TINA V7C204: Tatarin’s Shocking Discovery

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The young man who was assigned to relocate the Pendra people was a small policeman from Bailu Star called John. As soon as he entered, he saw the tearful look of the Pendras, and John was startled:

“Huh? Is…is it too unpalatable?”

“How can that be?!” The Pendra resident closest to him immediately objected, then he sneakily looked around and handed his dinner plate: “Can I have another one?”

“O-Of course.” John was taken aback and he readily agreed after understanding the other party’s request. Unexpectedly, after he nodded, all Pendras quickly settled the remaining meals on their plate, and then all raised their empty plates.

So…so embarrassing——Tatarin was deeply ashamed at the performance of his compatriots, but this didn’t prevent him from sneaking his plate among the others.

Most ate two meals but a few were amazing——for example, a big soldier like Prinst even ate three servings!

While John was dumbfounded, he quietly stuck a “big stomach king” title for these legendary smart Pendra people.

After eating, most Pendras went to take a bath, leaving Tatarin, Prinst, and John to deal with the follow-up procedures.

There’s no helping it. Although Tatarin and Prinst are nominally public officials, they can’t move the master craftsmen and were just errand runners who lead the way, go through the hoops and procedures.

“Master Kenda’s assistant robot is also called John.” Grabbing the jar of yogurt from Prinst’s third lunch box, Tatarin carefully used the robot’s name as a stepping stone to the conversation. People in other places are very nervous about robots, and he didn’t know what’s going on on Bailu Star’s side.

“Haha? Is it? John is a very exotic name. It’s said that my ancestors have the blood from a distant galaxy.” John smiled heartily.

Both Tatarin and Prinst breathed a sigh of relief: Seems like there’s no special discrimination against robots and Pendra people.

Then the conversation went on happily.

“…the supply ships outside aren’t coming anymore so now, all our food is made locally. Bailu Star’s five Academies are the main providers of these foods, and the preparation methods are mainly provided by Bailu Star’s shop owners. Since the students are all novices, the taste is definitely not as good as the products outside.” John was humble, but his expression was not humble at all.

“No wonder it’s so delicious, it turned out to be all-natural!” Tatarin dug a spoonful of yogurt to eat.

“En, the yogurt is made from pure natural pig beast milk!” John smiled heartily.

Tatarin & Prinst who is honored by the pigs: …

Forget it, it’s already good to have something to eat in this situation. Don’t worry about the beauty and ugliness of the producers.

At this moment, a girl suddenly ran from next door. Looking at her uniform, she’s also a police officer, and pointing to the backroom, the girl called John in a clear voice: “John, come here to answer the phone.”

Tatarin and Prinst stared at the young lady at the same time, a question mark appearing on their heads at the same time.

“Sorry, I’ll leave for a while to answer the phone.” After apologizing, John immediately ran to the next room. When he left, John’s colleague saw Tatarin’s doubt and explained a little bit: “Do you know what a phone is? It’s a communication tool used in the Antique Era. Although this method is very backward, it’s unexpectedly working even at this time!”

Tatarin and Prinst looked at each other and saw the surprise on their faces at the same time:

Under these circumstances, the problem of eating and drinking is fairly easy to solve but the most difficult problem is communication! People would usually feel that a planet is not that big and it’s very common to go work on other planets. After the system was interrupted, this was simply unthinkable! The situation on each planet became more uncontrollable due to their inability to communicate with each other. They have gone through nearly a hundred planets and haven’t heard of any planet that has achieved the re-establishment of global communication. Therefore, the so-called “stability” is only partial, and the so-called managers are only the managers with the largest jurisdiction on the planet.

The policewoman was still explaining:

“Isn’t the communicator’s signal gone? It’s too difficult to contact each other so the professors of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy reproduced the phone.”

“In the beginning, only the area around the Comprehensive Academy has it, but the consul of our planet promoted this method.”

“The person who initiated the research and called on the professors of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy is also our consul. Right, it’s also him who advised the students to provide food for the people through social practice…” In her speech and behavior, the lady mentioned Bailu Star’s consul more than once. Tatarin recalled for a moment and remembered the resumes of the highest consuls of all first-class planets. Unfortunately, Bailu Star is not a first-class planet but only a third-class planet and this still depends on the face of the five well-known schools on it.

After exchanging glances, Prinst asked a question: “Excuse me, who is the current top manager of Bailu Star?”

More than 2000 people coupled with more than 1600 spacecrafts will attract the attention of any planet. Prinst and Tatarin knew that they had to cooperate with the managers, but they were a little nervous. After all, the two of them are not high level and under normal circumstances, they don’t have the qualifications to talk with the highest official of a planet.


They heard John’s surprised voice ringing from the door behind them:

“What? Didn’t you know? The current top manager here is Mr. Mu Gen! Aren’t you friends?”

Tatarin & Prinst: 囧!!!

#Long time no see, I’m on the run, and my friend became the highest official on a planet?!#

Only then did the two know: The reason why they’re so happily accepted by Bailu Star might not be their first message but the photo on the second message!

Tatarin faintly glanced at Prinst: At that time, you thought I did too much.

Prinst scratched his hair: That’s not…fortunately, you rarely listen to me, right?


The alien friend they met because of a mission many years ago left a very sensible way of communication. This information has long been thrown away by Prinst, who made many friends, but it’s retained at the bottom of Tatarin’s message box which finally saved their lives.

The person who called John just now was Mu Gen and it didn’t take long for Mu Gen to come over——while riding a three-wheeled bicycle.

