TINA V7C195: Fly Between The Stars

TINA V7C194: Hydrangea Incident
TINA V7C196: Mr. Sith Came With A Small Gray Chick

Mu Gen and Olivia walked side by side.

Now that the height difference between the two is huge, the scene of walking shoulder to shoulder in their teenage years can no longer be reproduced. However, when Olivia deliberately slowed down, the two can still move forward side by side.

Although there’s an extra behind them, although they’re in a cemetery, Olivia is still in a good mood. For him, being able to walk with Mu Gen under the moonlight (←although it’s an artificial satellite), with the surrounding area still covered with flowers (←although it’s flowers dedicated to the dead in the cemetery), it’s already a very good thing.

What’s more, when they walked about 200 meters, the guards hiding in the dark dragged Sandras away, who didn’t even wince and continued following behind them.

The world is quiet and there are only two of us~

Olivia squinted comfortably.

To get back to Bailu Star, he hadn’t slept for five days and five nights. Fortunately, his body is much stronger than others, otherwise, he wouldn’t survive.

On the surface, he looked very self-conscious, but Olivia was actually very carefully observing Mu Gen’s every move.

Mu Gen looks unhappy←Mu Gen’s emotional receiving antenna in Olivia’s heart is quite strong.

After thinking about it, Olivia suddenly unbuttoned his jacket, took it off, and put it on Mu Gen. The next second, he suddenly turned to his original form.

Olivia’s original form is quite close to the adult body. The soft fluff had completely disappeared, replaced by black steel feathers! There are two pairs of secondary wings faintly seen under the first wings that are beginning to take shape. This is a very strong sub-adult Kantas.

Without waiting for Mu Gen to look, Olivia quickly threw Mu Gen on the back of his neck, and then quickly ran.

Uh…that’s right, just running.

Even if he developed well and looked like an adult Kantas, Olivia is still a sub-adult who’s under 30 years old. It’s already good to glide a few times with the help of the wind but the long-distance flight is still impossible.

Even so, his running speed is still very fast. Tightly holding Olivia, Mu Gen desperately lowered his body. He not only has to fix himself but also fix Oli’s jacket. Fortunately, he has a lot of strength, otherwise, the wind alone will knock him out.

Olivia’s speed almost caught up with the speed of many intercity hover buses, but those buses have a roof and you could hardly feel a sense of speed while sitting inside while sitting on Olivia is different. It’s bumpy and also stimulating. Mu Gen’s heart was beating faster and faster as Olivia continuously accelerated in one direction. When he reached a certain critical point, he suddenly jumped high and at the same time, Mu Gen on his back was thrown out by him…

Mu Gen’s eyes widened in disbelief——

A cliff? Only then did he realize that at this moment, there was a pitch-black cliff under them!

Surprised, he could no longer hold on to Olivia’s coat. It looked like a flag and under the full force of the wind, it finally broke free from Mu Gen’s hand.

Suspended in the air, Mu Gen’s current position is just right to look up at the stars.

Oli’s coat flew towards the galaxy——For an instant, this sentence suddenly appeared in Mu Gen’s mind.

Old Johnson’s planet mostly has crops with very few lights. Such an environment can better highlight the galaxy. The large and small stars are scattered in the sky like a jewelry box accidentally knocked over by a noble lady. It’s so beautiful.

Mu Gen suddenly remembered that he had seen this kind of scenery when he was very young, and he had seen it once when he fled with his dad and uncles. He had seen it when chasing a one-horned beast and finally crawling on their back, letting it run around for a day and night…

Mu Gen then heard Olivia’s roar.

It’s completely different from the crisp chirp when he was a child. Olivia’s current roar was low and long, just like a dragon’s roar in the novels.

With the help of the wind between the cliff and the sea, Mu Gen saw Oli slowly fly up.

A little clumsily and a little crookedly. Still, he flew up.

Mu Gen looked at Olivia with bright eyes.

Then, Olivia “glided” towards him, waving his huge wings slowly and heavily. Mu Gen suddenly felt a layer of upward airflow beneath him and couldn’t help but open his arms. When Olivia waved his wings again, he felt that he actually “flew” upwards for a short while.

Under the starry sky, between the high mountain and the low sea, intertwined with human laughter and a dragon’s roar.

When the wind was getting smaller and smaller and could no longer support the behemoth sub-adult Kantas to practice flight, Olivia wrapped his wings tightly around Mu Gen and when they fell into the deep sea, the two closed their eyes at the same time.

Mu Gen felt his body disintegrate into numerous bubbles, large and small, as he melted into the sea the moment he fell head-down.

After a long…long time…it’s time to find his body again.

