TINA V7C194: Hydrangea Incident

TINA V7C193: Dramatic Change
TINA V7C195: Fly Between The Stars

Starlight Calendar 399

This year is destined to be an uneasy year.

According to the action progress, when the police notified Mu Gen’s family, they also notified Johnson Simpler’s wife, Mrs. Mary, of the incident. Mrs. Mary, who had a bad heart, suddenly became ill after hearing the news of her husband’s death. Fortunately, before arriving, the police followed Mu Gen’s advice and brought a doctor. Otherwise, Mrs. Mary would probably die on the spot.

Johnson Simpler’s home is located on a sparsely populated satellite planet of Bailu Star and an ordinary family of three. Now that Old Johnson is dead and his wife Mary seriously ill and unconscious, the police had to inform Sandras, the son of Old Johnson, who was an intern in the military. He was different from his enthusiastic father. Sandras is an unusually taciturn young man with blond hair and blue eyes, thin and looks more like his weak and sickly mother than his father. Old Johnson used his salary from driving a spacecraft to support the young man to go to a military academy, but the young man’s academic studies were not outstanding. He’s not close to anyone, including his family. Compared to his major, he prefers tinkering with some strange things, and the people who knew him always thought he’s a weird person.

However, such a young man, after being notified by the police of his father’s death and his mother’s serious illness, violently attacked the police on the spot and the police had to use coercive means to detain him. He settled down when they took him to visit his mother who’s now on Bailu Star.

“Don’t worry young man, I am Mrs. Bayati who treated your father before, and I will take care of your mother during this time.” He met Mrs. Bayati in the ward.

Mrs. Mary is not a criminal, so the police cannot restrict her freedom. Mrs. Bayati is naturally not as hot-headed as her neighbors so, except for the minors such as Xiao Tao, she’s the only adult on Idoli Commercial Street who’s not detained.

Mrs. Bayati was born with a calm temperament.

She is never in a hurry. When the Mu Gen family had an accident, the neighbors of Idoli Commercial Street gathered together. She first released her neighbors on bail and gave each of them a pair of antihypertensive drugs. Then she found the hospital where Mrs. Mary stayed and showed Mrs. Mary’s medical records to the hospital. Don’t know what else she did but anyway, when Sandras arrived, she was already sitting peacefully beside Mrs. Mary’s bed.

“I know you, dad… thank you for treating his illness.” After hearing Mrs. Bayati’s name, the young man who had been silent all this time finally said his first sentence.

Then he was arrested and he obediently followed the police back for trial.

After answering some questions about his father, he said nothing for the rest of the time. With no other alternatives, the police could only temporarily detain him for a few days on charges of violently assaulting a police officer.

The two young people involved in the case——although Mu Gen and Sandras were kept in two different detention rooms, they chose to respond with silence together.

Olivia’s support appeared at this time.

The development of the new starfield was now the fastest way to accumulate military merit. The young man who had won Marshal Rothsay’s favor has been promoted at an unimaginable speed in just five years. After the completion of a recent mission, a star finally appeared on his shoulder——he’s already a Brigadier General.

In the empire’s bureaucracy, becoming a Brigadier General meant that this person has formally entered the system of high-ranking officers, so they and their families could enjoy a series of privileges.

Since the mission has not been completed yet, Olivia can’t leave, but he sent his subordinate Voge, who is best at handling this kind of thing, to represent him.

The robot Alpha just gave Olivia’s name and contact information, not even a surname. The contact method is also only the communication code used by the family. The policeman who received this note just made a casual call and after talking about the incident, he didn’t realize who he was talking to. So when Voge, who was wearing a Lt Colonel uniform appeared at his door with a smile, the low-ranking policeman was frightened to death.

Remember Olivia’s former competitor Voge? The one who fed Big Horn every night and eventually became the President of Olivia’s Fan Club? He’s now a Lt Colonel, responsible for the image building and propaganda work of the military, and is currently Olivia’s capable man.

