TINA V7C193: Dramatic Change

TINA V7C192: One Day of Robot Stone
TINA V7C194: Hydrangea Incident

Mu Gen drove the “Traffic Controller” mecha series. The outer shell of the mecha has the blue and white color unique to the spaceport and the mechanical handheld signal bar with a cold light deterrent worn around his waist.

Among the top ten mechas of the year, the “Traffic Controller” mecha series is the only non-military model with a low force value. It can’t satisfy the hobby of mecha enthusiasts of “killing” since the “Traffic Controller” series is too gentle. The whole mecha is slender, tall, and elegant. This mecha is unusually popular with cubs, females, middle-aged and elderly people, therefore, in the ranking of high attack performance mechas, the “Traffic Controller” series firmly established itself in the top three.

Near the spaceport of all planets, people can often see this beautiful blue and white mecha.

“Hello, please show your spacecraft qualification certificate and your pass.” As usual, Mu Gen used a signal light to alert the spacecraft approaching, then he flew to the vicinity of the other party and stopped about 1,000 meters away from their route. Mu Gen then connected to the other party’s spacecraft’s Captain’s communication station.

The other party agreed to Mu Gen’s call request and the head of a young man with short black hair immediately appeared on the communication platform in front of the captain.

“Oh! It’s Mu Gen! Why are you here? Ah…I see, you must be promoted!” The gray-haired old captain obviously knew Mu Gen. He chatted with Mu Gen very well but didn’t forget to show his ID.

Mu Gen just smiled and then carefully checked the other party’s various documents. The admission letter also contained the information of all the passengers on the spacecraft and Mu Gen entered all the information into his receiver before looking up:

“Captain Johnson, please use the saliva detector.” To ensure safe driving, various checks on the pilot have never been interrupted.

“Alright, alright!” Captain Johnson quickly picked up a piece of stick-shaped equipment on the side and licked it. His body data was immediately transmitted to Mu Gen through the collector in the stick.

“Very good, the last time you drank was the day before yesterday. Mr. Johnson, your heart has been much better recently. Drinking in your daily life is okay but drink moderately.” Mu Gen met the old captain on the first day he became an air traffic controller, but at that time, the other party was driving under the influence and was locked up by Mu Gen. Mr. Johnson, who was always strong and was said to be a pirate from a good background and has a very hot temper, immediately fought with Mu Gen and then…

Was beaten down by Mu Gen.

In the end, he suffered a heart attack and was taken to the hospital by Mu Gen as quickly as possible. The doctor later told Old Johnson that if Mu Gen had not used the correct first aid method on him, he would have been reborn long ago. After that, Old Johnson obediently paid the fine, but his wife gave Mu Gen a flag and a tearful thank you letter. After that, he would check on old Johnson basically once a week, and over time, the two became very good friends.

Mu Gen took him to Mrs. Bayati to check his illness and learned a lot of common knowledge about heart disease from Mrs. Bayati. Over time, Mu Gen would check Old Johnson’s body index from the report of the saliva test and remind him from time to time.

“This time there are a lot of passengers so please pay attention to driving safely!” This time, the passengers on Old Johnson’s ship were rarely full.

“Of course!” Old Johnson grinned, then waved at him: “I can earn more this time, so when I come back, I will take you to dinner!”

“This can’t work.”

“What’s wrong, we are good friends!”

Mu Gen smiled and shook his head then saluted him.

Hanging up the communicator, the figures of both parties disappeared in front of each other.

For Mu Gen, this was just a very ordinary inspection, and he immediately flew towards the next inspection target——

However, just as this inspection was underway, he suddenly noticed the colorful lights flashing in front of him that represented warnings along with countless “Traffic Controller” mecha series flying in one direction from all directions. There are also police spacecrafts whizzing past Mu Gen!

Mu Gen glanced at his communication channel but didn’t see any news. However, his instincts told him something’s wrong, and relying on that, he ordered the spacecraft he’s inspecting to stay in place. After another five minutes, two police spacecrafts flew from the front, but this time, they flew towards Mu Gen.

One of the spacecraft immediately issued a communication request to Mu Gen. The moment it connected, Mu Gen heard a cold voice:

“Traffic Controller No. 024 pilot Mu Gen, please cut off contact with the mecha immediately. You are being arrested.”


“…a few days ago, a major traffic accident occurred on the route under the Hydrangea Galaxy Spaceport. A civilian spacecraft collided with the transport ship in front, and the transport ship had a small explosion. The cockpit of the civilian spacecraft was destroyed in the explosion and the pilot died on the spot. Fortunately, no passengers on the spacecraft were injured or killed. The police now suspect that the driver was drunk driving. According to the police, the pilot of the civilian spacecraft was Johnson Simpler, age…”

Mu Gen is now sitting in a pure white room with a TV, a lamp, three police officers and one staff, no one else.

“It’s not drunk driving. I did the saliva test for Mr. Johnson and the above results show that the last time he drank was the day before yesterday. The residual alcohol will not have any effect on driving.” After reading the report carefully, Mu Gen only said those words.

