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TINA V7C196: Mr. Sith Came With A Small Gray Chick
TINA V7C198: Olivia's Love Letter

Sithili and the Mu Gen family had a very harmonious and very pleasant conversation. When he finally left, he even got a gift package of Life Fruit tea from Mu Gen and Prunguli also got a bucket full of walnut oil along with a big bag of Mu Gen’s special ladyfingers——although it’s gradual, Prunguli has also started losing hair recently and his teeth are a little itchy but it’s just cavities.

“Prunguli should transform into a human form sooner and if he wants, he can come to the Imperial Comprehensive Academy to go to school.” Watching the car carrying Mr. Sith and Prunguli leave, Mu Gen sighed.

On the other side, Prunguli also kept chirping.

Mr. Sith has never revealed the Prunguli’s age so no one knew that this gray chick is actually as old as Olivia. He’s the best among the Kantas raised by Sithili himself. The paternal gene of Prunguli came from a Duke, the blood brother of His Majesty Louis I. Although his blood is still distantly related, it was the most precious blood relationship that Sithili could find.

Prunguli’s level of development is not bad among the cubs raised by Sithili, but compared to the wild cub Olivia, he’s a bit slow.

While the other hairy chicks are changing their teeth, that little chick had already started to court someone——thinking of this, Sithili suddenly wanted to laugh.

But he’s still innocent.

Strong, confident, ambitious. He knew what he wanted from the beginning…at his age, no one could do better than Olivia. Every time he saw him, the word “destiny” appeared in Sithili’s mind.

“Prunguli, you like Olivia and Mu Gen, right?” With a smile on the corner of his mouth, he gently touched the gray chick’s head.

“Chirp~” ~\(≧▽≦)~ Prunguli chittered very happily.

“It’s not suitable to go to Olivia, but you can go to Mu Gen. From now on, I allow you to go and visit Mu Gen once a month.”

“Chirp? Chirp chirp!!!” Really? Then I’ll bring Mu Gen’s leaf tea to Mr. Sith! Prunguli was very careful at noticing that Sithili is very fond of Mu Gen’s fruit tea.

“Okay, then you also have to take some good things over.” With the corners of his mouth curving more, Sithili rubbed Prunguli’s big head vigorously.


Compared with beautiful things, people seem to have a deeper memory of ugliness.

Whenever it’s defined as an incident, it’s often the bad side that ultimately stays on people’s minds. Those private and unpleasant things often spread wantonly through various channels and to the contrary, many good things often needed to be promoted by people to make them well known.

But the Hydrangea Incident became an exception.

Although this incident was very bad at the beginning, after the four videos were played, except for Old Johnson who died gloriously, all the people involved in the incident were picked apart by the people to show their abilities. Many dishonorable things were revealed to the world, however, there is one exception——

The exception is the young man Mu Gen.

Graduating from the top Academy of the Empire——Imperial Comprehensive Academy!

Excellent grades in school (the cooking course grades are not very good, so the people reflexively thought that it’s an elective course -_-|||), even a class Chairman!

In the first grade, he won a military medal!

After graduation, he joined the army and even had the rank of Second Lt!

Later, he took the civil service exam, and without any bribes, he passed with full marks, this…what a super high IQ!

Young, and, promising, ah!

Besides, this young and promising young man looks pretty good~ There have been too many videos of the Hydrangea Incident and Mu Gen’s images are among them. In the video, Mu Gen has black hair and dark eyes, with a friendly smile, a nice voice, wide shoulders, narrow hips, long legs, though a bit short, he’s so petite and cute (≧▽≦).

Although keen on digging into the dark, human instinct still advocates light.

The impact of the Hydrangea Incident was really bad so from the perspective of the State Council, even if it’s their people in the Hydrangea Spaceport were involved, they urgently needed a positive thing to dilute the bad impact of this incident. With the official’s acquiescence, the public’s private pursuit of Mu Gen was approved.

The Hydrangea Spaceport became completely notorious in this incident. Every day, countless people would throw rotten eggs (virtual) on its official website until someone found a section called “Traffic Controller’s Log” on a section of the official website.

The author of this section has been Mu Gen since three years ago.

Writing the official log is a thankless task since no one usually reads it. The public didn’t look at it nor did the leaders. Most of the traffic controllers have been assigned to it and most were just perfunctory until it got to Mu Gen.

He truly wrote on this log.

What he encountered every day, the interesting things between colleagues, how the cosmic route status will be in the next few days…he would even recommend some special snacks of Bailu Star in the logs accompanied by photos.

Every day’s log was full of sincerity.

It’s not difficult to do such a small thing once and it’s okay to do it twice or thrice. What’s difficult is that Mu Gen has been doing this for three years ever since he was assigned to it three years ago. He had persisted through it, not to mention that he wrote very interestingly (Mu Gen’s essay score are also A!).

Words are the best way to communicate with people. A person’s character and their three views will be revealed from their ordinary writing. Many people just looked at Mu Gen’s logs intending to dig inside but they were fascinated after looking through it, becoming more and more aware of the work of the Hydrangea Spaceport. They also understood more and more about the work of ordinary traffic controllers.

Due to Mu Gen’s existence, the Hydrangea Spaceport, which was originally destined to be notorious, accidentally preserved its last reputation. The fact that one person’s positive image could overwhelm the negative influence of an entire spaceport was unprecedented.

And so, it got the support of Lord Nashkiel. Later, he also got the support of the opponents of Lord Nashkiel and it was this time that Mu Gen was pushed onto the stage as a positive idol of the State Council.

The author has something to say:

Haha, I fell ill again, as always

TINA V7C196: Mr. Sith Came With A Small Gray Chick
TINA V7C198: Olivia's Love Letter

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  2. I’m glad the author gave the limelight to both Olivia and Mu Gen, the first part was about Oli’s development while Mu Gen was a little behind the scenes, right now is Mu Gen’s development. They followed their own path, made their own decisions and became outstanding in their own separate way :3

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