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Starlight Calendar Year 400

After five years of life as a low-level civil servant, Mu Gen was finally promoted: He became a member of the daily work supervision group of traffic controllers and a member of the Secretariat of the Supreme Chief Executive of the Hydrangea Spaceport responsible for the organization of traffic management affairs, data analysis and the writing of related documents.

This is also the advice given to him by Mr. Sith. At his age, becoming the secretary of a big man is the best way to understand the daily operation of related organizations. At the same time, this position can also get in touch with many related people in advance that was not possible at this level. This is to facilitate his organization of a future network of relationships.

It’s worth mentioning that this post was already full, but after the Hydrangea Incident, three senior secretaries were dismissed, which made the vacancy available. Two of these three positions were appointed by the senior management staff from the Imperial Spaceport Administration, while the other one is selected from among the young employees in the Hydrangea Spaceport. Since the selection method was an exam, Mu Gen passed it with full scores without much surprise.

As the youngest of the five secretaries, the work assigned to Mu Gen was the least important and the most trivial, but as Mr. Sith said——”There is no unimportant work”. Mu Gen learned various information about the spaceport as quickly as possible in the boring data compilation.

The impact of the Hydrangea Incident has passed and there is now two hottest news: One is related to Oli and the new starfield where Mu Gen experienced the development process a few years ago——The “bugs” in Tortland Haida starfield had been cleaned up. This kind of creature that can live in space evolved more and more powerfully during the cleaning process. The Research Institute had to upgrade the weapons five times to deal with this terrifying space creature. However, even though the strange creatures and starfield are dangerous, they brought new vitality to the empire that had been calm for a long time. The soldiers who participated in the development of the new starfield accumulated a lot of military merit during this period. The most prominent of these is a young officer named Olivia Augustus. His promotion speed was so fast! When most of his peers were still trying to climb up to the rank of Captain, in just six years, he was promoted from Major to Brig. General! In addition, he also owns three planets named by him in the new starfield!

According to the general rules during a new starfield development, the average person can’t own the planet he had discovered but could have 1/10,000 of the production income of this planet in the future. And this young Brig. General named Olivia Augustus was awarded three planets in this case, and it’s even three mining stars. This shows that he must have given enough credit to match the reward! This kind of credit can’t be embodied in the military rank so it could only be shown through material rewards.

Young, handsome, rich, high-ranking, and the race is actually a pure-blooded Kantas! For a time, this young officer became the darling of the Empire.

On the way to work, Mu Gen would often see Olivia’s posters!

Mu Gen was shocked when he saw it for the first time and even thought Oli’s poems were finally recognized and he changed his career to become an artist~

Later, he learned that they were all pirated copies. The Empire’s Military severely investigated the illegal traders who violated the portrait rights of the Empire. Finally, the military filmed and printed Olivia’s posters and other promotional materials. Olivia also took the opportunity to realize his dream. He published the rejected poems accumulated over the years and the book of poems named after him was finally sold. However, Mu Gen and Sigma agreed that the reason for the big sales was Olivia’s photos (囧) on the inside pages of the poem book. In short, Olivia finally sent a box of sample books back triumphantly (←he also seriously signed each book orz). In the end, these signed books were tied up by Uncle Alpha as a gift for buying buns (囧rz).

There’s also an episode during this period: Before this book was published, Olivia had sent the manuscript of his poem collection to Mu Gen and he shyly expressed the hope that Mu Gen “take a look” so Mu Gen seriously looked at it three times. Finally, he circled a few typos and punctuations that he thought were wrong and returned the manuscript to Olivia.

During this time, Mu Gen had to write and revise various documents every day so he was very sensitive to the accuracy of the text.


Then there was no more orz.

Another popular search is related to Pendra, the Mechanical City.

After the Hydrangea Incident, the public’s awareness of traffic safety suddenly increased. A media outlet conducted a detailed investigation and analysis of various traffic accidents in recent years and found that a considerable number of accidents were caused by the fact that human pilots relied too much on intellectual brains. Without its assistance, quite a few human drivers are simply not up to the task of driving!