After the incident, it was already very strange that Mu Gen was taken into custody at such a speed, which must involve some people taking advantage of certain privileges; Voge also used the same method. On the same day, Mu Gen was lifted from custody by Voge in the name of “a high ranking officer’s fiancee has a certain degree of criminal immunity” so he temporarily returned home, and Sandras, who was in the detention room next door, was also released on bail by him.

The Idoli Commercial Street was also surrounded by the private guards dispatched by Olivia and robot Xiao A and Stone’s grocery shopping were all claimed by them with a smile.

“This incident is not the fault of Old Johnson and I didn’t neglect my duty.” Mu Gen always thought so, but when others forced the charge on him and Old Johnson, he can’t resist at all.

In his fourth year in society, the young Mu Gen went silent for one night.

The thing that had already been concluded has undergone a qualitative change after Olivia intervened!

On the night of Mu Gen’s return home, a video appeared on the internet. It was a video where Mu Gen inspected Old Johnson. The person who uploaded this video also compared this video with the audio the police used to imprison Mu Gen for the crime. It’s obvious which evidence is more reliable!

Then on the internet, the details of the person in charge of the Hydrangea Galaxy Spaceport who accepted bribes in a certain year and the names of the two newcomers who were admitted to the civil service in the same term as Mu Gen were impressively listed! The bribery incident, location, amount…all were shown clearly!

Things went completely out of the control of the Hydrangea Galaxy Spaceport.

The third video was released on the third day at the same time as the previous two videos. Have to say that this method of publishing proof videos regularly quickly mobilized the people’s enthusiasm for watching dramas. For a time, the video with the highest views in the Empire was the video of the Hydrangea Incident.

The third video is another law enforcement video. A young traffic controller like Mu Gen. However, the way of law enforcement is completely different from Mu Gen. Faced with familiar transport cabin pilots, he just did the roughest check and then let the other party go.

It was because of this negligence that the surface of the transport compartment of this ship fell off.

The fourth video was then released.

Not waiting until the same time on the fourth day, the last video was released that same evening.

That was the video from Old Johnson’s cockpit. This is a first-hand video without any editing. It could be seen from the video that Old Johnson drove in full accordance with the rules. After the conversation with Mu Gen, he began to whistle. It was an old song and he played it so well! If he’s a few decades younger, he could almost participate in the rookie selection contest held by the TV station! Apart from that, he only did one thing that has nothing to do with driving during the whole process.

There’s a photo frame next to the bridge, which is a family portrait. While driving, Old Johnson picked up the photo frame and looked at it once, then put it down.

The accident happened at this time.

The cockpit glass suddenly broke. The sound was very small, but it was still recorded by the high-quality camera equipment. In front was the transport ship’s compartment that hasn’t been strictly inspected since a part had fallen off and smashed through Old Johnson’s cockpit glass which just hit him in the chest!

What’s more terrifying is that this is space so the cockpit quickly became a vacuum!

People can’t see Old Johnson’s expression, only his back. Without doing any treatment to his wounds, he still insisted on driving——

It occurred to people that Old Johnson was a pilot and there were 103 passengers on the spacecraft behind him!

Between the injured him and all the passengers, Old Johnson chose the latter.

He drove meticulously following the rules, but the transport ship in front suddenly stopped. The spacecraft will inevitably collide with the transport ship. At the last moment, Old Johnson did the only thing that did not comply with the driving rules. He threw the ship’s position out of the route!

In this way, the passengers are safe, but his cockpit inevitably collided with the rear end of the transport ship——

As soon as this video came out, everyone who watched it was silent, and then the starnet exploded!

Old Johnson, who they believed to be the culprit, was not the criminal but the hero!

Sacrificing himself to save the other 103 passengers, he still maintained his professional duty until the last moment of his life. He’s a true hero!

Who’s the real culprit? Is it the negligent traffic controller? Is the Hydrangea Galaxy Spaceport administrator who accepted the bribe? Is it…

This incident ended up being quite a big deal!

