TINA V7C205: At This Moment

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It’s really fantastic to see the smiling face of your idol when you wake up in the morning——by Tatarin who turned over and was face to face with Olivia’s photo.

At 7:00, Tatarin woke up on time.

It’s been a long time since he slept so well. In this more than a month’s long escape life, he could only take turns to rest with Prinst every day. Due to their limited environment, they haven’t slept in a bed.

Besides, the owner of this bed is——

Tatarin gave a dreamy smile.

This dream-like feeling continued. Smelling the scent of food, Tatarin and Prinst obediently sat where Mu Gen pointed out.

“The chair where Brig. General Olivia sat…” Tatarin sat down cautiously.

“The fork used by Brig. General Olivia…” Beside him, Prinst studied the knife and fork in his hand over and over again.

Then, the robot Sigma came over with a large plate.

“And…the breakfast that Brig. General Olivia ate!” The two people’s eyes fixed on the plate in Sigma’s hands at the same time.

He placed the food platter between the two and Sigma’s screen flashed: “The chair you’re sitting on is Stone’s.”

Huh? Who’s Stone?

Sigma’s screen flickered again: “The fork is Sigma’s.”

They know Sigma, but isn’t Sigma a robot? Does a robot also need a fork?

Finally, Sigma tilted his head, pointing to the slightly mushy omelet on the plate: “Olivia has basically never eaten Mu Gen’s breakfast.”

“En, Oli cooks every day when he’s at home.” At the same time, Mu Gen smilingly came over with a pot.

Tatarin: I always feel like I got some amazing information again~

Since Tatarin and Prinst’s clothes were so tattered that they could no longer be worn, Mu Gen provided them with his clothes. Tatarin of the Trista tribe is not much taller than Mu Gen, so he could wear Mu Gen’s clothes, but Prinst is an actual dinosaur, so Mu Gen found Olivia’s holey pants.

Prinst, who came from a top military family and had a lot of restraints since childhood, saw the pants and went stiff. However, when he heard that these were his idol’s pants, he immediately took them. Seeing Tatarin’s envious eyes, Prinst was extremely happy.

But Olivia’s pants were very tight: Uh…the idol is obviously as tall as him but how come he’s so much slimmer?

Seems like he has to be careful. It’d be bad if he broke his idol’s pants, wait——can I not return this pair of pants?

Mu Gen didn’t know what he was thinking. After breakfast, Mu Gen and Sigma took Tatarin and Prinst to the Imperial Comprehensive Academy.

“It’s very close. I walked to school with Sigma every day when I was in school.” That’s what Mu Gen said and that’s what Tatarin and Prinst believed. Behind Mu Gen and the robot Sigma, they watched them greet people they meet along the way. Tatarin and Prinst once again witnessed Mu Gen’s popularity.

What made them even more concerned about Bailu Star’s current situation: At the moment when the outside world is chaotic and nearing their last days, it’s so orderly here that it looks like nothing happened!

But in fact, they could still see some differences from the usual: There are long lines of people on every street.

“These are people who are waiting to make a call. You can make a three-minute call for two coins.” A phone icon was hung in front of the shop at the end of one of the lines. Mu Gen then pointed to the icons and introduced them to Tatarin: “However, the communication range is limited to Bailu Star, and there are only 28 telephones on the opposite side of the planet.”

Mu Gen’s expression was very calm: “We have sent someone over and the number of phones over there will double by the end of next month.”

“The line over there is queuing to buy bread, a piece is ten coins. There are three flavors and occassionally some experimental new flavors.” Walking near another long line, Mu Gen continued to introduce.

“This shop sells vegetables and fruits. Aside from the students of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy’s Life and Breeding Department, the main producers right now are the students of the Imperial Agricultural Academy.”

“The shorter line over there is the outpatient center. The doctors who are far away from their workplace will all work nearby. At first, the line here was the longest but now it has returned to the previous level.”

“See the green-roofed house over there? All the homes of psychologists have been painted with green roofs and you can always queue up there if you have psychological problems and need consultation.”

With the introduction of Mu Gen along the way, the mental calculations of Tatarin and Prinst completely settled down. Seeing that Mu Gen even prepared psychologists in this chaotic period, they were convinced.

But what they admired more is Mu Gen’s physical strength. When they finally stood at the gate of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, it had been two hours and 45 minutes since they left Mu Gen’s house!

Tatarin couldn’t hold it for a long time and Prinst is a soldier so he looks okay. What surprised them was Mu Gen: This young man from the Cooking Department of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy (learned about it during a chat on the way) didn’t even sweat.

