TINA V7C192: One Day of Robot Stone

TINA V6C191: Stone
TINA V7C193: Dramatic Change

Five years later.

Starlight Calendar July 4, 399, sunny.

At 8:00 in the morning, Robot Stone woke up.

Uh…actually turned on. Not under the bed, not in the storage cabinet, he woke up in a chair, the chair he used when he shut down. Everyone in the house has a position where they liked to shut down. Sigma likes his brother’s bed. Uncle Alpha likes the side of the refrigerator. And Robot Stone chose a colorful chair.

He bought it with three months of pocket money.

Everyone in the family has pocket money, which is distributed uniformly by the Patriarch Alpha. Although the amount was lower than Bailu Star’s average salary, he can buy whatever he wants as long as he saved for a few months. Robot Stone handed over his pocket money for the first month to Mu Gen and of course, Mu Gen quickly returned it to him. Then, under Sigma’s leadership, the two robots went to a well-known robot supply store in Bailu Star and bought a box of apple-flavored energy agents.

Although the apple-flavored energy agent tastes very special, when the pocket money for the second month was received, Robot Stone didn’t dare waste it like this. He sneaked to the iron shop and bought a small piece of iron, then entrusted a blacksmith to engrave a line on it:

“My name is Robot Stone. If you find me, please give me to my owner Mu Gen. Address: Bailu Star…”

This tag was all that Robot Stone wished for.

He once found this iron tag on the neck of a pet called a dog on the side of the road. At first, he thought it was probably a return card, but once he personally encountered a lost puppy who was returned to the owner under the guidance of the information on the iron plate, he understood the difference between the two: One type represents abandonment, while the other represents a recall.

Iron is the cheapest metal. Even if Stone handled it very preciously, that piece of iron still rusts every few months. Later, Mu Gen gave him the exact same breastplate but it wasn’t made of iron, but a metal with higher corrosion resistance.

Stone cherished it with his life now.

Along the way, he said hello to everyone he met in a polite manner. As usual, Robot Stone took a public hover car to go to the other hemisphere of Bailu Star to buy the things that robot Xiao A needed. Since he would take the same bus at the same time almost every day, the drivers of the hover cars knew him.

“Hello, Mr. Yani.”

“Hello, Stone.”

Basically, all the people who walked into the public hover car with Stone were nanny robots who went out shopping. There’s no helping it, nanny robots aren’t allowed to drive any transportation without the owner. If they want to travel far, they could only take public transportation. Uh…of course, there are exceptions, such as robot Beta. He never took any means of transportation when he travels far away and relies entirely on running, which is truly economical.

Because of boarding early, Robot Stone was able to sit by the window. He likes this location because he can enjoy the scenery along the way. Although he’d seen this scenery for almost five years, Robot Stone still looks at it with relish every day. Where is the extra store, where is one shop missing, which store has a new sign…he knew everything. Under Sigma’s demonstration, he also became interested in taking pictures. Although his screen doesn’t have the camera function (most nanny robots don’t have the camera function because most owners generally don’t want their photos to be leaked), he bought a very good second-hand camera with his pocket money.

At Sigma’s instigation, Stone also participated in Bailu Star’s photography contest under the names of Mu Gen and Olivia, then Mu Gen (Stone) won the prize while Olivia (Sigma) was eliminated.

Sigma became more and more frustrated and then took Stone to participate in many competitions. Mu Gen (Stone)’s results were getting better and better, even winning an Imperial Photo Competition. However, Sigma’s best result, under Olivia’s name, only got an excellent award.

And so, without their knowledge, the popular figures rising in the empire’s military——Mr. Olivia’s hobby of photography but lack of talent was secretly spread in a small circle ← actually, his hobby is poetry creation but he’s rejected every time orz;

And Mu Gen had the label of being versatile under the same circumstances ← God knows this kid has no artistic talent at all -_-|||

Daylight sprinkled warmly on Stone sitting by the window and his metal casing was toasted warmly. When the clouds drifted across the sky, it would leave a faint shadow on him.

These years are quiet.

At this moment, the car suddenly braked!

This is a hover bus traveling around the planet! The average speed exceeds 600 kph! The consequences of the sudden break at this speed could be imagined. Fortunately, all the passengers on this hover bus are robots and fortunately, the robots have a good habit of wearing seat belts. At the moment of sudden braking, the airbags on the hover vehicle inflated and all the people in their seats were wrapped by the airbags, which is to avoid all possible injuries.

