TINA V6C182: Statue of Miss Romrabiso

TINA V6C181: Robots Being Returned
TINA V6C183: Forget Me Not

The spacecraft was obviously full of “people” but it was silent.

The robots were sitting upright in their seats, never leaving, and their screens dim from beginning to end.

It’d be weird if it was another person, but at this time, the only human on the spacecraft was Mu Gen and he was very used to the quietness of robots.

The silent flight lasted for 8 hours and Mu Gen sat quietly in his seat. If he hadn’t been breathing all the time, he could almost merge with these robots. No one knew what Mu Gen was thinking, but he looked just like a robot.

This situation is not normal. If there’s another human by his side, or he has human parents, someone would have interrupted this situation at this moment. However, only Alpha and the other robots were beside him at this time, and they would never interrupt Mu Gen when he’s thinking.

In this weird atmosphere, the spacecraft arrived at the harbor.

There are two groups of people in charge of picking up Mu Gen. One group belongs to the Council since Pendra was under the jurisdiction of the Council; the other group belonged to the Military. These two groups that had a bad relationship had a long history of harassing each other. In the end, the Military stationed an army here all year round because “the science and technology here is important to the military so the Military Department directly sent people to guard it”, but the number of people is not large and would rotate every two years.

“Second Lt Mu Gen!” The first person to discover Mu Gen was a young man with blue hair. He was tall but not strong. His skin was also pale blue and there are two pairs of eyes on his face! One pair was in the normal position and the other pair replaced the eyebrows. Probably because of the extra pair of eyes, his forehead looks high.

He’s from the Trista tribe. This is the second-largest race in the Pendri galaxy where Pendra is. Their force value is very low, but their IQ is high. Due to their poor physical fitness, they rarely live outside their home galaxy.

Mu Gen, who had been walking in the middle of the robots, looked over and his party immediately walked out of the neatly arranged line.

“Hello.” Mu Gen walked over but didn’t reach out his hand. Instead, he tilted his head slightly, revealing his slender neck.

The blue-haired youth paused then walked to Mu Gen at a regular speed. His head immediately took a deep sniff at the base of Mu Gen’s exposed neck.

Mu Gen sniffed the other party too, uh…honestly, there’s no smell.

But when he looked at the other party again, he’s still smiling.

“Your body is very healthy, but do you eat too much vegetarian food to keep your body in shape? I suggest you focus on meat recently. If you don’t mind, I will arrange for it.”

“Thank you for your suggestions and arrangements.” Mu Gen smiled too, but still didn’t reach out his hand: “Nice to meet you.”

“I’m also very honored to be your tour guide this time. I’m Tatarin from the Pendra Branch of the Institute of Mechanical Technology.” The blue-haired youth smiled more sincerely.

The greeting etiquette of the Trista tribe is a cross-neck ritual. For this tribe, the neck is their most vulnerable part, and showing their most vulnerable part to each other is meant to show respect and friendship. They will take in each other’s pheromones in this way, which ordinary people can’t do. However, the Tristas can analyze many situations of the guests through their sense of smell while doing this, such as whether the body is healthy, adult, married or unmarried, whether there are eggs…

Many doctors are from the Trista tribe!

Although they have four eyes, the Tristas don’t have good facial memory. Their memory of people is more through pheromone. In other words, the young man who had crossed his neck with Mu Gen just now might not recognize Mu Gen’s appearance next time, but he can distinguish him through smell.

Note: The right hand of a Trista is said to be part of the reproductive organs and the left hand is part of the digestive organs. Holding the other party’s right hand is equivalent to begging for romance, and holding the left hand is equivalent to provocation so don’t stretch out your hand to the other party easily.

“It’s the first time you came to Pendri Galaxy but you know the habits of our tribe, you must have done a lot of homework in advance.” The four bright blue eyes gently looked at Mu Gen, then Tatarin raised his hand, revealing the striking black gloves: “I also made some preparations in advance but it seems like I won’t be able to use it.”

Mu Gen just continued to smile.

After meeting Tatarin, the other young man standing next to him also spoke. This is a black-haired youth like Mu Gen, tall and mighty. At first glance, he’s a human being from a dinosaur species, and his identity is completely obvious. The black uniform on his body made his military identity clear at a glance, and the pattern on the epaulet told everyone that, like Mu Gen, he is also a Second Lt.

“Hello, Second Lt Mu Gen, I am Prinst.”

There were no worries this time, so Mu Gen stretched out his hand to the other party and got a strong grip.

Prinst came by car and motioned for Mu Gen to follow Tatarin while Prinst immediately went to the parking lot to pick up the car.

Mu Gen hesitantly looked at the other robots lined up in front of him.

Unlike Mu Gen, these robots are not picked up by anyone. No…it’s not like no one picked them up. Mu Gen noticed that there were many bus-like cars parked at the port exit with different names written on them, and the robots boarded different cars one after another.

Noting what Mu Gen was looking at, Tatarin explained to him very patiently:

“That’s a car from each robot factory to collect the returned robots and send them back to the factory.”

Mu Gen nodded, but just when he was about to turn his head, he saw a black robot.

The robot was very tall, its left arm missing, and its screen is broken.

