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The situation was getting worse.

Obtaining the vegetables from the Wild Wolves became the last food supply for Pendra’s fugitive army. In the days after that, they could only live frugally and count on the nutrient solutions they brought when they set off. Although it’s common for everyone to be busy to the point of forgetting to eat and sleep every day and just eating nutrient solutions, it’s unprecedented for them to just eat nutrient solutions for nearly a month. What’s more, their supply is not enough.

The destination that Tatarin provided to everyone was Bailu Star located in the Hydrangea Galaxy. Since there’s no way to set the destination, rather than taking risks and trying other more famous places, Bailu Star, where they knew the coordinates and passing planets, was more realistic.

The universe is now full of star thieves and ordinary people fleeing. The place where they’re located is too remote so the Empire’s military still hadn’t come over. It’s a good guess that their Empire being invaded by foreign enemies meant they can’t take care of ordinary people like them.

In fact, Tatarin felt that the latter situation was likely to be closer to the real situation.

There were more than 400 exiled spacecrafts that had followed them at the beginning, but 300 were scared away due to the robbery. Then they left one after another so their final average number was probably less than 100.

These spacecrafts followed Pendra’s fugitives at a distance. They probably thought that these seemingly awesome spacecrafts must go to a good place, but over time, they found that this team got more and more separated.

Finally, someone couldn’t help it and connected to the Pendra fleet through the shortwave telegram between spacecrafts. When they figured out that Tatarin’s target was Bailu Star, that person was instantly regretful!

“The Hydrangea Galaxy (the galaxy where Bailu Star is located) is the countryside! There are fewer planets there than other galaxies with more barren stars. As for Bailu Star, it’s simply an Academy Star, there’s nothing there but schools! Even their garrison is the least! You can’t go to that kind of place at all!”

The other party tried to persuade them, hoping that Tatarin and the others would turn back and go with them to a more “promising” place.

This person also listed several planets that can be used as destinations: Ifadia, the Imperial Capital and where the headquarters of the State Council and Louis I’s palace, which is still the safest place in the Empire, is located; Cromo, a fertile agricultural planet where land is wide and sparsely populated, and though it’s also very remote, there’s so much food there——obviously, this person is also suffering from hunger.

Due to the system interruption, news of the invasion of the advanced civilization hadn’t spread so people didn’t know that Ifadia was no longer safe. However, even if they knew, there should still be many people wanting to seek refuge there.

Since this person dared to contact Pendra, he naturally had something to rely on. He provided two road maps with exactly the place he named, Ifadia and Cromo.

Tatarin hesitated.

To be honest, he’s still more inclined to go to Bailu Star in his heart. After all, the road map in his hand was taken from a resident of Bailu Star while he lacked mutual trust with this person he had just met.

However, they are very tired right now with many injured and not enough food. In this case, if everyone is required to follow him to the distant Bailu Star, they might not be willing.

Tatarin finally told everyone about the current situation. Sure enough, after he said the two routes, the channel immediately became a quarrel.

A small group of people wanted to go to Ifadia while another group was more interested in Cromo. Neither of the two groups could persuade each other, so they had to continue to move forward as planned. Just when everyone was in doubt, they passed a planet.

Unlike the chaotic planet before, this planet looked very disciplined and very safe.

The most important thing: The consul of this planet allows foreign populations to take refuge.

Compared to the distant Bailu Star, Ifadia, and Cromo, Farol (the name of the planet) is clearly more within reach.

The man who proposed to go to Ifadia or Cromo before immediately decided to take refuge in Farol, and most of the others made the same decision. The Pendras were no exception until they heard the entry conditions.

“What? Do we have to hand in all mechanical products to enter? The spacecraft is also in the scope of mechanical products?”

On this point, none of the Pendras could accept: For the craftsmen of Pendra, the spacecraft they chose when they escaped was not only their proudest work but also their studio. Even if they lost a fight and were forced to pay tribute, it’s absolutely impossible for them to willingly give up their spacecraft to others just for an entry condition.

Farol was very stingy. Knowing that they had no intention of moving in, no food was exchanged for them and they were restricted from staying in Farol’s starfield for more than one day. In the afternoon, Pendra’s fleet left in a hurry.

This time, they no longer have “tails” behind them. Most chose to abandon their spacecraft and stay in Farol.

But after this incident, the Pendras who originally wanted to go to other planets didn’t say anything.

