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The next night, Boss Booney, who had been busy throughout the day, came to the main control room with a yawn. Seeing Olivia waiting there, he smiled.

Behind him was Mu Gen the little tail, and after greeting Olivia, Mu Gen sat behind the two and didn’t speak.

“The outside console only has ordinary driving functions, but when it comes to heavy weapons and destination changes…these operations that only the highest officer can approve, all require the use of another set of console that only the highest officer can use.”

Hearing this, Olivia’s heart moved. He immediately thought of the spare console he found, the one that needs blood activation before being authorized to use…

Sure enough, the next second, Boss Booney reached out and touched under the console. When he touched the broken glass, he froze for a moment, then turned to look at Olivia behind him.

“…at that time, the outside console could not be operated so I thought of looking for a backup system…” Olivia gave a rough overview of the situation at the time.

Boss Booney nodded: “Yes, I should have thought of it long ago. The base’s final defense system can only be operated on this console.”

“But you reacted very quickly. It’s hard for you to think of another system in that situation. In an emergency, many newbies can’t remember it at all.” Boss Booney also praised Olivia: “But it’s also your luck. Most people can’t activate it even if they find this button because this is a system that only authorized Lt General Herorensa, the highest officer of Tortland Haida at the time, using genetic authentication.”

“And Lt General Herorensa is Kantas!” Boss Booney said with a smile.

Hearing this reason, Olivia was stunned.

But he didn’t freeze for long since Boss Booney quickly waved to him. Understanding what he meant, Olivia walked over and pressed his right hand on the button at the bottom of the console. After a slight tingling, the extremely complicated console once again appeared in front of them.

Countless buttons hovered in the air, faintly glowing.

“There are a total of 3,301 buttons. This is the limit that a human pilot can operate at that time without the assistance of an intelligent brain.” Looking at these buttons, Boss Booney suddenly said.

“It was very difficult to be a base navigator in that era and for a base of this level. At that time, it was confirmed that there were only two candidates eligible to become navigators. In the end, Lt. General Herorensa became the final candidate and his gene fragments were stored in the system. He had the ultimate control of Tortland Haida.” Boss Booney seemed to be very clear about what happened at that time. Starting from this story, he told Olivia about how to use each button of Tortland Haida, and after saying what should be said, the old man leaned his head and snored in the passenger seat.

Boss Booney said too many points this evening and there’s basically no nonsense. All are necessary knowledge to be mastered. It should be said that Olivia’s brain capacity is amazing since he mastered half of these contents. Moreover, Boss Booney spoke too fast and while explaining, he also asked Olivia to simulate the operation on the actual keys so there’s no time to record!

Olivia regretted not taking Mengmeng with him so that he could record the sound! It’s a pity that Mengmeng was also recruited by Boss Booney so, at this time, all the robots have their own jobs.


Just when Olivia looked a little worriedly at the snoring Boss Booney, Mu Gen, who had been sitting at the back like a wallflower, walked over.

“For you.” Mu Gen handed Olivia a thick book in his hand and opened it. The dense record is the compilation of all the contents explained by Boss Booney this evening!

While Boss Booney was giving lectures to Olivia, Mu Gen had been sitting behind and taking notes.

Olivia was very happy to accept Mu Gen’s loving notes and the two worked together to lift Boss Booney and put him on the low couch that Olivia usually rests on, so that the elderly can sleep more comfortably.

After doing this, the two of them made a bunk next to the low couch. After sleeping for three hours, Boss Booney, who woke up, got up and started the next day’s work.

Boss Booney is obviously in a hurry.

But that’s no surprise: The remaining food is only enough for six days and the life signs of the people rescued from Eustaza are getting lower and lower. Besides, energy is also a big problem. The perpetual motion machine is broken and the production device made by Boss Booney is not a long-term solution after all.

Those weird bugs could be used as food before, but recently, there are more and more bugs near the base. At first, they could catch one and eat one, but later, they couldn’t eat it anymore. The confinement room was so full of those bugs and they would swallow each other inside. The surviving bugs then grew bigger and bigger, and the bigger it is, the harder it is. There’s also a strange smell, so now, the people on the base can no longer use these bugs as food.

Especially when the restoration work reached the third day and they found the missing Eustaza base nearby.

Before arriving in Eustaza for his internship, Olivia had heard from Mr. Sith that Eustaza was a “very good base” that used the Empire’s most advanced base construction technology and the strongest metal shell. The entire base was like a perfect city of weapons and at the same time, an exquisite metal artwork.

Photos of the Eustaza base are not allowed to be published, and Mr. Sith wanted Olivia to experience the strength and beauty of Eustaza on his own. However, when Olivia and Mu Gen went above the Eustaza base in Epsilon, which was transformed into a spacecraft by Olivia and Mu Gen, what Olivia saw was an extremely broken base.

The five protective layers were all damaged and without a trace of light. There’s no sign of human beings, looking like a ruined city.

They found something resembling a bug egg on the shell of the base, punctured one, and saw the white larvae inside. It was very small, however, the basic appearance was the same as the bugs they had eaten before.

There are bug eggs everywhere on the surface of Eustaza base and though few are intact, most are broken, which meant the bugs inside had broken out of their shell.

What terrible thing happened to Eustaza?