Several senior officials in the spaceport were dismissed during the investigation and traffic controllers who neglected their duties were criminally punished. Old Johnson received a hero commendation and Mrs. Mary received free treatment from the government. The people who went to Idoli Commercial Street to throw rubbish were also ashamed. These days, there are always people sneaking up and picking up rubbish near the commercial street.

Old Johnson’s funeral was very grand. Many people spontaneously came to this remote planet from their respective planets to present a bunch of flowers to Old Johnson.

Old Johnson’s cemetery became a sea of flowers.

However, the person is gone. No matter how grand the funeral is, it cannot replace the lost relative.

After the media and worshippers left, only Sandras and Mu Gen were left in this flowery cemetery.

“Sonny (Sandras’ nickname, old Johnson called his son like that)…” Not knowing what to say, Mu Gen finally just called Sandras by his nickname.

Then Sandras took out a box from nowhere and handed it to Mu Gen.

“Here.” He stuffed that thing to Mu Gen.

Mu Gen’s eyes suddenly widened after recognizing what it was——

This thing is surprisingly a bomb!

“It’s not an ordinary bomb. A box of this size can blow up the entire Hydrangea Galaxy Spaceport.” Sandras spoke lightly as if it was just a trivial matter.

“Could it be that you want to…” Mu Gen guessed in his heart.

Sandras nodded.

“Although the old man can drink, he stopped drinking completely after mother fell ill. He will definitely do what he promised. Those people who wronged him, if in the end there’s really no way, I will blow up everything there.”

“What about now?”

“Now, this is useless so I’ll give it to you.” Sandras didn’t care.

“En…” Nodding, just when Mu Gen wanted to accept this dangerous gift, the box in his hand was suddenly taken away by a big hand.

“I’ll take care of this thing.” A familiar voice and a familiar breath, Mu Gen raised his head and then fell into Olivia’s golden eyes.

The golden eyes and the golden earrings complemented each other that Mu Gen became a little dazed for a while.

“Mu Gen, happy birthday.” Olivia smiled and then lightly pecked his cheek.

Olivia’s lips were cold but Mu Gen’s cheeks became hot.

Sandras squatted on the ground and stared blankly at the two outstanding young people staring at each other. He looked at Mu Gen and finally stopped at Olivia.

This year, Sandras officially joined Olivia’s fleet after his internship and became an ordinary soldier.

In the same year in another history, Sandras, whose father was wronged, bombed the Hydrangea Galaxy Spaceport after his mother died. Since then, his whereabouts have become unknown and he eventually became a famous anti-human terrorist in history.

The author has something to say:

Actually, this case is very simple.

Sumei Ge is not so bold, so this has nothing to do with him

In fact, the person who I really wanted to write about this incident might be Sandras, which is a historical inevitability.

In the previous history, this humble boy eventually became a terrorist.

Here, he became a soldier of the Empire. Although his father died, his mother was still alive.

And Mu Gen will change after this incident.

Oli has also grown up. He had had ambitions since he was a child and has a clear plan. He’s now walking on his plan very steadily.

Mu Gen is actually a little headstrong because of his family’s love. Although he’s a good boy, he’s still a child.

Alpha and Oli are both responsible for this.

After this incident, Mu Gen will begin to grow up.

Of course, this incident prevented not only Sandras but also the robots.

History has tried countless times to make things the same as before but there’s always a hand dialing it back. After history straightened a bit, it bent again.

PS: This incident can actually be regarded as an example. My uncle passed away a few years ago in a serial car accident. In fact, he’s just helping a friend so he shouldn’t be in that place but a long-distance friend told him to go with him to take turns driving the car. As a result, the road often fogs up and car accidents happen frequently. My uncle even called him to not go there or make a detour. In the end, they went there and then encountered a series of car accidents. My Uncle happened to be driving at the time with big trucks in front and back and only my uncle and his friends had a private car. When they hit the truck in front of them, my uncle tried to turn the steering wheel and ram into it. The others survived because of their positions.

Perhaps the people in this car had forgotten about this incident, right?

But we family members will always remember.

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