“Is that right?” The policeman sitting across from him raised a brow and then used a portable brain to play audio: “Oh! It’s Mu Gen! Why are you here? Ah…I see, you must be promoted!”

It’s Old Johnson’s voice! Mu Gen immediately moved his gaze to the audio player.

“Captain Johnson, please use the saliva detector.” The next voice was Mu Gen’s own. At the familiar dialogue…Mu Gen immediately realized that this was a record of the previous call between the two.

“It’s okay to drink in your daily life but you should drink moderately.” It was still Mu Gen’s voice.

“What’s wrong, we are good friends!” Old Johnson’s voice.

“There are so many passengers this time.” It was Mu Gen’s voice.

“I can earn more this time so when I come back, I’ll treat you to dinner!”

The audio finally ends with Old Johnson’s words and that’s it.

The dialogue was very simple and these are indeed their voices, but some words are missing and the order has some subtle changes. However, these changes are enough for everyone who heard this audio to misunderstand:

“We extracted the conversation between you and Johnson Simpler and found Johnson Simpler’s saliva analysis in your management records. The above shows that he used alcoholic beverages while driving and there’s ample evidence that you and Johnson Simpler are friends and that you are suspected of accepting a bribe from Johnson Simpler.”

“Now, do you have anything to say?” The policeman turned off the audio and looked up at the dark-haired youth opposite him.

“I request the police to completely block the mecha I’m driving, block all my personal belongings in the spaceport and immediately notify a robot named Alpha in my family about my trial and protect my family from the news of my arrest. Finally, I ask the police to prepare a doctor when they notify Johnson’s family.”

“Oh?” The policeman raised his brows.

“Johnson’s wife also has a history of a heart attack. I’m worried that she’d be too sad to hear the news of Old Johnson’s death.” Mu Gen said, his dark eyes staring straight at the policeman opposite him.

For an instant, the policeman suddenly felt that “the other party is not a criminal suspect at all”. Now knowing what was going on, he agreed to Mu Gen’s request.


The news that Mu Gen had indirectly caused a terrible accident due to the lax regulations still leaked out.

Although only one person died in this accident, the transport ship that collided with it transported a terrible gas and the gas leak caused by the accident was still getting worse, so the entire Hydrangea Galaxy Spaceport has been blocked. The residents close to the accident site have also been thrown into the hospital for treatment.

Two names that were mentioned in the report: Johnson Simpler and Mu Gen, became popular searches for a while. And Mu Gen, who lives on Bailu Star, is more likely to be searched by the public. When the police arrived at Mu Gen’s house, there was rubbish everywhere at Mu Gen’s door. Throwing various filthy objects at people they hate has always been a means of venting since ancient times.

When the police arrived, the matter of throwing garbage had come to an end. The bosses of Idoli Commercial Street and the righteous people who threw the garbage started a fierce dispute about throwing garbage. The originally verbal dispute quickly turned into a physical one. In the end, the elderly group of Idoli won with absolute strength, uh…both parties were arrested by the police.

And now, the entire Idoli Commercial Street has been put under martial law by the police so only a few robots cleaned up the rubbish. Someone had probably thrown garbage at them before since several robots looked dirty.

“Does Mu Gen have a robot named Alpha?” The police randomly pulled a robot and asked.

“Hello sir, yes.” A robot with a banana peel on its chest replied politely. The police noticed that under the cover of the banana peel was some kind of iron plate and a yellow stone.

The robot named Alpha quickly rushed over from the next street with a broom. It obviously looked like an ordinary nanny robot when cleaning but when it stood up straight, the policeman almost exclaimed: What a handsome military robot!

Nowadays, many military enthusiasts like to replace their nanny robots with a shell that mimics military robots. The police had seen a lot of them, and he even had one, but none looked more real than this one!

Although this robot is holding a broom in its left hand and a garbage bag in its right hand, with even traces of egg liquid drying up with half an eggshell hanging on it, but still, it looks so majestic!

Though shocked by the robot named Alpha, the policeman didn’t forget his purpose. He told him the news of Mu Gen’s trial and then asked for Mu Gen’s relatives or elders.

Alpha finally provided Olivia’s name and number.

“Excuse me, can we visit Mu Gen?” Alpha asked.

“Human relatives can, but robots can’t.” However, this request was strictly rejected.

“…in prison…how many people are there in Mu Gen’s place? Will it be cold? Can three meals a day be guaranteed? How long will he be detained?” Alpha asked another set of questions.

The policeman in front of him was dumbfounded by these questions.

It sounds normal, but it’s too normal. It’s not something a robot will ask.

This robot is pretty good! It’s said that inmates will be deprived of their robots and when the time comes, he could participate in the bidding for it~

After thinking so in his heart and speaking a few more words to the Robot Alpha, the policeman hurriedly led his people away.

Quietly watching the police car leave and standing for a while, Alpha swept the ground again.

The author has something to say:

Mu Gen met a bad guy.

TINA V7C192: One Day of Robot Stone
TINA V7C194: Hydrangea Incident

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