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A line of letters with unknown meanings was engraved on the metal shell of the Dark Light cannon.

Of course, it’s only unclear for the people who don’t know, but for Olivia, who has received an orthodox military education, that line of letters represents the date of production for this Dark Light cannon, the origin, and the serial number.

At this moment, the number in front of his eyes clearly showed that this Dark Light cannon was produced on Day 9, Month 8, Year 846 in the Brown Cloud Calendar!

What’s with this Brown Cloud Calendar! That was hundreds of years before Olivia was born!

Olivia clearly remembered: The last time I saw weapons from the Brown Cloud Calendar was in the military museum!

That’s not right——

“What year is it now?” After a moment of silence, Olivia suddenly looked up. Although there’s hardly any entertainment when studying in the Academy, Olivia still kept up with the trends when he comes home on holiday, so he read a lot from the Starnet!

Even the ancient Internet has been perused, such as crossing, rebirth, cultivation, palace infighting, family fights…he had seen it all. Of course, to prevent Uncle Alpha from thinking that he was just playing around, Olivia later compiled the results of his holiday study into a paper and finally got it published in a well-known magazine on ancient culture research!

Cough——the topic accidentally diverted.

However, when he discovered the production date of the Dark Light cannon, for a moment, Olivia felt like he had crossed over!

The little dinosaurs froze for a while, then, the pterosaur, who was forced to eat a lot by Olivia just now, stood up:

“It’s Day 3, Month 8, Year 1223, in the Brown Cloud Calendar…”

The dinosaur then scratched his head and hesitated for a while: “But it might also be 1224. For a while, our time here was affected by a magnetic field and it failed…my dad said that the error is only one or two years so it’s not a big deal.”

“What’s the name of this base?” Olivia suddenly said.

“Tortland Haida.”

As soon as the name was spoken, Olivia finally confirmed the problem: He came to the wrong place!

“I hope you understand that I need to contact your highest officer here, the sooner the better!” Olivia abruptly stood up, walked straight to the leader of this squad, and coldly commanded!

His expression was terrifying and this group of dinosaur soldiers was terrified. At this time, they trembled even more from his expression and after a long time, the Private First Class pterosaur closed his eyes and loudly uttered the truth:

“B-before, I, I was the highest officer here. Now that you’ve defeated me, you’re the Supreme Chief!” Knowing that he could no longer hide, he finally told the truth.


Olivia’s eyes suddenly widened——

Led by the group of dinosaur soldiers, Olivia finally walked into the inner camp.

Along the way, Olivia coldly looked at the base.

This base is indeed the oldest base he had ever seen! With the support of today’s technological level, the defense gates of all military bases have long been replaced with gapless identification grids manufactured by the latest technology and monitored by intelligent brains. But the gate here is still a metal door. Using a super heavy metal mechanical door, the way to open it is…a key?!

“We only have two keys, haha, please don’t lose them…” The Private First Class pterosaur, who was responsible for opening the door, said. The key alone is not enough since two strong soldiers have to turn to their original forms to help push the door!

“This door is a bit broken and we can’t fix it. Fortunately, we can open it with a little effort.” The Private First Class further explained.

Olivia nodded.

After entering the door to the base camp, this is an important place for base personnel to work, live, and train. Olivia had been to many bases, and all base camps are heavily guarded since all the weapons are there but in here…

Looking at the vegetable garden in front of him, Olivia continued to be silent: The metal floor of the atrium is covered with a thick layer of soil with scattered yellow and green vegetables. This is obviously a vegetable field; There are still many military uniforms floating in the southwest corner, but Olivia quickly figured it out: It should be because the rope for drying clothes is invisible. Taking a closer look, he found that there were two heavy gun emplacements on both ends of those clothes. At this moment, these two turrets played the role of fixing the clothesline!

“Hehe, the clothesline was cut out from the arsenal. It’s strong and easy to use, but not easy to find. Without the pillars, we just use the turret as it is.” The Private First Class continued.

Olivia: I always think that something else can do this…

Outside, the base might be backward but still looked decent. However, the interior has completely become a living area.

Looking around, Olivia’s eyes suddenly focused on one of the doors.

“There are four more people inside, let them come out.” Olivia’s senses are very keen and he suddenly noticed that someone was watching him from there!

“Get out, get out!” The dinosaur soldiers looked at each other. Finally, the Private First Class pterosaur roared at that place.

