TINA V5C174: The Starry Sky In Boss Booney’s Eyes

TINA V5C173: Time To Go Home
TINA V6C175: Mu Gen's Worry

Facts proved that Olivia’s last-minute cramming paid off.

Under his control, Tortland Haida entered the expected course smoothly.

There are more than 3,000 buttons on the console and more than 700 buttons that have a usage rate of more than 60% per min. To be proficient in driving such a base, aside from the brain’s response speed, the hand speed must also be fast.

Olivia’s hands quickly switched between the buttons and during this round trip, his hand almost turned into two phantoms.

Boss Booney, who was originally sitting in the co-pilot seat next to him calculating the return route, appreciated the scene before him, and said with emotion:

“Look at this hand speed! No wonder our best drivers at that time were all single, the hand speed of single people is very fast!”

“En? Single…what’s the connection with hand speed?” Olivia casually asked.

“Ha?” Boss Booney was dumbfounded.

“You…do you know m@sturbation (dafeiji)?” He asked tentatively. This idiom from a remote planet was very lewd and over time, it has become a common code for everyone. (T/N: To those who don’t get it, because single people often m@sturbate, their…uh, hand speed…is really fast.)

“Of course I know. Airplanes (feiji) are too slow, even ghosts can shoot (da) it down.” Olivia casually said: “But is there still a course for shooting planes or flying planes in the Academy these years? Isn’t the elementary courses generally all spacecrafts?”

Boss Booney was a little sad and for a while, he thought of his time when he was a cub and began to mourn for Mu Gen. Finally, he only said: “Anyway, when you look back and learned how to masturb@te (fly planes), your hand speed will improve.”

Feeling that this sentence is a bit meaningful, Olivia decided to go back and ask Mu Gen what flying planes meant.

With Boss Booney’s route, they sailed for three days. This isn’t the fastest speed but the most fuel-efficient speed. Most of the fuel will be consumed on the way through the Star Gate and they must save before that. Olivia and Boss Booney are responsible for driving and calculating the location of the Star Gate while the others are responsible for patrolling and continuing to reinforce the key parts of the base. Some asteroids sometimes appear on their scheduled route and it’s their job to remove these obstacles for the navigator. Probably because they were used to this job since they were children, Olivia was surprised to find that the hit rate of these local soldiers was very high, and it’s actually on the same level as Alpha and the other robots!

“Bone tyrannosaurus is the Empire’s bravest warrior and Arreta brontosaurus is the Empire’s strongest shield. These soldiers are still young so after receiving formal training, they will be even more surprising.” Seeing Olivia’s surprise, Boss Booney lightly said: “The soldiers who can be selected and dispatched on Tortland Haida back then were all elites out of a million.”

Olivia became thoughtful.

These soldiers are truly capable and killed more and more bugs. This isn’t a good sign, it only showed that as they went closer to the Star Gate, the density of the bugs is increasing!

The unclear hunch in his heart expanded to the extreme when they were about to arrive at their destination——

“That…isn’t that the location of the Star Gate?” Olivia looked at the scene ahead in surprise.

Looking around, in the vast space in front of Tortland Haida, there are several hundreds of those strange bugs! Those monsters are not scattered and suspended but have a common destination, and in the place where the monsters are densest, was the destination calculated by Boss Booney!

The bugs here are already very large. The carapace that looked fragile when young now looked like armor made of the hardest alloy. The claws on the eight feet are so sharp that they look like monsters in science fiction stories!

The destination of those bugs is a certain place. At this moment, it’s already filled with those strange bugs and the bugs guarding nearby are the largest. They’re squeezing each other as if trying to dive in.

“That…that should be where the Star Gate is…” Saying so, Olivia became numb upon seeing the scene in front of him. The hesitation in his heart directly manifested in the operation of his hands and he stopped.

“Don’t stop! Keep driving!” Boss Booney’s voice awakened him and Olivia woke up. He then hurriedly continued his operation.

“Rush over——” Boss Booney only said those words.

With a pounding heart, Olivia quickly thought of the next plan. His fingers quickly tapped on the console, completing nearly 500 taps followed by a series of instructions. The shape of the entire Tortland Haida had undergone tremendous changes, and the platform-type mechanical base rapidly reduced its size. The side wings folded upward, the front and rear wings downward. Within three minutes, Tortland Haida achieved a form more suitable for defense and sprinting! At the same time, the others quickly hid in the third layer of protection under Boss Booney’s notice!

