TINA V5C164: Egg

TINA V5C163: Eustaza's Distress Signal
TINA V5C165: Turning Point Of Fate

The 53 monitoring screens in the main control room went black at the same time——

Not long after this, the lights in the room went out one by one, then there was another violent bump on the soles of his feet. Olivia fell to the ground, unable to stand up. Before he could react, a heavy object fell from the top and he almost fainted!

“Leave! Hide! Hurry up!” At this moment, one of the soldiers roared, and everyone moved.

Even if he can’t see it, Olivia knew that these guys took the opportunity to leave and run away. He heard hurried footsteps and a few even stepped on him when they ran away. Those feet were so heavy that Olivia felt his leg almost break.

Mothereffer——Olivia scolded in his heart.

Fortunately, Mengmeng found him not long after and covered his head tightly with his whole body. Mengmeng didn’t say a word.

Patting Mengmeng’s body slightly and enduring the discomfort, Olivia signaled to the main console in his memory to Mengmeng——for any battleship or spacecraft, the strongest place in the main control room is always the wall where the console is placed. In this case, hiding here is the safest.

Then the third round of violent bumps happened just after the two of them hid under the console, and their heads heavily hit the console. Unable to bear it any longer, Olivia fainted.

However, Olivia’s physical fitness is very good. He was only in a coma for about a minute before he immediately woke up. He then climbed up to the edge of the main console and was met with dark screens.

Olivia tried to hit the buttons on the console but those dark buttons seemed to be dead, giving no response even after pressing them; He also tried to force a command, but only the black screen was waiting for him.

Don’t know what happened just now, but the main console failed.

No! Such a complex base can’t have only one operating system, so there must be a backup operating system during emergencies.

However, where will the boot device of this backup operating system be located?

Mengmeng’s eyes temporarily turned into a lighting device as Olivia carefully observed the main console, never letting go of any corners. Finally, under the console, he felt a piece of material that was different from other places.

Squatting down and with the help of the lights from Mengmeng, Olivia saw that there was indeed a piece of glass, with a red button under it.

Pursing his lips, Olivia broke that piece of glass.

The moment his finger pressed the button, Olivia felt a slight tingling in his fingertip! It was like being lightly pierced by a micro-needle and he quickly retracted his finger to take a look: but there was no drop of blood on it.


“Navigator authority has been confirmed.” Along with the unlocking sound, light screens suddenly appeared above the main console! The densely packed operation buttons were then distributed in midair around Olivia following human usage habits!

“Oh! Was there such technology in that era?” Olivia exclaimed, and quickly put all his mind on the virtual console in front of him.

First of all, he must open the external defense system of Tortland Haida!

Then start the second power supply of the base!

Also start the self-check program!

These three buttons were placed in the closest and most visible position to him, it flashed as if waiting for him to press it.

On an operating system that will only start in an emergency, these three commands are the commands that every pilot will input. No wonder they’re made into shortcut buttons.

The designer of this console is very user-friendly——thinking so, Olivia quickly pressed the three buttons!

In places that Olivia can’t see, centered on the control room, a layer of metallic protective hood suddenly rose from the ground, covering the control room by a layer!

This is the first layer of protection.

Immediately afterward, separating the inside and outside of the base, the second layer of protective hood went up. This cover is not like the first layer. The previous one is completely hidden underneath but this latter one is constructed by the other objects around it! As the metallic protective hood on the ground rose, the soldiers’ dorms, dining rooms, recreation rooms, and other rooms that were originally built on the inner side of the boundary was disassembled. These metal buildings began to form parts of the protective hood, layer by layer, stacking up until the top is closed into a perfect circle!

This is the second layer of protection!

After the two inner layers of protective screens were completed, the third layer of protection was almost constructed on the periphery of the base: The edge part of Tortland Haida and all the buildings in the outer camp formed parts of the third layer. The third layer of protective hood resisted all the shocks from the outside world and the fish that occassionally slipped through the net was blocked by the second layer of protection!

The soldiers hid in their dorms and realized something was wrong when their bedroom began to shake violently. They escaped before the dorms were brought up. When they left, they saw the shocking scene of the protective hood covering their heads!

With the protective cover, the light from the outside world disappeared and they plunged into darkness. At this moment, the surroundings suddenly lit up and when they looked up, it was the light from the control room.

The soldiers discovered that there was a cover around the control room and the light was emitting from that cover, not dazzling but very soft.

