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On the first day of the accident, there were hover car accidents on the street. The accidents mainly occurred the moment the system was disconnected, after which, no one dared to drive. The dead were sent to rest, and the wounded were taken to the hospital. There was still a lot of accident wreckage on the road and the little policeman in charge of this area was obviously inexperienced. Seeing Mu Gen is like grasping a life-saving straw. Although Mu Gen has stated several times that he has no experience in dealing with ground transportation problems, in the end, he was left to direct the aftermath of the accidents.

There’s no helping it, Mu Gen is now a celebrity of Bailu Star! The kind that can be recognized when he goes out to buy groceries, especially now that Hydrangea Spaceport’s government affairs became transparent. Everyone knew that Mu Gen became the Secretary of the spaceport’s Chief Executive so, in the minds of ordinary people, this position is quite powerful.

Although Mu Gen feels that he’s still at the “basic level”, everyone who has seen him didn’t think so. They thought that Bailu Star still has hope, so even though Mu Gen didn’t understand the reason, the people nearby were relieved.

Had to say that at this time, the State Council’s plan to cultivate Mu Gen as the new generation of State Council Idol is quite successful. At least everyone who saw Mu Gen would immediately think of the Council.

Mu Gen:  ̄▽ ̄

God knows that Mu Gen is just a person on vacation, so he can’t go to work at the spaceport five light-years away from Bailu Star. The military headquarters is stationed on a satellite of Bailu Star and the office of the State Council is at the Hydrangea Spaceport. In the current situation, people on Bailu Star can’t go out and they didn’t know if people outside could make it. Today’s Bailu Star is truly filled with a group of old and weak.

Bailu Star is very remote, just like how the university towns on ancient Earth were generally thrown in remote areas, Bailu Star is actually a remote area of the Empire, but since the Empire listed it as the site of the five large-scale top academies, Bailu Star had a special position in the Empire.

It’s because of this remoteness that young people are generally reluctant to come here to work, so most of the population was students, and the rest are scholars. They’re either a shop owner who mastered their trade, or a public official assigned here (they’re all low-level grassroots personnel, and those with higher positions have to go to the affiliated planet to work), so the average age of Bailu Star’s population is quite young.

However, leaving aside their title as an Academy Star, as far as Bailu Star itself is concerned, it’s actually a very barren planet. There are no rich materials, no fertile land, and the location is remote. Thinking about it, Bailu Star would find it difficult to support itself without the government assigning work.

A brief introduction to the poor wealth background of Ah Bai (←Bailu Star). As you can imagine, after losing the system, Bailu Star on the edge of the Empire is truly pitiful.

“But in any case, it’s much better than our life when we were in that barren star.” Mu Gen was not discouraged as he touched Sigma next to him: “Stone will be fine. He dislikes Starnet the most.”

For Stone who couldn’t go home, Mu Gen could only comfort himself in this way right now.

Now that the system is disconnected and the route is disordered, whether it’s a spacecraft or a battleship outside, they’re still too busy taking care of themselves, so it’s estimated they can’t send food to Bailu Star for a while. He didn’t know how long this turmoil will last before rescue can come from the outside world which is always a hidden worry.

Fortunately, Idoli Commercial Street just made a massive purchase before this so their food reserves are enough. Mu Gen met with his neighbors and they decided to maintain the original price but they stipulated the share and number of purchases for each customer. In any case, they must first stabilize the price. Once prices become chaotic, the people’s minds would also become chaotic and it’d be difficult to control the accidents that might happen in this situation.

Mu Gen immediately went to the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, uh…with his own steamed buns and Boss Tony’s pastries, he first visited his former Department Head, then took the Department Head along with his special cookies to visit Professor Mu Lansha. Finally, their afternoon tea list included Professor Mu Lansha’s Life Fruit tea. Then, Mu Gen, followed by a group of professors, knocked on Dean Ode’s door.

They happily enjoyed an afternoon tea after that.

Mu Gen also explained his intentions: He hoped that during this time, Dean Ode could let the students add a practical course.

“We lack energy, food, communication methods…but I think the most knowledgeable people in the entire Empire are in our academy, so these problems can be solved. Even if the resource issue can’t be completely resolved, at least we can alleviate it to prevent accidents in the future. Therefore, I need help from Dean Ode.” While talking, Mu Gen found that the teacup in front of Dean Ode was empty so he immediately poured him another cup.

“En, I think it’s feasible. The Life and Breeding Department involves the breeding of many species, not just endangered creatures, and there’s also food. I can arrange for the students to have practical lessons in advance.” Dean Ode didn’t speak, but Professor Mu Lansha took the initiative to express her expertise. She’s now not only the Head of the Life and Breeding Department but also one of the Associate Deans of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy.

