TINA V6C186: Sigma Taking Out The Garbage

TINA V6C185: Destiny
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The theft incident turned into a donation incident or something like that later. Before this, Sigma was very upset.

After restarting the next day, he dug out the Imperial Criminal Law and studied it from beginning to end. According to his research results, Sigma believed that his previous action is not only theft but also violating the Cultural Relics Protection Law and the crime of contempt of historical celebrities. Thinking of the previously destroyed monitoring equipment, right, there’s also the crime of destroying public facilities.

All these charges added up, and Sigma needs to go to prison for 300 years.


In the following days, Sigma didn’t dare go shopping ← He’s afraid of getting caught, so he shrinks behind Master Kenda every day to help him, like looking at the temperature of the furnace, pouring out liquid metal to the mold, taking the garbage out…Sigma did everything and was so well-behaved.

This kind of performance showed that he’s truly terrified.

Uncle Alpha offered to look after Sigma, but Mu Gen was sent to continue searching for materials, and the family had an orderly division of labor.

“Please bring rain gear.” When Mu Gen left, Robot A reminded him: “And wear one more layer.”

It suddenly started raining at night a few days ago and this rain just lasted for one day. This was the case for several days and the air humidity suddenly increased a lot.

“Pendra’s rainy season is here, so the next four months are basically rainy.” Tatarin casually said, and was a little stunned when he finished: Huh? Who was he talking to? Is it that antique robot?

Tatarin’s gloved hand gently tucked his hair as he raised a brow.

He’s a native of Pendra and the place where robots are most commonly used and understood in the entire empire should be Pendra. However, the one with the most objective view of robots in the entire empire is also Pendra.

The most obvious point is: They will not chat with robots.

Except for work and when necessary, they’d rarely speak to the robot, just like in ancient earth in the 21st century, would normal people speak to the electrical appliances at home?

For natives in Pendra, robots are just tools to make life easier for humans.

But he just talked to a robot, probably because the robot’s tone was too familiar, he couldn’t help but continue the conversation.

Tatarin touched his nose. Mu Gen also checked the rain gear he was carrying with him at this time and added another coat. After greeting his family’s robot and Master Kenda, they entered the car with Tatarin.

Robot A sent them to the door and until the car started, Tatarin could still see the robots waving at them constantly behind him.

“You…is there any material for this robot in the materials you prepared before?” Tatarin suddenly spoke: “If you’re not prepared, at least prepare a copy. Although it’s not easy to get reimbursed by the military, it’s okay to get a half discount through internal relations. The model of that robot is too old and the metal inside and outside has to be changed. Pendra’s rainy season is very strong so it will rust…”

Without waiting for Mu Gen’s refusal, Tatarin immediately made his own decision. Quickly talking to Prinst who was driving in front of him, Prinst readily agreed.

This is definitely a surprise!

After thanking Tatarin and Prinst, the three chatted and the black military hover car swiftly ran away in the pouring rain.


Alpha and the other robots are now just heads. Xiao A’s fingers were too clumsy so only Sigma could do the job.

Master Kenda, who was fully immersed in his work, said nothing and focused all his attention on the parts being polished in his hands. With so many robots, the size of the parts used on them in varying sizes exceeded a million. There are tools in the workshop but all the key parts needed to be polished by hand, so this is an extremely physically demanding job.

Staring at Master Kenda’s work attentively for a while, Sigma’s screen flashed and then decided to make a cup of tea for Master Kenda.

When he was at home, he often made tea for his brother so Sigma was confident in his tea-making skills.

Then Sigma went to make a pot of egg-fried rice. He learned everything that Mu Gen had learned, and to be honest, Sigma’s cooking level was higher than Mu Gen.

The scent of food made Master Kenda wake up. Looking at the fragrant tea and rice in front of him, Master Kenda was stunned.

He first glanced at his assistant robot——he saw that the robot he named John was standing to the side very obediently;

Then he looked at Sigma again with a flickering screen, the egg-fried rice and the tea just made in front of him.

What a strange robot——Master Kenda thought.

In principle, robots will only execute commands, doing nothing is the least error-prone way when they can’t judge the owner’s needs.

But this little robot took the initiative to judge that he needed to eat and even cooked his favorite egg-fried rice.

“How do you know that I like egg-fried rice best?” Master Kenda raised a brow.

“I asked John and John told Sigma,” Sigma answered honestly.

Looking at John standing on the side like a piece of wood, Master Kenda, who had always been serious, couldn’t help but smile.

The egg-fried rice made by the little robot is very delicious and Master Kenda rarely praised him: “This craft can be used to open a restaurant!”