The base shield opened again and the most defended position was naturally the innermost control tower. In contrast, the main control room, which was pushed out to obtain a better view of the flight, was slightly weaker.

Saving food and fuel for this moment, Olivia instantly raised the speed of the base to the highest! The entire base is like a phantom as it shot to the densest point among the monsters——

Bang! Bang! Bang bang bang——

Although he couldn’t hear it, the impact of countless heavy objects hitting the base seemed to be reflected in Olivia’s mind.

He could almost imagine the scene where those ugly bugs were knocked out by the base.

“Can the base shell withstand the impact of these guys?” Olivia asked loudly.

“Rest assured! I have calculated that the reinforced outer protective cover can withstand 1000 impacts of this degree!” Boss Booney answered him loudly.

“What about more than 1000 times?” Olivia asked again loudly.

“If it’s more than 1000 times, the outermost protective layer will crack!” As Boss Booney said so, along with his answer, a high-risk warning came from the system:

“Hazard warning, the base-level protective layer has broken. Please maintenance personnel, perform maintenance as soon as possible.”

Boss Booney was dumbfounded.

“It’s okay, there are three layers of protection!” He then comforted Olivia.

Tortland Haida originally had three layers of protection. To deal with the impact when passing through the Star Gate, he used the materials from Eustaza to reinforce a new fourth layer of protective cover on the outermost side. This protective layer was cracked by the bugs before even entering the Star Gate.

“Hazard warning, the base-level protective layer has broken. Please maintenance personnel, perform maintenance as soon as possible.”

The high-risk warning with the same content sounded again.

“No one should go out, retreat into the control tower and I will raise the last two protective shields immediately.” Quickly saying those words on the communicator, Olivia’s gaze paused briefly on a red button.

That’s the button to accelerate the speed.

But instead of using conventional fuel, it used the Dark Light cannon on the base!

Tortland Haida is equipped with a large number of heavy Dark Light cannons. Olivia and Boss Booney checked these Dark Light cannons some time ago and with the soldiers on the base, they loaded all of it into the launch port modified to the rear of the base. When necessary, a total of 1120 Dark Light cannons can be fired together, generating an assist force equivalent to 300 times that of conventional fuel, which is the ultimate “launch force” of the base.

However, the cost of using the Dark Light cannon was very high. Boss Booney doesn’t recommend Olivia using it when it’s not necessary.

Constant high-risk warnings resounded in the main control room.

Due to the fragmentation of the fourth layer of protective cover, a large number of bugs climbed onto the third layer of protective cover. These low-intelligence bugs began to unconsciously drill holes in the protective cover. Their strength was so great that the third protective cover also began to flicker.

When they were building these protective shields, they didn’t expect everything that happened before them. They miscalculated.

Olivia thought, now is that “necessary time”.

He glanced at Boss Booney and saw the other nodding towards him. Olivia immediately ordered everyone to hide in the control tower. After confirming that everyone had completed the instructions, he pressed the fire button heavily.



It fired.

The force of 300 times the conventional thrust was extremely terrifying and the entire mechanical base flew forward at an unbearable speed. In the fierce friction, all the bugs entrenched on the base melted. After losing the bugs, the third layer still quickly got worn down and disappeared, then the second protective cover…

The forward force exceeded the range that humans could bear and the people on the base fainted one after another. Fortunately, they’re already hidden in the control tower beforehand and this was the safest place in the base.

Boss Booney also passed out.

When everyone in the base fell into a coma, Olivia did not faint.

He had a terrible headache and vomited for a minute. Though uncomfortable, his body is strong and he maintained his consciousness all the time.

This is the strength of a Kantas, but Olivia didn’t realize it at this time.

There was no time to praise the strong body that his race gave him. He just supported his mind to check the base data and then checked the damage.

The base damage rate is as high as 75%!

The damage rate of the first level protective cover is 20%

Damaged location…outside the control tower?!

Olivia was stunned——

Isn’t that the place where Mu Gen and the others are?

Oh God——

Olivia hurriedly turned on the monitor in the control tower. However, the imagined catastrophic scene caused by the damage on the protective cover wasn’t there, only the more than 20 people lying there.