After that, there was a grand debate on Starnet about whether to open the driving permission of robots or raise the requirements of the driving license examination. As more and more people participated in the discussion, more and more traffic accidents were displayed on the public platform. Someone took out an example to prove that he had been in contact with a terrible traffic accident caused by an intellectual brain failure before, and then the direction of the discussion suddenly became which model was safer. As the largest exporter of mechanical products, Pendra was inevitably mentioned repeatedly. Then someone suddenly discovered that the accident-prone models seemed to be concentrated. After another round of investigation was initiated, the search hotspot suddenly became Pendra!

This report eventually led to Pendra starting a large number of recalls of the questioned products and countless mechanical products were destroyed in this recall.

Then, events that shocked the Empire happened: During a centralized destruction process, a robot suddenly attacked the staff performing the destruction work and the staff member died on the spot! Without waiting for the relevant departments to react, Pendra’s military and government systems were completely controlled.

The humans stationed in Pendra began to flee, but they soon despaired since the brain system of the spacecraft they used to escape was also controlled!

In just one day, Pendra completely lost contact with the Empire.

On this day, the starry sky outside the Imperial Capital, Ifadia, was suddenly torn apart. Hundreds of warships and destroyers emerged from there and quickly surrounded Ifadia.

This was the first meeting between the people of the Empire and the “alien intelligent creatures” after Louis I unified the Empire. The scene was quite unfriendly.

It was also on this day that the Starnet that the Empire had established over thousands of years was shut down. The Empire’s galaxies and planets completely lost contact with each other.

Bailu Star’s network was probably the first to break down. Mu Gen was hosting Professor Mu Lansha at home at the time when he suddenly received a communication request from Olivia, surprising Mu Gen a little because, under normal circumstances, Olivia wouldn’t contact home at this time, so he answered it. Then he heard Olivia say in an unprecedented anxious tone:

“Quickly let the robots at home cut off the internet link——”

He only heard one sentence before the communication was interrupted.

Without any hesitation, Mu Gen quickly notified the robots at home to do as Olivia said, then he ran to the street to inform the surrounding neighbors. Only Robot Stone was out buying groceries at this time and Mu Gen couldn’t reach him.

Forcibly suppressing the anxiety in his heart, Mu Gen ran out on the street and began to notify the neighbors of Idoli Commercial Street one by one.

Mu Gen had no idea why Oli asked him to do this, but he faithfully implemented everything he said.

After informing the last neighbor, Mu Gen remembered something and glanced at the communicator he had just used to talk to Oli, then he was surprised to find that the full signal on the communicator disappeared without a trace.

Then, he heard a loud crash——

Running out quickly while following the sound, Mu Gen saw an extremely terrifying sight: The signal light failed and three high-speed hover cars collided with each other! After the few cars, there are still vehicles hitting the accident vehicles…

Gritting his teeth, Mu Gen ran home and drove the “traffic controller” mecha in the backyard. Using the signal in his hand, he started to guide the surrounding vehicles to suspend. The supporting police vehicle arrived in the evening and when they arrived, Mu Gen had been standing in place and controlling the traffic for 9 hours.

According to statistics, a total of 241 car accidents occurred on Bailu Star and 21 major accidents occurred at the Hydrangea Spaceport outside. 19 people were rescued from a car accident on the planet, but no one survived the accident on the spaceport.

Since Bailu Star is an Academy Star, a considerable number of the dead are students. On one of the wrecked spacecraft were even students from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy going for internships!

The cause of the accident was the sudden shutdown of the galaxy management system controlled by the brain.

This is a terrible disaster and this disaster is only the beginning——

Following the signal failure of the communication equipment, people waiting for rescue on Bailu Star suddenly found that the electricity was gone. The city’s traffic was completely paralyzed and all signal transmission methods were ineffective. The people went back to life before the Great Universe Era!

Bailu Star, which they thought was small before, suddenly became extremely huge. Without contact and transportation, mankind found it difficult to go home.

In the corner at the other end of Bailu Star, Robot Stone climbed out of the ruins carrying a vegetable basket. Like the humans who left the house before the accident, he was isolated on the far side of the planet.

However, unlike humans, all the robots were concentrated and pulled to another place.

Facing the policemen walking around him, he handed out the small metal card on his chest countless times, however, no one paid any attention to him.

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TINA V7C197: Logs
TINA V7C199: Youth Mu Gen In Action

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