What’s with these covers? How did this light come out? What’s happening before them made these soldiers a little dizzy.

They have been here since they were born and they never knew that there was such a cover under Tortland Haida where their ancestors had lived for generations!

Just when they were flustered, there was suddenly a sad scream between them:

“Where’s Xiao Tao? Where’s my Xiao Tao?” It was the Private Second Class soldier who answered Olivia’s question before, the father of the little tyrannosaurus. His partner——another Private Second Class soldier, also found that his son was missing at this moment, so they ran to the place where their dorm had been. However, it had long become a piece of flat cover, it’d be strange if they could find anyone.

“When we escaped, I obviously hugged all three children…” Looking at the sky blankly, the privates looked terrified.

“Could it be that Xiao Tao fell off halfway?” The look on the Private Second Class was even worse. His cub was only less than 3 years old and he brought an egg…

Right! There’s still the egg!

It was shaking so badly just now and many rooms collapsed. If Xiao Tao fell, the consequences can be imagined! Even if Xiao Tao is lucky enough to not be crushed, but he’s locked inside the cover with that terrible guy. Will Xiao Tao have a good end?

The people on their side just escaped from the chaos but aside from that, they took the opportunity to stomp on him, and now everyone was covered by the hood. Don’t know when it will unravel and god knew if that person will be hungry and eat his son!

“Xiao Tao ahhhh!” The private couple cried out.

The others also cried.

However, while everyone is crying about Xiao Tao, no one was worried about the egg.

Their grandfather was so hard that they can’t even chew his shell so they really didn’t worry about what he would do to Grandpa Egg.


Combining the violent shock he experienced and the distress message from Eustaza he’d previously seen, Olivia initially thought that he had encountered a galactic explosion.

With Tortland Haida’s technology, which is hundreds of years behind, Olivia didn’t believe that the base can withstand the “thing” that can pose such a threat to Eustaza; similarly, he didn’t think that his driving skills and judgment can be better than the navigator of Eustaza. It had nothing to do with talent, many things just required experience.

But he can’t die.

Thinking of the people on Bailu Star, Olivia abruptly stood up.

There’s no time to eat, drink and rest while paying close attention to the situation outside at all times. With his genius analytical ability and a little bit of a gambler’s madness, after three days and three nights, he finally found that the surroundings had calmed down.

When the palm of his hand left the control valve, he found that his fingers were stiff and even shaking slightly.

Olivia repositioned their current coordinates, ?? (??, ??, ??)

A series of unknown symbols.

After dropping his eyes and relaxing his whole body, he keenly felt the heaviness on his legs——

His eyes sharply went down, but then saw a little tyrannosaurus leaning softly on his lap.

The little guy was separated from his parents and was terrified. He instinctively looked for the shelter of an adult and when looking, he found Olivia working attentively in front of the console. Having never seen the horrible side of Olivia, he instinctively hid under the chair where Olivia sat. He called out a few times, but Olivia was too busy to hear it. Mengmeng also couldn’t take off his hands to pay attention to him, so holding Grandpa Egg, the little tyrannosaurus was extremely wronged.

Realizing that Olivia finally noticed him, the little tyrannosaurus called out twice.

After being hungry for three days and three nights, the cry of the little guy was extremely weak, and a loud rumble came from his stomach at this time.

At the same time, Olivia’s stomach also growled.

“Mengmeng, I’m hungry.” After getting a package of food from Mengmeng, Olivia took a few bites. Frowning, he glanced at the little tyrannosaurus under his feet and threw the food in his hands at him, then looked at Mengmeng who took out another packet of food.

The hungry and half-dead little tyrannosaurus was very happy. Don’t look at his small size, but his appetite was not small at all! After eating a whole bag of food, he burped!

To express his gratitude, the full little tyrannosaurus rolled out the baby egg hanging on his neck and gave it to Olivia.

The little guy is very polite, just that——

Is it really okay to give Grandpa to someone so easily?

Seeing the little guy who was full and about to sleep, Olivia raised a brow. He glanced at the egg in his hand and handed it to Mengmeng.

At the same time, Mu Gen also mentioned the egg in the photo and called Mr. Sith:

“Mr. Sith, I want to ask you a question.”

“Go ahead.”

“You have hatched so many Kantas cubs, so I want to ask what a Kantas’ egg is like? Look at the egg in the photo. Is it a Kantas egg?”

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TINA V5C163: Eustaza's Distress Signal
TINA V5C165: Turning Point Of Fate

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