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In the Imperial Military Academy, students can choose a variety of professional courses, and the one with the highest percentage of credits determined the student’s major. For example, Olivia chose Mecha Operation, Battleship Operation, Battleship Command, Tactical and Strategic Research, and Close Combat Skills. In the end, Olivia majored in two of them: 30 credits in two courses, Battleship Command and Tactical and Strategic Research. 10 credits in Mecha Operation and 10 credits in Battleship Operation…according to the Academy’s selection method, Olivia is still a student of the Command Department.

In this case, although Olivia is a student of the Command Department, he’s also very proficient in Battleship Operation and even studied the history of the development of battleships in the Empire. He even practiced operating antique models in the virtual system of the military network.

The mechanical bases are actually warships hundreds of times more complex than battleships, and many navigators of mechanical bases evolved from excellent battleship pilots. According to Olivia’s original idea, he will officially become an officer in a large mechanical base after the internship. With his grades and qualifications, he will probably start as a non-commissioned officer. After about two years of learning and accumulating experience in leading a squad, he can successfully promote to Captain of a military spacecraft, and his military rank will rise again. After accumulating a certain amount of military merit, he’ll be eligible to become the Captain of a battleship…

If things went well, in ten years and at an ordinary mechanical base, he can probably become the Commanding Officer….’s deputy.

The salary of a deputy is also quite a lot~

A Colonel in his early thirties also sounds very glorious! (← who is your ancestor…)

The secret idea in Olivia’s heart could probably be realized at that time, and it was not too late.

This is a very traditional road of promotion. 99% of young officers dream of such a promotion, however, only less than 1% can fully follow this path.

After graduating from the best military academy of the Empire as the top for seven consecutive years, his glorious future had just taken the first step!

I definitely want to go back——after eating until full, Olivia felt awake again and immediately turned his attention to the console.

Although the mechanical base is actually a warship that’s hundreds of times more complex than a battleship, Tortland Haida used a completely manual operating system that’s completely different from today’s mainstream operating systems!

Such a complicated system, even in the era when manual operating systems were the mainstream hundreds of years ago, took at least three days for novices to become familiar with all the buttons!

But Olivia felt strangely familiar with these buttons.

Just like when he just passed the authorization verification, he intuitively wanted to find the defense startup, system self-check, and backup power startup switch and the place where his gaze fell was exactly where the three buttons were.

At that time, he sighed with emotion that the base console was designed to be very user-friendly, but now, it’s not the same at all!

There are buttons with similar functions on modern battleships, but they’re placed in a different position from this console.

In the process of getting acquainted with the buttons, Olivia constantly felt a sense of deja vu. Although these buttons are extremely complicated, many of the function buttons are very similar to his habits…

Then with a flash of realization, a picture appeared in his mind! Olivia finally understood why he had this feeling: Car! The car that Uncle Alpha gave me! The console button setting method is exactly the same as the button distribution here!

The car came with the boss of the car repair shop in the commercial street, Boss Booney’s, modification. Aside from the exterior which was still maintained when it left the factory, all the interiors had been modified! Especially the console! It’s much more complicated than a general hover car. The complexity of the console on Olivia’s car is almost comparable to that of a small battleship!

It’s even more complicated since current battleships are equipped with intelligent operating systems while the car rebuilt by Boss Booney was purely manual!

After trying several more times, Olivia became more sure of the guess in his heart. After tentatively pressing a few buttons and discovering that the base really started to act according to his orders, he was surprised to find another point!

Olivia carefully checked the damage to the base.

Damage degree: 34%

Since the protective cover was raised in time, the core part of the base was not damaged.

But not completely. A metal plate at the bottom of the base is seriously damaged. Although it hasn’t caused any consequences yet, considering that the location is more sensitive, Olivia knew that it must be repaired as soon as possible.

Olivia still didn’t understand what happened to the base just now. The surveillance camera equipment that was first placed outside was completely damaged and no valuable images were taken. Fortunately, there are 32 spare surveillance cameras on the base. When the turbulence was not that strong, Olivia tentatively released one, but the monitor only had time to send a blurry image before the screen went black.

After releasing five more devices one after another, Olivia finally managed to figure out his current situation:

He…crossed over?

The last surveillance camera sent back a very clear image of a twisted black hole behind the sturdy Tortland Haida covered by the protective cover.

That’s a thing called “Star Gate” that Olivia had only seen in textbooks.

This kind of thing, which is often called a black hole, was extremely daunting when it was discovered by humans. However, with the development of science and technology, more and more high-end anti-black hole devices had been installed in spacecrafts, battleships, and mechanical bases. They even learned how to use these Star Gates.

One by one, unknown Star Gates were unearthed through these and one after another, galaxies began to communicate, trade, or infringe upon each other, even exporting from higher civilization to lower civilization…

…2000 years ago, after the last Star Gate was discovered, the size of the universe was officially determined. One by one, higher civilizations collided with each other and warred with one another, until the army of the Empire occupied one galaxy after another, and Emperor Louis I finally completed the unification of the universe!

Even without a name, an Empire is an Empire and the name of a country in the entire universe! The people of the entire universe belong to one country!