In the extremely chaotic universe, Farol is like a magnet attracting refugees with a radius of thousands of light-years asking them to come. When spacecrafts of all colors were moving towards Farol, 1600 spacecraft belonging to Pendra were sailing against the current and plunged into the depths of space.

All those who had seen this fleet also remember the name “Bailu Star”.

The Pendras passed through two more galaxies and when they reached the second galaxy, they encountered a wave of refugees who had fled near Ifadia and then learned that the capital city had been occupied by a higher civilization. After being stunned, everyone couldn’t help but feel fortunate: Fortunately, they didn’t go to Ifadia at that time.

“Cromo is also chaotic. Although there are few people, there are a lot of robots and right now, it has been occupied by agricultural robots.”

When they heard the second news, they were even more fortunate.

But before they could feel fortunate for too long, it leaked out that Master Kenda became seriously ill.

The discoverer is his robot assistant John ←Tatarin knew that he brought his robot with him.

The old man has had a cold for several days but he insisted on not telling anyone. Tatarin guessed that he was afraid others would discover the robot so he insisted on not saying anything. In the end, Master Kenda fainted and the robot John immediately sent a message for help.

“Leave John to them, Master must go to the hospital.” Facing Tatarin and Prinst, John made his request.

“Nonsense! I don’t want to go to other planets. I’m going to Bailu Star and you will as well!” Even though he was weak, Master Kenda still clung to his robot.

Looking at Master Kenda and looking at John, Tataring felt his head swell up: There’s something they probably didn’t know yet.

The pass for residents with the highest authority in the entire Empire was the pass for Pendra. They can go wherever they want without going through any visa procedures.

But that’s a thing of the past.

After a period of chaos, more and more planets regained stability and they’d receive refugees but their requirements are very high. There might be differences in details on the receiving standards of each planet but one of them was the same. They were surprised to notice that there’s even one more qualification on each planet: Refuse to accept Pendra residents.

The news of Pendra’s robots rioting eventually spread.

Whether they go or not is one thing, but it’s another thing if they won’t let you in!

For this standard, Pendra both found it irritating and laughable. But in the end, they panicked a little: They want to go to Bailu Star but what’s the situation in Bailu Star? Will Pendra also be denied entry? Or would they require them to hand in all mechanical products before they can enter?

However, they have no retreat now.

After escaping for 60 days, Pendra’s spacecraft finally sailed into the Hydrangea Galaxy. Their entry point was very good and after entering, they just stayed in the starfield near Bailu Star.

“Hello, we are refugees from Pendra. We have a total of 1611 ships with 2003 personnel. I am Tatarin, a senior researcher in the Mechanical Department of the Imperial Research Institute, and I’m applying to enter Bailu Star for emergency asylum.”

Without concealing his identity, Tatarin sent a shortwave message.

He hesitated, then sent another message. This time, the content was simple.

“PS: I’m a friend of Mu Gen, a resident of Bailu Star.” Tatarin also attached a photo of the two.

It has no other meaning, Tatarin just thought this would make them laugh after sending the message:

How could the other party know who Mu Gen is? He’s not a big shot——

While he anxiously waited, Bailu Star’s reply came:

“Guests from Pendra, good afternoon. Welcome to Bailu Star, then please follow the instructions to land from Port 3 one by one.”

There was no trouble and even with their identity, they were admitted!?

The Pendras were stunned for a moment, and then loud cheers came from the public channel.

After the necessary inspections were completed, someone came to resettle them, and Master Kenda, who has a high fever, was immediately taken to the hospital. The others were asked whether they wanted to eat or take a bath first and then went to their chosen destinations in batches.

After taking nutrient solutions for more than 60 days (even when their nutrient solution was gone for a while), Tatarin didn’t hesitate to choose the eating option.

In fact, he didn’t have any hope for the meal. The food provided by various planets for refugees was very simple. It’s just that he’s too hungry so at this time, even if the other party just took out a nutrient solution, he can still eat it with relish.

Under this mentality, when the staff gave him the lunch box, Tatarin was shocked: It’s not nutrient solutions but food, real cooked food!

There’s a meat dish and two vegetarian dishes in the lunch box, a serving of fruit and even a small jar of yogurt!

Tatarin ate a piece of meat and almost cried from being moved!

Fresh, freshly slaughtered meat!

This is the right place——at this moment, not only Tatarin, but almost all Pendras thought so.

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