“Sigma sat in as a student of the Cooking Department of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy!” Sigma said proudly.

He had never equated himself with the assistant robot and under the instruction of his brother, Sigma considers himself an observer.

Can study, can skip class, no need to take an exam, how great ← Mu Gen’s original words.

Master Kenda lives alone in the backyard while his disciples and some colleagues are in the front yard. The ordinary work is done by them while Master Kenda is only responsible for the five most important orders each year.

Whenever he received an order, the gate in the middle of the two yards will be closed from the inside. Until the work is completed, Master Kenda will hardly go out. Without his instructions, his disciples wouldn’t dare bother him easily, even for things like meals.

So every time an order is completed, Master Kenda’s health is not very good.

Sigma’s existence slightly broke Master Kenda’s rules, but he didn’t go too far. When Master Kenda finished eating, Sigma took the initiative to clean the dishes and after Master Kenda gave an order, John also came to help.

“John, does your house even have detergent?”

“John, this brand of detergent doesn’t work well. It’s recommended that you buy the Snow White brand detergent produced by Farrar Star.”

“John, what flavor of energy agent do you like?”

“John, what’s your monthly salary?”



In the kitchen, the two robots are chatting. However, only one party is constantly asking questions while the other party is only responsible for answering.

The questioner is naturally Sigma, as Bailu Star’s robot (← self-proclaimed), Sigma is instinctively curious about the robots in the Mechanical Capital. Since he didn’t dare go anywhere, Sigma had to direct all the questions to the only Pendra robot around——John.

Fortunately, John is a robot, and questions within the scope of his authority are answered. After knowing that John’s monthly salary is a big fat egg, Sigma was stunned:

“Sigma…still has 100 farads of pocket money every month…”

Fortunately, he didn’t continue with this question. After asking John where the household garbage was placed, Sigma took the trash can and went to take out the garbage.

Because it was raining heavily outside, Sigma also asked John for an umbrella.

The rain is also beautiful.

His first memory in this world comes from that Barren Star and Sigma likes the rain over there very much. However, Bailu Star has very little rain and it’d occassionally drizzle but will stop after a while.

It’s different here.

Sigma saw such heavy rain for the first time.

Like a stormy sea or like a sea wave, as if the river in the sky was pouring down.

Of course, there won’t be so many associations in Sigma’s mind. He just felt like the rain was very heavy and it truly is.

He quietly admired this scene for a while, then, holding an umbrella in one hand and carrying the trash can in the other hand, Sigma didn’t forget to take pictures with his screen.

Sigma lined up the raindrops with the white flowers and photographed the empty streets with only rainwater. He even photographed a cat whose head was being hammered by the heavy rain.

The cat tried to climb the wall, but the rain was so heavy that it failed several times in a row.

Turning his head, Sigma put down the trash can and grabbed the cat with one hand, then Sigma threw it on the wall it wanted to climb. The cat screamed then jumped to the other side of the wall.

It should be going home——Sigma thought.

The cat was very powerful. When it was caught by Sigma, it scratched his arm. If it were a human being, they’d be injured long ago.

Fortunately, I’m a robot——Sigma thought.

Without forgetting to take a photo of the cat, Sigma intended to let his brother take a look at the photo at night. Picking up the trash can again, Sigma walked to the trash dump not far away.

Sigma paused for a while when he saw the garbage dump: Sigma, who takes out the garbage every day, is very familiar with garbage dumps, but he’d never seen such a dirty garbage dump!

Don’t know if it’s because of the heavy rain but the dump here is full of garbage. Even if he couldn’t smell it, Sigma’s scanning system had reminded him that the smell and pollutants exceeded the standard as early as when he approached!

Sigma also saw a swarm of flies that wouldn’t die even with the heavy rain.

Tilting his head, Sigma placed the trash can in his hand in the correct position and then began to pick up the other trash on the ground. The brothers had done this since they were young and under Mu Gen’s influence, Sigma is a good robot that would automatically shut down any unclosed water pipes~

The bottles are all sorted together, and the food waste is sorted together…Sigma earnestly divided the trash by category and then touched a piece of cold metal.

Wrong place!

Metal objects should not be put with household garbage!

Sigma quickly raised an alarm in his mind.

However, this piece of metal is covered with a lot of rubbish. If he wanted to take it out, he had to sort the rubbish on top first.

Sigma then continued to pick up the trash and as he slowly cleaned the garbage on top, the metal object covered below finally revealed itself.

Sigma froze when he saw what it was.


This is actually a robot.

The author has something to say:

This volume has a lot of content about robots, but it won’t be very long.

TINA V6C185: Destiny
TINA V6C187: White Robot

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