fifth grandfather…it’s just that he got out of the shell late…” Seeing Olivia gloomily look at the egg, the pterosaur weakly said.

Olivia: Okay, a grandfather who’s still in the egg.

All of Tortland Haida’s logbooks need to be manually brought out so he gathered all of them in the main control room, then Olivia waited for them to export them.

He decided to leave as soon as possible and with the logbook as the evidence. After submitting the report to the Academy, he must ask the Academy to resend the coordinates of Eustaza and it’ll take a while to re-report.

At this moment, the big screen on the main console suddenly lit up. The above signal indicated that Tortland Haida received a distress message.

The harsh sound reminded everyone that this is an emergency call for help!

The download of the logbook was temporarily interrupted since Olivia had to open this message first and the content was very simple:

Eustaza, ?? Galaxy (156, 58, 86), 16:51:11, 432, 000!

Upon seeing the first phrase, Olivia’s eyes were fixed on this message. When he read the last number, his eyes widened slightly.

The first three data of the message corresponds to the unit, coordinates, and time of sending the message, respectively. But that’s not it. What made Olivia widen his eyes were the last two numbers:

432 and 000!

The two numbers correspond to two passwords: Emergency retreat and enemy alert!

Eustaza, the unit he was supposed to report to, had something happen?

At this moment, Olivia suddenly felt a violent shaking under his feet.

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TINA V5C162: Top Student Mu Gen
TINA V5C164: Egg

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