Like a plant floating in the middle of the water, he drifted with the water and when he found a place to take root, Mu Gen entangled himself with it.

And then…


Spitting out a mouthful of salty seawater, Mu Gen took a deep deep breath. When he opened his eyes again, he felt alive again.

Only then did he discover that the object that he entangled with just now turned out to be Oli, who had changed back to human form. From Mu Gen’s angle, he could just see the golden stud in Oli’s left ear.

“There’s only one pierced ear.” Reaching out, Mu Gen touched Olivia’s ear carefully. He remembered that when they first met, Olivia had many pierced ears but now there’s only one left.

“They’re originally all healed, but when I received these studs, I went to have them pierced especially.” Olivia’s voice has also become deep and a little hoarse. It sounds…strange.

Then Mu Gen felt his right earlobe being pinched.

The small piece of skin was gently rubbed by Oli’s wet fingers, and goosebumps rose on Mu Gen’s back, but Oli never let go.

Then there was a sting. The next second, Mu Gen felt something hard on his ears.

“This is…”

“It’s an earring.” Olivia said lightly: “I finally got a golden eye of enough size this year. I don’t have your luck so I have to spend a year’s salary just for this golden eye!”

Olivia said this sentence in Mu Gen’s ear. They’re obviously in the cold water but Mu Gen suddenly felt his body begin to heat up from his ears.

“From next month, I’ll be able to get the salary of a Brigadier General, ah…in the Empire, only a Brigadier General or above can barely be regarded as a high-ranking officer. However, there are also many Brigadier Generals so there are still a lot of old men and old ladies pressing on me, but fortunately, I have my own battleship. However, the bugs in Tortland Haida galaxy have almost been wiped out and it’s not as easy as before to accumulate military merit. Still, in the next two days, the Military will hold a senior management meeting. Seems like they’re explaining something…”

Olivia talked about his matters slowly, and Mu Gen was gradually attracted by the content.

“The administrator in Hydrangea Galaxy Spaceport is a person from the Finance Minister. In recent years, the power of the Finance Minister is gradually expanding, and he seemed eager to try Mr. Sith’s position…” Immediately after, Olivia turned the topic to this incident.

“Mr. Sith has always been in a state of confrontation with the military and since the Stargate development plan, his position seemed to have changed somewhat in the State Council, which made some of them displeased.”

“An Empire without an Emperor is actually not peaceful——”

Olivia told Mu Gen a lot of the gossip he knew in the past few years and Mu Gen listened attentively. It wasn’t until Mu Gen sneezed that Olivia pulled him and the two of them swam towards the shore.

It only took a few minutes to fall, but it took more than half an hour to swim back!

Although Old Johnson’s hometown is a countryside planet, the young girls of this backward planet also want to fall in love. In this place lacking entertainment, young couples like to talk about love while watching the starry skies at the beach, so when Olivia crawled out of the sea with Mu Gen, he was shocked to see a bunch of couples on the beach.

When Voge found the two, he had already prepared a full set of clothes.

He now admires his boss more and more! When you talk about this relationship, everything is so melodramatic that uniforms can be thrown around. From the moment Olivia transformed, the surrounding guards had begun to collect Olivia’s fallen clothes along the way. This Kantas ran so fast that he completely ignored the other people and even played a romantic cliff jump afterward!

Salvaging the uniform with the Brig. General’s epaulets is truly hard!

Collecting the uniform of the Brig. General, who knew that his fiancee also started stripping (←all the way, little Mu Gen had several pieces of clothes blown off while falling o(╯□╰)o)!

So, what kind of species is your fiancee?

Voge became more and more curious.

After getting dressed, Olivia sent Mu Gen back to their home in Bailu Star. He didn’t even have time to eat a meal at home as he left in a hurry.

But before he left, he had arranged for Mu Gen’s birthday, and the extra-large birthday cake from an old-fashioned cake shop in Ifadia, the Imperial Capital, was delivered on time. A large pot of pork knuckle noodles also came with the cake.

“To dispel bad luck.” Olivia even knows some of the sayings from Earth.

Just as Mu Gen and the neighbors on Idoli Commercial Street were enjoying the delicious cakes and pork knuckle noodles, the person in charge of the Hydrangea Galaxy Spaceport came to express their condolences. Not long after his arrival, a more unexpected big man arrived with a gift in person.

“Mu Gen, happy birthday.” Mr. Sith came with Prunguli.

The author has something to say:

The comfort from Olivia is probably…something most people can’t enjoy…


TINA V7C194: Hydrangea Incident
TINA V7C196: Mr. Sith Came With A Small Gray Chick

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