Both Olivia and Mu Gen grew up under this kind of education.

Today, the original Star Gates had been completely replaced by space stations. If it weren’t for Olivia’s excellent performance, he would not even realize it’s a Star Gate.

Stargate = undiscovered galaxy

The names and coordinates of the galaxy are all question marks, which means this is not the territory of the Empire.

The chance of successfully passing through a Star Gate is extremely small and with a lot of things being sucked into the Star Gate, they’d collide with each other during the entry process and most would disintegrate inside the Star Gate. The violent turbulence just now was probably the result of a strong impact inside the Star Gate!

It’s also unsafe outside the Star Gate. The disintegrated matter inside will be ejected and with the large and small debris outside the Star Gate, it is almost comparable to a dangerous S-level high-speed asteroid belt!

Only at this time did Olivia became scared.

The opening time and location of the Star Gate are uncertain and the gate might close at any time——thinking of this statement from the textbook, Olivia hurriedly launched two signal eggs in the Star Gate’s location. Before the third signal egg was launched, the Star Gate became smaller and the swirling shape disappeared into a very tiny black spot until it disappeared completely.

Looking at the screen in silence, Olivia set up a locator here according to the method of discovering a new planet and then began to slowly leave the asteroid belt. Without the gravitational control of the Star Gate, these asteroids became very quiet, and Olivia didn’t take much effort to leave here.

At this point, the remaining energy of Tortland Haida became red. After changing the base operation mode to the most energy-efficient drift, Olivia turned off some of the light sources immediately. Finally, he also dropped the two layers of protective covers inside the base.

Snatching the little tyrannosaurus out of the chair, Olivia roughly held him and left the control room.

The moment he opened the safety door of the control room, the indigenous dinosaurs who had been guarding outside rushed towards him with their teeth and claws bared! In response, Olivia just threw out the baby tyrannosaurus in his hand. Then, he only said one sentence:

“Now until I leave, I will be the highest officer in this place.”

Olivia knew that from now on, he was trapped here.

Not knowing the time, not knowing the location, not knowing where his home was, he was truly lost.


Astral Calendar 393

Mu Gen successfully completed his internship in Canteen 3 of the Imperial Military Academy with a score of A. Canteen 3 was willing to accept him as an official apprentice chef and the Imperial Comprehensive Academy also handed him an olive branch from the Department Head of the Cooking Department and Professor Mu Lansha of the Life and Breeding Department, expressing their willingness to let him become there own teaching assistant.

However, Mu Gen declined all of them.

Rejecting his dream job, Mu Gen finally chose to join the army.

He’s now a Private soldier in the logistics department of a humble squad in the air combat unit of the Empire’s Fifth Regiment.

There’s only one reason for Mu Gen to give up his ideals: To find the missing Olivia.

Six months ago, the disappearance of the Eustaza base was finally named the “Eustaza Star Gate Incident”. Near the coordinates of the missing Eustaza base, the searchers found a lot of Star Gate debris and experts determined that a Star Gate must have appeared here!

The emergence of the Star Gate was extremely significant! It not only represents unknown land and unknown wealth but also represents unknown dangers and potential enemies!

Due to the erratic opening time and location of the Star Gates, a Star Gate opening in the same place is likely to lead to a different place the next time it opened. If you want to develop a Star Gate, you must invest countless manpower and material resources. The time and money invested might not be proportional to the output so a considerable number of parliament members voted against the development of the Star Gate just to find the missing persons.

After two consecutive voting sessions, Marshal Rothsay, who proposed to develop the Star Gate, failed.

However, in the end, it was his old opponent who agreed to his plan: During the third vote, Nashkiel proclaimed his full support to Marshal Rothsay’s development plan.

So far, the development plan was no longer hindered. For the first time in hundreds of years, the Empire’s Parliament and Military worked together to achieve the same goal. The designation of the development plan, personnel selection, and troop dispatch was quickly completed.

Mu Gen’s squad is one of the many small teams dispatched to develop the Star Gate. They will work in this remote and arduous temporary base for many years until the Star Gate is completed.

Since he had enough credits, graduates of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy can graduate as long as they found a job through the internship. Finally, after taking a photo with the teachers and students of the Cooking Department, then hugging everyone, Mu Gen said goodbye.

For Mu Gen, his school days are over.

When the internship in the Imperial Military Academy ended, Mu Gen didn’t expect Olivia to come back on time for the graduation ceremony. He only had one wish now:

It would be nice if Oli could come back safely.

Just come back alive.

Considering Kantas’ long life, Mu Gen decided to start working seriously from now on. Work hard and save money, take care of his body and strive to live longer.

He will try to live until the day Oli comes back alive.

In an unexpected disappearance, the fate of the two young people changed.

The author has something to say:

The turning point of Mu Gen’s fate is here

In fact, this is also a turning point for chick Oli. Do you still remember Olivia’s last mission in Sumei Ge’s memory?

At the end of the last chapter, the reason why little Mu Gen called Sith, everyone should have understood.

PS: The other book is out~

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TINA V5C164: Egg
TINA V5C166: Facing Each Other From A Long Distance

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