And so, three little dinosaurs rolled out from behind the door, pushing each other. The leading dinosaur was a short baby tyrannosaurus, with a small package hanging around his neck. Olivia glanced at it: There’s actually an egg inside! Behind him were two small brontosauruses. Although they’re both bigger than the small tyrannosaurus, the two little guys scrambled to hide their huge bodies behind the little tyrannosaurus.

These three little dinosaurs were born just a few years ago, and the tallest little brontosaurus only reached Olivia’s knees, looking extremely weak.

“Roar~~~~” Glancing at Olivia in fear, the little tyrannosaurus yelled for the dinosaur soldier behind him.

“Son, be good! Stop making noise!” A sturdy dinosaur soldier hurriedly shouted.

Olivia froze for a while. He turned his head and strangely looked the Private Second Class soldier from his head to his foot, then asked:

“You, gave birth to him?”

The sturdy Private Second Class Solider who just spoke shyly replied: “I’m only responsible for incubating the eggs while la-laying the eggs…was my wife…”

Following his gaze, Olivia’s gaze finally fell on another tall soldier, speechless.

Ignoring the few cubs, Olivia asked the soldiers to take him directly to the main control room. Although the outside was completely changed, fortunately, the main control room wasn’t touched at all. It also maintained what the main control room of a base should look like.

However, the main control room here is very primitive and has no intelligent brain control. All of them are buttons that require manual operation. Looking at the dense and complicated buttons, Olivia, who was accustomed to an intelligent brain’s assistance, was stunned for a while.

Fortunately, he found a paper operation manual in the hidden drawer under the operation console and found the operation instructions for positioning coordinates. Olivia tried to enter the instructions on the console and because the system was too old, Olivia waited for a long time before seeing the line of numbers that he wanted to know on the screen.

This line of numbers representing the location of the base is the same as the reported coordinates obtained by Olivia.

“Mengmeng, confirm the location here again.” Olivia immediately ordered Mengmeng.

“Okay.” Mengmeng immediately checked the current position and the result was no different from the one that Olivia had just checked.

After a moment of contemplation, Olivia and Mengmeng took control of the cockpit. After some research, they successfully retrieved the logbook of Tortland Haida. Finally, the coordinates of the time node was changed from 10:04 to 10:06, and they found something wrong:

With just a two-minute difference, their coordinates were completely different! To make an analogy, it’s as if they were on Bailu Star the first second, but arrived at Hengtian Star in the next second!

After poring over the logbook carefully, and interrogating everyone, Olivia finally came to a very strange conclusion:

He didn’t cross over, what crossed over was the Tortland Haida where Eustaza, where he should be reporting, was supposed to be!

Two minutes before he was about to arrive at his destination, the two mechanical bases were pulled by some kind of unknown substance. Eustaza disappeared and Tortland Haida replaced it!

“Mengmeng, immediately adjust my arrival time and write an email stating the situation to the Academy Internship Office and the Dean’s mailbox.”

Up to this moment, Olivia was still very calm. He must provide sufficient evidence to prove that he reached the designated position within the designated time frame. Although he’s not accepted by the internship unit he expected, he didn’t violate the rules.

When Mengmeng wrote the email, he also took the time to write a letter for his family.

Just as Mu Gen wrote a letter to Uncle Alpha when he arrived at the Imperial Military Academy, Olivia also immediately wrote a letter to Mu Gen. After telling him his wonderful experience, he then forced a group of dinosaur soldiers to take pictures with him. Olivia sent this email after confirming that his smile looked natural in the photo.

These two emails became the last messages that Olivia sent back. Since then, all his news fell to the bottom of the sea, just like the mysteriously missing Eustaza, no longer a trace.


At this time, Mu Gen just woke up and because he was too busy last night, he stayed in the dorm.

Pushing open the window and after stretching his waist, he took a deep breath of fresh air.

“Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!” A small black bird stood on the flower tree outside, colliding with Mu Gen’s line of sight.

After blinking, Mu Gen smiled cautiously at the little black bird.


In the morning, he took the little black bird to the cafeteria to find Chef Ronan.

“Chef Ronan, didn’t you say you wanted to eat roasted birds yesterday? I just saw this one this morning.” As a hunter, please understand that little Mu Gen couldn’t take any breaks.

Don’t know if he understood Mu Gen’s words, the poor little black bird croaked and struggled.

“Mothereffer! This is a crow! I heard that seeing a crow in the morning is bad luck!” Chef Ronan was stunned.


The little black bird was knocked out by Mu Gen.

The author has something to say:

You all said I gave up the treatment

Actually, I’m still insisting…

Go to bed early and get up early! Just hold on!

TINA V5C160: Weird Things
TINA V5C162: Top Student Mu Gen

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