He looked very eye-catching and Mu Gen could tell at a glance that this robot is different. Although they’re all robots, his “temperament” is incompatible with the surrounding robots. He looked very similar to the former Alpha and the others, and——

“Is this a passenger on the same flight as us? I didn’t see him on the spacecraft just now.” Mu Gen was very sure. He had a good memory and after ten hours of flying, even if he didn’t intentionally remember, he still remembered all the physical features of all the robots on the spacecraft, including the attendants.

But as far as Mu Gen knew, there’s only one ship that would go to Pendra every day.

“Then it’s not a passenger, it should have come in the consignment compartment.” Taking a careless glance at the black robot, Tatarin said: “But that should be a military robot, and I don’t know the specifics.”

Although there are many robots, these robots have a strong sense of loneliness. Even though they’re walking together, Mu Gen still felt a strong feeling of “loneliness” from them.

Taking one last look at the robots, Mu Gen immediately left the port under the guidance of Tatarin.


Every minute in Pendra is precious so they simply had a “local characteristic” breakfast in the restaurant. Tatarin and Prinst then took him directly to the mechanical processing plant.

“Before you arrived, I received all the materials from the headquarters of the Research Institute. Although the metal on these robots is relatively rare, several factories in Pendra still have some in reserve.” After eating a meal, Tatarin began to explain the situation to Mu Gen on the road: “You’re also lucky. The metal you need was originally expensive and even then, it’s in very small quantities. If you had come ten years earlier, we could have never prepared all the metals on the list. Fortunately, we discovered several mineral stars ten years ago.”

Hearing what he said, Mu Gen finally let go of the worries in his heart.

This time, he didn’t introduce his robot family, even Sigma. After getting off the spacecraft, he behaved like an ordinary robot, don’t know if First Uncle said something to him.

Carefully holding the big head of Uncle Epsilon, Mu Gen fulfilled his duty as a listener perfectly along the way. Tatarin not only explained about the purchase of materials but also patiently introduced the scenery along the way. Probably because of being a technology practitioner, Tatarin’s introduction was not interesting at all. It’s detailed to the point of being fussy. For example, when their car passed by a mechanical statue, ordinary tour guides would surely introduce the life and history of the statue to the tourists…the statue must be rendered so great that even the location of the statue is also worth a hundred times than normal. However, Tatarin is obviously not a qualified tour guide since he said this:

“Pendra’s Ministry of Finance allocated 1/10000 of its fiscal revenue that year to build this statue. It’s made of Fabia, the hardest metal known in the Empire with the entire building ten meters high and weighing 18 tons…”

And on and on and on…Tatarin talked so much about the details of this statue that Mu Gen even had a deep understanding of the size and length of the statue. However, he was stunned since he didn’t know who the statue was and why it was being repaired.

Mu Gen:  ̄▽ ̄

But this didn’t prevent Mu Gen from carefully observing the statue. To make him see it more clearly, when Prinst passed by, he stopped to let Mu Gen get closer, but it’s a pity that the statue was too big. At close range, Mu Gen only saw the bare toes but when he walked a little farther, Mu Gen could see the statue’s whole body: This is a statue of a person, moreover, a lady.

Uh? Why does it look familiar?

Just as Mu Gen was thinking about it, Prinst’s voice came from the front:

“This is the statue of Lady Romrabiso. She’s the most famous mechanic who was born from Pendra and is the spiritual symbol of Pendra. She wrote countless books in her life, theories about spacecrafts, battleships, robots…she laid the theoretical foundation on all technology of all mechanical structures, so the main body of the statue is the lady herself, while the books flying around her are her writings. There are a total of 180 books around, each of which is the same as the published books. Only the one in the hands of Lady Romrabiso has a title but the content was blank. For various reasons, this book didn’t print. I heard that Lady Romrabiso finally asked someone to only print 10 copies as a personal note to give to relatives and friends…

It’s even said that kissing her toes will bless you with her wisdom, so every year, countless mechanics go here to kiss her statue’s toes.”

Those few words explained the origin of the statue clearly. Finally, Prinst asked kindly:

“Would you like to kiss too? We all kissed when we came.”

Mu Gen: 囧!!!

Mu Gen finally thought about why he thought this statue was familiar:

This, this, this, isn’t this Miss Dolai?

Although he’d seen Miss Dolai when she was young from White Cloud Duoduo’s memory, the Miss Dolai who got along with them was hundreds of years old. Mu Gen then saw the name on the statue and merged it with Miss Dolai in his mind.

Romrabiso, isn’t this Miss Dolai’s last name? Miss Dolai’s full name is Dolai Z. Romrabiso, and Mu Gen remembered it clearly. When they left, Miss Dolai gave them a lot of books, each with this author’s name.

Looking at the metal-shaped Miss Dolai, Mu Gen was stupefied.

His gaze slid from the statue’s forehead to the toes and finally settled on the hands.

That…isn’t that book in Sigma’s belly right now? It’s even the signed version…

Then beside him, he heard Tatarin sigh and say, “right now, those who can own this book have made a fortune, and the reward for this book can buy 1/3 of the large mechanical processing plants on Pendra Star.”

Mu Gen felt chaotic.

The author has something to say:

The tonsils are still swollen

 ̄▽ ̄

TINA V6C181: Robots Being Returned
TINA V6C183: Forget Me Not

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