Although they didn’t move, the monitor’s physical test device revealed that they were all alive.

Just fainted.

Olivia froze for a moment. Just when he couldn’t understand what was going on, he suddenly saw Sigma.

Holding a piece of yellow metal in his hand, Sigma was repairing the damaged protective shield.

The color of the metal plate in his hand is so familiar, did Mengmeng also contribute?

When he turned around, Olivia noticed: Sigma’s right arm was gone.

Immediately afterward, Olivia noticed several big heads rolling down on the floor in the room.

It’s Alpha and the others…

Only the head is kept, the body is gone…

At that familiar scene, Olivia suddenly understood what happened: The protective cover outside the control tower was broken so Alpha and the others filled the hole with their bodies.

The same thing had happened before so Sigma is already a skilled worker.

Finally, after checking it again and confirming that all repairs are completed, Olivia saw Sigma approach the surveillance camera and with a serious face, he made an ok gesture with his left hand.

“Haha——” Olivia laughed.

Just as he was about to say something, Olivia’s smile suddenly froze on his face.

In front of him, a claw suddenly appeared.

A claw suddenly appeared on the glass in front of the console, then the second claw appeared along with half its body. Under Olivia’s pale gaze, the owner of the claw finally put its whole body on the glass.

“Oh my God…” Olivia whispered, thinking quickly in his mind. However, before he could come up with the perfect countermeasure, the bug moved first. The sharp claws bent into a hook and the next second, it chiseled heavily into the glass in front of Olivia——

This piece of glass is not ordinary glass but the glass directly adjacent to the innermost protective cover! Once it broke, what Alpha and the others did would be for nothing——

Olivia watched as the bug lightly smashed the glass with its claws and made a cobweb-like crack.

After another hard hit, the claw finally went in.

The last protective cover was broken in the end.

When the shield broke, Olivia quickly picked up Boss Booney in the co-pilot seat. After throwing him outside the door, he quickly raised the protective cover of the main control room.

The main function of this former indestructible cover is to prevent the main control room from being attacked from inside the base. This is another layer of protection for the base pilot, but now, Olivia raised it not to protect him, but to protect the others behind the main control room!

The moment the giant bug was about to enter the main control room, Olivia quickly transformed and pushed the bug out!

Can’t let it in!

He can’t let it in no matter what!

At this moment, only this thought was left in Olivia’s mind.

Olivia, who was in his 20s, is in a critical period of larval transformation to sub-adulthood. His appearance is still hairy but his size is ten times that of other cubs! He is getting closer to the sub-adult form of Kantas seeing as he has claws on his two wing bones. This pair of claws is very inconspicuous in the cub state, hidden in the feathers, and almost unnoticeable, but in this period, the claws are already very strong. When the cub lost their fur and their elytra grew, this pair of claws will grow sharp nails that can cut the hardest metal.

At this time, Olivia used that pair of claws to firmly grasp the monster’s claws. As his mouth opened, the sharp teeth pierced deeply into the shell of the bug!

A giant chicken is fighting fiercely with the strange bug using his teeth and claws as weapons, fiercely attacking the part of the monster that’s deeply attached to the base shell, but the giant bug is twice his size and not easy to fight. Although it’s slow, its power is very large. During the time between the chicken’s attack, the bug kept wrapping its claws around the chicken’s feet in an attempt to make him lost balance. This action resulted in a more violent attack from the chicken…

It’s like the scene where Kan Mengmeng fought a cosmic monster in the cartoon, and this scene was faithfully recorded in the lens of the 14th surveillance camera of Tortland Haida.

However, it didn’t last long.

The fluid in the bug’s body dripped from the bug, not gushing out but very strangely floating in the air like a small group of frozen water.

This is normal since they’re in space.

Without the protection of the artificial atmosphere and protective shield, the environment inside the main control room is already like space, and Olivia is now completely exposed to space!

Without the protection of protective clothing, how long can human beings survive in space?

It’s said that the limit is 3 minutes.

Olivia felt his blood vessels bulge as if breathing, his whole body became numb and swollen, and he began to have a severe headache.

He knew that this was an inevitable reaction caused by lack of pressure and oxygen and he’d feel more pain after a while. Without protective clothing, the strong radiation directly fell on him.

Don’t know if he could hold on for a long time so Olivia became fiercer. The place behind the control room has Mu Gen, he can’t let this bug inside!