“Tatarin! Prinst!” Mu Gen’s appearance didn’t look much different from a few years ago, his head was still the same and the smile on his face is as sincere as ever.

He shook hands with Prinst, then hugged Tatarin lightly, letting him sniff his neck.

But when he came closer, Tatarin found something different from the past: There’s an extra ear stud on Mu Gen’s right ear.

A very simple earring with a bit of rebellious style. It’s not something Mu Gen would wear so it’s probably given to him by someone else. According to the style, that person should be a young man and male, plus the stone inlaid looks very expensive even if he couldn’t recognize it. Tatarin decided that the person who gave the earring should have a close relationship with Mu Gen.

Tatarin, before becoming a grassroots public official in the State Council, due to his outstanding talent, volunteered to be a paparazzi reporter. ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

“Mu Gen, do you have a fiancee?” Tatarin said with a smile, then he pointed to Mu Gen’s right ear: “Your earring is beautiful.”

Then, the young man who was smiling heartily…all of a sudden, his ears turned red.

But through this, the estrangement between the three people due to time disappeared. The familiar banter suddenly reminded them of the days when they got together many years ago.

It’s fine to tease him but not too much. Without waiting for Mu Gen to explain, Tatarin quickly changed the subject: “After we separated, Prinst and I were only promoted by one level. How did you become the chief officer of a planet?”

“Ah?” Mu Gen was startled, then hurriedly waved his hand: “It’s only temporary. When the incident happened, all officials in Bailu Star happens to be at work. Since Bailu Star is not big, the branches of the State Council and the Military are all working in their offices in their affiliated planets. I just happen to have a holiday that day…”

Mu Gen recounted what happened on his side, and while feeling his luck, he had to admit: Except for Mu Gen, no one could do it so smoothly.

Later, Tatarin also explained to Mu Gen what happened to him and Prinst during this period. Without any concealment, he clarified to Mu Gen about what happened on Pendra and Prinst also told Mu Gen about what they discovered along the way.

“The situation is very bad right now. Each planet has strict restrictions on the identity of those seeking asylum. I very much doubt that even if we went to Cromo at that time, we would be kicked out during this time…” At that time, it’d be more difficult to leave again. Since they handed over their spacecraft, how would they leave?

Prinst was a little grateful.

With his hands on his knees, Mu Gen thought. His back was upright even at this time, either he had a strict teacher since he was a child or his military career a few years ago has imprinted on him strongly.

The Mu Gen at this time makes people feel a little strange. He already has a faint aura, the kind of aura that Tatarin and Prinst only saw in high-ranking officials, the one that the upper ranks have.

“I see, the information you provided is very precious, so I’ll ask in detail tomorrow.” This sentence was also very official which took aback Tatarin. However, that feeling disappeared in Mu Gen’s subsequent smile.

“You should be tired, want to go to my house to sleep tonight? Uncle Alpha knew you’re here and cooked a table of good dishes especially at home!” Mu Gen smiled and invited the two of them.

Tatarin nodded. The next second, he and Prinst were sitting behind the three-wheeled bicycle that Mu Gen was riding.

The car of Bailu Star’s Chief Officer…is pretty narrow.

That night, Tatarin and Prinst were cared for by Mu Gen’s robots. It was only at this moment that they knew that the robots they had been introduced with and received a lot of luxurious metal materials were not military robots, but genuine nanny robots.

They ate Mu Gen’s signature steamed buns and then, was arranged to sleep in Olivia’s room. Of course, Mu Gen changed the bedding since Olivia likes to be clean.

Olivia’s room is very different from Mu Gen’s room. The decoration is obviously a room that a nonmainstream rock youth would have. It’s full of graffiti and all kinds of incredible decorations. This style…resembles the stud on Mu Gen’s right ear.

Until Prinst saw the simple photo on the bedside. Part of the protagonists was the Mu Gen family they met today and the robot Mengmeng they’d seen before. There’s only one person they’d never seen before. However, Prinst discovered that he was no stranger to that man and was even more familiar than Mu Gen’s family.

“This…is Brig. General Olivia Augustus?!” Not overshadowed by the idols of the Empire, with sharp beauty and even sharper wit, this young officer is gaining momentum in the Empire!

“En.” Mu Gen nodded with a smile.

Prinst’s mouth trembled with excitement. He wanted to ask if Mu Gen was Olivia’s crazy fan with so many photos of him, but this is obviously not the right answer since all these photos are group photos! The kind of very intimate group photos and even a lot when Olivia was a teenager!

Prinst’s lips trembled fiercely and Tatarin was not much better than him. However, Mu Gen, who was bending over to change the sheets, didn’t notice their abnormal reaction. After changing the sheets, the pillowcase was also changed.

“Our house is relatively small. Except for mine, only Olivia’s bedroom can be used. He has a lot of things so it’s a bit messy but don’t worry, he usually doesn’t live in his room when he goes home, so this room is very clean except for a little more stuff. Dad often cleans it too.”

Hugging all the sheets, pillowcases, and blankets that had been replaced, Mu Gen finally straightened up.

“You guys rest and we’ll deal with other things tomorrow.” After speaking, Mu Gen went out. Only Tatarin and Prinst, who were screaming madly in their hearts, were left.

After finally calming down their excitement, Tatarin opened his lips tremblingly and weakly told Prinst: “I always feel like we discovered some secret.”

Prinst nodded tremblingly, and then the two laid stiffly on “Olivia’s” bed and rested on the pillow that “Olivia” had slept on. They didn’t sleep all night.

The author has something to say:

The signal is hard to find.

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