“Although there aren’t many students in the Cooking Department, we can also go to the cafeteria to help with cooking. The students will work hard from now on, so we want them to eat better~” The smiling Department Head only has a higher sense of presence when he speaks.

Mu Gen looked at Dea Ode with bright eyes and Dean Ode tilted his head as he took another sip of tea.

“No problem.”

“Great! Thank you so much!” Mu Gen smiled and then finished all the food with the few teachers. Only then did Mu Gen leave the Imperial Comprehensive Academy and from time to time, he’d be recognized by his juniors on the road. Mu Gen smiled and greeted everyone. While saying hello, he also revealed some of Bailu Star’s current situation and that they’re welcome to help if the circumstances permitted it.

It’s said that in the afternoon, the Chairpersons took the lead in going to the courtyard to encourage all students to contribute to Bailu Star’s future.

The students happily went with the arrangement of the Academy. And then, centering on the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, the food problem in that area was solved and radiated outwards. It’s said that the Mechanical Engineering Department is now studying the wiring of ancient telephone equipment and if the materials are sufficient, they can use the phones soon.

With plenty of food, several households can share a phone and every house would have Mu Gen’s phone number. Any news or arrangements on Mu Gen’s side will also be sent on time. Unconsciously, Bailu Star’s most important business district stabilized.

Had to say that robots played a big role in the communication environment.

To be exact, it’s Uncle Alpha.

Mu Gen had always known that his First Uncle has special sales skills, but he never thought that his First Uncle would have such a high prestige among robots. Much of Mu Gen’s news would have Alpha notify the nearby robots and then the robot notifies their owner.

After the construction of the telephone equipment was completed, Mu Gen can’t stay by the phone every day so this task was taken over by Alpha and under the demonstration from Mu Gen’s family, many people also sent their robots to take charge of communication. Honestly, after the system shut down, many people felt hesitant because they didn’t understand the situation. In the end, they learned about Bailu Star’s current situation under the notification of the robot at home. They knew where to buy something and who to call if there’s a problem as well as who should call on the phone…in this way, robots had one more function in Bailu Star’s daily life.

During this time, Mu Gen also tried every means to ask Dean Ode to take him to visit the Imperial Conservatory of Music, which is the nearest to the Comprehensive Academy, and uh…although all the students in this academy are artists, but still…Mu Gen decided to visit them.

Professor Mu Lansha gave him special support for this and even sent a small team of students from her department to go with Mu Gen.

Boss Tony once again supported him with 20 little cakes, and the Cooking Department Head also obligingly supported him with 40 little cookies. The Mechanical Engineering Department also gave Mu Gen two telephones and corresponding telephone lines as well as a skilled installer (←Chairman of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, classmate  ̄▽ ̄)

The 20 little cakes and 40 little cookies were devoured by the Dean of the Imperial Conservatory of Music.

The days of the Imperial Conservatory of Music were not easy. While the Comprehensive Academy area was thriving and engaged in retro construction, it’s said that a lot of good pieces had been produced during this period.

It’s just that everyone can’t eat anything good.

After eating the cakes and cookies, the Dean of the Imperial Conservatory of Music didn’t hesitate at all and immediately agreed to Mu Gen’s proposal. So in the following days, these big artists in the future also began to farm and it’s really farming. They don’t understand the complicated mechanical theory so the Chairman of Comprehensive Academy’s Mechanical Engineering Department had to do the construction alone during this period. But he wasn’t doing a thankless task either. During this time, there was an extra platoon of suitors behind him!

In this way, Mu Gen planned to call the Academy a unit. Many people lost contact with their families in this incident and every time a phone was promoted, Mu Gen would have someone push the list of all the missing people, including Stone’s name. As a result, many families were reunited and Mu Gen’s name became more and more famous.

“Mu Gen is very smart. He doesn’t do anything complicated at all, but he used the right method from the beginning.” Afterward, many people who knew about Mu Gen’s political achievements in Bailu Star said this:

“Bailu Star’s population structure is very simple, among which students are the group with the largest population base. If there’s chaos, this group is also the most prone to do so. In the early days, they still absolutely obey the leadership of one person, that is, the Deans. Through these Deans, he controlled the student population and radiating from Bailu Star’s main working population from Idoli Commercial Street, to finally using the telephone, the only means of communication at the time, to master the public offices of the planet. He used seemingly democratic means to finally achieve his goal.”

However, it’s undeniable that even if this method seemed very simple, the person who can do it and the person who is willing to do so was only one person at the time, and that was Mu Gen.

The situation had made him do so.

The author has something to say:

At this time, Stone is still wandering

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