“When Sigma and I were in school, we walked from home to school every day.” This is how Mu Gen explained it.

“Have you ever been late?” Tatarin gasped.


Hearing that the Imperial Comprehensive Academy had a physical test every year and that the freshmen going to military training had to participate in the Military Academy League, Tatarin was completely convinced.

Mu Gen introduced Ode, the Dean of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, to Tatarin and Prinst. The accompanying guests were Professor Mu Lansha and the Head of the Cooking Department. Do you remember Grove, the professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering? Upon hearing that people from Pendra, the Mechanical City, came to visit (Mu Gen called in advance), Grove cheekily followed. Not only him, but almost all the professors in their department also rushed over. They were happy when they learned that all the mechanics, including Master Kenda, are now in Bailu Star. They all said that they could vacate half of their bed. Tatarin was shocked by this situation but also felt more at ease.

The Pendras has a more suitable reception here. They could live in the Imperial Comprehensive Academy which is a more suitable environment for their research with more professional people to learn from.

And Mu Gen’s request for them is that they transform their existing vehicles to make them more suitable for today’s situation. Tatarin agreed to this request on behalf of receiving asylum for the Mechanical City.

Immediately, Sigma took them to transfer places while Mu Gen stayed and continued to talk with Dean Ode about another matter.

Dean Ode’s office is always very dark. He’d only turn on all the lights when there are a lot of guests, and with only Mu Gen left, he turned off all the lights. Dean Ode’s pale face was hidden in the shadows, looking a little thin.

“Dean Ode, I have another thing to ask you…” Sitting on the sofa, when Mu Gen raised his head again, his eyes were frank and firm.

“…I know what your request is, and I agree.” Before Mu Gen could finish, Ode reached out and pressed slender powerful white fingers to tap lightly on the table, then Ode’s voice finally turned into a sigh.

“War is coming…”


After a three-hour conversation with Dean Ode in that dim office, Mu Gen left Ode’s office with his usual expression.

Pendra’s refugees brought an aura of wind and rain.

With the robot riots coupled with the alien invasion, Mu Gen didn’t know how long Bailu Star’s peace can last so he could only prepare. Before that moment comes, he had to prepare as many supplies as possible. So that when disaster strikes, he can live as long as possible with the residents on Bailu Star.

Bailu Star is his home, his home with his robot parents, Stone’s home, and Olivia’s home. Before they come back, he will take care of their home. He wants to let Stone and Olivia have a home to return to.

After talking with Dean Ode in the afternoon, Mu Gen came back and had a serious conversation with the robots at home. After listening to their suggestions, he notified all of Bailu Star’s people of the news brought by Pendra through telephone.

“…I don’t know how this war started, or when it will end. Though we can temporarily settle down, our relatives have already suffered from the war.

Our parents, our brothers, our friends…they might be coming in our direction with danger.

They might come to save us, but this time, we might be their safe retreat.

We have to do more preparations, more food, more clothes…we will wait for their sudden arrival anytime and anywhere.

We must be prepared for the challenge.”

The content of Mu Gen’s phone call was not long, but it was told to everyone on Bailu Star.

The special composition of Bailu Star meant that most of its residents have relatives living on other planets, especially the students who had the largest population on Bailu Star. There are very few locals but their parents and relatives are basically all aliens. When they learned that there was chaos beyond the stars, all Academies were shrouded in crying. Then, Mu Gen’s speech gave them strength.

Basically, all planetary managers have made speeches to the whole planet, but most of their speeches were mainly to appease. They hoped that the people can live long enough to wait for the rescue of the Empire. Although Mu Gen’s speech also hoped that the people can survive, there was no mention of rescue from the Empire. He wanted to make Bailu Star an indestructible base so that they can rescue the compatriots outside the stars at any time.

It’s the same motivating speech, but due to different intentions, the spirit of the people was completely different.

Waiting makes people desperate, but protection gives mankind endless courage.

“We will stand on Bailu Star and wait for them to arrive.” When Mu Gen said these last words, in the distant starry sky, Olivia looked back at the position of Bailu Star;

Prunguli, who was squeezed in a group of hairy chicks, chirped;

Stone, among a group of robots, quietly left the group and then gently poked the human body lying on the ground.

The author has something to say:

At the same time, the author killed another mosquito…

The author made first blood.

The author finished the second kill.

Then the author killed three.

Fourth kill!

Fifth kill!

The author has achieved a special skill;

The author is now a super god——

Mothereffer! So far, the author has been bitten by at least 50 mosquitoes.


TINA V7C204: Tatarin's Shocking Discovery
TINA V7C206: Wandering Stone 1

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