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“Chirp!” The moment Prunguli saw Mu Gen, he greeted him happily.

“Hello, Prunguli! Hello, Mr. Sith!” When Mu Gen said Nashkiel’s name, the person from the Hydrangea Galaxy Spaceport was embarrassed. After a respectful greeting to Mr. Sith, he awkwardly left.

“Happy birthday.” While saying so, Mr. Sith handed out a birthday present. It was a book and very much in line with what Mr. Sith would give as a gift.

“Chirp~” Little Fatty Prunguli also took out a flower from behind him.

“This is a flower that Prunguli himself planted.” Mr. Sith explained with a smile.

“Thank you very much.” After receiving the gift, Mu Gen smiled, but was then a little puzzled: “But how do you know my birthday, Mr. Sith?”

His eyes slid over the newly added accessory on Mu Gen’s right earlobe and Mr. Sith smiled: “A few years ago when you gave that ear stud to Olivia, the kid asked me in private to find out where he could buy a Trenmes diamond of the same color.”

“Ah?” Mu Gen was stunned.

“Such diamonds are becoming rarer now though there were plenty enough before. Kantas also used it when choosing a ring for their unmarried partner so I also have one. Knowing that my Trenmes diamond won’t be used in the future, Oli hounded me all day to sell the diamond to him. He finally saved enough money a few days ago and took it happily.” Mr. Sith’s tone was teasing and good-natured. It was entirely the tone you took for a younger generation.

After speaking, he glanced at Mu Gen in a meaningful way and then continued: “I heard that Olivia’s salary card was handed to you long ago? You can give him more pocket money every month since there are also many places where he needs socializing in the Military.

Mu Gen: 囧! Why did he suddenly have the feeling of “an evil mother-in-law coming to the door for her son’s pocket money”?

Fortunately, there was a big pot of pork knuckle noodles exuding a strange fragrance in the room so Prunguli chirped that he was hungry!

As early as when the person in charge of the Hydrangea Spacceport arrived, the neighbors of Idoli Commercial Street left one after another. Everyone cut a large piece of cake but the rice noodles were left since it’s not portable.

Under Mu Gen’s enthusiastic recommendation, Mr. Sith finally agreed to try this wonderful ancient earth food with the effect of “driving away bad luck”.

Unexpectedly, this kind of food made with the pig beast feet fits the taste of one big and one small Kantas. Mr. Stih even had an extra bowl but when the little fatty wanted another bowl, Mr. Sith didn’t agree but still gave him one more pig’s foot.

“I knew you’ll like it. Oli can eat one pot at a time by himself! He likes to eat these by the pot!” Unknowingly, Mu Gen “accidentally” revealed Olivia’s secret little hobby.

“He likes to chew the pig’s feet!”

“Chirp~” Little fatty also thinks pig’s feet are delicious!

After eating pork knuckle noodles and another piece of cake, Mu Gen took the two guests to the backyard for tea.

Mu Gen’s yard was originally all green: the grass was all Mugen grass, and the only tree is a small sapling from the Life Tree seed sent by Professor Mu Lansha. Mu Gen didn’t think of planting flowers at all. In his poor and pitiful cognition, rafflesia might be the only flower he thought of planting. After all, this kind of flower is inexpensive and could also help solve some of the garbage, but he took it for granted that the rafflesia is absolutely not in line with Olivia’s aesthetics.

After Olivia returned home twice, a lot of flowers gradually grew here, especially after Oliva officially enlisted in the army. As he went to more and more places, he brought back more and more local plants, and as a Kantas, he naturally had a very good aesthetic taste, so the small yard was well-planned by him. In addition, there would be one-horned beasts watering hard every day so no matter how difficult it is to grow the flowers, they’d grow well here. Over the years, the backyard of Mu Gen’s house has been taken care of quite well.

“En, the flowers are beautiful.” ←by Mr. Sith while squinting his eyes. He had to say that Olivia’s Kantas aesthetic completely hits Mr. Sith’s point. Sitting in the small courtyard, Sithili Rho Nashkiel felt very comfortable.

In fact, he came to visit Mu Gen with a certain purpose, but he was unexpectedly entertained with a brand new delicacy that suits his taste → pork knuckle noodles; then invited to a yard that was very in line with his aesthetics → Olivia’s planning management; even the pattern on the teacup is very similar to his heart → Olivia bought it…

“Thank you, please have some tea.” Mu Gen used the ancient earth tea method very fluently to make a pot of Life Fruit tea for Mr. Sith.

After just taking a sip, Mr. Sith’s slender eyes widened slightly: “This is from the fruit of a Life Tree…you grew?”

What’s rarer than the tea made from the young leaves of the Life Tree is the tea made from the fruit of the Life Tree. Even for Mr. Sith, it’s also impossible to drink this kind of tea every day. After all, there’s only one Life Tree in the entire empire and the number of fruits it will bear is also limited.

“En.” Mu Gen nodded and then pointed to the leafy tree above the two of them: “Professor Mu Lansha from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy gave me a seed and it has grown very big now. It began to bear fruits this year so I made some tea with these fruits.”

Realizing that Mr. Sith’s cup of tea was not enough, Mu Gen added another cup for him.

“If you think the taste is good, I will pack some for you later.” Realizing that Mr. Sith was looking at him, Mu Gen smiled: “Don’t worry, Oli also has them. I will send him a lot of new tea every year.”

“Seems like the teas that you and Olivia send me every year are grown on the tree above our heads.” Mr. Sith took another sip of tea and then pointed to the Life Tree with his finger.

“En, sometimes it’s from Oli. He’d sometimes send me the address when he has no time and I’ll send it on his behalf.” Mu Gen nodded.

He put the teacup to his mouth and took another sip. Sithili went silent.

For Olivia, who was born as an orphan, he’s always constantly climbing and the person who helped him the most was probably this person on Bailu Star.

For a long time, this young man has been like a shadow, good, but not noticeable. Sithili also said many times in private that Olivia’s position is very clever since he can quickly climb in the military and also leave a good impression on the State Council as if he was born for a certain mission. At this moment, Sithily suddenly discovered that there was someone who seemed to have done this at the same time as Olivia:

He was born for the military, but passed the civil service exam and became a member of the State Council, the fiancee of a rising military officer that is also very good. At the same time, his identity is very clear, and he’s able to handle various relationships with ease. And this time, he established a good image of impartial law enforcement in the Hydrangea Incident——

“I used to think that you’re not suitable for politics but now it seems that my view back then was wrong. I want to ask you…” After a moment of silence, Sithili suddenly said so. He looked down at the pattern on the teacup for a while, then slowly raised his head to look at Mu Gen intently:

“Are you willing to be a bigger help to Olivia?”

Opposite the tea table, the black-haired and dark-eyed youth looked at him with bright eyes.

The author has something to say:

After writing this much, I now have to think about Mu Gen’s promotion path.

TINA V7C195: Fly Between The Stars
TINA V7C197: Logs

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