Unfortunately, there’s no living person on the base that can answer their questions.

Finally, Beta and Alpha jumped out of the spacecraft, and from the main control room of the base, they retrieved the “black box”.

Recording everything that happened at the time the base collapsed, the answer they wanted might only be found in this box. However, Tortland Haida has no tools to decipher it so they could only retrieve it and take it back to the special department of the military for research.

Aside from the box, Alpha and the others also retrieved many reusable tools and materials from Eustaza. They brought over things that could be used on Eustaza base little by little and used it on the surviving Tortland Haida. The metal colors of the two bases were completely different so as the materials unloaded from Eustaza filled Tortland Haida’s shell, it looked very ugly.

However, such a base is a combination of the most advanced technology four hundred years ago and the most advanced technology four hundred years later.

“Finally done.” At the end of the fourth day, Boss Booney announced the good news that the preparations were complete.

This meant that they can leave.

That night, all the soldiers slept well and the robots don’t have to work but checked each other’s armors instead. However, Olivia didn’t sleep because he would operate the base the next day and Boss Booney wanted to give him a final explanation.

The lectures continued until dawn this time and the one who couldn’t support it first was Olivia, who worked both physically and mentally for several days.

Looking at the sleeping youth lying on the console, Boss Booney put his coat on his shoulder then walked to the window and quietly looked at the scenery outside.

At this moment, the scenery outside the window was not good. Looking around, there’s the inner camp converted into vegetable fields by the local soldiers. The location of the control room is usually retracted in the heart of the entire base, which is also the most heavily guarded location, but this isn’t the case when the real flight mode is enabled. The control room that’s originally at the heart will be moved directly in front of the entire base with the best view. No matter what kind of driving tool, the driver’s position is always the position closest to the front field of vision. Because only there can the driver see his true journey without distraction!

An incomparably vast journey that belongs only to oneself——

Boss Booney closed his eyes as if seeing an endless starry sky.

He thought he could belong to the starry sky, but his dream was shattered in less than fifty years.

While reminiscing, Boss Booney felt his pants being pulled. Looking down, the old man raised a brow upon seeing the little tyrannosaurus.

“It’s…Xiao Tao, right?” For several days in a row, Boss Booney didn’t have the time to communicate with the locals on the base except to explain the tasks, but this didn’t mean he didn’t know anything about those people at all. Look, he even knew the cub’s name.

The little tyrannosaurus nodded.

“Where did you come in? Oh, so you came here after finishing your work? Isn’t it boring to watch people practice all night?” In Booney’s impression, a tyrannosaurus’ patience is not very good. This is also the reason why the tyrannosaurus species rarely became large spacecraft, battleships, and base pilots.

Xiao Tao nodded at first, then shook his head violently: Come here after work, watching people practice is very interesting, Xiao Tao is not bored at all!

“Roar~” Xiao Tao gave a low cry.

“You want to be a pilot in the future? That’s a great dream.” After touching Xiao Tao’s head, Boss Booney smiled. Bending over to pick him up, Boss Booney held Xiao Tao and sat in the passenger seat.

He patiently introduced the name of each button on the console to Xiao Tao.

With Boss Booney’s permission, Xiao Tao also touched the buttons on the console that he had been staring at for a long time with his paws. Although the buttons were powered off, the little guy is still very cautious when pressing them.

“Roar!” Raising his head, Xiao Tao’s eyes were shining.

“En, that’s right, it’s the launch button.” Boss Booney touched his head encouragingly. Xiao Tao is not as smart as Olivia but he listened very attentively and once he remembered it, he wouldn’t forget it.

“We are going home tomorrow. After we get home, you can go to school. If you want to be a pilot, you can enter a military academy. Olivia graduated from a military academy, little Mu Gen…well, little Mu Gen didn’t, but he can be a very good pilot if he wants to.” The two sides conversing was a human being and a dinosaur, and while the other was talking, the other just yelled, but their conversation went on strangely and happily.

“…you will be a good pilot. I’ll tell you a secret, I know your grandpa, and he’s a very good pilot!”

Then Xiao Tao became even happier.

The old one taught and the young one learned, and they had a good time. In the end, Xiao Tao finally became sleepy and Boss Booney just hugged the little guy gently and went to the room below, putting him among the other soldiers.

There’s never day and night on the mechanical base on space, and only the time on the wristwatch can represent the passage of time.

Boss Booney looked at his pocket watch: It’s now 7:00. If it were on Bailu Star, it’d be dawn in an hour.

8:00 is also the time he agreed with Olivia yesterday.

There was no hurry to call Olivia so after setting up Xiao Tao, Boss Booney didn’t rush back to the control room and didn’t intend to rest. With his hands on his back, the old man walked around all the corners of Tortland Haida base alone.

When he reached a position, Boss Booney stopped.

“I’ve come.” He said softly.

“It’s time for you to go home after being outside for so long.” He went on to say.

No one else is awake on Tortland Haida so naturally, no one answered his words.

Boss Booney smiled and then finished the rest of his journey. Back in the control room, he woke Olivia with a smile.

“Good morning, navigator, now is your time to shine.”

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Boss Booney is an old man with a secret

TINA V5C172: Hope
TINA V5C174: The Starry Sky In Boss Booney's Eyes

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