As time passed, the fierce battle between the two became fiercer. The big chicken that was originally arrogant is now covered in wounds and the plump hair had fallen out. Once the hair that had resisted a large amount of radiation fell off, the radiation directly hit Olivia’s skin.

But his opponent was worse: The giant bug has a total of 8 legs, 7 of which were bitten off by Olivia. The original majestic carapace has been pried apart, and now the bug looked like a naked fleshy bug!

With his last strength, Olivia slammed into the giant bug——

The huge monster fell silently into the vortex formed by countless light spots in the tunnel.

Olivia, who was completely relieved, turned into human form in an instant and softly slipped inside from the hole made by the bug’s foot.

The humanoid Olivia was covered in blood and looked even worse than his original form.

However, Olivia didn’t feel any pain at all at this time.

He began to lose consciousness gradually.

At this moment, the main control room is completely out of oxygen and the pressure is starting to become abnormal. It’s no longer suitable for humans.

However, Olivia could not leave.

Lying immobile on the floor below the console, no one could help him.

The door he raised kept all those who could help him from opening it.

I really want to sleep…


There’s one more work to be done.

I want to send Mu Gen back.

Dad A is still waiting at home…

Have to get up and operate the console…


With both hands making a long bloody trace on the console, Olivia plunged into darkness.

Vaguely, he felt someone caught him.

“Oli, there’s a red box under my bed, and the contents of the box belong to you.” Someone said this in his ears.


Then there’s no more.

Olivia lost all consciousness.


The person who opened the protective door from the outside and dragged Olivia out before closing the door was Boss Booney.

He woke up quietly behind the door when Olivia was in a desperate duel with the monster.

“Old people always feel less.” To the point that he woke up faster than the average person.

The training of the former top Imperial pilot when he was young was not easy.

The protective door outside the main control room might be difficult for others to open, but it’s very simple for Boss Booney.

He spent a long time in a coma outside, but it didn’t take him long to open the door when he woke up since he entered the password.

Yes, Boss Booney entered with a password.

Not only did he know the password of the main control room of this antique base hundreds of years ago, but he could also activate the navigator authority of this base.

Little Oli, you’ve done very well! You have completed 99% of the task “Successfully Go Home”, so let me help you with the remaining 1%.

When the familiar control keys appeared in front of his eyes, Boss Booney’s mouth bent slightly and he quickly entered a series of commands on the console.

Under Boss Booney’s operation, the base that was originally just advancing, violently rotated. When the rotation speed increased to a specified speed, everything around them slowed down. The light spots around the tunnel were still light spots, but one of them became unusually clear. As if attracted, Tortland Haida rushed toward it and drove towards the hole.

With his hands down, Boss Booney fell into the driver’s seat.

During the operation just now, the glass in front of the main console cracked even more and pieces fell off one by one. Boss Booney has been completely exposed to the space environment.

He is uncomfortable.

But he’s very happy in his heart.

He was getting closer and closer to the Star Gate and he could already see the starry sky outside the Star Gate.

The starry sky is so beautiful!

Obsessed with the vast starry sky that could only be seen above his head when he was young, he entered the Military Academy and became a pilot.

As a pilot, he drove spacecrafts, battleships and eventually got selected as a base navigator.

He’s so good that he’s no doubt a man born for this starry sky.

Then, he got a base tailored for him, Tortland Haida——this base was named by him, the operating system on it and all the authorization certification all came from him, and all the soldiers stationed on it were selected by him!

What a glorious thing!


That glory came to an abrupt end.

The month before, the hospital declared that he could no longer work as a navigator.

He stopped, but the mission could not be stopped, so Tortland Haida still followed the scheduled plan, except for the navigator being replaced by the deputy, everything else remained the same.

Then, Tortland Haida disappeared.

I can’t be with you, but at least I can bring you back.

“We are home.” The moment Tortland Haida broke through, Boss Booney——Bulfat Lane said his last words after a long life.

No one knew what his last words are due to the vacuum environment.

Until death, his eyes were open, the brilliant starry sky of the Empire reflected on his gray eyes, extremely quiet, beautiful, and gorgeous.

The author has something to say:

Boss Booney here actually has entangled feelings

I finally chose one of the emotions to interpret

TINA V5C173: Time To Go Home
TINA V6C175: Mu Gen's Worry

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