“There’s a traffic accident ahead, so please don’t panic. Injured passengers, please call the police officers loudly, passengers with lighter injuries are required to conduct self-inspection first, then wait for police rescue.”

Accompanied by the sound of the siren, the police immediately arrived. Not long after, the ambulance arrived. Robot Stone’s position made it easier to observe. He saw that the stretcher was carrying away one human after another. The impact of the traffic accident ahead seemed to be more serious.

However, Bailu Star’s police were very efficient. They quickly landed on the hover bus that Stone was riding on and the police were obviously relieved that almost all passengers were robots. They got the human driver out first and after confirming that he just had a bump in his head, they explained what happened.

Two private hover cars went to a public hover car pathway and a public hover bus in front of them collided with the two private hover cars from two directions. The passengers on the public hover bus were all humans and suffered heavy casualties.

Since the hover bus where Stone was located didn’t receive any damage, they were quickly released. The police dispatched another hover bus to take them to their original destination.

At the same time, Mu Gen was working in a place 20,000 km away from Bailu Star.

After serving in the army for a period of time, Mu Gen used his spare time to earnestly prepare for the civil service exam. After a year, he became a member of the Empire’s civil servants.

Mu Gen is now a glorious Air Traffic Controller!

The so-called Air Traffic Controller, as the name implies, is a person who directs traffic in the air. However, the “air” here doesn’t refer to the sky, but “space”.

The Land Traffic Controllers on Bailu Star are local civil servants under the jurisdiction of Bailu Star’s Local Armed Guard and Public Safety Management Department. The Air Traffic Controllers need to drive a spacecraft to direct traffic in space and their scope covers all nearby planets, so they are Imperial civil servants and subordinate to the Hydrangea Galaxy Spaceport.

Uh, this doesn’t sound like a big deal, but in fact, it’s a complicated position: Bailu Star’s Local Armed Guard and Public Security Management Department where the armed police are stationed is subordinate to the Military; the spaceports owned by the empire involved in population registration, household registration, taxation…and all things like that had always been the site of the Government Administration Council.

In short, the young man Mu Gen suddenly changed from Marshal Rothsay’s side to Mr. Sith’s.

The promotion direction is even more qualitatively different in an instant!

The promotion process for the former is probably from “the little traffic policeman who catches thieves, puts out tickets, and helps the grandmother drive the hover car to the right lane” to the “General of the Army who killed mercilessly” route; the latter is from “a small traffic policeman who catches thieves, puts out tickets, and helps the grandmother turn to the right lane” to “the minister who holds the financial power of one party” route~

It’s also possible to become a diplomat!

Later scholars have studied Mu Gen’s promotion path. The scholars generally believed that the three biggest turning points in his life were when he resolutely joined the army in year 393 of the Astral calendar, and the second one was this time:

Starlight Calendar Year 395, after passing the civil service exam, Mu Gen achieved a perfect transformation of his identity and officially jumped from the Military to the Government stage.

People in later generations have speculated on his mental journey, but for Mu Gen, this is just a small mistake caused by his wrong registration (←he looked at the list of jobs for his neighborhood, and the name for this year’s job offers changed slightly);

For Robot Alpha, the biggest mistake he made was:

He got the bribery wrong.


The buns that should be handed over to the person in charge of the Hydrangea Galaxy Spaceport were sent to the Minister of Armed Security and Public Security Management of Bailu Star!

The wrong target meant wasting food…it’s simply an unforgivable mistake——

Due to a mistake in registration, Mu Gen’s military bonus points were completely useless. Fortunately, his spacecraft piloting skills are good and his foreign language is even better. His traffic law is particularly well-developed, so this position for which countless people applied was passed by him with full marks.

Mastering something really saves money!

A total of three new Air Traffic Controllers were recruited during the same period, and they joined the same day. Training also started that day, but so far, only Mu Gen could take on the job independently. The other two newcomers are still serving as deputies and need other seniors to lead them for a while.

The author has something to say:

Mu Gen really did this, hard to imagine, right?

︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿


T/N: My guess is, instead of choosing the Land Traffic Controller job, he accidentally landed the Air Traffic Controller job.

TINA V6C191: Stone
TINA V7C193: Dramatic Change

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